Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bachelor- 6

EW!! She picked his teeth- nasty! God Tina is socially awkward! Amber kind of looks like Eva Longoria.

I don't understand the Bevin obsession- first of all she is a girl named Bevin. Second- she looks old.

Create your own wine?! That is the most awesome date EVER!! Note to future boy- I want to do that! Oh cringe. Cringe- paint touching skin- that truly makes me want to puke. Oh and she is ruining her clothes! That part I would NOT like!

Talk about your past!? You have had tons of time with him!

God he never looks at these girls when he talks to them! I have many dreams...oh god say something! Oh god this girl is painful- she has absolutely nothing to say. I despise people like that- who wants to be around people who make you feel like you are pulling teeth when trying to get them to say anything.

I am the most mature 23 year old EVER! hehe

Oh Bevin you are desperate- why else would you be on this?!

Tina still grosses me out! How sad is it that these kids need to play on painted cement- that is just truly heartbreaking!

I'm impressed that Bevin can already carry bikes and do yard work- within a week of her injury- without a limp nonetheless.

See all these kids running would be my nightmare- I would be so frightened! Wow they are really putting a show on for Andy.

Has to be a woman who will breed and have my babies

Tonight I have to go out there and convince Tessa that I'm not filled with the gaygay...

What the hell else did they think the case was?! Have they never watched this show before?!

Ok I take back the wine date- a shopping date would take the cake! Oh here comes the love lift us up where we belong...HAHA! But he ruins it with another lame Titanic reference.

See the guys love the chase- it's all about being the aloof one- be different than the other whores that are chasing him.

Oh I hope we see a big Bevin flip out! I love those!

She is so into me- it is so electric charged! Do you really want to kiss Tina- her mouth is so horrible!!

I actually like quite a few of the outfits tonight. I love Stephanie's- all over the grecian look! I also really like Bevin's. For the love of god Tina close your mouth!

Ok the first three were predictable- I think all the other 3 are totally dispensible. But I think it'll be Danielle.

God I'm good! And now I don't have to look at Tina again!! Stephanie- you were my pick! Why oh why don't you speak?!

Dancing with the Stars

Layla- Well she is the only female left- will she break out the big guns and have her father in the audience? I really like her- I think she is really graceful.

John- come on Americans- vote for Cliff Claven! He is better than Billy Ray! I mean look at him- he is trying! He's enthusiastic!

Apolo- ew. God I hate this song. Boring. Next.

Ian- they have to keep Steve Sanders around- just so I can see his arms in those black workout shirts he practices in (purr...) I like him tonight- I mean he is smiling- a bit slow...but I still like him! JESUS H CHRIST!! Brandon, Kelly AND Donna Martin!? Are you kidding me?!!? All we need now is Dylan, Brenda and Ray Pruitt.

Billy- let's just put him out of his misery! I mean could his partner be more orange?! She is more orange than the dress I wore today! Oh nice shot of AC Slater.

Joey- I really don't think they should do big close ups of his partners face- they need to hide her crossed eyes. I really don't like this ballroom stuff- I find it boring- I prefer the slutty dances! Reminds me of Lambada- the Forbidden Dance. Classic movie.

Laila- oh god I know he is a dancer but is that shirt really necessary?! God that dress is about to show everyone her vajayjay- i also don't think that is necessary! But I like them alot- 1 of my top 3 couples for sure.

John- oh I liked that- he is too cute. Why are they showingI Cheech?! He was never at Cheers!

Apolo- he is lucky he has such a good partner. I still don't really like him and find him painful to look at.

Ian- I really have to start breaking out those chicken moves at the bar! He seems to be having fun- I heart him. Oh that was god- better than he has done! Oh Kelly!! With Brandon- even with his busted face it just makes me smile.

Billy Ray- oh god this will probably be painful. Does he not look in the mirror- that hair is just nast! I mean he is useless- he mainly stays still! Send him home!

Joey- he is really good and enthusiastic. And for a bigger guy the boy can dance...I wonder how he feels about Phantom of the Opera....

Heroes Spoiler

Ok I thought this was interesting. If you go to you can see who the bomb is going to be- they posted it in a comic book. And the winner is...Sylar!

Also, Peter is the one who does the "string" project. And Sylar regenerates after the bomb because he has killed the cheerleader. And for that I say woohoo! I hate the cheerleader!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ugly Betty

Anything but cyanide! Hehe- I love Bradford's headboard- it's amazing! I'm not an expert at moving past the sex because well why?! HAHA! God I love Mark!

Oh sigh- I'd love a nerd lover..

God I love Amanda's top- that sleeve is amazing!

I'm so out of here when I'm forty- haha!

Lindsay will be back in rehab by then anyway- haha! If I were a gay guy I would so tap that..

I hope that guy crushes Alexis- I have no tolerance for that character!!

Don't you judge me you big faux-mo! I totally agree Linz- we have to add that into our lexicon!

I really want to be an evil minx...

Amazing Race All Stars

Come on Danny and Oswald- it is now time to shape up! You never walk- always cab! Always cab it!!

Wow they were way behind- I mean they were an hour and a half later than Eric and Danielle- I love how they edit it to be more dramatic than it is!

How does speaking in English with a Russian accent help a Chinese person understand you?! These people are retarded!

Run guys!! Run!! Damn it! Oh that's not bad- they still have a chance to get on the plane with everyone else! Yay they made it! Now they have to start rushing- boys you have to beath these idiots!

Army man tell them off!! Tell them off! They have no respect for the cargo- and rushing the plane crew- morons!

Oh I could not do this task with the helicopter- I have an unnatural fear of helicopters after watching Dr. Romano's arm get cut off on ER. So disturbing.

I'm so glad that it is Charla doing this- I mean maybe Danny and Oswald can catch up. Why are they always so slow?! They are way too laid back!

Christ I am losing all hope in Danny and Oswald- they are so laid back- run dammit! Run! And Charla is useless- why does she keep touching it?! Someone that stupid should not be able to win this race! Side note- why does America still have this island in the pacific- the locals should rebel!

Come on Oswald please look in the bush!! PLEASE LOOK BEFORE I HAVE AN ANEURYSM!! Ok I am just so disappointed- Oswald knows he has a penalty and he did not run at all. He was pretty much mosying. I mean at this point I am pretty positive they are out.

See this drama is just annoying me- they are totally going home- just put me out of my misery. I can't believe these are the three teams! I guess I think the blondes deserve it most- and they weren't as annoying this time...

Grey's Anatomy

Can this show improve?! Can I actually enjoy an episode!? Let's see...

What guy cares this much about wedding cake?! Isn't he a busy surgeon? Are they actually going to give Bailey a role this week?

Oh poor Callie- having to watch them feed each other. So sad! Yes this is another Denny situation!

Woohoo they hooked back up!! Yay Alex and Addison! Yay! But she has to tell McSteamy that she is not interested so he can go have McSteamy sex- preferably with Callie!

Oh I hate having to see Callie beg Izzie- she is so much better than her!

