Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ER News

I'm not sure who else is still watching ER but I just heard that Luca is leaving at the end of the year. Wonder what will happen with him and Abby (she's staying)...

Pregnancy Shocker

Or not...I mean AFTER showing off a bump in her Oscar dress, AFTER weeks of talk and AFTER Escada released a press statement, Naomi Watts has announced she's pregnant.....shocking...

Grey's News

So I just read that Katherine Heigl has dropped out of contract talks because she is not being offered as much money as Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington (?). Does this mean she's going to be dropped from the show? Or will ABC go back to the table with more money? To be honest I'm not sure if I care. I mean last year she was one of my favourite characters...but I despise the direction the character has taken this year

BritBrit Update

Well it has been almost a week and she is still in rehab!! Rumours are flying though that once she is done there will be a reconciliation with the KFed...that he has been her rock...blah blah. I mean people are praising him for taking care of the boys while she is there....isn't that what he is SUPPOSED to do? Isn't he the father? I don't see it as behaviour that is going above and beyond...I guess it's just that we all had such low expectations of him that when he acts like a normal human being he is praised.

And as for Brit- I had heard last week that her camp was going to try to spin this as being a result of postpartum depression. Now it is coming out that it is either that or bipolar. I mean the girl did pop out two kids rather quickly and separated from her husband...could very well be postpartum. But there really is no excuse for the crystal meth...that stuff will just make you crazy! They say one hit can lead to permanent psychosis...and it can make your face look like Fergie' it really worth it? I don't know if I buy it though.....I mean her camp will do anything to get back in the good graces of middle America...and not accepting blame is one way of doing it

Congrats to Yvonne!

Congrats to Yvonne for getting her new apartment....and yay for it being so close to my apartment!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Veronica Mars- Papa's Cabin

Does anyone else remember when the professor was sleeping with Kelly Kapowski? And then he played the Olson's twin dad on that horrible show that either Becca or Marni made me watch- I can't remember who made me watch it so I'm going to blame both!

Man Chief Mars is a badass!! That woman's red lipstick is really bothering is just bleeding everywhere

"which gilmore girl are you" hehe

How the hell did he get on her boat?!? That would freak the hell out of me

I bet she is dead on the boat....I bet he killed her for the wonder this guy was on Saved by the Bell the college years- this acting is pretty pathetic

I was right!! God I rock!! She looks pretty beat up for it to be an "accident"

Parker is a third tier option to Veronica...what the hell is Logan thinking?!? This is not loin quivering behaviour

TA in first year? God Veronica rocks!!

Is it just me or does the TA's beard look like a halloween beard? It is like honey and coffee grindings...

ahhh....senor TA made the phone call- I knew he was in on it!! And now Veronica has been bugged!! Ah now this is interesting....who is the smartest girl ever- I think it is a tie between me and Veronica! We rock! He really isn't lying very well!

Gilmore Girl Random Thoughts

WOOHOO!! They are making Logan a bad ass again... I have to say I used to find him very sexxay but the loyal boyfriend thing...yawn...Now that he's leaving on a jet him

I am aware that this is a "quirky" show but the pushing of the bed through the streets was even too much for me.

Luke is SOOO unattractive- yuck. Why would people want Luke and Lorelei together?!! Christopher is her lobster...her baby he's hot and witty. Luke is sullen and boring. Terribly boring. I liked their dynamic when they were just friends and he was pouring her coffee. I despise them as a couple.

It has been 7 would think that Alexis Bledel would learn that she is being paid to "act"....she is quite horrible

Miss Patty is looking fabulous- must have had gastric bypass....and am I the only person who gets a little thrill anytime that Sally Struthers is on the screen...she amuses me every time!

Helen Mirren Adoration Continues

I am just obsessed with this woman!! I was just watching Oprah and she was holding up her girls and she was gushing about her dress and how it was like two angels holding up the girls....too funny!

Oh and that dandy John Travolta..what a fine example of a "straight" man. On the Oprah show it showed up skipping and clapping and jumping about Forest's win. Uh huh....Now this is a man who is about the same age as my father....can anyone picture Cliffy jumping and clapping when he gets excited...yeah that's what I thought. Dandy. No wonder Kelly is wearing the cougar Dolce and Gabbana- showing her everyday lifestyle.

Hasselbeck must be stopped

For years I couldn't watch The View- the combination of Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Now I've started tivoing it since I've always loved Rosie and Joy amuses me. But Elisabeth.....god I can't deal with that retard. She is quite possibly the stupidest person on television. Every single thing she says is uneducated and just appaling. I am aware that it is called "the view" but should it not be intelligent?!

After Oscar thoughts

So I have a few thoughts about the "research" I've been doing since the Oscars ended.

First off- I love that everyone else sensed the "sing-off" going on between Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce....she was getting pissed!! It was awesome!

