Friday, March 30, 2007

Ian Ziering's Bday

So today is his bday- happy bday Steve Sanders!! But do you people have any idea how old he is- he is 43! 43!!!!! I almost passed out when my top secret source informed my this morning. Then we looked it up- Luke Perry will be 42 next year. My god- I didn't realize they were up there like Brad and Johnny. Am I the only one traumatized by this?!

Source- Sara Rushton

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I love me some yau man! He is so awesome! I love that he made up a fake idol- too cute! God Boo is useless- I'm blind, I'm blind!

For the love of god vote out "Rocky"! He drives me nuts!! Yay he's gone- buh bye!

Random Thoughts

Do you remember Natasha Lyonne? From Peewee's playhouse to American Pie to Slums of Beverly Hills- I always liked her. There was something quirky about her that I liked- plus she dated Edward Furlong for a while so that appealed to me. Then she went and became a junkie living in squalor and almost dying. Became a bit crazy. Look at her really is quite sad....

And the editor of Jane magazine admitted to having sex with Drew Barrymore- are we surprised? Drew has always been very hippy dippy and flower child- I don't think it's terribly shocking

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol Elimination

See I figure Sanjaya will stay so I just have no hope! Man Phil looked all cocky- then didn't know what to do when he was told he was in the bottom two. Oh yuck- that Chris is safe....yuck

And Sanjaya stays...yet again...good lord!

Oh thank god Haley is in the bottom- she is the one who should go home- after Sanjaya of course! And Chris- well he didn't do very well last night but he is much better than a lot of these people!

Oh Phil did better than Chris?!? She will have to stand there another moment- does that mean it's Chris?!? Oh it is Chris....I really liked him....he was good and had great personality! God I will miss him- he was different...and he had a really good voice....but a poor song choice. But I mean come on- he was better than Sanjaya!!

Lost- Expose

Yeah I have no attachment to this stripper- this better mean something...Nicki's dead- who the hell is Nicki- HAHA!!! Exactly- they signed Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro and then they didn't use them at all. Completely useless characters! Oh so they are murderers- don't they care about finger prints. Oh nice adding her into the scene afterwards! Nice trying to make it look like they've always been here.

Ok so they were killed by the spiders...these two morons found the plane and the hatch first?! And the hatch was open!?!? Why did they others have to blow it up!?

And this Paulo guy heard everything from Ben- and said nothing?! This is odd!! Why did Charlie just admit that/! Is he atoning before he dies?

Oh my god they are being buried with the diamonds?!?! Why are they wasting them? So they will still be alive?! Are they being buried alive? I don't understand the point of this story. How is it advancing the story line?

So all of these spiders somehow appear?!? WHere have they been? Why have they never been a threat before?! Why weren't they still there when they found Paulo? So are they going to suffocate in the sand? What the hell was the point of that?!?!?

America's Next Top Model

Natasha has a baby?!?! I mean I knew she was a mail-order bride but I didn't know that she was also a mom......god I love the purring sex talk....while it's being recorded! HAHAA!

God Natasha just makes no sense- haha! And I love how much her red lipstick bleeds

Oh my god Renee just shut up- I can't believe she is saying that to a plus size model...god she's a bitch. Plus hun- Jennifer Hudson was on Vogue...and she is plus size. The times they are a changing.

Oh my god Natasha doesn't know how to shut up in a tableau- hehe! But she is right- they should have been on the platform. I love how Sara took credit for everything! Nice! Zarian squared?! Stolen from d squared perhaps?!?

I like this photo shoot- except I really think the rag queens look better....god Jael is an even uglier man!

Whitney looks stiff, Natasha was KFed and Diana looked horrid

God I hate Whitney's weave- it is so flat on top. Tyra got rid of the ghetto look- so sad. But I do love her look- god I need more jumpers!!

Oh my god Renee dressed like Sandy for judging..tell me about it, stud!

God they just love Jaslene- I think she's such a tranny!

Ok bottom two- Whitney and Diana

God I am so freakin good- you can tell I watch this often! I think it'll be Diana. She doesn't have the "passion"

God people should pay me for this shit- Christ I'm good!

BritBrit and Justin together at last?!

It is being reported that they will be going into the studio next week to record a duet that will be produced by Timbaland. I mean it really is genius on his part- all the publicity he'll get for saving her.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars- elimination

My prediction is that it will be Shandi going home...I mean she doesn't have a large enough fan base.

Oh I like tht they picked this dance as the best one- she is really quite good- and she can shake just as much as him. It must be nice for her to be acknowledged as feminine! Man if her father goes and visits the ratings will go nuts- I mean he is the most famous man in the world (that's true!).

Oh yuck Heather made it through....yuck...they really need to read the British news! Clyde made it through?! He really wasn't that great!

Robbie Williams- haha! lazy feet!!

Yay Steve Sanders made it through! The 90210 crowd comes through!

Jimmy Kimmel- kills me...I love him! God Paulina really is a hard name- haha! Stupid Samantha Harris- she really ruined that! I mean Paulina really is one of the worst- she is quite stiff. Pressure makes diamonds- oh Steve...that is horrid!

hehe- I love that they are reminding me that Trista was the first off- god I hate her! It really amused me!

Yay Cliff is safe! I love me some Cliff Claven! There is something about Shandi's partner that creeps me out!! He is like a ventriloquist dummy! Ah Shandi is in the bottom two- not shocking!

Wow it was Paulina- I thought for sure it would be Shandi. Poor Paulina!

The Secret

Oh my god I am so infuriated right now- this is a huge side note. There is this fucking idiot on Oprah talking about that retard Secret saying she will heal herself from breast cancer. She doesn't want to lose her breast- so she is going to "heal herself". I just want to smack her- and it scares me that there are SOOO many dumbasses out there who are going to listen to this shit and do it...god I'm so mad. I'm sorry- the secret is the latest fad for retards. It truly is. They think if they think it they'll get rich. It is just freakin common sense- think positive and work hard. Haven't we always been taught that/! But yet complete morons are spending money on this. And this woman is on there saying she'll change her diet, use supplements and think positive. That'll cure her cancer. Honey- I'm sorry but say hello to metastases. At least Oprah was very firm in saying she needs medical treatment. I mean at first I was wondering why Oprah had her on to yell- but I realize she is hoping that no one else is thinking this.

Why are people so stupid?!

American Idol- 10

Ok this is the oddest theme- songs that Gwen Stefani likes?!? Weird

Lakisha Jones- I do like her- but this song is boring...oh wait- I didn't realize that it was this song. It's nice to see her sing a fun song- and kick out the stiletto boots. Nice! Best I've seen her in a while

Chris Sligh- The Police- interesting....I mean he is definitely no Sting...but I like him. I hate when they carry that stupid mike stand. Yeah so I wasn't that much into it- he didn't look too comfortable.

Gina- oh god I adore this song...I'm scared after she massacred Paint it Black last week. Oh so far much better...ok she is doing much much better than last week. So far I like it. Actually- the chorus is the weakest part for her- it's going too low for her. Oh I agree- she hasn't done anything better than this.

Sanjaya- oh god why would he sing a No Doubt song for Gwen Stefani?!?! OH MY GOD?!?! What did he do to his hair/!?!??! What the hell?!? I mean the face still looks like Nas. He is almost forgetting the words- He really likes to shake that disturbing! Oh god this is horrid! I just want to close my eyes "I assume there was no mirror in your dressing room" "I don't think it matters what we say" haha! It's true- vote for the worst will totally keep him there

Haley- Oh god those runs are ridiculous- I agree Gwen. STOP THE RUNS! ! I want to start a campaign to get these people to stop this! Oh I also love this song. God I hated the end. The rest of the song was ok- nothing remarkable. But that ah ou at the end was disgusting.

Phil Steacy- before I start just a side note- I wish I could apply liquid eyeliner like her- her eyes look awesome! Anyways him. Another Police song. I hate these weird toque hats with the ugly. But I mean he is singing it again- except he is doing little runs that don't make sense- stick to the melody!

Melinda Doolittle- oh god- it's the Melinda Doolittle school of taking a compliment again! Maybe short hair would help with the neck- where her hair ends reminds us there is no neck. Again- good performance- girl can sing. But sounds like an old lady. And she would probably make a gospel album- I am not part of her demographic.

Blake- man I can't believe how much I am agreeing with Gwen Stefani. Oh I like his hair down without the salute at the front. It's like that guy Marni liked in university with the salute hair- hehe. Oh I like him with this song- he is just singing it and following the melody. Nice. I love this song- and he hasn't massacred it by "interpreting" it. No beatboxing! YAY! I get so freakin mad when Paula won't let them speak- she is infuriating. If he spoke when she was she would flip- retard

Jordin- oh god I want those boots...I don't wear grey that often but I need them!! Also love the big hoops- I love me some big earrings. I really like this girl. She doing a better version of this song than Gwen herself.

Chris R- haha- vocal olympics thing. I agree- stick to the melody! For the love of god sing the melody!! The hobbit is anxious- he is definitely nervous after being in the bottom two last week. He is not a strong singer. He mean he is doing less runs than the past- but still too many for me. Despise his style.

Ok worst- obviously Sanjaya. But I don't see him going anywhere. I say aurevoir to Haley


Gilmore Girls scoop- the beginning of May will mean the end of Rory and Logan. While I will be upset that I won't see him on the show again it's probably for the best- I hate that he isn't the bad boy anymore. Rory makes everything boring...worst character on the show!

Grey's Spinoff- Addison goes to LA to see her bff (Francie from Alias) to console her- and she happens to be a reproductive specialist...who happens to work at a clinic needing a neonatologist! what a fantastic coincidence...have I mentioned recently how wrong I think this spinoff is!

Shane West...outted?

So I love me some Shane West- I love him on ER...and love all those teen movies he's been in- with the exception of Walk to Remember. I hate being reminded that I watched that. But I digress.

So dlisted as outed him- supposedly he was seen making out with some actor named Ashton Holmes from Boston Legal. They were seen doing this at a GQ party- his reps are denying but does thou protest too much?!


Alright people- this is the most exciting thing I've heard in a long time. Linz mentioned to me on Saturday that there was a new miniseries involving the Tudors coming of course this peeked my interest. We all know my complete obsession with all things involving Tudor England...and Plantagenet England....and Anglo-Saxon England....anyways, moving on!