You're my penisfish- that actually is pretty funny?! I don't understand this attraction though- it is so odd.

The wife always knows....take that George!!

God Izzie shut up! I can't believe she will tell pretty much anyone- and I don't feel bad for her. At all. Dumb slut.

Dump her ass McDreamy! Dump her!!

Oh poor McSteamy- all upset so he just decides to try to make her jealous!

Back to McDreamy- dump the crackpot! Dump her ass- she is even more high maintenance than me!!

Alex- what the hell is wrong with you?! You're not my girlfriend?! Is this the way to send her off for her own show?

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hello everyone! So I have just come home from a weekend in Toronto at my work's annual conference. Good times! We went to see We Will Rock You and I am telling you people if you enjoy Queen's music you have to see this show! It was just fantastic- I really loved it! That night we then went to the Hard Rock- my first time drinking (or eating for that matter) there. Overpriced and overrated.

So the next day I had the conference then we went shopping. Oh H&M how I love you....I love you so much! I mean don't get me wrong- I'll shop at the Gap. But H&M is sooo much better- way cheaper and more trendy- plus the selection! Then we went out to a fancy french restaurant called Le Papillon....mmm...soooo good! So yummy- and cheap! Highly recommend the Crepe Manon- and the Tarte au sucre was to die for!!

Then we went to Devil's. While I planned the night and thought it would be fun I had no idea. By far one of the best nights I've had out in a LONG time! Don't get me wrong- good times have been had for me recently but this was unbelievable. There was a big group of us from work and we all just let loose and acted ridiculous- which of course I appreciate. Oh the blackmail pictures! LE PAPILLON!! LE PAPILLON!!

The 8:30 session came a bit too early for me but it was ok. I think I danced off all the alcohol...then I had sessions all day. At 1 I was checking out and we found out that the train was derailed!! We were supposed to come home at 6:30 on the train- VIA1 nonetheless! We had all these grandiose plans of drinking on the train...and then we had no idea how we would get home!! Via then let us know that they would have buses for us...yuck.

Went back to H&M to pick up the dresses I loved...may have picked up a few more things...hehe! I just can't resist- the prices are too phenomenal!! Went back for the last talk then rushed to Union. They said that we had to be there 45 minutes early they said to get our bus. So we rushed there and ended up standing around for 45 minutes...fantastic! We grabbed McDonalds and Smarties for our dessert and got on the bus. So instead of unlimited alcohol, cutlery and a warm towel we ate Mcdonalds on our laps. With no napkins. Classy! But it was pretty fun- I mean me, Yvonne, Patty, Yelena, Janet, and Rob equals good times!!

So now I'm home about to crash- and my feet are swollen to twice their size...but it's all good!

PS. Thanks to Lindsay- I appreciate the email that you missed my blog! It brought a smile to my face for the rest of the day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol

HAHAHA! There is nothing better than watching the old guy in Il Divo sing- he kills me everytime! Plus to sing to West Side Story...classic! For those of you who don't know I once was a part of the hit KL play West Side Story...some say the show brought them to was powerful people. Powerful...

House has an accent?! Seriously- is that new news?!

Oh poor Sanjaya- he's in the audience! And Nas I swear- he is the female you! Seal is there?! This is actually fairly amusing...

Gwyneth, Helen Mirren, Ross and Phoebe, Kevin Bacon, HUGH GRANT DANCING!! This rocks people! BUFFY! BUFFY!! And to top it off- PIGGY! Oh my god this rocks- I can't explain how this cheesy clip just amused me!

As if Celine Dion wasn't creepy enough- now they have her singing with a weird Elvis....scary....

Wow Madonna is assisting an American charity....interesting...

Jordin is going home!?!? Seriously?! What now....I was about to fall over....oh so they are keeping all of them...isn't this warm and fuzzy...


How the hell is the russian guy still alive?! We saw him die!! Or does it just knock them out?!?

So it was Sun who sold Jin's soul to the devil...interesting...

I have to say even when this show seems like it is getting boring it can amuse me with all the secrets of the island!

So Jin was sterile before...interesting....I have to say I am really liking Juliet- she is way better than that idiot Kate

They found the plane with no survivors?! Did the others plant a fake plane?!?



Rosie's off the View!!

Ok I admit it- I tape The View everyday and watch it while I'm eating supper. I really like Rosie- I like that she will talk about political issues and that she will speak against the current administration on American television. And for the most part I agree with everything she says. And I feel so terribly bad for her when she has to listen to that complete retard Elisabeth Hasselback and try to exhibit patience.

Whatever your feelings towards Rosie she has MADE that show. I mean noone cared about it before- and now it is in the news and they have a huge audience. Not being able to agree about a contract is just ludicrous on the part of ABC. Yes I'm sure there is controversy with what she says but getting rid of her just shows exactly what is wrong with America- get rid of those who speak out. That show is just going to die now. And I for sure will not be watching.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pussycat Doll Show Finale

I can't believe this guilty pleasure is going to be gone after this week- however it does mean that my Veronica Mars will be coming back so that will be fantastic!

I like that they said she would be a Pussycat Doll like them- not with them...they will probably just be performing in Vegas or LA at the club- but not with the real band...

Ok Mikey I will miss you- I think that you are fabulous!

I love that they are up through the night fighting and screaming at each other- such fantastic television!

I don't do catfights- I do choreography...hehe!! Love him!

Little Kim's breasts are terrifying....and the face is almost as scary!

God I hate when Asia sings anything with the vowel sound "ou"- it is horrible! And she is butch and scary- I mean the girl is trailer park....but I mean is that so far off for the Pussycat Dolls?!

Melissa R- this is my pick. I mean she is a decent singer and she isn't completely obsessed with doing the vocal she is quite the slutty dancer (we'll see if I can break out some of the moves at Devil's Martini this weekend- hehe!)

I love how they each got changed into a new slutty outfit!

Oh I was wrong- I guess I have to watch more seasons of this show to become a pro like I am with ANTM!!

Dancing with the Stars- elimination

God I hope it's Heather..or Billy Ray....or even Apolo!

Ok the idea of Norm and Cliff dancing together just kills me! I heart them!

I also heart Jimmy Kimmel- the fact that he gets the most random people in his life involved in his bits- kills me!

WOOHOO!! America finally clued in!! They got rid of the golddigger!! Yay! I don't want to see her anymore!

American Idol- 6

Chris- god when is this hobbit going home?! Flat and boring...I mean the song is already boring enough- it doesn't need this guy! Next...

Melinda- again...I feel like all I do is repeat myself weekly- good voice, but boring. And old old old. But funny sidenote- I can see the side of Paula's face with her facelift scars- hehe!

Blake- it would be great if he was actually playing the piano. I can't believe they got the rights to this song- really Yoko? He has no top lip...odd....and I mean this song can be hopeful- he looks like he is in the most absolute depths of despair. But I like the song- and I like his voice. Best male by far!

