Sunday, August 29, 2010


I know I don't blog very often but I can't help it with awards shows- especially if I'm watching them alone. I need to let out all my comments!!!

Jane Lynch I adore you!!! Everything about you!! God I hope she wins

Betty White I might love you more- Rose Nyland forever! In a lot of ways I don't think there is a big difference between KL and St. Olaf!

Who let in the goddamn riffraff!?!? I thought there was security!! Kate Gosselin- seriously!?!? What the hell is she still doing there!

I despise January Jones' dress- sooo ugly! She has freakin bed head. And I hate dresses that have cups for the boobs- shells are worse!!!

Why is Eva Longoria there- how is she relevant!??

Why is Claire Danes tangerine!?!? She looks AWFUL tanned!!! God I hate tanning- she looks sooo old!

Nate Berkus what is up with the retard bathroom questions- so irrelevant?!

Loving Tina Fey's dress- she always looks great.

KURT!!!!!!! God Kurt I adore you!!! Go Chris Colfer!! I love that Access Hollywood plays Don't Stop Believing each time a Glee character is there. I love that he loves Susan Boyle

Joel McHale have my love children! I've loved him on the soup for years but now on Community god he's hot! He's a sexy sexy beast on that show

Mr. Shue- I hope he has gotten over my dumping him for Jesse...depending on this season I may reconsider. I am quite fickle- one good power ballad can win me back.

Jon Hamm really is a sexy beast- I always picture him on SNL as the muscle head playing the saxophone.

I don't like Lea Michele's bangs. God when they show her pose it looks painful- i agree with lainey

What is Keri Russell doing there?!!?

Seriously they need to fire security. What the hell is Kim Kardashian diong there?!?!?

Anna Paquin seems to have borrowed her dress from Alexis Carrington

Love that the opening sequence involves Glee- they are trying to cater to me. Well at least they are turning down Kate. Hurley! JOEL MCHALE! I have no idea who the teen girl is- god I'm old! Tim Gunn! Best opening ever! There is Randy Jackson! This is amazing except for Kate Gosselin- get her the hell out of this amazingness!

Conan!! That was a good joke!

Amy Poehler!! Awesome- include Will Arnett!

Go Chris Colfer!! Ok I'm ok with this- he is amazing on this show

I actually agree with all the writing nominees- all of those shows were incredibly funny. The Office wedding episode though was amazing- when they did the wedding dance I almost fell over laughing

Supporting actress- Jane Lynch has this locked. Unless people thought she had it in the bag so they voted for others.

Ryan Murphy got this just for creating Glee- this might mean they aren't getting best comedy. I think Modern Family will get that

The Modern Family spoof is really funny- love that George Clooney is in the cameo

Lead Actor go Steve Carell! Or Jim Parsons- he's amazing in that show

Seriously- when did Neil Patrick Harris become such a sexy beast?!!?

Lead Actress go Amy Poehler- I want to see the speech. But I guess you shouldn't bet against Edie Falco

Oh yuck Kim Kardashian- stop giving her attention!

Wow Top Chef beat the Amazing Race- they usually always win

Of course they had to have the lost clip as the last shot in the drama segment- seeing the faithful lab lying beside the dying man....gets me every time!

Writing has to be the series finale of Lost- oh I'm shocked.

Supporting actor- to be honest I don't watch a lot of these shows. I always loved Locke.

Supporting actress- I always adore Christine Baranski. I've never heard of or seen this woman before

Lead actor- always Michael C. Hall- Dexter you always have my heart! His hair grew back curly like Erica!

Jon Lighgow you always make me smile- I adore you! I don't know if I want to see you as the trinity killer since it might change my opinion

Outstanding actress- again don't watch any of these shows. But Glenn Close usually wins these things.

I wish Ricky Gervais had walked out with a drink.

Oh here comes the tribute to George Clooney- bring out the cast of Facts of Life! Well reuniting Doug and Carole will please the masses. He really is well spoken and put the attention on issues which is nice. I'm glad he didn't talk about himself

Supporting actress- haven't seen these movies. But Catherine O'Hara is a good Canadian- I'm forgetting how annoying she was at the olympics.

Oh god tanned Claire Danes- she looks SOOOOO bad!! Sooooo old- why the hell do people tan!?!?

Oh god the in memoriam- truly it always makes me sad. Shows I watch too much tv. Too much focus on Jewel- who cares about her. Corey Haim! BONER! John Forsythe- I forgot about him. Blanche Devereaux- I adore you!! She should have been last- not the reality guy. Oh Brittany Murphy- so good in Clueless before it all went to hell. Dixie Carter.