So I was just reading Lainey and she said that the new series will be called the Tudors and it will be on Showtime- their answer to Rome. Oh my god another Rome type show...involving Tudor England- I truly don't know what to do with myself. And the star- it's one of my true loves- Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!!!! OMG!! I haven't been this excited since I reconnected with Graham! Only Joe Labonte could top this!!

PS. If any of you have any interest at all in British History my favourite historian/documentarian David Starkey (I love him!) is doing the second season of Monarchy- truly one of my favourite shows. This week is on William the Conqueror- good times!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

Apolo Anton Ono- For the love of god tell me he'll lose the bandana! I have to admit that while they are all bedazzled these dresses are horrid! It's ok- I'm not wowed! Oh god his greasy hair is making me nauseous- nasty!

Shandi Finnessay- they need to use the floor more- they are just staying in one place. Even I know that! This guy kills me- he is just slithering around! She really isn't graceful- she is incredibly stiff and slow! Reminding me of Lisa Rinna who was horrid.

Clyde- again, I don't know him but he seems like a nice guy. I do like him- he is trying really hard. I mean he is awkward but he's having fun! I mean he is like my dad's age- so I always have a love for the older people.

Leeza Gibbons- Poor thing is kind of stumbling but I mean she's 50- I say you go. I've always found her ridiculously annoying but now I have some sympathy for her. I couldn't do it. And it's her mom's bday and she is in the final stages of Alzheimers?! Oh god now I like her more- I have a huge amount of respect for her right now.

Ian Ziering- Broadway Star?! What now!? Look at Steve dancing away- I think Kelly taught him a lot at prom. God they are bringing out the mom card tonight like mad! God why do I find Ian attractive/!? It is so weird?! Oh he is so light on his feet! Look at those side kicks- Elvis eat your heart out! OH MY GOD! IT'S DAVID SILVER!?!? Is this the peach pit after dark?! I mean She warned me there would be a BAG appearance but it is still a nice little jolt! I really like them!

Paulina- oh god La bamba- christ I loved this movie..RICKY!! Anyways, I mean she is stiff but she's only ever had to look good in clothes. Her kicks are a bit lame...and she is waiting a bit too long to be led. Woohoo!! David Silver again!! Not sure of the link here but I love it!

Billy Ray Cyrus- God he really is a ne hit wonder- he only ever can refer to Achy Breaky Fire. He has to learn to not count outloud. Well he doing better than last week- he is moving with good speed. Still really stiff- doesn't really know what to do during pauses- they are very awkward. And god I hate his hair- I think I may prefer the mullet! Why is Sela Ward with his family? {erfectly ordinary- is that a good thing?

Heather mills- aka skanky golddigger....god I hate her! Vote her out! I don't care about the one leg- did you not hear the shit she was saying about Paul!?!? He should have listened to Stella in the first place! In all seriousness this is grossing me out- she really thinks she's sexy. Nasty. Robbie Williams!? Robbie Williams is that you!?

John Ratzenberger- go Cliff!! I am so on Team Cliff! I like him- I mean he is pretty light on his feet for someone of his age! I like him a lot

Laila Ali- I think she is really good- she isn't as masculine as I predicted she would be. I guess Serena Williams still holds the title of manliest in sports. Anyways- I like the shimmying- and she's fast. She is very aware of her body- so far by far my favorite girl.

Joey Fatone- will Lance be there?!? He is very good about showing her- a lot of the other guys don't look like they are leading. Oh wow moving footwork- they are pretty good. WAS THAT DANNY PINTAURO?!?! Excuse me I have to rewind- IT WAS IT WAS!! Oh god that was exciting! Jonathan Bower and Brian Austin Green....wait a minute maybe not...I don't see why Robbie Williams would be with him....unless I'm missing something....did anyone else see him?!

Favorites- Layla, Cliff, Joey and Steve

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica- Season finale

God I have been SOOO excited about this! Who is the cylon?!!? I wonder if it's Roslin- and that is why her Cancer was cured by the Cylon blood. I wonder if Baltar really does know who it is- with his stupid Cylon detector. People this is the best written show on tv- hands down. If you have any interest at all in politics this is the show.

This is getting frakkin interesting. Are the chief, Ty, and Anders hearing the song because they are Cylons? Is that the call of the Cylon? Are they all dreaming the same thing because Roslin is a Cylon? Or is the opera house a key that they are calling people out by song? God I love this show!

I loved Lee's speech. Fabulous! Although Baltar is so guilty of everything it's ridiculous! Oh my god he is not guilty. That is amazing. He is so going to be murdered. Christ I hate that character- love him as the gay best friend in Bridget Jones, I hate him here.

Oh is the lawyer the cylon?! I thought it would be a bigger reveal than that.

Oh Adama voted for Lee- I love that!! Oh this is good. there are some huge cylon things happening!

Chief is totally a cylon! Oh my god! So is ty, so is anders! This is amazing! And that woman too?! We are going to learn about 4 of them!!!??!?! I am so floored right now I don't know what to do. Oh my god that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Oh my god they have the assistants to both the admiral and the president. Jesus Christ. And the Chief's daughter is also a half breed. Oh my god will it be starbuck?!?!?! Is she the unknown?! Oh my god I can't is's starbuck!?!?! Is she real??!?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!?!??!??!? IS she hallucination?!?! They are near Earth?!? Oh my god. That was the best episode of television I've ever seen. Is Starbuck alive?!?! Lee found her?!? They are cylons?!?! Ok I'll stop ranting right now....why don't any of my friends watch this/?! I need to talk about it!!

Rome Finale

So anyone who knows anything about me knows how much I love Classics- and this show is just so freakin fantastic! I mean it can get a bit gory for me but I suck it up.

They killed Cleopatra with a knife- reality Antony died first...then she died by an asp in Octavians keep. So Antony is going to kill himself too? I like that they've dressed him as a Roman. Ah there's Cleopatra- there may be truth to this story. I just loved the banter between Cleopatra and Octavian- aka my future husband. I love him. So dark and complex and bruding.

I love that in this era killing yourself was the noble way to die- stupid Christians. They ruin everything.

I love that Caesarian rolls in the day of Octavian's triumph. God I love Octavia's hair- I need to bring these DVDs to my hairdresser prior to my wedding. Haha- Attia- kick ass. Christ Octavian is magnificent!!

Grease Finale

I have to admit that I've watched this every week- for about 5 minutes. I fast forward most of it- I just listen to a few lines of the songs then I care about the judging. I hate the two Dannies- Max cannot by Danny...Danny is the cool guy- and he is a geek. He could only be a sidekick. As for Austin- sometimes he does the oddest vocal things. Plus his forearms frighten me.

As for the Sandies- I like Ashley. Laura is too cutesy- plus she's a brunette. I do like that they saved this song for the end! God I love this song! The guys just aren't strong singers. What a week ass "ow". God I love their ponytails- I'm totally doing a high ponytail tomorrow.

Oh god I'm hating this filler with the parents- such crap! Oh it's Laura- she will have to die her hair for her wedding! I wonder if they will offer the others roles in the chorus!

I wonder how many people voted for this?! On American Idol they say. Max won!? Well that is the most unrealistic casting I've ever seen- I don't even know if Mrs. Rumble would have cast him! Well the producer looks pissed! Austin would make a better Kenicke.

ADDED: So I'm trying to do the ponytail right now- so not working...stupid rain!

Amazing Race All Stars

Ok I have to start off with my redundant statement- I miss Rob and Amber, which Mirna would just go away forever.

Too hot to handle- ew.

Where's Andre- HAHA Love the project runway reference!! Amazing!

Why the hell are Charla and Mirna always talking with weird accents?!?! It is so freakin weird!

Oh my god I can't believe they have to get off the plane- that is crazy. I've never seen that before!!

I wonder how they are going to balance out all the teams...but most of the teams won't be there yet....interesting...they must be using this storm as an excuse.

I come cheap- hehe- i love that Mirna and Charla totally didn't get it about working the bench

Oh no- not Eric and Danielle- what about the other two teams?!?! Why don't they try another airline?! Take a bus at this point!

You know beauty tips- he was helping her with her nausea- how is that a beauty tip?!! Moron!

I like that artwork- it's pretty! Like it's really that hard! Go Danny and Oswald! Don't stop to buy fruit!! I mean I know they like to shop but come on!

I love that they don't know what a catamaran is- morons.

Ok now go Guidos! I love them!! Please let them keep going! (side note- Baxter is doing his little kitty snoring/sighing while leaning on me- christ he's cute!)

There is no drama with the 30 minutes since all the other teams are so far behind. I'm really scared for the guidos- they don't seem to have the fight in them! God I'm nervous- throw it higher!! Oh thank god! Yay! I have no feelings towards Ian and Terri- don't really care that they are eliminated!

Pussycat Doll Show

Oh my god I'm so excited- I can't believe they have makeovers on this show too! Amazing!

Oh hear we go- we get to meet a new pussycat doll. God that Chynna doll leader woman is terribly freaky. Oh Sisely- stop bitching!

AWESOME- That weird "celebrity" hairdresser that was the judge on Miss Usa is now on this! AMAZING! Look at his hair! Look at that chest hair! He has a freakin pompadour- those are totally plugs! Are those tatoos on his arms or just weird arm hair?! I think it may be both... I am so not shocked that he is the brother of this Chynna doll wannabe

Oh god Sisely shut up- you have to shut up. You are so getting eliminated hun!

Free you mind- ACH!! We always used to freak out when this song came on. God I can't stand Anastasia's hair!!

Oh my god the second group was completely horrible. That Sisely has absolutely no timing, the Melissa girl was screachy and horrid- Pat Benatar must just be cringing that someone gave away the rights to the song.

I know this will sound horrible but that Jamie would be a stunning girl if she got a nose job.
Oh god stop bitching about getting pushed Sisely- it's a freakin competition. WHAT?!?! They are keeping Sisely after that crap?! She couldn't sing a freakin rock song when she claims to be a rocker!!


I can't believe that they just did the urban legend kidney thing! That is so weird! Poor Liz...she always gets the worst stories.

Oh god Julia is totally going to pick up her little person Nanny...can any of these people stay faithful?

I can't believe that Christain has let this woman scrub in and perform surgery- just so he can sleep with her? He is going to risk their license? I'm scared the show is trying to go too far.

Ok the dog lover stuff is a bit much- he killed the dog?! Why didn't he just leave her?

Why the hell is Shaun visiting this girl?!!?