I LOVED the dress that Posh wore to the Vanity Fair party- I just adore her. I think she's fabulous- that bob...amazing. Friends of mine who could pull it off- Sheila and Michelle D. Highly recommended- not that you aren't already fabulous but I adore that bob. I can't wait until Posh gets her reality show- I just adore that girl. For those of you who don't know I used to be a big Spice Girls fan- loved them! And I saw this documentary with Posh once and she is really I love her clothes.

As for Kate and Tom- check out this pic of Tom presenting her like it was a debutante ball- hysterical!! As Lainey put it- they put on a show for the pappies and were just laughed at for their ridiculousness- I would have killed to be there. And I can't stand the dress....that colour is blah to me and it made her look very bottom heavy.

Has anyone else seen the dress Penelope Cruz changed into- it is worse than her Oscar one- I mean you should never wear tassels dangling off your boobs...just makes you look like a whore. Plain and simple.

Eddie Murphy took off from the Oscars right after he left...bit of a spoiled sport that doesn't reflect highly on him. Then again they say the reason he lost is because he is not liked in Hollywood since he's an ass. Personally I like him- he amuses me with his tranny fetishes.

And last off- Jessica Biel. I have watched the Christian show. I will admit it- I may even know some of the dances from the musical (accentuate the positive...). And this girl is NOT Oscar material. I mean she looked HORRIBLY awkward on the carpet. And after watching extensive coverage last night it is confirmed that she walks with a pickle up her butt- and this is coming from a gimp on a cane. She has her ass sticking out as far as she could and her upper body was leaning forward but her shoulders were back. She just doesn't know how to walk- and that hair...yikes!! And the pink lipstick- note to Jess- your makeup does NOT have to match your outfit!! Reese was NOT wearing purple lipstick! That weird pout thing she just unleashes her inner tranny. All I can think is next, this girl isn't worth our time.

How was that Sheila?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

First off- I don't see how all these people are all stars- I don't even remember all of these teams and we all know I've seen every season!
Go Rob and Amber!! I mean Amber is useless but I truly appreciate Rob- he is smart and knows what he is doing. This is not about making friends- it's about winning a million dollars. You should already have friends at home!
I LOVE Danny and Oswald- they make me laugh and I always remember them shopping for perfume while racing...fabulous
Terry and Ian- never a big fan...old and not amusing
I don't remember this couple from their original race and their original teams.
I like team guido- I always have a special place in my heart for the old guys
I HATE the barbies- couldn't stand them before, cant stand them now. I don't see how they are appealing but I guess they had to pick an all girl team- and I would rather have them then say the bowling moms
Uchenna and Joyce- yuck. Didn't like them on their season, don't like them now. Did not find them intelligent at all- they just had good luck and shaved their heads.
Charla and Mirna...I'm scared of what I'm going to type. Unfortunately everytime I see them I think of the commentary my mother used to make about them and the little songs which were horribly incorrect but really funny....I can't stand Mirna- all she did last time was bitch and cry and complain that no one liked her. So far she's been better this race but we'll see
Dave and Mary- while I like them they are not smart enough for this. I like how nice and excited and wide eyed they are- but I wouldn't call them great players.
Kevin and Drew- too out of shape for this- they are totally not going to make it pass this leg. I mean you would think you know a few months in advance that you are doing this- would you not work out?! Oh my god I can't believe he was able to tow them out with his body weight!
They should be paranoid about Rob and Amber....oh wait...their flight is delayed
Oh they got there before Rob and Amber- interesting!
Oh no- these are my two favourite teams!! NOOO!! Come on- these people are pretty dumb...maybe they can catch up during this spelling challenge
Man- even Mary figured out to use the walls!!
Again- Joyce proving to me that she is a moron- don't they notice what everyone else is doing!?! I love Uchenna's facial expressions!
Hehe- I love Rob's stirring of the pot mimes
A mining challenge- that's awesome! we all know I love me the mines! Even though my dad does the tightening job for a living I did not inherit his manual labour skills- I would have driven
"my manucurist would be so angry with me"- danny, what a fabulous quote
Look at Mirna freaking- this girl is insane- if i was the taxi driver i would just think these people are absolutely crazy...blah blah pure heart...vomit
Rob and Amber are first again!! God I love them!! And the dance was cute. And my next favourite team is second!! Then my next gay boys are third- I am on board with the top 3 teams
Kevin and Drew had to go- they were useless....they were not prepared for me they weren't taking it seriously

Oscars Commentary

Ok warning- this is going to be all over the place but people just left and I have a lot of comments to make.

Jerry Seinfeld is up right now- I love him. Come on Al Gore!! I really like him- maybe if he wins he will draw some attention to Tipper and someone will offer to help her with her her....look at me I'm Sandra Dee...