Lakisha- sidenote- is it wrong that I am just fastforwarding between songs and not watching the Africa parts?! Anyways, I can hear her speech impediment during the slow parts. This girl excels when she can just belt- she is destined to be a gospel star. I mean she is amazing when she belts. And I like the simple black dress- it is all about her voice and not the look- I appreciate that. Are they comparing Fantasia with Whitney?! Really?

Phil- There are some weird notes here at the beginning...but he isn't strong enough of a singer to sing with limited accompaniment. Oh this is just bad- his time is up!

Jordin- Ok I love the dress- I mean I couldn't wear that colour but the cut is fantastic- I mean the roushing is fantastic. Oh there are some sketchy notes...and her voice is scratching.. Oh the belting is better- but it was rough at the beginning...but she is still my favourite.

Boyfriend in Rehab

So Sara let me know this morning that my boyfriend is in rehab. After months of speculation about the cause of his strung out, pinned eyes, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has entered rehab. And to that I say woohoo! He must have heard I have no tolerance for drug use and went to get clean before he came to find me...

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Bachelor- 9

Lake Tahoe- is that like Oregon?! Haha- oh how I love the dumbasses! Makes my week! Is Lake Tahoe really that exciting?! I'd rather go the other direction and go to Cabo! Who the hell wants to go towards the snow?!

Ok- I know all about the ankle injury...but I mean other than the cane you can still get dressed and get ready! Dumbass! I'd leave without her...

Oh my god she's crying again!? Suck it up princess! Hun- they haven't done any "fun" stuff yet! How hard is it to go sit by a window and eat?!

Do you feel that electricity?! I feel more when I touch you each time- rub nose in shoulder?! God this is lame!

He's already telling Stephanie W that he wants to meet her parents/!? So any girl that gets upset he's going to make promises too? Nice crimson and pashmina Danielle...stylin...

Oh god he has to carry her...groan. Ok well here is his first real kiss- he is the whimpiest kisser- although it is nicer than Lorenzo eating the girls faces! You're my sanctuary..

Man I love this drama- Stephany saying people are annoyed, the Kate causing issues...nice!

Tina?!? Tina?! Why would he pick her- she is freakin nasty and ugly...UGLY! Oh god I can't even look at the tv with her mouth- how can you possibly use the word sexy with this girl?! Beautiful girl!? What now?!

I truly don't believe that this guy is into these girls- he never makes eye contact...well I would expect a rose if I was making out with him in the hot tub!! I swear he is on this due to the US navy policy of don't ask don't tell...

I love how hot Stephany from South Carolina is- I mean you need to make sure to have a nice body when your face and ears look like that and you have big nasty moles. Oh this Kate kills me- she is such a shit disturber! My god Amber has some deep lines for someone who is 23...she needs to stay out of the sun! Worst thing you could do?! How is it a bad thing?!

What is up with him rubbing his nose on all their shoulders?! That is what Baxter does when he likes someone!

Ok so my predictions- Kate because she's a troublemaker/bitch, Stephany because she is delusional and not attractive, and Nicole because they haven't really shown her tonight. However, it should be Tina going home so I don't have to look at her mouth anymore- and wonder what is wrong with his vision.

God Bevin is hardly limping- and she is going up stairs just fine- what the hell is she doing bitching about her ankle?!?!

Oh god I hope Stephany flips out when she doesn't get a rose!!

God I'm good- got them all right (but Patti did too so I guess it was pretty obvious!)

Nicole- if you know that you are an ugly crier don't do that on tv!! hehe! I love that Stephany is gone! Hun- you are a jealous girl!

Dancing with the Stars

Joey- For the love of god shave the beard!! There are few things that I hate more than groomed facial hair- so nasty! Oh breaking out some Erasure- nice! Well this I can appreciate this! Is it wrong that I truly appreciate a man who can shimmy!? Since it took me so long to learn how to do it (hours in front of the mirror people!). I don't really understand the gloes but whatever- overall I liked that! JC!! JC!! I HEART JC!! He was my favorite from NSYNC!

Heather- why is this nasty ass bitch still on this show!? And why is her daughter in school- she is 3!! She just grosses me out! I love how at the end of every single interview she makes some sort of excuse- what do you mean she is trying to get sympathy votes!? Oh god a remix of Don't Cry for me Argentina?! Andrew Lloyd Webber you allowed this?! God this girl can't dress- the shirt looks horrid with her nasty saggy boobs....can you tell that I hate her?!? Time to get rid of her!!

John- Go Cliff Claven! Keep him on! He is so happy and excited to be there! I mean look how happy he is out there dancing- it's all about having fun. NORM!! It's Cliff and Norm!! Oh my god that is amazing!!!! Keep him in for that- I mean if Sam and Woody come too I'll pass out!

Laila- I really like her- she has a lot of rhythm and confidence. Floats like a butterfly! By far the best girl- although there isn't much competition! But could her partner possibly do up his shirt!? I'm wondering when she'll break out the big guns and bring her father to the audience.

Billy Ray- Oh god is he still here? Ok I'm less worried about Cliff leaving...this guy is nasty and horrid....although I'd still rather Heather go home! Ok this was just simple and cheesy- it's almost like they are throwing in the towel and don't want to be there anymore. What a horrible outfit...

Apolo- can we say overrated boys and girls?! The chin hair and headbands just make me puke in my mouth! Yawn. This isn't exciting to me at all- I mean he can gyrate his hips and al but since he grosses me out so much I'm really getting nothing out of this!

Ian- ok Cliff brought Norm, Joey brought JC- I mean he can trump them all if he can bring out some Walsh twins or Dylan and Kelly. I love me a man in black....I can pretend it's not in high waisted pants! Unfortunately he is much stiffer than the other young guys- but he is trying so hard. Plus he's the hottest- therefore he should win! I mean people really- isn't life all about looks and the pretty things!?! Andrea?! He brought out Andrea?!

Group Dance- Laila is so charismatic- I'd like to see her win! Oh look at Cliff go- he is so cute! Hehe- Laila doing the lift is too funny! Yet again- Ian is too serious! Where the hell is Heather Mills?! Oh there she is- they haven't shown them at all- get rid of them! Well that lift with her just looked horribly awkward! Go Joey- that was an actual swing lift!

Pussycat Doll Show

3 choreographic dances- hehe! I'm glad that these girls are confident with their grammar...

This show just really amuses me- I mean none of them can truly sing. I mean even Chelsea- she is so nasal. But I guess it really doesn't matter...I mean it's not like the PCDs are known for their singing talent!

Man Melissa R is a worse actor than I am- which is saying a lot. Whoa- can Melissa S. stick out her chest more!?

God what happened to Mark McGrath's career?! I mean wasn't he a tone deaf but hot singer at one point?!

It must just be every parents dream to spend thousands of dollars on dance lessons to see them poppin and gyrating while scantily clad on television...

Melissa S- I mean every second girl can sing like this- but I don't see what difference it makes in this environment...

Oh god I can't stand this Asia girl- I despise vocal gymnastics and fake does not prove to me that you can spare me the melodramatics

Ok the hat on Melissa R is making me think of Christine Kidd again...