Wedding Bells

So Linz convinced me to watch this show- I didn't think it looked that crazy but it's Sunday and I feel lazy. So here we go!

Oh my god Lucille Bluth is getting married?! To a younger man?! Impressive!

Teri Polo- what happened!?!! I freakin loved her- I was obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera miniseries. Now she is looking all square with a mom hair cut. I freakin hate her hair!! It looks god awful!

And what is with Victoria Newman and Maggie from the Nanny?! Jesus!! I hardly recognized the Tom sisters- and I have seen them both on tv hundreds of times!

Ok this show is more than a bit ridiculous- and I'm not terribly sure if I will get into it. But I mean it is't horrible.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My love of the Super Sweet 16- Priscilla

I have to admit I love this freakin show- these kids are unbelievable. It just goes to show that the more money that a person is raised with the more delusional they become. The fact that this little fat ass thinks she's hot is laughable! I mean for a 16 year old she is quite round- and ugly. But I love how fabulous she thinks she is. I wonder if these people watch this show and realize that they are completely horrible human beings! Wow they get dollar store leis- fabulous! Hon- that guy in New York gave everyone Sony Beans....doesn't compare. I love this rivalry between the two sweet sixteen girls though....soooo funny! Nikki was so ridiculously manly! I love how much these girls hate each other- it's like me and Kara Gervais circa 1990.
Oh god what a horrible floral short tacky! Can you imagine talking to your mother like that in public? These people treat their parents like crap? Their parents should watch this and realize what a horrible parenting job they did! Raising people who act like that. Oh she is getting drag queens- oh here comes the RuPaul! Love it! That is pretty cool! Mom- it's time to say no. If you don't want to spend 1000 dollars then say no! Oh god she is not going to have an entertainer- hehe.....she'll probably have someone big...I love how they tried to appease her with diamonds...oh hear comes the melodramatic music! God Nikki is a bitch! Love it!

Oh god this girl is wearing a bikini top with that body in front of everyone?! She is baring her abdomen!? Does she not have friends to stop her?! Where are her friends!?! I love Nikki giving her dirty looks- hehe! Oh god now a tight white dress- really?!!? Where are her friends?

Ok who is the act- I bet you it is just like Pitbull...oh Fat Joe- well I've actually heard of him!! I never heard of that Pitbull guy! This one sings that song I despise- oh hear it is....lean back....this song freakin ruined my life!

What the hell do her parents do?! Look at that Mercedes! God I got luggage for my sweet sixteen...and I loved it!


First off- Becca where are you?!/ My phone is broken so I told Sheila to call you and tell you it was on- but you aren't home! You have a life on a pageant night?!

Anyways- Trump cannot stop milking this Miss USA shit. That girl is an addict my ass- she was out partying like any other girl her age. But someone had a new Apprentice coming out so he had to throw a press conference. Show how forgiving he is- barf.

K what is up with these ghetto earrings on all of them? I mean we all know I love things that are bedazzled, and I love dangling earrings- but this is too much! What is up with the skintight animal prints on some of them?! Good god- is Omarosa their pageant trainer?! Some of these dresses are ok...but most aren't! Are they letting trannies in this now? There are some that are pretty damn manly!

Oh for the love of god- shut Nancy O'Dell up. Don't let her tell jokes, stop talking about your pregnancy.

And here we go- more milking of her "addiction" Oh god what a horrible dress! Horrible! Doesn't she have access to better clothes?

Where the hell is Ali Landry and her commentary? Instead I have to see that backstage crap? Didn't they have Carson from Queer Eye doing it before? I much prefered that.

Oh my god why do I have to watch them getting their pics taken? What a waste of freakin time! They aren't even talking- how am I going to make fun of them?! God Trump has just freakin ruined this pageant- this used to be where they would have to face the "reporters". They had better still do that!

Vanessa Minnello- at least she was a Miss Teen USA. And every single time she hits a red carpet she dresses like she's still in a pageant- so I guess she is qualified. Where's Nick?

Jerry Springer- really? I mean I guess his career was rejuvenated with dancing with the stars- but to judge a pageant? I guess he is used to judging trannies

Kimora Lee Simmons- my mom swears she remembers when she was a big model and Lagerfeld's muse. I just think she looks like a Louis Vuitton carrying tranny!

quarterback guy I don't know

Giuliana DiPandi- I watch E news daily- it is my favourite of all the news shows. And I like her barbs at Ryan. But this girl is downright homely- how she snagged Bill Rancic is beyond me. But he is obviously her connection here to get to be a judge.

Jonathan Antin- Ok I only know this guy from The Soup but I am highly amused. He is so arrogant and sexxay it kills me! Look at that exposed chest- rrrrr....

Trump model management- top modeling agencies?!? My ass. Who the hell do they have?!? Never heard of them having any top model. I will look this up during the commercial!

la laker guy....boring...

Dance number in bikinis- of course. They look so enthusiastic- they look like a freakin parade of zombies....and I love this song! I have a weird love of Rihanna's music- makes me want to be in the Caribbean dancing.

Christ why do they have to have a stupid shawl- who the hell uses one of those with a bathing suit?!?! Yes it swings behind them...blah blah... Some of these girls need to call Miss J- their walk is not fierce. I swear I think they are all the same person- there is not one who is standing out to me. I am more interested in couch dancing with baxter!

Oh Kansas- 4 years ago is calling- it wants it's hair back....flipped out hair...really?

God these are cheap ass bikinis- they are riding up all of their asses! You would think they would tape it in place- I say that not having any idea how to use that stupid tape- it is very complicated!

Oh boy profiles! Are their interests collecting unicorns and making dream catchers?! My god Missouri looks just like Carrie Underwood- her interest is hair styling?! HAHA!! Texas' interests are motivation books?! I bet she is obsessed with that book "he's just not that into you"- haha (sorry Sheila!) Tennessee's interests are playing with her dog? How well rounded of her! Interest scrapbooking- yeah, so is everyone else's! Kansas' interests are target practice? Lovely! God there is no originality here! At least Rhode Island's interest is board games- hehe. God I miss the Miss America platforms. My platform is abstinence- hehe

Oh yay they are going to talk now! It only took an hour!! People vote for best looking at their high school? Lovely! I would have voted for Shanny- god I would love to see Shanny...especially now that Graham and I have bonded again- hehe! Hawaii- I want God to shine through me-! I'm passionate about life?! Yuck! So original- I'm glad you looked that speech up online! Oh shocking- your parents are your inspiration- yuck!

Oh evening gown- my favourite. I mean these girls are loaded- and they make the worst fashion choices

Virginia- what a stiff ugly dress- horrible bus. weird stiff slit. Makes her shoulders wide and arms man like

Hawaii- oh god I'm glad becca isn't watching- it is like a new version of Britney's striptease outfit- but with ripped fabric. Horrible! The netting is too light for her skin!! It doesn't match- she is too tanned! Horrible!

Missouri- wow...this is is like Grecian meets the strip club- what the hell is with the plunging neckline and straps across- and cut down to her butt crease. And you can see all the lines of her implants- not well done! Not flattering!

Texas- Ok I don't mind this as much. I mean it looks cheap and thin fabric...but it is a nice cut on fits her well and it walks well on the stage. Best so far...but not much competition!

Tennessee- well this is bright! Why does it have to be cut out on the sides! And red- too hoochy! Ladies- sometimes less is more!

Nevada- oh dear god- formal wear in fuchsia! Jesus Chirst! What is with this deconstructed fabric- she looks like a bridesmaid gone wrong! What freakin fashion magasine are they looking in!?!

California- ok in this case- too much fabric in some places- not enough in others. Horribly boring- it looks like Jennifer Hudson's Golden Globe dress- and this girl is definitely not plus size. And her breasts are jiggling- not a good look.

Kansas- oh god the hair is flipped out more. Dress is WAY too tight- she can't move and it is pulling across her stomach and the say the sash goes around her stomach is giving her a belly...not a good look! This looks like something Beyonce would wear- nuf said

Utah- OH MY GOD! ! Stephanie Seymour check your closet- I think someone stole your wedding dress! Is this not the EXACT same dress she wore in the November Rain video?!!? HAHAH!! This is awesome! it is so incredibly hideous- and with a choker, and laced up heels- oh god....what the hell is this- it's like a train wreck- I can't look away!

Rhode Island- SHE TRIPPED!!!!!!! YAYA!!!!!!!!!!! K this is a mave of sorts...again- Beyonce would love this- I hate the sinching under the ass. And the netting doesn't match her skin tone- people it is supposed to match- you are all too tanned!

Ok only one of them is ok- that white one by Texas. The others meet all of my pageant expectations!

Oh god Nancy Odell- Ruffles and grecian while pregnant- and yellow?! Really!! And what the hell is up with the jewelry- a broche, plus long necklace, plus chandelier earrings- too much! And don't even get me started on the weird lining/petticoat- hideous!!

Yeah, these "prestigious" awards are right up there with the Oscars- dumbasses!

Well they obviously didn't chose the top 5 based on their dresses- blech! From a distance Tennessee looks the best- because the sash covers the hideous cutouts. But Nevada in that disastrous pink thing- seriously!? Thankfully stripperella Missouri is gone!


Nevada- oh god it is shorter at the front! yuck! Wow that was inspiring- I really got the feeling she was "cold"- what a boring dumb story

Tennessee- she is just giving stats of the school- she is not saying how she volunteered- and what she did...but i'm sure the judges will eat that shit up

Kansas- Catholic youth organization- yuck...oh god worked with abortion centres- shut up bitch! And she stumbled...and was horrible....hate her

Rhode Island- wow- a parent instilled a need for education- shocking...wait- isn't that what parents do?! dumbass- creative writing? Keeping a journal isn't creative writing! Idiot! what a horrid description

California- that isn't sleep walking- that is just some sort of odd incident- what a weird story. Although I liked her little line at the end.

Oh they are going to eat that Tennessee shit up! What the hell is the point of those backstage clips?! I mean they are getting that dumbass Tara to talk for no reason since they aren't playing any of it- it just looks staged and awkward!

Thought provoking question- WOOHOO!! Even better!!