I don't care what people say- I love Gwyneth's dress. I love how she carries it. At first I wasn't sure about Nicole's due to the bow but when she walked across the stage I liked it- she looks fabulous in red. The true test of a dress is how it glides across the stage- and this one was fabulous

Yay Inconvenient Truth0 I haven't even seen it and I'm thrilled!! Oh that woman must be Larry David's wife.

Oh Ryan Gosling I love you...where is Rachel McAdams?! I would like to take this time to thank Becca for introducing me to Breaker High in first year. While other first years were out drinking on Fridays we were in the Chown tv room watching South Park and Breaker High....good times!

Clint Eastwood makes me sad- he reminds me of my grandad...

Back on track- I HATE Penelope Cruz' dress- it is too big and nude....I hate the nude coloured dresses- they don't suit anyone- you are either too pale or orange. Speaking of which- why is everyone ORANGE?!!? Cameron, Leo, nasty. Speaking of Leo- I think he is trying to bring back BrillCream...ever since that boy dried off he just hasn't been appealing to me. He is someone who should stay wet- Basketball Diaries, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic- wet wet wet. Good Times

I'm not really feeling Ellen- she is not political enough for me. Though I did like her bit with Scorcese and then with Clint Eastwood and Spielberg. And the bit about America voting for Al Gore- that was a hint of political humor that I enjoyed

Jesus Christ who invited Celine- the composer looks bored. God keep her in Vegas with Manilow and Tom Jones.

Back to the clothes- LOVED Reese!! The long straight blond hair- god I wish I could do that. I think it looks freaking amazing. And the corset of her dress- the silhouette was amazing.

I was underwhelmed by Cate Blanchette- usually she really brings it at the Oscars but it was just ok. I mean it wasn't horrible but it wasn't great.

The song with the Talladega nights boys and Jack Black- FANTASTIC!! Loved the part about beating up Leo and then being scared of Marky Mark since he's a bad ass. That was great.

Anything that makes me think of Talladega nights just makes me happy

Back to clothes- those ladies are supposed to be representing the Devil wears Prada and THATS what they wear!! That black bow thing and the pearl earrings that I'm pretty sure my memere bought off the shopping channel- nasty. And the blue sequin dress- yawn...generic...and I'm surprised since I really loved Emily Blunt's Golden Globe gown. Not terribly shocked by Anne Hathaway- I've never liked her style

I love the audience pretending that they know what this Italian guy is saying....and clapping like they are smart....please bitch,

Oh I love Gwyneth's makeup- I think she looks fab. I also think that Keith Urban has been sneaking into Nic's botox stash- he is looking pretty shiny and stiff.

Kate Winslet- love the cut but hate the colour

Beyonce....I just don't feel like I have to say anything. I swear the applique is yet another shopping channel find- they are quite well represented tonight!! Her clothes just don't fit right and never give her the right silhouette- time to fire mommy dearest and get a new stylest!! Though I will say she has much better hair tonight than she has had recently.

Eddie Murphy's girlfriend- I think she broke a mirror and glued it to an ill fitting ugly dress- horrible!! I swear I thought he was going to win but that Norbit ruined it for him- plus he is supposedly not well liked in Hollywood. He should have asked the studio to push back Norbit until the ballots were in.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jack Nicholson- I don't like the bald thing...kind of creeps me out....although I do like when balding men shave it instead of do the come over.

George Lucas!! George Lucas!! Jo I can't believe you worked with him- I'm still in awe!

Oh god I HATE Kirsten Dunst dress, bangs, lipstick...she looks like a librarian gone bad. SO HORRIBLE!! I don't care if she's trying to be original- that is just nast. Reminds me of Kate Hudson's horrible dress when she was nominated.

I really have to see Little Miss Sunshine- note to self- stop being so cheap and get it on pay per view.

Ew does that girl have leeches on her?!?! Ok that's it- I will no longer be watching Pan's Labyrinth.

Helen Mirren- you rock!! I think she's fabulous and age appropriate!! I want her to be my friend!! I haven't seen her in this but Elizabeth the miniseries rocked my world....well I do tend to love anything involving Tudor England but I really love her!! She seems really grounded and normal. And note how the dress glides- now that is someone who knows how to pick a dress!

These dancer people are creeping me out beyond belief.....any type of acrobat creeps me out- I swear cirque de soleil is my nightmare!

I hate when Jennifer Lopez does that housewife do with her hair. Hate it!! And there is too much on her dress- I like the shape of it but I only think she needs one rope of the jewels for trim- I would get rid of the rest of them

I really like Jennifer Hudson in her red dress- better than what she was wearing on the carpet! At least she dumped the solar panel before going up to accept her award. Oh poor Beyonce- she is wait out of her league here- she cannot outsing Jennifer Hudson even if she tries....she is not in the same league.

Cameron Diaz- I don't like it. The top is too early 90s prom dress- does it not look like the top of Brenda and Kelly's black and white prom dress? I did love the shoes though!