Oh my god this has to be the most boring version of what a girl wants that I've ever seen- so boring. And what is what the peach flapper dress and black ankle boots?! Horrid!!

Time to say goodbye to Chelsea- I mean in the end all that matters to be a PCD is to have the ability to dance slutty- and since she can't do that she should go.

And they kept Chelsea in the end....but she won't'll be Asia...they need a black Pussycat Doll...

Why I love religion

So the pope made a big announcement this week: he has officially removed "limbo".

Basically for Catholics there are different places you can go when you die- obviously there is Heaven and Hell. Then there is purgatory- you go there if you have not been quite good enough for the one and not bad enough for the other. Than there is limbo- that is where the unbaptized babies go. They are innocent in the eyes of the church but since they were never recognized in the church they aren't "worthy".

It is this fear of "limbo" that has caused women for centuries to baptize their children as quickly as possible- especially prior to the 20th century since there was such a high mortality rate among infants.

But after all these years of the different stages- created by "GOD"- the pope has now ruled that this place does not exist. But people- how can a place suddenly not exist? How cold a man suddenly change what God created? Could it be- just maybe- that the place never existed in the first place?! That all religion was created by man to suit their whims?! Just asking....

Who's a winner!?

So Friday night I went to the grad student formal (what do you mean I'm too old for that?!). When we were walking in they said to hold to our tickets because there would be a raffle. So after dinner this guy got on a mike and said that they would be raffling off the centrepieces- which were these cement bricks with flowers in them. They started calling off numbers and what do you know- I WON!! 2nd win in 2 weeks! They say that things come in three's- I can't wait for the next one!

Celebrity Baby Names

In honour of Bluebell Madonna's christening I figured I would list my top 5 celebrity baby names....and let me tell you this is hard for me to mention since there are some pretty fantastic ones. ADDED: the parents are in brackets

1- Audio Science (Shannon Sossamyn)
2- Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)
3- Moxie Crimefighter (Penn from Penn and Teller)
4- Diva Muffin (Frank Zappa)
5- Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson)

Let me know if I missed any other fabulous ones that should get an honourable mention!

Spice Girls!

So I have an unnatural obsession with the Spice Girls- I love them! Love them people! I mean I used to watch all their concerts on tv, I've seen pretty much every interview, and I still enthusiastically follow the life of Posh and Becks

Here is a pic of all the ladies minus Scary this weekend in London. They gathered for the christening of Bluebell Madonna- hehe. Love that name! Now that they are all getting along again I feel it is only natural for a reunion- and let me tell you- I won't miss that concert this time around!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

Go Oswald and Danny! I need for you to win!!

Isn't oligato Japanese?! I guess using any Asian language is good....

Yield a team! Yield them!! I need for the boys to make it to the final 3!

I say yield Eric and Danielle- make sure to get rid of them!

This noodle thing is quite perverse...I hope that Danny and Oswald made the right choice and they can go fast! Oh no Eric and Danielle have now passed them! Oh god what are Danny and Oswald doing?!!? This is so upseting! Why aren't they getting into a cab?! Please let them catch up- hopefully Mirna and Charla can't drive there! I get so stressed out and tense watching this!!

Oh god now they went to the wrong place...fuck! Stop making mistakes! They are making this dramatic...and in the end they will be eliminated...who the hell will I cheer for now?! FUCK!!

Oh thank god! Please for the love of god do better next time!!

Ugly Betty

I need a door so I can close the door and take a nap- Amanda
Don't worry Colonel- we all know that you prefer nuggets- Wilhemina to Mark

Ok this show kills me- not only does it have the best one liners it has amazing sets- other than the Queen's set of course.

Oh look Scary Bradshaw with a side of potatoes- HAHA!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feeling like death...

Oh god why don't I ever learn!? So I went to a grad student formal last night and well pretty much drank the place out of white wine. But then I made a huge mistake- a rookie mistake. I drank some red wine. And now my friends I am still lying on my couch trying to muster the strength to get up and hit the gym- which after seeing the formal pics is a necessity!

On the plus side I am now friends with Shanny Hill on facebook! Shanny Hill! Next- come on Joe Labonte!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Ok this is hugely disappointing people. I am still obsessed with his album and can listen to it over and over. And while I have slowly been coming to the realization that is not in fact attractive I still liked him. I never liked him with Petra Nemcova- she bothers me. Yes I know the poor girl survived the tsunami- but I can't deal with her mouth. When she talks I cringe and want to puke. I have a thing with mouths- and hers is just disgusting. But I mean she did not deserve to be cheated on by him with Lindsay Lohan- who annoys me more.

So the rumour is he hooked up with the nastiest of them gross...I don't know how I'll react next time one of his songs comes up on my Ipod....

BritBrit is Delusional

So she fired her manager because she blames him for all her problems. Her father released the following statement about it:

"When Larry Rudolph talked Britney into going into rehab, he was doing what her mother, father and team of professionals with over 100 years of experience knew needed to be done. She was out of control. Larry was the one chosen by the team to roll up his sleeves and deliver the message, to help save her life.
"The Spears family would like to publicly apologize to Larry for our daughter's statements about him over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, she blames him and her family for where she is at today with her kids and career. Larry has always been there for Britney. For this, we will forever be grateful to him."

So because someone in her life is you know, telling the truth, she of course had to release her own idiotic statement:

"I am praying for my father. We have never had a good relationship. It's sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman's love. I am concentrating on my work and my life right now."

Um....where is the statement about her children and spending time with them?! Truly- this is a selfish trailer park girl who just doesn't have a clue

Jim say it ain't so!!!!!

Ok so they are saying that Jim from the office is dating Renee Zellweger...ew! Say it ain't so!!! I heart him- I think he is just fantastic and funny and a nice guy- he is on my future husband list- because he is a realistic target! But he can do WAY better than that squinty eyed puffed cheek baby voiced anorexic retard!!

What is the appeal?

Seriously people- I do NOT understand the appeal of Cameron Diaz! At all! She is all around nasty in every way. She is a horrid actress- she is the new Julia Roberts. She acts the exact same way in every film- same character, same annoying laugh. And while she is skinny her body is very ugly- it is way too muscular. And the face- the face! She looks like the joker! And her laugh is annoying- plus she is way too giggly and perky for my taste. I just don't get it. And look at her skin- her skin!! This girl is a multimillionaire who has all the money in the world for the best dermatologists and this is what she looks like??!! Makes no sense! Then Lainey says today that she was seen at the Roosevelt in the bathroom popping zits- with a Hilton no less! I'm sorry but I do not want my celebrities doing this- give me Posh any day.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

Ok I used to look forward all week for this show- I would be so excited when it started. Right now I am just filled with dread. I can't watch George and Izzie together- let's all say it together. Jump.the.shark!

The chief has about as much mojo as I do- seriously. If anyone wants to help me let me know!

Izzie you are a frakkin cow! Stop trying to make more of the sex than it is- he's married you whore! I don't care if her daughter has cancer- I still hate her right now.