Nevada- brother is a hero? Oh nice use of the army! Nicely done- completely vapid answer that said nothing- but she will get a big score for her shout out the troops

Tennessee- famous man...Will Smith?! Really!!! his character and integrity- bitch please. You don't know him!! He is a celebrity- what the hell are you thinking!?!?!? You pick a politician- you should have kept up with the South African angle- said Mandela. Acting career? I'll strive for that/! Moron- haha Tim Vincent just called her Will! HAHA

Kansas- She doesn't think everyone deserves a second chance?! I just paused my tivo and you should see the expression on Vanessa Minnello's face- she is like bitch please! hehe situations such as murder they should not be granted...oh my god...religious much?! i can see the knife stabbing her foot...idiot!

Rhode Island- banning cell phones while driving- oh wow- how horribly inoffensive. Nicely done. she is not well spoken- she is not eloquent at all

California- it's appropriate? Oh nice bringing up the beauty on the inside- how did that make any sense?! She just flipped the question so she could talk about inner beauty...moron

Ok after all that crap who is my favourite?

Oh I hate that pearl crown- it is like some cheapass thing from a mermaid ice capades? Trump Model Management? Tadashi- who the hell are they?! Official swimsuits are from Thailand- who has ever heard of them?! God the crap she is getting- I've heard of none of these brands except for Nina Shoes! She only gets a 4 day trip!?!? To the Caribbean?!? God this is crap!!

Ok back to my favourite- Shit I have to go with Tennessee or Rhode Island...but they are all pure crap.

Lindsay is going with Nevada- she did break out the big guns with the army- we'll have to see!

Oh just for interest- Linz just asked me to clarify who the male host is. He is Tim Vincent- the 2nd male host of Access Hollywood. He is hot- and so much better than Billy Bush

Oh god what a HORRIBLE dress on Miss USA- what a cheap piece of crap. And she couldn't have worn some tape- her breasts are just flopping!

Oh Nevada was low even with the big guns. Then California. Let the next one be Kansas- yes! Excellent

HAHA- it's my top two!! It's going to be Tennessee! HAHAHA- fuck I rock!!!

People please take note- I am an expert at this shit
And expert I tell you. I have dedicated years to my "craft" as a talent commentator. To all skanks out there- if you need a pageant coach my services are available for a very reasonable price. I will win it for you!

I love the 1 solitary tear on her face- Crybaby anyone?!

Ok I am at the Trump Model Management site looking through their "models". I see some covers but don't recognize anyone so far....wait...stop the presses....Isabella Rossillini?! What now?! Really?! Why the hell is she there? Is Trump blackmailing her? Wait Jodie Kidd- ok I've heard of her too...maybe I have to eat my words...LISA CANT?!?! Are you serious?! She is like one of the biggest models right now....I am truly shocked. Truly, truly shocked. I guess it is a valid agency.....

Grey's/Lost Spoilers

Ok- so about George and Izzie. So I just heard they will fall in love. Be together. A la Chandler and Monica. To that I say- ick. Ick. ick. What about Callie?!? I say give her some good lovin from McSteamy.

And Lost- supposedly they will kill Charlie.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Figure Skating

How much am I loving that Brian Joubert is skating to the Unforgiven by Metallica- I mean he could win! Skating to Metallica! Choreographed by Kurt Browning. Love.Love.Love. God I miss this song- off to download it now!! Sorry Lars. I really don't think that Jeff Buttle can beat this- he doesn't have the quad. Ah Stephane Lambiel beat him- interesting. It is all about the artistry my boy. All about the artistry.

I also loved the little Czech boy- I love me the eastern bloc boys. So blond and pretty.

I want to cut the Japanese guys hair SO BADLY!! So very very badly. God it's awful. Skating to Phantom. yawn. So generic. Much prefer my operatic heavy metal! This guy can jump though- incredibly light. God this guy can move- why don't I know him!? I must watch figure skating more- I thought I already watched everything but I don't know this guy. God this crowd has gone completely insane! Oh my god why do I get so emotional for these people!

Go Jeff Buttle! Go Lee Barkell! I mean he can't win but hopefully he can stay on the podium! I just love this guys hair- it is so bouffant! Oh he isn't going to medal. Two falls equals the end of Jeff Buttle.

Grey's Anatomy

How in hell are they going to recover from this catastrophe? Izzie and George?!? Yuck!! Ick! I mean haven't we already been down this route with Meredith and George?!

So they have made George forget- let me guess- he is going to remember at the most inopportune time. I love Callie- you smelly smelly little man- how can George do that to her?!

Why the hell is Izzie trying to remind him?! Just stay quiet!

I think she should bleed to death- god I hate the daughter. Selfish little bitch.

Why on earth won't she shut the fuck up?!!? Why did she tell Addison!? God I hate Izzie. That is right- I officially hate her. She is up there with Meredith now. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Oh god I was scared there for a minute that Izzie and George would kiss. God that mother has to tell her daughter off. Let the oor woman die with some semblance of dignity.

McSteamy has no neck- no neck at all in that suit. He is not so steamy to me right now. Exactly George- do not clear your conscience at her expense. God I hate Izzie.

God I hate the idea of the spinoff- they need Addison on this show! She needs to hook up with Alex!!

Is it wrong that the site of Meredith and McDreamy kissing literally makes me nauseous- nasty!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random TV thoughts

Stephanie Edwards went home. meh..Don't really care. Wasn't a big fan. Would have rather seen the hobbit go home but oh well

As we all know I'm obsessed with figure skating. And right now I totally love the Chinese pairs Shen and Zao. I love that they know that this is their last competition and they are just relishing in it- thanking their coach. I've always loved these two- they just seem so nice. He is always so happy. Love them! And as for the Canadians- can't stand Marcoux and Buntin. They never step up. And how she was able to snag a guy who looks like that I'll never know! And go Jeff Buttle- Go Lee Barkell!

Lost- The Man from Tallahassee

First off- I cannot STAND Kate. She is such a freakin moron.

I am really liking Ben's one liners- we should have a code for that- hehe. He is quite amusing. Let me guess- the man from Tallahassee is his father.

K back to lost. We have 2 giant hamsters running in the underground lair- hehe.

First season I really liked Locke. Now he has just turned into a complete and total dumbass. Blowing up the sub? Because he doesn't want to leave? What a retard! I mean just cuz he doesn't want to leave no one else can. My god he just fell! I can't believe he survived that!
Ok he's had a pretty miserable life. But he shouldn't do that to everyone else.

I knew his dad would be there! I am so smart. Smrt. Actually that was so obvious I'm pretty sure Baxter had clued into that.

America's Next Top Model

Jael is just the oddest girl ever- her voice grates on my last nerve. So Renee has decided to be nice- I wonder how long that will last. Somebody has GOT to teach Brittany how to take care of that weave- it looks like Kaarina's cornsilk cabbage patch after a bitchfight.

Look at this guy- too funny! He is some sort of scary cirque de soleil guy! I would ask to take the cash instead of the bracelet- that thing is nasty. God I love Natasha's posing- she is too funny! Oh god I so want to see Renee lose this. Yay! Your going down bitch!

She's going to beat them down? Did I miss something- is she from KL? God they put these plus size models in the absolute worse positions- they have no way of sucking things in.

Is it wrong that even though she is upset about her friend I still want Jael to have a bad pic so I don't have to hear her voice next week.

I love that we still have homey Tyra judging- HAHA. Ok- I think it'll be between Dionne and Felicia- Dionne will go home.

Oh I was wrong- I thought it would be Dionne. Oh well- I don't really care about Felicia- she is too young looking, she isn't strong enough to be top model.

Ok quick prediction- I have heard a lot recently about German fashion- I predict they will be going to Berlin.

BritBrit is out!

She is out early...will she be out frolicking with KFed? Will she come out and be all bi like Angelina 10 years ago? The only thing that would truly shock me is if she got a face tattoo a la Mike Tyson

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol- 11

Haley- ok I love this song. Love the exciters...hate Haley. I am quite worried about this. Side note- god I love lulu! Loved To sir with love!!! Back to Haley- The choreography looks too staged- she can't sing and move. Although those shoes are perfection- god I need them. But she is proving my theory that shorts are the devil. Stop trying to move and just sing- you don't have a strong enough voice to not concentrate on it. God I must go karaoke to this song!

Chris Richardson- god is the hobbit still here?! I can't stand this guy! They didn't do retard runs back in the 60s...haha i like the imitation of him. HAHA I like how Peter Noone says he never follows the melody- exactly! He does these ridiculous things!! yuck- he is not helping with my nausea. next.

Stephanie Edwards- Oh god someone has to teach this girl about accessorizing- less is more people...less is more!! Big earrings with matching big chunky necklace- yuck!! Same comments every week- good voice, not my thing.

Blake- god I do not need that falsetto! Oh god I also don't need the beatboxing crap. Crap I tell you! Oh I see Paula eyeing you- I think she wants to make you her new Corey Clark- run Blake run! He is hitting some really bad notes....oh this is not great! Oh christ why did we just have that weird beatboxing interlude. Probably his worst. They liked this?! Really!?

Lakisha- haha- go lulu. Great voice- again, not a fan of this type of music. I like that she tried to dress a bit like a bond show girl. Like the dress. This song is a bit too old for the audience. And I don't like when she does the weird speaking bit.

Phil Steacy- ok already i don't like this song. i don't understand why he is using the mike stand- does he think that he is Bo? yeah i don't really care for this guy. next.

Jordin Sparks- good voice. Hate the song. It's boring. And old. Old old old. She is trying to be a big voice- she should be young and have fun.

Sanjaya- oh god this is going to be painful. Yes, yes it is. That girl is crying?! I would be too if I had to see him! So he decided he's a rocker! I'm sorry he is a male Nas- he reminds me sooo much of her! Of course she is much more talented- as exemplified by our bringing down the house with our NKOTB karaoke! Anyways, stop showing the crying girl! Oh god what is up with the screaming?! For some reason this doesn't seem genuine! Rocker my ass! I feel awkward! so weird!! so very odd! I love how Randy is laughing that that was his best performeance. I love Simon's look of shock.

Gina- I like the haircut- god I want a bob. I wish I could get that bob- not to friends- get a bob! Paint it black...this frightens me. One of my favorite songs ever. Ever. I love me some Stones- not enough time to discuss my obsession with Jagger. Oh that just started off quite shaky. Is anyone else thinking Pat Benatar rip off?! Thank god her hair looks good- hate the song. Just screaming it doesn't make it better. Oh god- what the hell is going on?!!? She is COMPLETELY off key! This is completely painful. Note to Michelle- this hair would look fabulous on you!