So when exactly did Jada Pinkett Smith become a tranny? Can anyone remember the exact time period? With those shoulders and arms she should have done something flowy- the tight structured dress (in a hideous yellow) and the straight boring hair just makes her look even more mannish. If she really wanted to wear yellow she should have tried to do something like the Vera Wang that Michelle Williams wore last year- flowy and feminine.

Did anyone else notice that people do not want to be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest- they just look like they want to get the hell out of there.

Ok I liked John Travolta's joke about the full figured woman- that was cute.

Am I the only one who was thinking why the hell is Reba McIntyre at the Oscars- when did Jodi Foster turn into a country star? It was quite freaky- eve though it i Vera Wang I HATE how the bodice fits her.

Oh god here comes the memoriam...I ALWAYS cry...and miss people I've never had- yes, yes I am neurotic. Oh Peter Boyle...young frankenstein...Sidney Sheldon died? I used to love his books!!

Is that actually Penelope Cruz singing? Oh Helen Mirren has this in the bag. I just love her!! But side note- I love this big jeweled flower earrings trend...must get some...they would look fabulous with the dress I'm wearing to Kaarina's wedding- if anyone sees a cheapy version please let me know!Do you think it would have been too much for Philip Seymour Hoffmen to comb his hair? ACH NOT THE DANCERS AGAIN
I just love Reese tonight- I think this is the best she's ever looked- I love the long hair and the minimal makeup...fabulous
Again- Forest Whitaker has best actor in the bed....although I'd prefer if my Shaun would win....god I miss Breaker High! Ever since Lisa said that Peter O'Toole looks like a corpse that's all I can see. I really like how soft spoken Forest Whitaker is...I like him! Side note- am I the only one who noticed John Travolta making googly eyes at him? Oh I really liked his speech- it was quite eloquent
Wow- that is quite the trio....again...Jo I can't believe that you met George Lucas!! I bet they put the three up there because they will be giving it to Scorcese and they are the big 4 in the states. Cute little act! Clint- spit out the gum!! I hate seeing people chew gum!! Oh I'm crying- I'm so happy for Martin Scorcese! He so deserves it! Now this is the moment of the night that will be remembered!! Oh he's so nice and humble- and cute with thos brows! What a great backstage moment with Jack Nicholson and Martin Scorcese
Note to Nicole Kidman- look at how nice Helen Mirren looks with her moveable forehead!! Stop it already with the botox!! I mean I will probably get some someday but not to that extent!
Departed, Queen, Sunshine?!?! Who will it be? The Departed!! It kept up it's steam!
All and all- not the best show...hated the montages- should have had more little numbers by comedians

Best Dressed
  1. Portia De Rossi

  2. Reese Witherspoon

  3. Nicole Kidman

  4. Gwyneth Paltrow

  5. Rhea Durham (Marky Mark's girlfriend)

Worst Dressed

  1. Tracy Edwards (Eddie Murphy's Girlfriend)

  2. Penelope Cruz

  3. Jada Pinkett Smith

  4. Anne Hathaway

  5. Kirsten Dunst

PS- the picture of the boys is for Mandy and's ALL about Y Tu Mama Tambien- or as I like to call it- the erotic awakening of two young men

OC Finale...thoughts

First off- Julie is pregnant too? How often do 40 something women with grown children get pregnant...along with their friends? And she isn't pregnant with Hercules? I thought that was who she was going to end up with- not the cowboy from Will and Grace. Ahhhh...the baby is an Atwood...not a bullet. I love that Summer made a reference to the two "real" people on the valley having a break-up...a not so subtle reference to the breakup of Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody. Oh god- her water breaks and it just happens to be in a house where the guy is a midwife. Nauseating!
Oh- I love a Caitlin's red dress- too cute.
Why the hell would Summer be Julie's maid of honor and not her own daughter?! So stupid!
Now the random gay couple lets complete strangers take over their house for a wedding- since one of them happens to be a wedding planner....oh god- now Hercules has somehow gotten all the way to Berkeley- or not....he didn't realize the change of plans...oh wait he's calling. I can't believe these people are allowed for this.
Oh- the Taylor/Ryan sex scene- hot shit. Even if he is a penis nose cunt face that was hot.
God now the gay couple is giving up the house...because they don't want to "fight fate". I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
Oh and PS. I cried. These series finales- they get me every time.


I am writing this post to save you all 2 hours of your life. Do NOT watch this movie- it is truly god awful. Horrible some might say. Orlando Bloom cannot act to save his life....he is wooden and boring. And what exactly is attractive about this guy- he is incredibly greasy. Nast. And Kirsten Dunst is worse with accents than I am- and for any of you who had the pleasure of witnessing my Anita in West Side Story you would understand just how awful she must be. Just don't waste your time.