Are they finally going to give Bailey a role?! This is the one that won the Screen Actors Guild Award- and she has been doing NOTHING lately!! NOTHING!! She is the best of the bunch- then Callie, then Addison. I'm so done with the interns- except Alex. He's still sexy. Except that he likes the unknown girl.

It took this long for the family to figure out she was missing?!

God Meredith is such a freakin cow- she yells at someone who is trying to be nice! Why is Alex angry that she might have a family?! What the hell is wrong with him?!!? Ok getting less sexy....I'm not a big fan of possessive guy...

God Izzie is a selfish bitch- she might not donate because she doesn't want to see you?! Bailey has to convince you?! What the hell happened to this character?!

And now Alex is a selfish prick keeping unknown girl in the hospital?! What the hell is wrong with this show?!

Oh god Meredith has the worst eyebrows- time to cut that shut! They are too long!

Oh god is this a jazz version of Dancing with Myself?! Is nothing sacred?!?!?!?!

Let me guess- George is going to miss his date with Callie for Izzie?!

Why don't they just do a DNA test on the daughter?! Why aren't they doing one?! Idiots! Idiots all of them!

This is not romantic- why are they together?!

I know humans are melodramatic and all but I hope that in real life surgeons are more professional than these tards!

Usually this is the part in the show where I'm crying- but I'm so against these two together that my heart of stone is winning out on this one. I'm just angry watching them.

Izzie- she said she didn't want to meet you- you are such a selfish bitch! God I can't stand her!

Why is a surgeon changing bedding?! This is the oddest hospital ever! I mean the realism is pretty much gone!

Tell her off Mare Winningham!!


Oh my god Stacy should just feel horrible- all the bad comments were about her or Alex. I like that Cassandra won- I mean she knows that she is physically weak so she is paying attention and remembering details. I appreciate a good memory

Oh god Mookie stop alienating everyone and being an ass- I mean this is my money on the line! I could care less about him personally but I have his name in the pool!

I agree- give Yeo-man a rest! I love him! Oh god that spread of food looks nasty- cheese, fruit and olives/! I would be so disappointed! I would rather have the doritos! I love that Yeoman admits that he has to brainwash Dreams! I do like that they realize they can't trust him yet.

I really hope that Yeoman and Earl are smart enough to vote for Mookie to get the idol out of the way so that they have the only one.

I would be able to do this challenge for about 2 seconds- we all know how much balance I have with my feet!

Yay Yeoman! I love him! Love.him.

For the love of god stop calling yourselves the four horsemen- that is from big brother!!

Mookie don't give him the immunity idol- keep it! They will vote you out next!! Save my money! Think about me dammit! Mookie you're a dumbass! Now you will be voted out! ACH!

How could voting for Cassandra change anything!? Oh god if they don't tell dreams he will freak! Good move Earl- you are my second favorite!

These guys are complete morons- they just wasted the idol! it's gone! IDIOTS! They deserve to get voted out! Look at their smug grins- I can't wait for them to get voted out!! I am willing to sacrifice my money to keep watching their smug faces! HAHAH!! This is too funny! HAHA! God this was one of the best tribal councils ever! I love when dumbass jock boys are brought down!

Those assholes went through his things!? God I hate them!


God this show is freakin classic- it always kills me! From the rat tail references to the vodka gun- priceless. "Payback is not only a great Mel Gibson movie"- HAHA!

Then all is solved by singing Lynyrd Skynyrd....whenever I feel threatened I'm going to break out some freebird!

Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing

I remember that I read this book back in 4th year on my trip to Dominican- but I didn't remember any of the details. Which is odd for me because I can usually remember everything I've read going back to childhood. So I borrowed this book from Lindsay recently and realized- oh god this is horrid. This must be why I've blocked it from my head! Horrid!

So Lainey posted today that they are making one of the stories into a movie starring Buffy and Alec Baldwin. The book itself is a bunch of short stories that don't fit well together at all. This particular story is about a young girl who is in publishing and she dumps her boyfriend for a ridiculously old man. So this is the premise of the movie. Can we all say nasty?!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I just thought for a second that they had actually killed Charlie like that right at the beginning. Then I remembered that this was a Desmond episode and that Charlie has a flashback episode in the future.

Ok Sawyers comment to Kate about having to make her a mixed tape was fantastic!!

So she went to Sawyer because Jack was with Juliet?! Because she's upset? That's retarded- I mean Sawyer is the better catch anyway!

The rest of the episode bored me- I couldn't care less about Desmond...

American Idol Elimination

I just got the funniest call from Becca. Normally I tivo the eliminatation show and then fast forward til the end since there is just too much filler for my time. But Becca was ecstatic about the talking to people on the street and needed confirmation about a "celebrity" being interviewed. So I started watching and realized that she was right- it was BJ of BJ and Tyler of the Amazing Race- aka the hippies- aka a team that should have been on the All Stars! I freakin love them!

How the hell is Fergie a celebrity. Seriously. She can't sing- as shown tonight. And she is scarily ugly- I mean this is exhibit A why crystal meth is bad! She is just horrid! And who still does eyebrow rings?! Josh Duhamel....seriously!? Why?

Oh thank god Sanjaya is in the bottom 3!! But Blake?! Really?! Over Phil!?

I swear they can make french fries with the Grease in Antonio Banderas' hair!! Jeffrey Katzenburg?! Really?! He doesn't have better things to do than be here!?

Sanjaya is going home!!! Oh my god it's finally over!!

America's Next Top Model

Does it say Jennifer on the back of Jael's neck!? I have seen the pics of her making out with a girl- I wonder if it's her girlfriend.

I am the spreader of light?! This girl is a freakin wackjob.

Oh god April- she was so boring. Even her clip of being a reporter shows how boring she is! Wow that was quite the lesson- I really learned a lot...I love how hot Natasha thinks that she is- awesome!

I love Natasha's grin- she is a cartoon character! I just want to know where is Boris!! And she's just screaming for no reason- HAHA!

How could Jael and Jaslene possible be spokesmodels?! They can't talk!!

Obviously she is throwing out as much slang as possible- these morons aren't clueing in!

I love the "that's cool meter"! That is too funny!

Oh god- these girls can't speak properly in their own language with their dialect- how are they going to speak with an Aussie accent?! I don't understand why Tyra went on and on about Danielle's accent- but no one is saying anything about Jaslene's....hers is one of the worst I have ever heard! Trying to talk in the Aussie accent was painful!

Ok Brittany looks really weird with the she can't seem to read- they have cue cards people! It doesn't look like she has a forehead

I'm not finished spreading the joy to the universe- oh my god I have to start saying that!

Who are anarchy and cover girls related?! Why do they bring that up!? That makes no sense! I love Miss J not having any time for Brittany's story- haha!

Ok it is going to be between Dion and Jael- Jael is going home.

I love that the Aussie model called Jaslene drag- too funny!

When Natasha smiles her whole face contorts- even her neck!