Chris Sligh- I love this guy. I think he's fabulous. I wish I couldn't hear his speech impediment while he's singing- but that's my issue!

Melinda- first off- thank god her hair was cut. I sang this song years ago- I didn't think of her as an Oliver kind of girl. And we do not have the same type of voice- I'm curious about this. No necklaces- again let's stop bringing attention to her lack of neck!
god that girl is crying again!!

Favourite- Chris Sligh

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

God- why do I always watch this crap?! Thank god I have a tivo- i don't have to spend a lot of time watching it!

Ian Ziering- my god this guy has not aged at all! Stick a mullet on him and he'd look exactly the same!! My god Steve is actually somewhat hot- i like him in the black! And he isn't a horrible dancer! Definitely a good career move since noone knew what happened to him! My god i was never attracted to steve- have to admit i might be...they deserve a better score than that!

Paulina Porizkova- again- this girl does not age! She looks exactly the same! Nicole Kidman shoud get some tips from this woman- she looks radiant but not plastic! I love this dress- need it...also want to replicate the hair!!

side note- yuck Heather Mills is in background- I HATE HER

Billy Ray Cyrus- don't break my heart...While the hair is a better...isn't it exactly the same as Keith Urban's? I love that he is counting out loud- haha song about a mullet! that is amusing.

Leeza Gibbons- meh...boring...I mean nothing horrible but nothing exciting either. next.

Joey Fatone- I have to admit I like him! he amuses me- and makes me hope that Lance shows up!

Layli Ali- she frightens me. A lot. She is floating like a butterfly though- she isn't bad. She is quite graceful- but they do have to practise footwork as boxers.

Cliff Claven- i don't understand why she always wears legwarmers. Oh I love me some Cliff Claven- he isn't bad!

Shandi Finnessay- Wow this guy is quite flaming- I think I'll like him! They are cute together- but I don't think they are famous enough

Clyde Drexler- who!? well he seems like a nice guy. not a dancer by any means! he is too self conscious about how tall he is- he doesn't have good posture for this. He just wants to hunch towards her.

Heather Mills- well here she is- old horse face herself! She really is milking the one leg thing- in the past she has always said that had no problem with it. Is it wrong that I want her to fall? God her outfit is horrible!? Do Americans know what a bitch she is? The crap she has said about Sir Paul? Let's hope no one votes for!!

Apolo Ono- god i hate his goatee. Get this guy a razor stat! Stat! Oh god is the bandana really necessary?! I mean he is a good dancer though- he is an Olympic athlete afterall.

So I have to go with Steve Sanders and Cliff Claven and Lance's bff.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

Ok I'm going into this with a heavy heart- I don't want to admit Rob and Amber are gone- I love them!

Oh my god I really can't stand Danielle and Eric- they are horrible people! They are just incredibly stupid people. I'm not sure who I dislike more- them or Charla and Mirna

I have to say this rat thing is actually quite fascinating. Who knew they could be trained for something so important! I mean they were actually not as repulsive as rats usually are! The rats I worked with in Edmonton were definitely more useless! I dare say these animals are even smarter than my Baxter! Well, maybe he'd be good with training....

Why the hell are Charla and Mirna speaking in a weird accent to the locals?!? I can't believe they won- yuck
yuck yuck yuck

I have no affinity for Uchenna and Joyce- doesn't matter to me if they are eliminated. Oh let me guess- not an elimination round. Yup...Phil makes that so obvious!

Pussycat Doll Show

You can totally tell that this show is produced by the same person as America's Next Top Model- it is the same decorator!!

Oh they brought out another pussycat doll- I guess they want everyone to learn the other girls' names!! Mikey the choreographer- kills me! Love him!

I love the girl who can't sing unless she stays silent for 2 days- haha! What a pro! I love that Mikey is getting mad that Brittany is dancing like a't that what the pussycat dolls are?!

I've got to say they are inspiring me to add more pink and white into my decor- I really like it! I need to find those white couches and the white headboard- I need them!!

I love the pussycat lounge- I LOVE that there are stripper poles everywhere...but they were told not to be strippers...haha

Oh my god what has lil Kim done to her face?!?!? Someone has to cut her off from her plastic surgeon- a huge intervention is needed!

Bye bye Brittany- not caring so much about these eliminations- it doesn't matter who wins this show- it is just funny to watch

Friday, March 16, 2007

VERONICA CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a dark day people. A dark day. Kristen Veitch has pretty much confirmed that all of her sources are saying that it has been cancelled- CW just has to release a statement. Piz getting cast on another show was a big sign but still. No more Logan!? Are you frakkin kidding me?!!? How will I deal!?

I mean the first season of this show was absolute perfection. Perfection I say. The kiss at the Camelot motel- best kiss ever. I mean right now the episodes aren't as great as they once were- but they are still better than almost anything else on television. It is hard to keep that level of brilliance- I don't see any other show really that is reaching it.

I am sad. Depressed. No more Logan....

Ok I just read something- it may come back next year set 4 years in the future as a completely different show- with Veronica as an FBI agent. And none of the current regulars...not sure how I feel about that. But it hasn't been confirmed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

God I absolutely hate Izzy bitching about George's marriage- hate her! It is Robin from Cheers!! hehe!! And he must have slept with Christina- awesome! Alex doesn't have a thing for you Izzy- get over yourself!! You are sooo not Addison!

This guy is sooo going to break up Christina and Burke!

Oh Callie is going to end up to be rich!! She is an heiress and she lived in the hospital- hehe!
What the hell is Izzy's problem!?!? Why is she sooo angry at Callie?! Oh god Denis changed her soul!? They knew each other for like a week- idiocy

God Alex is a sexy beast! Sexy beast I tell you- I love me my men in black shirts!

Oh you didn't bite his head off- you aren't a good enough actress to act angry!

Oh god if George and Izzy hook up I'm going to puke!! Puke!! I feel nauseous with dread.

Oh don't listen to him Thatcher- she is so not worth the effort.

Oh god the hair is coming out...oh god they will make out..oh god I'm tense with dread...stop the insanity!! I can't believe George just did that to gross...

Grey's Spinoff

So they have announced who has been hired as the supporting cast of the Grey's Spinoff. Most of you know Taye Diggs was cast- love him. Also Tim Daly and Chris Lowell for the guys. Chris is better known as Piz...better known as the really bad actor who is stealing Veronica from my Logan. The fact that he is signing on to a new series means either really good news or really bad news for my Veronica Mars. Either he's leaving the show and my Logan can swoop back in, or Veronica will be cancelled.

As for the girls Amy Brenneman and Merrin Dungay were cast. Merrin was Francie on Alias. So far- pretty good casting all around. I have high hopes- I do love Addison!

K- just read something new. It will be set in Los Angeles- looks like it will focus on psychiatry and plastic surgery (probably Tim Daly's character).

Pax Thien Jolie

Thoughts? It is the nickname that I want for a girl- since I am still obsessed with the name Paxton

Wednesday Night Television

My internet wasn't working last night so I couldn't do any posts- I guess this is what happens when you cancel your internet and just hack into other wireless networks! I am trying so hard to be cheap!

Anyways, ANTM. Goodbye Cassandra- really didn't care that you left. Would rather it was Jael since she is the most annoying person ever but she did take a good pic. Her voice just grates on me! As for the makeovers- they pretty much gave everyone a long weave. I HATE Britney' is just so cornsilk Cabbage looks so fake. And she doesn't know how to take care of it. I hate Sara's hair dark- it's way too mousey. Jaslene still looks like a Tranny. As for Renee- why oh why didn't they fix those brows?! I HATE HER BROWS!! I don't care what the "trend" is (who would have thought that I'd say that!)- I HATE THICK BROWS!! Go see an eyebrow artiste!! And Renee- that is one catty bitch! And the challenge- I thought I was going to puke. Those who know me well know that I hate food on my hands or anywhere else...makes me literally gag!!

Lost- blah blah. Pretty obvious Claire and Jack would end up related. Not shocking. Kate was as annoying and dumb as ever. I did like the end with Jack playing football- that may prove to be interesting

As for American Idol- WHY DON"T THEY SEND SANJAYA HOME?!?!?! Why oh why do I have to hear him again next week!? Where is the humanity!?! I mean I could care less about Brandon- he was generic and boring. But Haley and Sanjaya were so much worse

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's a Boy for Donna Martin

So Tori Spelling and her gold digger had a baby boy- Liam Aaron McDermott. They say that her mom was in the room- of course she was. Who else was going to pay the hospital bills?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol- 12

Brandon Rogers- oh god this guy is so freaking boring. BORING! I mean he has a good voice but it is all just one note- there is no climax with this guy. He just can't belt. And I don't enjoy him. Next

Melinda Doolittle- ok we get it, she can sing. But I mean it is old lady music- and just isn't my thing. And when are they getting their makeovers?! For the love of god fix this girl! The flippy hair thing has to go. And for god's sake stop putting her in outfits that emphasize her shoulders since she!!

Chris Sligh- what happened to the glasses?! Oh god I hate this song- even with the synthesizers it isn't helping. I mean I sympathize with having to chose one of these songs. But this is not good- he keeps hitting the wrong notes.

Gina Glocksen- blah. Song- sucks. Her- sucks. I mean it is just generic. Although I do love her shoes....god I can't wait to be back in my shoes. If this weekend proved anything it's that I need to stay out of them a little while longer!

Sanjaya- haha- even Diana Ross can sense that this kid sucks. And his eyebrows bother me so much. Oh he is too weak to start off this song. Oh god his hair looks like mine when it is humid out!! That is NOT a good thing!! He is WAY too weak for this song....for god's sake you can't even hear him! He is just whispering!! Oh yuck does he have earrings in both ears?! blech. For the love of god get rid of this kid!! That was a really weird awkward ending. I love how Randy can only compliment his hair.

Haley Scarnato- Oh god I can't believe how many songs I hate. Haha- she has a recording studio voice. That means she can't sing and needs a board! Hun- don't actually whisper- none of us can hear a word you are singing! There is a difference with being soft and still projecting to whispering. Oh this girl is weak...although I think the dress is pretty cool. It's cute. Next.

Phil Steacy- yuck- hate this song. Where are the fun supremes songs?! Stop it with this whinny shit I don't need all the emoting and chest pounding Celine but I mean he's not horrible. He is better than quite a few of them.