The Soup

God I LOVE the Soup!!! I swear it kills me every time. Today they were showing a clip from a tv show celebrating black history month. Tyra Banks said that on her show they would celebrate Black History month by celebrating.....her!! She went on and on and on about how she changed beauty, changed the world by wearing a polkadot bikina. Then we saw a picture that deserves the PhotoShop award of the ass that is what she looks like now. We can ALL see that she no longer has a flat stomach..chicky is delusional if she thinks we'll believe that.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oscar Predictions

This year I actually feel like it is a waste of time to make predictions since most winners are pretty frakkin obvious. Helen Mirren (love her!), Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson- pretty much in the bag. The only upset I could possible see is giving it to Peter Otoole due to sympathy votes. As for best supporting male- I have to go with Eddie Murphy. I really don't think that Norbit helped him but he has been winning all the other big ones and I think he'll end up having enough steam to get it. The only one who could take it is Alan Arkin- he has been campaigning hard and has the cred with the academy. As for best picture- 3 months ago I would have said The Departed had it in the bag. Now, not so much. I swear Martin Scorcese needs to learn how to campaign- his movies always start awards season off strong- but just fade away. They need to hire Harvey Weinstein to run their campaign- now there is a man who nows how to sway the academy- as demonstrated by Gwyneth winning for Shakespeare in Love over the spectacular tour de force that was Cate Blanchette as Elizabeth. And this is coming from someone who loves her Gwyneth.
Back to what I was saying- I think it really is all about Little Miss Sunshine at this point. The steal could come from the Queen.

I can't wait to watch tomorrow night- I predict that I my favourite look will come courtesy of Cate Blanchette...or maybe Gwyneth. And so round 2 between the ladies begins!

Shauna- the new Bridget Jones?!

So I'm watching Bridget Jones and I am frightened by the similarities between us. First off, I am also sitting on my couch in red flannel myself. I also am terribly frightened I will die alone and no one will find me for weeks.....after Baxter has eaten away my face..... I also feel overweight and nasty- and this having to sit around and not go to the gym for 2 weeks is not helping. I also think Hugh Grant is a sexy beast and like the guys who are complete asses- as you all know. I also tend to fall a lot- huge quad...hence the cane.

However, I have a much better work wardrobe

I also tend to get drunk and sing karaoke- you know i've had too much when I break out the Bette Midler

Side note- was the casting of Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver not the best casting ever....I totally pictured someone like him when I first read it....god I love this movie.

Now I feel I need to make a public service to all the women I know. This myth that people have that girdles are just for old women is just ludicrous. People- this is the age of Spanx. Do you really think that any celebrity goes to an event wearing just a thong. These people understand that EVERY woman, regardless of shape and weight- needs some help. It really is all about the girdle.

Love seeing Baltar as the gay best friend...anything that makes me think of Battlestar Galactica makes me happy.

Colin Firth- yet another sexy beast. Christ I love this movie

The tarts and vicars party just reminds me that I got so drunk on my bday that I went out in public in a corset....and mini skirt....and horizontal striped leggings.....cringe....oh god....

God I love Daniel's loft- the bookshelves all over the halls, the glass railings.....awesome!

God I hate people who are in relationships that just can't understand why I'm single...that it's just so easy to find someone....bastards

"I like you very much- just as you are". Hands down the most romantic movie line of all time in my opinion. The idea that someone would like you exactly how you are- I mean all we ever do is try to change and feel bad about ourselves and act different depending who's around. I swear that's all any girl wants to hear.

God I am the Kingston version of Bridget- I just saw the scene with her cooking and I had flashbacks of my xmas baking. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ate my cheese and chocolate squares....even though I swear I didn't think they were that bad....kind of like cheesecake.

One aspect of these movies that I love are the fight scenes- normally I can't stand to watch any type of fights in movies but these ones amuse me. When Daniel and Darcy start fighting it is just fantastic to me since they are complete quads- love it!

I have to say I think that Renee Zellweger should always be at this weight- I really have never liked her in any other role. In this one she looks normal, doesn't speak in an annoying whisper and isn't completely squinty eyed.

Overall this movie has to give a girl hope- I mean if a girl with my thighs can get a man like Darcy then there is hope!

Real World Quote of the Week

I'm not going to stop myself from something my vagina feels like doing

Best Office Quote

Do you watch Battlestar Galactica?
Then you are a moron.
-Dwight Schrute


Friday, February 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy....jumped about 3 whales along with the shark

I feel so defeated and deflated
So I got home from the hospital at 1:30 but stayed up to watch Grey's due to my neurotic tendencies- I didn't want to come to work and have people tell me what happened. It might have been my exhaustion and overall injury depression but I HATED THIS EPISODE. I kid you not I don't even know if I want to watch this show anymore- and this is coming from someone who has watched such hits as Moesha and Flavor of Love. It was soooo awful. Her in heaven- ridiculous. The retarded moment with Denny and Izzie- vomit inducing. Izzie has just become an awful character- her treatment of Callie was reprehensible. I mean no one else is allowed to be worried unless they are one of the best friends?! The Addison/McSteamy moment- totally setting up her exit from the show. Her seeing her mother in "heaven"- beyond ridiculous. The fact that she was told she was anything but ordinary and she came back to life- end of the line. I just don't think I can do this.
The adds said that it would be "shocking", that they were doing something never before seen on television, that it would change the course of the show. Bitch please. The only thing "shocking" was how predictable and lame it ended up being
Shonda Rhimes what the hell were you thinking?! She had this fantastic show that had me on the edge of my seat for 2 seasons...and now it has all gone to hell. Is it network pressure? Is it just a sweeps stunt? Chicky was dead on the table for that long and came back to life cuz Christina ordered it...please. I think I'm done.