Oh I got one wrong- I mean I can see either of these go. I find them both to be ridiculously annoying! THANK GOD!! Oh my god I'm so glad that she is gone!! Woohoo!! I don't have to listen to her anymore. I just don't know though how she will continue to spread the joy to the universe...

Stop Showing his Videos

Ok I don't want to talk to much about the shooter- that is what he wanted. He wanted fame, he wanted "glory", he wanted to be a martyr. That is why he sent everything to NBC...therefore do the opposite! Don't show his movie! Don't show his picture! Let's focus on the lives of those who about them so they can be remembered- they are the ones who are worth it. He was worthless.

Jessica Simpson

This girl is a mess people. Just a freakin mess! I mean she is dumb as a post, she is hideously frightening when she sings (please see spoof posted below), and she is a worse actress than even Britney Spears. That's right I said it. Britney's performance in Crossroads is Oscar worthy compared to Jessica in Employee of the Month (I still can't believe I watched that).

When she tried to become a fashionista I just giggled. Because people- she does not have the body for fashion. That might be harsh but she is short and squat with huge boobs and huge shoulders and still has no idea what suits her body type. And high fashion is designed for Kate Moss. Period.

So here she is trying to pull off the new high waist jeans. Now I understand wanting to wear them- they are motivating me every day to go to the gym (seriously). But I am aware that I cannot pull them off yet. And I hope I have friends who would NEVER let me go to the bar in these! Horrid!!

And then as an added bonus here is a blind item that lainey posted from Gatecrasher:

“Which blond bombshell, on a recent visit to Rome, became ill and soiled her bedsheets so badly that the hotel mattress had to be replaced? Also, “she and [her boyfriend] have a reputation for really dirty sex," says a snitch.”

HAHAHA!! That is freakin awesome! I mean she is the only celeb who has been in Rome recently. Plus he's always been rumored to enjoy peeing on his partners- lovely....just charming....

Source- Lainey

Veronica Mars Spoiler

Ok Rob Thomas are you purposely trying to alienate all of your fans!? First- this season of Veronica Mars has been totally subpar. I mean of course it's better that 90% of the crap that is on TV but it is not at the same level as it was season 1. Now I read on Ask Ausiello that in the May 29 season finale Veronica tells Logan he's out of her life forever. WTF!?!? Are you frakkin kidding me! This may very well be the SERIES finale- and you are going to leave us with the knowledge that our favourite tv couple will never be together. This is unacceptable!!

The Hills

Spencer is a douche. A total douche. I adore when they make fun of him on the Soup as being the biggest douche in Hollywood. Here is a link to an interview with him and Heidi. I am truly sad for her. I mean she is just so stupid and little girl lost. I thought in the first season she was so pretty- now she has chiclet teeth and has pretty much admitted to implants and rhinoplasty. She is such a lost cause. Hun- you never dump the girlfriends...if you're friends hate your boyfriend or husband warning bells should go off! Always side with your girls!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VT Thoughts

This morning I made sure to read the Star to see what the latest news was about the shooting yesterday. The minute I heard that the shooter was a landed immigrant I just cringed. Cringed. I mean instead of looking at the facts- a student owned and used 2 semi automatic handguns in a massacre- I was sure that they would start talking about the problem of immigrants in the country.

Instead it went off in the scariest direction of all. I watched some CNN coverage tonight- always scary watching American news- and the overwhelming response was there should be more guns on campus. Plain clothes officers with guns in each building. Then there should be no laws restricting gun use on a Virginia campus. If students had had weapons it would have ended sooner. In Texas more students would have had guns and he would have been stopped earlier.

People that is the scariest solution that I can think of. Arming more people to "protect" themselves. I think this is going to lead us down a very dark path- and I thought we had already reached the end with this administration.

Right now let's just focus on the poor people that lost their lives. An old Jewish professor who survived the holocaust, the cold war in Romania, and he died while barracading the door so his students could jump out- when I heard that it just made me so upset. To kill an old man by shooting him in the head. Makes me sick to my stomach. Others getting shot while in their French class. The whole thing just makes me shake I get so upset.

American Idol- 8

Phil- blech. He's gross. I hate his necklace- why oh why do men wear jewelry?! I hate men with jewelry!! Oh god is that a shiny shirt?! I mean I love me my metallics- don't get me wrong- but not on a man!! Oh god a night of country- this is just as bad as the Tony Bennett night- who the hell listens to this shit?!?! Oh that last note was painful....time to go home!

Jordin- oh my Martina McBride is a little thing. I have never heard any of these songs- I wonder if anyone will sing a song I know...probably not unless it's save a horse ride a cowboy (classic!). This girl can sing though- and she's young. She is my pic- I think she's great. And I love the hair tonight- god I wish I could do that...maybe i'll try it tomorrow- I'll have to bring my hoops!

Sanjaya- oh god he is wearing a bandana?!? And it it sticking up...that is so awful- his hair is bigger than mine when it is humid in June! I do feel bad for the poor kid- I mean he seems nice...but he's a horrid singer. Ok I've heard of a song- my mother used to be obsessed with this song. I mean just vote the poor kid out- he has endured enough maliciousness. I am feeling soft after all of the insanity in the states.

Lakisha- oh this is why Kaarina mentioned Jesus take the wheel. This is the worst song title EVER!! Oh god this is bad- she is super sharp. It is a bit much. She is very off key and sharp- it's hard to listen too. The dress is cute but the gold boots are too much.

Chris R- And here comes the hobbit (or chia pet as Peter likes to call him). Oh god white running shoes- I HATE WHITE RUNNING SHOES!! Didn't work on Seinfeld back in the day- doesn't work now. Oh god again- totally off key. Is there something wrong with their earpieces?! So sharp!

Melinda- this is the best I've seen her look. Straight hair blocking the no neck- looks so much better! God this music is horrendous! I could write this stuff- and trust me people that isn't saying much. I mean it is ok- but it is old again. Everything she sings is old.

Blake- I like that he isn't singing this like it is a country song necessarily- turning anything into a power ballad is good in my books. I do like him but he does go a bit flat.

Dancing with the Stars

Ok I would like to see both of these teams leave- Clyde sucks and Heather's a whore.

Let it be Heather...let it be Heather....

Oh Clyde- well he was horrid anyway


I booked my ticket for Becca's wedding!! Woohoo!! SO EXCITED!! I can't wait!! Bring on the Dinosaurs!

GMD Plastic Surgery?

Look closely at this pic of Tom Cruise- does he not look a LOT younger than he has recently- his eyes look a lot wider and his face looks more youthful....still full of the gay...



So I have some spiderman issues. I thought the first movie was retarded- absolute crap. I saw nothing redeeming about it- plus I hate these types of movies. Mindless ridiculousness- I prefer my mindless tv in the form of a washed up celebrity grasping at straws to hold on to their fame.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I discovered my future husband James Franco in the movie Tristan and Isolde. And I just saw a pic that showed that my other boyfriend- Topher Grace- stars alongside him in the new Spiderman. Is it worth it? Is it?! I don't know if I can do it! Even when they are wearing bodysuits...