Lakisha Jones- I like her hair straight. Again- hate the song, hate the genre. But the girl can sing. And she keeps it simple- she doesn't have to contort her body to hit notes. By far the best in the competition. I agree with Randy- she kept it simple and sold it.

Blake Lewis- I really dislike the Micheal Jackson dancing. But I like him- I think he can sing. Although I have to say this version is kind of boring. It really isn't exciting.

Stephanie Edwards- again, good voice, hate the song hate this type of music. But her hair is looking a bit better tonight- it isn't exactly as plastic looking.

Chris Richardson- god I hate his nasal voice!! God he just doesn't stop with the runs- he just keeps going and going....drives me nuts! I really dislike this guy! I mean while the hobbit I'm sure is a nice guy I just can't stand his voice

Jordin Sparks- ok 11 year old Shauna is going to come out full force- I performed this in a Mrs. Kennedy recital. Sigh- good times. I didn't know this was a Diana Ross together! She is changing the words- but she sounds good. This is best I've heard her. Oh there was a dumb run. God I hate those! Oh god now I'm thinking about this movie- I'm going to cry....I BAWLED at this movie....Paula isn't familiar with this song?!?! God she's a moron

Best line of the night:

Ryan- "stay out of my closet"
Simon- "come out"


KL Video

So this weekend I was told there was a KL tourism video on You Tube- this is a video that I found. I don't think this is it though- it doesn't really promote the town all that well. It is a bit slow but nice to see some of the pics.

Couples News

Just some info I've read on some celebrity couples:

Britney and KFed look to be on the road to reconciliation- I still don't think that it is a good idea

Pam and Tommy- seen making out again- but that really doesn't mean anything since they make out all the time

Mandy Moore and DJAM- already broken up- didn't really care too much about them anyway

Salma Hayek and Old French Guy- I just heard that he is only 44!! 44!! We thought he was like 60...he is not aging well!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Thoughts on Kaarina's Wedding

So I thought I would just post some thoughts and comments about the weekend- it was such a whirlwind that I didn't really have to time to process everything til last night....then I was sick and up all night. I have always been this way- I get all worked up and stressed and then I just crash and get sick....maybe this is what being manic is like?!

Anyways, Kaarina got married. It is all quite surreal. I mean just writing the speech for her and thinking back over a friendship that has lasted 25 years is ridiculously emotional. How do you just tell a few stories when pretty much every memory you have involves that person- even if they weren't there they heard all about it and know what you are talking about. Even last night (through the nausea) I just kept having all these other things popping in my head that I should have discussed- Follow that Bird, Star Trek, Three Stooges game, Corey Haim, Mackenzie Astin, BOP magazine, air bands, Tribe, Electric Youth, Joe Labonte, November Rain, Englehart, StupidHead...god it is just overwhelming...almost being murdered in Geneva, Beefcake....god there have been good times

So the weekend was good. I got there Friday and we set up the hall- I tried really hard but in the end Drill Sergeant Shauna came out. I just have to get things done and have things around me be organized and efficient. I tell you people- I really would be a great wedding planner. I am so anal that things get done. It really was fabulous getting to talk to Trina- I never see that girl nearly enough! And I really like her boyfriend Christian- he is super nice and funny. Trina you did well!

That night Julie got there and it was great seeing her. I mean being around Kaarina and Julie is just comforting. I mean even though you meet new friends after KL and you become close with them it just isn't the same as being around people that you have known your whole life. These are the people that truly know you because they know your entire history- you can't hide anything from them. You can't create a picture of yourself. They know everything and still want to be your friend.

On Saturday morning a masseuse came to Kaarina's and we got massages- AMAZING! I was so worked up and stressed that it just felt fantastic. Such a nice relaxing way to start a busy day. Then Saara came with all the carbs....mmm....carbs....thank god for my La Senza body shaper!! We got ready, toasted with some really great champagne that Saara brought then took off to city hall. Then I made the stupidest decision of all- and my foot still hates me for it- I decided that I had to wear heels for the ceremony- I just hate my legs without them! And then I drank so much as the night went on that I am now incredibly sore...but it is worth it! At least I looked good for Kaarina's wedding! But I couldn't walk by the end of the service! While there were some kinks it all worked out in the end!

Then we went back to Kaarina's and although there were some huge annoyances- why the hell did she pore expensive Champagne down the sink?! And then not offer to pay for it?! I thought Saara and Kaarina would kill her! Trying to clean....who cares?! We said we were coming back to do that- don't touch things that aren't yours! Sorry....I'll stop ranting....just hard to deal with that type of annoyance on a day that is supposed to be happy and stress free.

Anyways, we got to the hall and thanks to Julie helping out we started the ceremony. I am just excited that I wore my heels again, did the walk right and didn't break anything or light anything on fire! The ceremony went well, the food turned out fantastic and it all ran smoothly. Then speeches- good times! And dancing- while there was some incredibly odd music played we managed to throw in some KL classics that brought down the house- 1-2-3-4 All the Ladies on the Floor!! By the end of the night I'm not sure I know my own name but I had a really fantastic time. I made sure that no white wine was left behind on any tables...hehe!! Thank god Julie was there to take me home- I was a huge mess! But I got to talk to a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time and dance without a care in the world- so the night was successful!

Yesterday I helped move presents then we went for a late lunch and I drove back to Kingston. And I could hardly stay awake- I was sooo tired. I thought I would get a good night's sleep but then unfortunately I got sick all night. But I am a bit more rested now and feel good.

So to Kaarina- to love, laughter and happily ever after!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

I love the Latino guys- "I'm not wearing the right shoes for this"- hehe! What guy wears impractical shoes? Guys that I love that's who!

Is it wrong that I am LOVING Charla and Mirna crumbling...showing what a bitch Mirna is

I love that they just came in first- I am just obsessed with this team. Although I am stressed about Rob and Amber....they need to win!!!!!!! Oh no....they are totally going to be eliminated

Oh my god this sucks- sucks so bad. I don't even want to watch this. I'm going to puke!! I totally thought they would win!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Salma Hayek Preggers

I had read speculation after recent photos that she was pregnant but I didn't believe them since I hadn't heard of her dating anyone. Now Perez has broken the news that not only is she confirming the pregnancy but that she is also engaged to some old French rich guy named Francois-Henri Pinault. I didn't even know they were dating!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

American Idol- Girls

First off - I am finding Ryan Seacrest to be oddly attractive tonight...I love me the black on black....and I kid you not my look on a guy is a black turtleneck- LOVE IT!! Anyways, back to the show

Jordin Sparks- well we all know that I love me the power ballad. I mean she was ok but she would go off every now and then- I think she's not completely polished.

Sabrina Sloan- well I hate this type of music- too much screaming. This outfit is horrible- it's something a cougar would wear. Yeah she can sing but I"m not a fan of this thing.

Antonella Sparks- oh my god put this girl out of her misery! She CAN"T SING!! She is so tonedeaf! Corinne Bailey Ray is probably cringing! She should just take Joe Frances' offer and host girls gone wild! I mean I know she is the one that vote for the worst is supporting so she'll probably keep going.....but she is soooo bad!

Haley Scarnato- I forgot this girl existed...she has not really left an impression on me. Can't stand the is odd- never heard it before. I mean she's not horrible but obviously not memorable. I totally agree Simon- that is what I was thinking!

Stephanie Edwards- God I hate this girls hair!! Hate it! I mean yes she can sing- but this just isn't my type of music. I would not go out and buy this girl's albums. But she is good- better than most.

Lakisha Jones- Now this girl can sing. She doesn't have to try- she doesn't have to try like the singer by far....but would she actually win?? She has a very mature voice- and I"m not sure that is what American teenyboppers want.

Gina Glocksen- Ok first thing- I HATE BRAS THAT SHOW!! I hate when I can see them under outfits!! The ugly gloves...nasty. I mean she's not horrible but she's not good- she tends to yell instead of sing.. A tongue ring?! People still have those?

Melinda Doolittle- God this girl has to stop wearing outfits that bring up the fact that she has no neck! Ok again- this girl can sing!! She is damn talented. The three black girls are above and beyond the rest.

The two that have to go- Sabrina and Antonella. Hands down.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lost- Enter 77

So the spoilers for lost tonight that I read were someone was getting shot, a recurring character would be killed, the link between the others and the dharma initiative would be revealed, and a character would say he's the last member of the dharma initiative.

I think the french woman will be killed- that's my guess.

So they found a farm- they must be near where the others live.

So Sayid was the one who got shot...interesting! And this guy must be the last of the Dharma initiative...ok he just confirmed the others aren't Dharma...interesting...

So he killed the black woman who was the counselor because she didn't want to be questioned? What the hell is going on with this hostiles thing?! Oh Sayid- you are so smart! Finding the map

Does that woman have the same cat?! Did they not have it in the budget to get a second cat?

ANTM- Part 2

Ok has anyone else noticed that this is supposed to be all about previous winners- but the theme song montage starts with Yoanna, and not Adrienne! It's like she never existed! I mean yes Adrienne has had her own couple of reality shows but she really should apologize to Tyra for sending her a nasty letter yelling at her. She could be getting some kick ass publicity.

Oh god we have to get an esthetician in ASAP to fix Samantha's brows....they are blindingly bad!!

Oh they have to walk- where is Miss J!! Let's see him strut!! Oh Kaarina- you are much better with a baton. "i walk like I'm martian"- hehe

Look at that dress!! God he is fabulous! Watch him twirl!! In those shoes! Fabulous!

I can't STAND Jaslene's voice!! It's like her throat is constantly full of mucous- so nasty!

Oh my god her boob came out- in front of high school kids!! oh god! how hard was that "choreography"?! God look at that trophy- could you get that on a plane!?!?

Ok I think Jaslene is crazy...actually crazy...maybe that is why she doesn't eat.

Oh boy product placement- I think I need to go out and buy some herbal essence....I"m not sure why...."I could have done the slutty thing"....hehe

Jaslene looks like the singer from the Black Eyed Peas. Renee is whining again.....and she is whining again.

Yay it's still ghetto Tyra!! That looks like a pic that was taken before- I think it was a girl from season 1. Oh God Jaslene shut up! Don't cry to the judges!!

My prediction to go home- Natasha. For sure. They all need their makeovers!! Thoughts aren't connecting....what a nice way to put she's a complete idiot. Sigh- little side I the only one who gets sad when I see Twiggy! She was so fabulous in her heyday....and look at her mom hair now!