So I had all these elaborate plans for posts last night because of all the tv I'd be watching....and I ended up in the hospital for 4 hours due to my stupid foot! God I am just such a freakin quad!! So now I'm hobbling around work and my friend Yvonne is going to go buy me a cane (cuz she rocks!!) I said no to crutches because I figured in this weather I would just kill myself! If I get a pic with me and my cane I'll post it! But now I can't go to Toronto for the weekend for Kaarina's bachelorette and I have to scale back on my Oscars bash- aka I'll open a bag of chips and be sitting in my pajamas. My apartment is a sty but I can't imagine mopping this weekend!! I will lose my title of hostess with the mostest!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Britney Gone Mad

The girl is clearly unstable and needs help...badly.....She went postal outside KFeds house trying to see her kids and acted like this...IN FRONT of the pappies!! She is not thinking clearly and hopefully will stay in rehab this time

Butterscotch Stallion and Kate- Love it!!

So here are pics of Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson out and proud- I really like them together. They are both quirky and cute- a good match. That scary gothedy thing that she was married to- not a good match. He was frighteningly awkward.

Pagesix Blind Items

WHICH hard-partying celeb takes her escapades well into the next morning? Sources saw her snorting lines at 10 a.m., but the real problem isn't coke - waitresses at Privilege overheard her demanding "meth" from her friends. . .

Oh BritBrit- doesn't she know what meth does to your face/!? Look at Fergie- she does NOT want to turn into that

WHICH athletic new reality show contender has a history of giving roses to other male atheletes? . . .

I am guessing it is the new Bachelor- whom I found ridiculously attractive...therefore he must be gay!

WHICH consort pimped out his girlfriend? He kept her on drugs and collected a fee every time she had sex with yet another man.

I'm pretty sure this would be Howard K. Stern- I mean there are countless videos and pics popping up of him watching as Anna Nicole got it on with others

Thoughts? Guesses?

Crocodile Hunter and Ross the Intern

This is one of the funniest clips I've seen in a long time- it was like me going out in the woods with the Crocodile Hunter. And pineapple as a panic word- classic!! Enjoy

Third Time's a Charm?

BritBrit is back in rehab! KFed has cancelled the court date because she went back in- apparently he was trying to threaten her so she would go back in- the loss of her sons being the only inspiration to get clean. He has said that she must complete the 30 day program or else he is taking her back to court. Is the KFed actually proving to be useful?! Time will tell...

KFed off to Court

So KFed has ordered an emergency custody hearing....and BritBrit's mom is on his side supposedly!! For the love of god- someone check her in against her will. Has anyone else read Little Girl Lost by Drew Barrymore? (god I used to love that book!) She was checked in against her will and look where she is now....I'm sure she still likes her pot but she is pretty clean....Someone help the BritBrit!! And BitBit- he has reemerged looking terribly frightened- maybe KFed should take him too!

OC thoughts...spoilers!!

Ok so I'm going down with the ship- I will be watching the OC finale tonight! I was the biggest die hard fan for the few seasons but I didn't pay attention last year- only to be sucked in again this year!! My love of Seth Cohen knows no bounds- I first fell in love with him when the character was named Dave and he lived in Stars Hollow (I swear it is essentially the same character) and even though I don't like the whole didn't go to school thing I still love him. I was never a fan of Ryan- his nose looks like a penis, his chin like female friend Trina appropriately call him penis-nose cunt-face (I apologize for the language but it makes me laugh). Tonight we should all expect Julie to marry Hercules, Sandy and Kirsten will have a girl, Seth and Summer are going their separate ways, and Ryan and Taylor will be each others lobsters.

Grey's Spoiler

So I have heard 2 different spoilers and have come up with a theory. One website listed 5 different events that MAY happen this season and one said that George and Izzie would hook up. Then I was watching E News and Kristen Veitch said that 2 interns would be having a drunken hookup....I'm pretty positive it will be George and Izzie.

And to that I say NOOOOOOO!!! I love George and Callie! I think they're great! Izzie has been a whiny nuisance this season...I have no desire to see them together.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol- Girls

Stephanie Edwards: She can sing...blah blah...I don't see anything spectacular may be the overaccessorizing that is blinding me (necklace OR earrings people...not both!) Although I do like the cut of her dress. There is nothing wrong with her but not my thing- I don't like the jazzy stuff.