Bill sounds so much better with his real accent- I might not hate him on True Blood if he was able to speak like that

Comedy- I think it'll be Modern Family. Oh Sam Malone- so classic. Yup

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bachelor Pad

I haven't blogged in ages but I am inspired with the Bachelor Pad to start again as it looks like smutty goodness!\

Oh god Tenley- I can't believe I have to put up with your voice again! It is just sooo painful!! And why the hell is she wearing a diaper?!??!!? Seriously- that outfit is sooo bad!!

Jesse from Ali's season!? Wasn't he kicked off at the beginning!? How is he that popular- he wore an all jean outfit!

Natalie- who the hell is that?!?! I can't remember her at all!!! And she made Tenley scream- I hate her already.

Oh god David- they are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. David is psychotic. And he's not attractive- I hate groomed facial hair. Anyone who takes that much time to do that is odd.

Gwen- Jesus blast from the blast! There is a LOT of plastic surgery that has happened here!!! That is not a real nose!

And Jesse- she was hardly on her show!! The extensions make her look better

Oh god weatherman- what a loser. I'm sure they brought him back just for drama with Craig

Nikki- still don't really remember her even though Mel described her to me.

Oh she dated Juan- awesome! And now they are both here! Juan was gross! He looks like Peewee Herman

And Wes- if I have to hear that goddamn song again I'm going to hurt someone. What the hell is he doing here!?!? What is different between him and Rated R?

Krisily- Jesus Christ! I couldn't deal with her! And I wouldn't have recognized her if they didn't say her name.

Elizabeth- I can't stan her mouth. Something about it really annoys me. And god I hope she doesn't write a poem

Jesse is so good looking- and he's with Elizabeth?! Ew! I really liked him in his season

Oh Kiptyn I really liked him- I can't believe he is a part of this smut fest!

QUick someone punch out Tenley- I can't handle her!

Ashley- don't remember her

Peyton- don't remember her

Michelle- oh god she was psycho!!!

Gia- another one with a mouth I hate

Craig- oh god! I love that he tried to hook up with Mel!! Too funny! He is so nasty! Look at that bloody Ace Ventura hair

OH NO!! Is the cohost Melissa?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate her so much!!! Why does she keep popping her off!!!!!!!!

Yeah like the weatherman has a chance of hooking up with anyone...he fits in their pocket!!

Jesus why isn't that Natalie wearing underwear?!?!

And of course it is twister- this show is definitely smutty goodness! They just keep zooming in on the girls crotches

Tenley doesn't Right and Left- HAHAHA!!! Christ she is a retard!!

What the hell is wrong with Elizabeth- the girl is a tool

Christ Elizabeth is a nightmare- she is batshit crazy

I love that people are making out the first night in a room with everyone else

Craig is only 34?! He looks really old!

Gwen's face is scaring the bejesus out of me!

Why the hell is she posing on the rocks!? Does she think she might get a modelling contract?!

Oh god is she doing the do you want to kiss me thing again!?!?

The Greek Theater- it reminds me of Kelly's birthday on 90210!

I actually don't blame Jesse for being annoyed- Elizabeth is a complete nutbar. She feels love?!!? I doesn't want to be exclusive!

Tenley is such a retard the mentality and emotions of a 7 year old.

Oh look another close up of a pair of boobs- this is so smutty!

Elizabeth is in love with Jesse!? She was hitting on Craig the day before!! Why would the other girls get upset- they are all retards! It's a bad strategy for him- meaning you are forcing him to date you

Act like you care about me to stick around- this girl is PSYCHO!! She is just trying to get him to say what she needs to hear! This is sooo weird! Is Jesse so dumb that he will listen to her!?!? This is soooo weird and awkward to watch

Elizaboth looks like she ran into a wall- her face is all smushed. She claims she wants him to stay and then she is convincing them all to go. These girls are all retarded.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bachelorette

To be honest I've never been the biggest Ali fan but since I just keep getting lured into this show. I have to watch!

She is still annoying. Did they really have to show her walking down the beach with her shirt open- this feels very Jakeish to me- is he a producer?

Ok Bachelor #1 Frank is super cute. What?! He quit his job to move home and write screenplays- what the hell!?!? WHy not keep your job and do the screenplays in your free time? He has just become unattractive

I hate Jay's hair- not a fan.

Craig from downtown Toronto?!!? I hate the attention that he is paying to his hair- seems like a douche

Kyle- oh god that is some horrid baseball cap hair. He needs someone to go icefishing with?! Is this guy from KL? He wears a bullet around his neck!

Is there anything less attractive a barbwire tattoo?!!?! HE"S CANADIAN!?!?!? WHAT!?!? Well he's on crutches so that does make him a bit more kindred. He also has the douchepatch...lovely...

Phil is very attractive- he looks damn hot. And he's a triathlete!?!? Oh good lord call me!