Anyways, oh that's right- Kesse- that is the pic! Do I have the same hair colour as Felicia? I love Sarah's dress! Oh that's a bit surprising- but I don't care if Samantha leaves. I don't want to have to see those brows again!! And I guess I get one more week with the cartoon character that is Natasha!!

American Idol- Guys

Blake Lewis- I really hate the beatboxing crap- not a big fan..and I really hate the old man golf pants. I don't mind the reggae stuff...I mean I do like this guy....I just wish he'd stop with the sound effects- I mean did we ever see that guy after police academy?!? It isn't good for your career!

Sanjaya- Oh my god he looks just like Nas circa 1997!! He even has the same hair!! Dammit all I'm going to scan a pic of her and post it so we can all see!! He is too pretty right now for a boy! Mandy and Joanne were right- that hair is gorgeous...on a female!! I like the subtle highlights...While I know I said something had to be done with the brows I don't know if this was was boring...don't think he's great

Sundance Head- oh good song!! Oh my god my grunge days are coming back.....this was the first grunge cd I bought...god I was a poor excuse for a grunge girl. Anyways, back to this. Excellent song selection. I like this- he is good at this type of song....and I like the incorporation of the eye liner. I also appreciate the t-shirt under his shirt...I don't need to see that chest!

Chris Richardson- Oh it's the hobbit again- when are they going to put this guy out of his misery. Oh god I just realized he's doing a country song...why the hell is he singing a country song like Justin Timberlake?!!? That was horrible! Next


Jared Cotter- Why aren't these people listening to the judges- sing modern songs!! No one likes this crap! Oh that is quite the emoting- I love the reaching! K I dislike this guy! He is completely off key- next.

Brandon Rogers- Again- I hate this crappy music. So far he can sing though- he's not trying to do the weird annoying runs- I can appreciate that.

Phil Steacy- Ok first off- ditch the hat....It makes your ears look weird...Oh god this chorus painful- he rotating between being completely flat then he'll scream out this weird note....painful...horrible song choice....and his voice is cracking...bad.

Chris Sligh- well I still think he can sing- but I hate this song choice! Horrible song!

2 that I want to see gone- Sanjaya and Christ Richardson

Grey's Scoop

I have heard that the Addison/Alex romance storyline has been scrapped so it won't interfere with the spin-off. And to that I say- WTF?! Shonda Rimes- I am speaking to you. That is the only intriguing story line on your show right now. Repeat- the only one. What are you thinking?!!?

Courteney Cox- extramarital affair!!

I just have to say that I ROCK!! A few weeks ago Lainey posted a blind item about a married Hollywood lady that had been having an open relationship with her husband. And that she was having an affair with a person on her new show- with someone significantly younger. So we discussed at work and I guessed Courteney Cox- I sent the email to Lainey and she never wrote me back....which is a telltale sign that I was write. So today Lainey posted that Courteney and David released this statement:

“There is not a shred of truth to the rumors about the state of their marriage. They are happily married and like most married couples, they have some separate friendships and interests.”

Separate friendships and interests.....uh huh......

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pussycat Doll Show

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to watch this but I just finished my homework and want to decompress before bed. Plus I really don't understand the premise of this show- why the hell do they need another girl? Not that I have any idea how many pussycat dolls there are- I mean I challenge anyone to name on other than that Nicole one- and I only know her name because she is dating Talan from Laguna Beach...and we all know my obsession with MTV reality shows!!

"i think the Pussycat Dolls have had a large influence on my generation"- random hoochy- so sad!!

female empowerment my ass- I got way more out of the Girl Power message of the Spice Girls! At least I could name them!

is that Chynna Doll who just walked in? I didn't realize she was the creator!! Pussycat Doll bootcamp- HAHA!! too funny- how to become a professional move up from their amateur status

ok this male choreographer is killing me- I love him! I wonder if he was trained at the Pantages Academy of Dance?

Watching them all dance in their heels is just making me sad....god I miss my shoes!! They are all sitting there in my accessories closet all lonely...I also can't believe I have to wear flats with formal wear this weekend at Kaarina's wedding!

"i can't do fainting girl"- hehe "i already am a pussycat doll honey"- love him!

these girls are wearing the most amazing fake eyelashes...they are just so funny! so ghetto!
"I am self conscious singing"- then why the hell are you there?!?

even though this girl went to the "doctor" and has a "virus"- she still is wearing her ghetto lashes- fabulous!

oh my god they are going to go see the pussycat dolls and meet them- shocking! I can't believe they are meeting them on their show...idiots....

oh i gues there are 6 of they are really talented- on stage they sound JUST like the song on the radio....they are amazing live....hehe Oh my god most of these pussycat dolls look like trannies- no wonder Chynna Doll is their leader

oh christ they just had to show a girl puke- nasty- was that really necessary! oh great another one...lovely

Wasn't Mark McGrath once a singer? I mean he was tone deaf but I do remember seeing him in videos- whatever happened to that?

Well of course they only brought Nicole- she is the only one who actually sings!! Or who anyone knows!
Oh my god one of these girls got up in her bathing suit- where are the rest of her clothes? One girl is out there with her white granny panties hanging out lower than her stripped dress- too funny! Ok the Buttons girls did better than the last group. Oh my god what is up with this girl Anastasia's hair- I think that there are probably at least 12 endangered species living in there. Oh god the last group was bad!

side note- i still want black nail polish- i must get some!

Brittany looks like Alanis...except more female. Shauntae's eyes are scaring me...they are quite frightening

The Fabulousness of Linz

So congrats to Linz who kicked some serious ass on her comps!! Smartest girl ever!! I mean who the hell even knows what exactly the differences are between the guys and girls with their internal urethral sphincter!!

Yay for you Linz- there are few other people that I would have went out to celebrate with in this weather!!

Tori Spelling- Will She Ever Be Attractive?

So I was just watching E news and it did a little piece on Tori Spelling's new B&B....and she is looking BAD!! I have to say I always thought if she gained weight she may look a bit more normal...not so my friend...not so!! She is looking HIDEOUS!! She looks like something ate her- and while yes I'm aware that she's pregnant she is NOT making it look good! As for Dean- I love the smoldering look he is always giving to the camera...sexxay!! That is one man who thinks he is damn hot! I have to give him props though- he has perfected the art of golddigging- I mean could you wake up with that laying beside you?! I thought not!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Weird Al's Canadian Idiot

Ok I really like this- especially the references to moose meat and to the Hyundai Accent- good times!

Battlestar Galactica- WTF?!?!

THEY KILLED STARBUCK?!?! Are they frakkin kidding me?! I mean I had the assumption that would happen- Michael Ausiello discussed it and posted that Starbuck wasn't a Cylon so the rumour has been going around for weeks but I was sure that in the end it would end up being a foiler. I mean she is the lead character! The whole episode though was leading up to it- that last conversation with Lee about their relationship was mighty depressing. And when Adama started crying...yes I admit it- I was a mess. But it just doesn't feel right to me- I feel like there is more to this story. I mean Starbuck is too strong of a character to commit suicide- she was a fighter. Plus she was supposed to have this all important destiny- how was killing herself on that planet a destiny!? It wasn't like she was saving anyone!! And why on earth would the ancients paint that circle pattern on the ceiling of the tomb- why would they care if in the future someone was going to commit suicide?!

So I have a theory on this. I was listening to the BSG podcast (I love that thing) and I heard that both the Mar 4 and the season finale have huge important plot twists. I think that- although Michael Ausiello said the contrary- that in the end Starbuck WAS a Cylon. Why else would she follow that Cylon that she hated into the afterlife? What does he have to teach her...oh yeah that's to be a Cylon!! I think for sure she is one of the final 5. AND I think the fleet will find out....and I think Lee and her will end up together. I think that THAT is her destiny. A Cylon and an Adama ending up together- could bring peace between the Cylons and man....and they will all live together in harmony on Earth...and that is why the ancients painted that circle pattern. There is no way that they are going to leave Lee with that boring nothing Dee...we all know that he is meant to be with Starbuck. So right now I choose to ignore the facts and instead believe that Starbuck is coming back.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

"sweetheart if you get in our way we will run you over"- Oswald- I love when he's all macho!! I just adore this team!

i hope dave and mary learn to think for themselves because they are nice people

see this is why Rob and Amber are the strongest team- they are the only ones who went to find a travel agent- love them!!

god Charla is way too passive aggressive- I can't stand that team!!

Oh my god look at Mirna budding in- she would flip if someone did that to her but her and Charla seem to think the world owes them something- again, I hate them!

Ok this Danielle is freaking annoying- suck it up princess!! And to all of you saying I wouldn't do it- I'm from KL baby- I have touched fish!!

Say what you will about Rob but he is quite supportive with Amber- he is always very encouraging.

fish whisperer- that is cute!! i love team guido

my god that guy is OBSESSED with his girl's boob's- it is quite awkward

nice work amber- very efficient!!

mirna is useless- USELESS!! god i hope they are the team that is eliminated!!

I mean I'm not the biggest fan of the beauty queens but I can appreciate that they suck it up and get the tasks done

oh no team guido is completely wrong!! they didn't see petrohue!! nooo- i love them!! ok Charla and Mirna saved them- I guess they do have a purpose

Oh the blondies will be getting a penalty- don't they realize they need a clue?!?

Rob and Amber- first again! God they are rocking this! Even if you don't like them you have to admit they are pretty fabulous at this right!! Why would they each need a gym- they live together!!

"charla's going to be love"- BEST quote!!

why on earth did mary and dave stop to change?!? what a stupid decision! I guess it's best that they are eliminated- they are way out of their league- I can't believe that she is basically the same age as I am!

The Genius that is Scrubs

I have to say I LOVE this show....I love the campiness, I love all the randomness- they just go so far out there it kills me.
I love how they did this clip show- it starts with JD saying "I know I would love to forget all the painful things that have happened to me but unfortunately I keep replaying them in my head like some clip show from a bad sitcom too lazy to come up with a fresh story"- HEHE

"there's certainly been a lot of odd moments around here and for some reason whenever I think about them the Fray is always playing (plays how to save a life)- no not that Fray song this Fray song"- haha

This show also has an amazing soundtrack- I have discovered quite a few songs from this show- like the Coral- love them!

these clips are fabulous- funniest show on tv!!