Oh god I wore basically the same earrings today that Paula is wearing....note to self- overhaul your accessories!

Amy Krebs: Never cover your eyes when you are performing- people connect to you by looking at your eyes...and you want their votes! Normal voice, yawn...Nothing terribly original...I mean she can sing but I would never say this girl could be my "idol". Personality of a candle- hehe

Leslie Hunt: First off- LOVE the outfit!! I mean the dress is too big for her- but love the boots!! The song is a mess and she does weird Jessica Simpson maneurisms when she sings. She has to stop jerking around! Not a fan of the voice....a bit too deep and gravely.

Sabrina Sloan: Love the shoes...hehe I have them in blue! Love them!! She can sing...again not my type of song but I can acknowledge the girl can sing! I also would like to know where she got her black nail polish since I've been looking everywhere for some...and I would totally wear the shirt if it wasn't sheer.

Antonella Barba: Am I the only one who is picturing those pics of her on the toilet?! She looks really nervous- I would be too if everyone had seen me going to the bathroom!! I HATE THIS SONG!! Love her shirt- stunning...she can't sing the song- she isn't a good belter and goes flat a lot. Oh bad choice not going for the high note- as I learned- you always go for the high note- it's the money note!

Jordan: First off, I love this song. And I don't mind her- I actually like her and like the outfit. She is my favourite so far. She has a really good voice

Nicole Tranquillo: I don't know why but this girl looks like Alanis to me. First off, her foundation is 10 shades darker than her neck and arms...not good! She is trying too far- making more of the song than it is...can't stand her she is actually screaming- she is no longer singing...too melodramatic (and that is saying a lot coming from this drama queen!). I totally agree with Simon- totally indulgent and fake!

Haley- ok embarassing confession- I used to LOVE this Celine song...I used to sing this at the top of my lungs....often...and I might stil like it!! A bit flat at times....but I like her...ok now she's sharp at the chorus...but I like her.

Melinda Doolittle: Dump the jacket- makes you bulky. But chicky can sing!! This girl is good!

Alaina Alexander: Flat...boring...trying a bit too hard to emote...flat...not going

Oh comes the power ballad...i feel apprehensive...i hate where her shirt is cut- makes her bulky. Where is the stylist?!? Her voice is a little low for this song..but she isn't horrible- oh except for this screaming part...painful....I have those earrings...NICE! But as for her..not a huge fan but she wasn't awful...except i just noticed the cross choker...did i miss it 1993?!?!

Lakisha: Obviously this girl is the best doubt..she doesn't have to try- she doesn't have to bounce- she just stands and sings. My favourite. Hands down- girl can sing. Best of the night. Period.

American Idol- Guys

Rudy Cardinas: Put your collar down!! I hate that!! Sharp Sharp Sharp! He is quite off key....and I don't understand a word he is saying! And hon...when you wiggle your hips you do not remind me of Ricki Martin!

For the love of god someone shut Paula up!! While I liked Straight Up when I was 12 I wouldn't exactly call her an "artist"

Brandon Rogers: not my thing...not my type of music...I expect him to stop and start speaking about wanting to Make Love to Me a la Boyz to Men....I mean I guess he can sing but I just hate this shit....Michael Jackson is not for me!

Sundance: Overrated....the goatee drives me nuts...and do up your shirt...or wear an undershirt!! Ok this outfit is much better...but he is completely off key....overrated...

Paul Kim: Oh god he sounds like Toni Braxton...doing weird runs everywhere...trying to sing too low...not a fan...and weird whispering thing...not a fan...

Chris : is it just me or does he kind of look like a hobbit? Bad song choice- too nasal for it...and trying to rock the Justin Timberlake outfit and bounce like him...not pulling it off!! Oh god- I hate when people try to make the song "their own"! SO BAD!! Sing the notes that you are supposed to- you are just going completely off key!!

Nick: His posture bothers do his overly plucked brows...I mean we all know that I go to see an eyebrow artiste whenever I can....but that is a girl thing....oh god the boy can't hit the high notes...or any notes for that matter...I don't like the whispering singing thing...

Blake: Ok I don't understand how beat boxing is singing....I can acknowledge that it is a talent but just not my thing...Oh a Keane song...impressive...10 for song choice!! Much more originality than everyone else....impressive grasshopper!! Oh god he just forgot the words and went too slow....I do like this guy better than everyone else even though he keeps going off key...and he keeps doing a weird falsetto....time to build it up hon...ok he's not doing it...but I have hope that this one has taste! I agree Simon- noone on this show sings new good songs!