TV Spoilers

It doesn't look like Callie will be back on Grey's next season. So far she has not resigned her contract and with the dumbass George/Izzie storyline I guess there is no place for her. Me- I say give her McSteamy! Also, it says someone Meredith is getting close with will die, it'll be her fault and will cause a rift with her and her dad. It can only be her stepmother- that's the only thing that makes sense.

On Heroes turns out all the Heroes and there relatives will have powers- I mean look at the Petrelli's mom. She will have something. Mr Linderman will be able to control people with his mind. And Hiro's dad will come back with a power. As long as they kill both the cheerleader and Ali Larter I'll be happy!

BritBrit Update

It's been a while since I've done one of these because she hasn't been up to much. However, now the dumbass has gone and fired her manager Larry Rudolph (the guy who made her!) because she blames him for her life getting out of control. He supposedly introduced her to Paris Hilton and she says that's the reason for all of her troubles. I'm glad she learned in rehab how to take responsibility for her own actions...

Product Placement

So I started this new diet and so far so good- I feel really good. I mean it's only been a week but already I've noticed changes that I"m pretty happy about. So here is my recommendation- Carnation Instant Breakfasts. I'm telling you they're fantastic!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Bachelor- 12

Boot camp- not worth it people! Why didn't these girls put on sports bras?!

Ok- I rewound the ankle injury like 3 times- it looks like she turned over like I did...I don't know if it's broken though...oh it was Bevin...I don't like her...she got a rose for that?! I didn't get a rose when I hurt my ankle!! Fallen soldier- christ this guy is hokey!

Oh god that Stephanie is nasty! Nasty! Oh I love her face when she wasn't chosen- awesome!! I'm so glad he chose the other one!

Oh they are massaging each other- that is nice and erotique...hehe!

Oh god as Linz said so many of these girls are freakin nasty- Tessa is not pretty- the bottom of her face is too large for the top part. And I mean don't even get me started on Tina- ew!

See I like this bachelor in his clothes- he looks mighty foine...however without them the He-man chest really frightens me! I can't believe Erin is still around and I have to look at her weird face where only half her face moves- and the other is all squinty..nasty! Why does he want to hug her?! She is nasty! She wants to go to a shooting range- classy! Lovely!

Manly things are attractive to you Andy...interesting..

Oh god Danielle- stop talking about the dead boyfriend! He died in bed with you?! Oh god- that's horrible! But you still don't bring it up on the first date!

Oh he is so into Amanda- she is so the winner! Oh god Erin is a retard- she was all talk and now she can't even drive. I mean I can't drive stick either but I wouldn't pretend that I can! Most people know that I'm useless! The fact that he keeps wanting to touch her is baffling!

He picked Erin?! What now?! I mean I understand not picking Debbie Downer Danielle but Erin...really? This yet again is showing that he is a dumbass. So beautiful?! What now?! How could he not see that her face is she's a retard!

I predict Tessa goes home- mainly cuz I think she's nasty- I mean if Peyton used an eyebrow pencil she would be quite pretty!

It frightens me how many girls feel that they are "perfect" with this guy after meeting him 3 is scary how clingy girls can be! It always terrifies me that I will turn into this!!

Oh god- he seems more open with Tessa- and he's rubbing her hand. I really don't understand this guy's taste! I think he'll send Peyton home!

Wow they really made this elimination melodramatic..the music, the helicopter....good god! Oh god this guy is lame- is he crying?! Oh I knew it?! He has the oddest taste! Oh god make this goodbye end...they are acting like it's the end of the greatest love story ever this was the end of the whole show!

Oh god that Stephany is the worst dresser ever! Ever! Polka dots with pearls?!

Amanda open up to him- you are my pick! Her group date was the most romantic/! God that is weird! I'm a really really cool person- haha! Rescue an orphan from a fire- haha!

I love that he is doubting the sincerity of Stephany from South Carolina!

Oh he is kissing Bevin...interesting...I still can't believe that she is the same age as me...she looks so old...he's not noticing the city...he hasn't looked at her once! He keeps looking away...I mean they are kissing but then he won't look at her.

What now- Erin is a financial analyst?! Are you kidding me?!

Oh god please send Tina home- I can't look at that mouth one more time- it's so horrid!

Oh here comes the spanish guitar- sexxay! He is going to get rid of Kate and Stephany- that is what I hope! I love Stephany's face when the other one's name is called- awesome

Tina?! WHAT?!? Is he looking at her?! I think this guy may need a vision test asap! God that Kate always makes a big deal every time her name is called- we get want an acting career!

Oh my pic is going to go home! No! I never can predict these! He will so pick Erin- oh I got this wrong! How could he pic this dumbass Stephany? Not that Erin isn't a dumbass- but I thought for sure he'd keep her. There goes my pic....

New pic- Amber

Dancing with the Stars

Ian- I truly don't understand my obsession with him- I mean he was my least favourite of my 90210 boys...but now I really love him! However, what has happened to Cheryl?! The past seasons she was cut and lean and looked like a dancer...I've noticed she has put weight on and tonight you could REALLY see it...she is not cut at all! She has the body of a belly dancer! And yes I am self aware- however I'm not a professional dancer being judged on this! Ok I liked this dance...he really tries but you can tell he's really thinking...although the vein on his forehead scares me....god I hate exposed veins!!

Clyde- he isn't dancing!! He is essentially just standing there while she dances around him...get rid of him already! He's horrid and stiff!

Heather- people- get rid of this whore! Literally- the British press published a story today with tons of witnesses saying she was a prostitute at the same time that she was doing the porn. She's horrid!! HORRID!! God she is so not sexy- I mean shimmying with your huge boobs does not make you sexy!

Joey- Carlton!! Carlton!! YAY!! So exciting! And Lance- LANCE!! That was ok- a bit boring...except that of course she chose Lance in the end! I also could hae hated it since I hate that song!

John- I heart Cliff Claven- and I mean he is 100% better than that god awful Clyde! I mean he is out trying hard and having fun- I think they should have him out dancing in a postal service outfit! That would thrill me! I man this guy reminds me of my childhood- I love him! Side note- this Edyta really likes to be practically naked!

Laila- Ok in the bikini she reminds me of the Tranny from Kinky Boots- and while I loved him I don't think any female wants to look like him! Although I do like her- she is by far the best girl in the competition! God I hate this dance- it is so boring- no more Rumba! They semm to be moving in slow motion...

Apolo- HAHA!! I love this song! It reminds me of Shane- and everyone taking a different part and singing it on drama/band trips- awesome!! Good times! That memory is much better than what I'm watching here! What the hell is up with the animal print/mane- this is frightening! FRIGHTENING!! And no man is sexy when he is wearing a headband!! NO MAN!!

Ok so my tivo froze and I missed Billy Ray- but I am very confident that I would have hated it so it's no big loss- I'll see it on the recap show tomorrow!