Jonathan the weatherman looks like a baby. But he seems like a nice guy- he could be someone I like

Ty has a lab- that is a sign of a great man. Lost flashback- all you need is a lab to make you feel better. Oh no another singing cowboy!?

Chris- he seems like another nice guy. And he has nice eyes. And another lab- nice

Roberto- oh jesus way too many tattoos. Oh now they are flipping through guys too fast for me to write about all of them. I'm guessing they are not front runners since they aren't being profiled

Well someone got herself some extensions for this show.

I hate when these guys have a staged way they want to meet someone and they get thrown when they veer off script.

I'm loving Chris from Cape Cod- god he's hot

Oh god Frank is turning out to be way too weird for me!

I'm jealous of this guy's boot- when will I get to move up to the boot!?!? He is in WAY better shape than I am and able to do all the hopping on one foot. My foot might feel better if I was able to take all the weight off it completely. Damn my gimpy status!

She can't pronounce Roberto?!? What the hell is wrong with this girl?!?!

This Craig guy from Toronto spends WAY too much time on his hair

The guy who went down on one knee is way too weird for me- I don't like the stunts.

Steve from Cleveland is also super cute. Oh god the cowboy boots guy is super awkward- that was an awkward exchange

These guys are really enjoying making an impression with the way they come out of the limo

Frank is starting to border on obsessive stalker...

Ok I think the scrapbook is actually cute- the Canadian is a total douche

Wow that is a lot to tell someone your dad cheated during your first conversation- that is a lot to put on someone

Oh god Shooter- WHAT?!?!?!? That is why he is called that!?!? And he admitted this the first time he met her!?!? What the hell is wrong with him!?!?

I just adore Chris- he is amazing!

I think Craig is here for more hair products- HAHA.

Craig is unattractive with a lazy bassett hound face- not a fan

Oh she picked the crazyass Frank

She picked my hottie Chris- I love him


Why is she not picking Phil- he was also fantastic. He was probably too shy.

Yes Shooter you are going home- you never talk about that stuff the first time you meet someone!

At least Jay the lawyer can acknowledge he didn't present himself well

She seems to go far with Chris and Roberto and Kirk. Oh and Casey looks psychotic

My god look at all the places she gets to travel to- that's amazing

Monday, May 10, 2010


This was the first audiobook that I ever listened to- I decided to get one for my last trip to Kirkland. Little did I know it would be 15 1 hour CDs so it took me a while! My friend Lindsay recommended it to me and I have to say...I'm not sure if I would ever do it again with a fictional story. The narrator was HORRID!! HORRID!! The story involves 3 generations of an immigrant family- and this lameass narrator decided to use accents! It is the story of a Greek family that moved to Detroit- and it's full of Jewish, New York, Scottish, you name it accents. And good lord when he was speaking for a woman- I cringed. So I really think that may have ruined the story for me. If I were to do it again I would probably get an autobiography that has the author's voice- I think it would be less distracted.

As for the story- meh. I didn't love it. This is another book that had a lot of hype behind it that really did nothing for me. It is not a rereader. I found it to be HORRIBLY detailed with incredibly inane items yet when the story got juicy and interesting it got rushed. Not my thing.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

There was a lot of hype associated with this book- I have been hearing about it for a while and had quite a few recommendations to read it. This was a complete departure for me- I never usually read thrillers. But I have to say I did enjoy it- it was much more of a psychological puzzle kind of book- not a North American thriller full of gore. I have to admit I really only enjoyed one of the storylines- the whole financial journalist was completely boring to me- I only cared about the murder mystery. But on the whole a good book and a surprisingly quick read.

Time for the controversial statement- I hated Lisbeth Salander. I absolutely could not relate to the character. Everyone portrays her as a feminist hero and I just feel sorry for her. She is not someone I would want to be around. Maybe I'll read the second book and I'll get it but right now she is a very unappealing character to me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video of the Day

Amazing! I love listening to Broadway boys

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol

Yet another week with music I hate- god I despise crooning. Frank Sinatra is the worst- dude was tone deaf!!! I know it sounds like I don't like any music- I swear my tastes are quite diverse. They just keep picking crap

I also don't enjoy Harry Connick Jr.'s music but I can acknowledge that he is talented

Aaron- I think this song is way too old for him. Thi sis awkward. Kid can't smile or exude charm.

Casey- I wish he would get rid of the gross ponytail. He seems a bit awkward without the guitar- he doesn't know what to do with himself. And the song is too big for him- he is a bit flat.

Crystal- I hate this and I'm completely bored but that's not her fault since the song is horrid. She is completely amazing though vocally as always. And I like her eye makeup

Mike- I am over this guy. There is something about him that really irritates me. It could be the tongue and licking the lips- that grosses me out. Seriously- I can't watch this guy it's so disgusting. He is way too good times for me

Lee- and he's screaming. This is the worst night ever.