Sanjaya: Is it just me or does this kid remind you of a young Michael Jackson?The weird high pitched voice....just keep this one from the plastic surgeon! Is it just me or does he have the same haircut as Clive?! Does anyone know if Clive has taken time off work to fly down to audition for American Idol? Ok I don't like this guy- he has a decent voice but he is too cheesy pour moi!

Chris Sligh: Ok this is the guy who was my favourite before tonight...he reminds me of Ben circa 1994 but with Curly hair! Oh nice shout out to the Hoff- I always appreciate that! Love the sarcasm! Oh I love this guy...he is definitely my favourite- I love the quirky ones- and I like his jumping and stuff too- feels natural and isn't spastic!! And he can belt- LOVE HIM!! If I was American I would totally vote for him- Reina vote for him!!

Jared: He's ok- can't really say anything bad...but not my thing again...just don't care for the R&B thing. I think he just flexed and checked out his muscles- hehe! Points for that!! Oh he's doing it some more- awesome!

AJ: again not my thing. I mean 17 years ago I would swoon when Jordan did his falsetto- but I'm over it. And again- PUT DOWN YOUR COLLAR!! I hate that!! This guy is generic and

Phil: nice eyes...quite nice- paying more attention to those than the's boring....ok might get better...anticlimatic...I mean I like him better than the R&B boys but he is no Chris from last year...although I like the eyes and baldness..

So my pick- curly haired Chris!! All about him!!!

PS. Is Paula wearing a wig? Maybe she can lend it to BritBrit

MFH of the Week

If you are not watching Rome I highly recommend it- it is just fascinating!! And not just for nerds like me!! And the guy who plays him!! He was also in Pride and Prejudice- in my opinion the only reason to watch that version! He is just beautiful!! Simon me!!

Lost- Stranger in a Strange Land

Bai Ling?! They couldn't find a better actress than her?! Whenever I see her I think of her screaming along to Madonna...that is one memory I wish I could erase!

Brit Watch 2007

God I can't get enough of this!! The current scoop is she is at her lawyer's office because KFed won't let her see the kids....and the plot thickens...

Potential Grey's Spoiler

So Michael Ausiello (whom I adore) just posted this:

"The most shocking thing to happen during February sweeps will take place tomorrow night on Grey's Anatomy when Meredith dies and sees Denny in heaven."

Does that mean she is actually dead- last week I heard 2 people die, only 1 stays dead. I assume it is Meredith that comes back. Is it just me or has Grey's officially just jumped the shark?

Brit's out of Rehab...Again..

GET YOUR ASS BACK TO REHAB!!! How else are you going to get back together with JT and live out the life I have planned for you!!

Shaving your head because of Kfed?

Oh BritBrit- why oh why did you shave the head?!? Was it really because Kfed threatened that he'd drug test your hair?! Please!! Like that guy really wants custody...he just wants the money!! Pay him and be done with it!

Steve Sanders Dancing?

Oh God! Poor Ian Ziering....since he has had absolutely no career since 90210 he has had to admit his d list status and join Dancing with the Stars. I mean his ex wife Nikki has had more of a career recently (I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of here anyone?)

Others on this gem:

Joey Fatone- which means some gratuitous Lance visits for you Kaarina!
Heather Mills- I can't wait to see her voted off the first week- horse faced cow!

Oh and Paulina Porizkova you are too good for this!

Breaking Grey's News!!

There is a spin-off being launched in May starring......wait for it....
Does that mean she won't be getting it on with Alex for long!?!?! She is one of the best characters on that show...I mean if Meredith lives (please god let her die) and they get rid of Addison I think the show is just going to become ridiculous.

Bachelorette Baby

So Trista and Ryan are least now she will have something to talk to in her baby voice...and he can read his poetry to someone at his level!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Baxter pic to get things started!!

Veronica Mars- Mars Bars

Is it wrong that I have a bit of a crush on Lamb...must be the uniform

I HATE the slow theme song this year- I miss the nice peppy Dandy Warhols version! It brought me joy

Dark and complex Logan in black..yummy....I love my men dark and complex!

That really doesn't look like a real gun that the guy is holding....VM needs better props! I know it's the CW but come on...

I like that Mac has a new boy after that whole Beav disaster....but I don't like this Logan and Parker crap...

Oh Rico Suave....why would you shoot the dean? He gave you a car!

Oh my god they killed Rico Suave!! Oh god save Lamb!! He is right now hotter than Logan to me!!

LAMB IS DEAD!?!?!!? NOOOOOOOO!!! After my newfound love for him they have to take him away from me?!?!

While it is nice to see Logan smile it shouldn't be with her! It should be with my Veronica!

Sheriff Mars...well this is a turn...

My guess- it is the Professor's TA that is the killer....

And so it begins...

So I've decided to start a blog to discuss all of the pop culture info that my world revolves I believe it will be a fantastic procrastination tool!! So excited!! I figured I would have a place for other people to get summaries of amazing television programming and all the latest on Britney. Laissez les bons temps rouler!