"I couldn't help being reminded of all the mean things we've done to each other over the years- and I realized if I replayed them all in my headback to back I could probably kill another couple of minutes"

Friday, March 2, 2007


So I didn't realize not everyone could comment until Courtney just told me. I just changed the settings so now anyone can post comments- yay!

Anna Nicole Saga

So I am just watching Larry King and I have a few opinions. First off- I can't believe that I'm so bored that I am watching this shit.
Vergie Arthur is a nasty, nasty human being. She is such a fame whore- she will be fighting tooth and nail to try to get some money- for sure she will fight for custody.. All the lovelies come out of the woodwork when money is involved.
If you watch the funeral Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern are all buddy buddy. They are saying that Howard is now pretty much admitting that Larry is the father and they are now just brokering a deal. Larry will take Dannielynn but Howard wants a percentage of the money that she will inherit from the J Howard Marchall trial. I like that he arranged for her to be buried with the ashes of her dead husband- that will definitely sway the jury when it comes to a settlement- the devoted wife til the very end.

Heroes- Smart or Ridiculous?!

So I started watching Heroes this fall thinking that it was a cool premise...and I continue to watch each episode waiting for connections and answers....and yet every week I am simply frustrated by the complete and total stupidity of these characters. I kid you not- they are all complete retards. I mean Claire and her CONSTANT whinning about who she is, the annoying mother who never seems to understand....the ridiculous radioactive man....who needs "answers"....and to top it off the most annoying character of all- the Ali Larter one...can't deal with that idiot! I really need to stop watching this....yet I want to know what the point is

New little Jolie-Pitt

So Vietnam's International Adoption Agency has confirmed that Angelina filed papers to adopt a Vietnamese child. And Shiloh isn't even 1 yet- thank god they have good help!

Here is a pic of Brad with Shiloh- too freaking cute for words!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I can't deal with this Sylvester Stallone ripoff...he really bothers me...But not as much as this kid who is crying- suck it up princess

Oh yeah I forgot- GO MOOKIE!!! Show me the money!

I'm still not really at a stage where I care about these people- but I'm sad that Gary is gone....I liked him. He seemed like a nice guy.

Was it really necessary to show that snake puking- that was freaking nasty!!

What a stupid decision moto- you never get rid of strong players at this stage!! Dumbasses!

American Idol Results

So I was right with Nick- aurevoir
Didn't predict Alaina but I really don't mind that she left- couldn't stand her....but again I love her song...her little overdramatics right now....yuck....hun you can't win an emmy for getting booted off American Idol!

God I can't handle Kelly pickler- she is soooo freaking annoying!! Never could stand her...I don't consider that being a dumbass is an endearing quality....God what HORRIBLE hair...I'm sorry did Dolly Parton's 1968 stylist come see her?

Oh God Sanjaya stayed?!? Nasty! But I don't really care if AJ goes home- doesn't matter to me
I knew I had heard that song already- that bad Leslie girl sang this too!! Oh and look she was kicked off too- that should teach them that it is a horrid song

Well I was 2 for 4

American Idol- Top 10 Girls

Gina Glocksen- ok of my favourite bands of all times- I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the power ballad. The dress is too tight- not a good fit for that body type. She can't get the top notes- shit shut up the background singer she is high and just screaming- she is making the song worse...oh no wait- Gina is doing that all on her own...oh those "power" notes were not good. But I did like the beginning.

Alaina Alexander- Ok this is the only Dixie Chicks song I love...let's see how this goes...LOVE the outfit!! She isn't powerful enough for this song...and the melodramatics are a bit much- what does this girl have to be mad about? She can't do it fast enough and it went completely flat. Chris looks annoyed to have to stand for this shit- I don't blame him!! Oh christ- that was shit...
Sheila had told me this girl was arrogant- damn right...I hate her facial expressions...don't make faces at Simon hun... no one votes for people who are rude to Simon (Chris should be very grateful)

Lakisha Jones- Love the outfit on this girl- show those legs!! Nice proportions!! Christ this girl can sing...and I hate this song but I can appreciate this. It is just so effortless with this girl...because she can sing!! The theatrics of the last one are just shown to be ridiculous.

Melinda Doolittle- this may be one of my most hated songs of all time- just after Summertime...I just hate the genre....but I do like this girl. Again- effortless....take notes hoochies...I may rethink the stylist though- the short cropped jackets are accentuating your lack of neck and broad shoulders- bare arms darling...Yeah this girl is a really good singer. As a side note- this girl really looks like Erin too me- just in her face...she is like the black Erin

Antonella Barba- oh god we is she doing another ballad she can't pull off- she was warned against this last week!! I mean the dress is faulous...but the lipstick on the teeth takes away from the look...ok girl it is time to just go pose for playboy and get it over with...cuz you aren't good enough for this. She has not hit the right note yet- she has been completely flat...oh god that high note was cringe worthy..

Jordin Sparks- crying over your brother...yuck...flat to start...the dress is ok but a bit too senior prom...although the earrings are fab....Mulan? Really? Still flat...god that high note was nowhere close- and i think her mother knew...she had a look on her face like "oh shit"....ok this is just trying to

Stephanie Edwards- I don't understand this song at the beginning...the melody and what she is singing don't sound like they go is just odd....I don't understand this song at all...I mean she sounds good....but it is quite odd...her outfit though looks like lingerie i would buy at zellers- not a fan of the careful about spreading those legs too out!!

Leslie Hunt- This girl has the worst thick bangs ever- someone get her a bobby pin...didn't someone already sing this? or maybe just something really similar? the song is too big for her...the short leggings with boots...a bit too grunge...I mean i love rocking the leggings but this outfit is a bit much....oh fuck what is she doing now....i HATE that scatting shit....horrible!! I really dislike this girl

Haley Scarnato- I hate this song and used to flip out when this came on!! God I'm swearing a lot...this show is making me angry!! The background singers are totally overpowering this girl...they are singing louder than she is. I think she has a crimper with the different plates- that is what her hair looks like...not my thing....out of her league....and as hard as she tries she can't do runs

Sabrina Sloan- she has a nice voice- she is hitting the right notes...she can sing- I think she is trying to force it a bit much with the runs and what not and the Jessica Simpson mouth....those neck veins are just this a Christian song? It is odd...oh I hate the end...a lot....

My two favourites- Melinda and Lakisha- but bear in my mind I most likely would never listed to their music but I think they are the best singers by far

Two to go home- Leslie Hunt and Antonella Barba

American Idol- Top 10 Guys

Phil Stacey- Ok he's started flat...I don't like the lace detail on his makes no sense to me. Anticlimactic...thought it would build more...Meh...not horrible, not great. Next. I feel like Simon- I also am not jumping out of my chair...but I mean realistically I can't in my current gimpy status.

Jared Cotter- I would like to introduce him to my eyebrow two caterpillars going to attack each other. I HATE THIS SONG!! It is too bam chick a bowm bam to me. Nasty...this is not loin all. I can appreciate the Nick Carter reaching though (Kevin looking like a dirtbag..hehe...I love thinking about old Fromage).

AJ Tabaldo- Well we all know I hate jazz so I don't know how unbiased I can be about this guy. He said "down" instead of "dawn"...annoying....too many pointless runs...try hard.

Sanjaya Malakar- Man these are some impressive mullets...Someone get this kid a razor STAT!! This pube stache makes me nauseous. Oh christ now he's dressed as Michael Jackson....crikey..this is awful!! This song is horrendous...the ponytail just made me puck in my mouth...boring singing. The whispering 20 years I predict we'll have to keep our kids away from this one- and that's all I'm going to say about this

Chris Sligh- now first off- that guy is VERY lucky he is with that girl. As for the song- I love the song selection. Ray Lamontagne- nice different song- that is MODERN!! Do none of the others listen to new songs?! I really like this guy- I mean obviously I hate his hair but I like his style...I love his voice...and I love his girlfriend's necklace- very nice. Note to self- find that

Nick Pedro- Ok this guy is on the other end of the eyebrow spectrum- they are a bit more groomed. And I HATE when I can see hair gel in a guy's hair. Christ I hate this song...especially in a whispery voice....I like men to sing in a masculine way.'s just not stopping...again, not sexy

Blake Lewis- please have a good song selection- last week's was great!! Jamiroquai...interesting...oh I do like this guy. God I have to download this song...been too long....oh christ what was that?!?! the scratching...did not need that!! Paula sit the hell down! Note to Blake- just sing...don't do the retarded beatbox crap....or the falsetto....

Brandon Rogers- Ok first off- I feel I have to state my hatred for white shoes....they just remind me of Jerry Seinfeld- and he was never a fashion maven. Time after I the only one picturing Randy Hickey with his ghetto blaster after a break-up...tee hee now I'm giggling. Ok back to this guy...I have to think of Randy to stay awake...yawn...good voice but terribly boring...

Chris Richardson- Oh it's the hobbit again! God I hate this guy's hair!!! Oh there goes the cue for everyone to stand...It's Vanilla Ice!! Play that Funky Music White Boy!! Definitely stealing the JT moves- this guy could be a Justin Timberlake impersonator- he is obviously trying to be him.."you've been invaluable tonight haven't you Paula"- Simon....awesome. WHAT NOW?!? Simon said he's the best/?! Seriously?!?

Sundance Head- ok we need another razor...seriously...that goatee just accentuates his massive chin- it isn't masking anything. Oh it's Ken's favourite song...interesting- I've heard this a billion times. Ok the gold chain on the chest hair is nauseating. But he isn't that bad this week- he is good at this type of song. This is they type of song that he should be singing. I still can't put him as one of my top pics til he does a second good performance

So best two- Chris and Blake

Two I want to see go home- Sanjaya and Nick Pedro

Top 10 Songs on IPOD

So I was told that I needed to put more stuff about me on this (well only Courtney told me that but why not oblige?)

So here are the ten most played songs on my IPOD right now
  1. I saw the sign- Ace of Base (HAHA)
  2. You and Me- Lifehouse
  3. Tonight and the Rest of Life (Nina Gordon)
  4. High- James Blunt
  5. Don't Panic- Coldplay
  6. You're Beautiful- James Blunt
  7. Be With You- the Bangles
  8. Clocks- Coldplay
  9. I want you to want me- Letters to Cleo
  10. Lyla- Oasis

Keep in mind these are the most listened to since I got my Ipod last January- I will try to figure out how to figure these things out weekly- I'm sure it would be all Snow Patrol and the Fray song