US Gun laws...

So will the shooting today and deaths of 22 people make any difference to the current gun laws!? Will it solve anything?! I mean it happened in a dorm people at 7:15 am...students were sleeping...and someone did that to them...

Luckily though all Americans are able to sleep soundly since they have the right to bear arms....I mean it's in the Constitution right? A document written over 220 years ago states that carrying a musket is a human right- therefore anyone should be able to buy handguns and semi automatic weapons?! In 2007?! It just makes sense to live your life following the guidelines written in a document from an entirely different era....

God Bless America.

ADDED: And we are up to 31...and nothing will change...

TV Updates

Not only has Luka confirmed that he is leaving ER- Abby is leaving too! And to that I say....good! I despise Abby- despise her! She is such a freakin sourpuss- she is always so dour and depressing....and the long boring hair does nothing for her! Chop it off into a posh bob a la Newsradio!

Also Gilmore might come back for a shortened season- I say put it out of it's misery and end it!

Public Service Announcement...

To the ladies of Kingston- Spanx is now being sold at Winners! For only 16 dollars!!

SNL Clip- John Mayer and Jessica Simpson Intimate Moments

Ok this is a bit awkward to start off with but I love her impersonation of Jessica singing

Prince William Break-Up

So Wills and Kate broke-up. I mean makes sense- he is going to be a king and can get anyone in the world. By far the most eligible bachelor in the world- regardless of if he looks like a horse or not. And while she was average and comes from a loaded family she was no supermodel. Maybe Kate Moss will meet him and it will help her get rid of that nasty Pete Doherty...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

Well if I were Mirna I would be frightened relying on that muscle- I definitely don't think it's very strong!!

I"m not sure how a final 3 alliance would actually work?!

Yay Danny and Oswald got on!! YAY!! God I love them! Hopefully they will use the lead and not mess up!!

Hong Kong just seems ridiculously fascinating- I really want to go there! Go Danny and Oswald! Get the fast forward and win!

Ok I think I'd have a stroke doing that bamboo detour...I might have a heart attack if Ninja's were coming at me! But it's obviously the quicker option

Again- why does Mirna have to talk in a retard accent?!? God I want them to get eliminated- let's go Eric and Danielle (who would have ever thought I'd say that?!)

Oswald's little finger when he found out about his prize was awesome! I heart him!

Charla and Mirna have got to get penalized for not doing the ferry correctly- since I hate them!

Oh Danielle and Eric are idiots...There is no way that they will be able to come in first next leg- not going to happen!

The Big Weigh In

So yesterday I went shopping with Mandy then I went back to her place to help her put together a desk and watch a movie. Unfortunately the movie was Employee of the Month...I don't feel I really have to say anything. So horrible...

Anyways, I decided to bring Baxter upstairs for a few minutes to see Jada and Mandy and to weigh him! Since I don't own a scale for sanity reasons I have never had any idea how much Baxter weighs. I mean he is a big cat- there is no doubt about that- he is long and has super long fur. And I have sworn up and down that he is not fat- he's all fur. So I finally weighed him and the results are in...he weighs 16 pounds! See that is much less than I thought!

Then we weighed Jada...who is short haired and literally half the size of Baxter. However, she has the shape of a nice bowling ball. So I weighed Jada and she weighs...16 pounds! HAHA!! We were killing ourselves laughing!!

PS. For those who remember Chloe- he was 21 pounds!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday Night Tv

So last night I really didn't watch all that much tv- I got home late then i talked on the phone for a little while with my mom (I can't believe everyone in my family is going to a tropical location this winter but me...but that's another rant!).

Anyways- I did watch Earl. That show freakin kills me....that video they made of Randy was priceless...I know I probably wasn't supposed to laugh but I did. "Run Forest Run"- hehe. For some reason that just doesn't get old for me! I like anything that fights the whole political correctness movement- McCarthy era anyone?! And every time they bring up Darnell being in the witness protection program it makes me giggle. I think the show is genius- I just love it....except Catalina...she bothers me

And as for Survivor- Mookie you're killing me! Killing me!! Why would you tell Dreamz so late?! You are just going to piss him off that he wasn't originally trusted...and look what happened- he goes and tells them! Damn it- I will never win a Survivor pool!! Yeoman- I love you! You are by far my favorite! He rocks!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blind Item

So there is nothing that we ladies in our pod enjoy doing more than trying to figure out the blind items on Lainey. I mean between Patti, Sara and I our smut knowledge is pretty much unbeatable. But earlier today when Lainey posted this blind item we couldn't really figure it out.

Now the genius with lainey (have I mentioned lately that I want to be her best friend?) is that she always reveals who the celebs are with little subtle clues in future articles. I mean the last one about the stoned celeb was almost certainly Sienna Miller.

Now today she posted an article about the tragedy that is Rumer Willis' face (I mean seriously- those Willis girls did not make out well in the gene pool). And at the end she comments about how Hayden Panettiere is the new brat on the block, too, trying to get our attention. I totally think she is the new bitch. I mean this girl is truly heinous- I think she's awful and annoying on Heroes. And she is totally disproportioned- she has a large head and this tiny little body- which while tiny is still not skinny. She is totally what Carrie would have looked like if they had made Petal in the Wind into a movie (if you don't get that reference you are dead to me!)

Daily Gossip

So in honour of Sheila needing something to read while she is sick at home here is some of the gossip that I've heard today.

First off- has anyone seen Courtney Love recently? I mean just a few months ago she was quite heavy set- then all of a sudden she is parading around stick thin in a bikini. They say she got a gastric band put on and I totally believe it- she is getting quite the Nicole Richie figure.

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were out in London last night saying they were engaged...and to this I say- Kate stop the madness! I mean really!? You had Johnny Depp for god's sake! And now this nasty baby faced crack head?! I guess he only smokes crack for 1/2 hour a day.....nasty! And to let him around your bad!

Not only may Leo Dicaprio be engaged to that model I had never heard of but rumour has it she's also pregnant. I totally don't believe any of it- he is way to private to let anything like that slip out of his camp!

Steve Sanders may pose for playgirl- but the most shocking part of this story is that David Silver posed 10 years ago...I don't know if I'm quite ready for that...

And finally for all the dumbasses out there there is now Hello Kitty airlines...seriously...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Elimination

Ok please let it be Sanjaya or Haley! Sanjaya or Haley!

God they are really playing up the Sanjaya angle! A hobbit or Sanjaya- I wouldn't mind if either of them were in the bottom far I completely agree with Phil and Haley... I mean Sanjaya looks like a nice guy- but he is just too much for me...

Oh Sanjaya- nice pretending that you are straight and want JLo's number- haha

Oh thank god it was Haley- she was useless!

Lost- One of Us

So this episode is supposed to reveal a lot about Juliet- I have to say I'm never seems to reveal enough for me!

Don't drink the koolaid! Don't drink the koolaid!! Oh they are on the submarine...interesting...

Oh no- Sawyer was being all nice and the leader then Jack comes strolling in....I hate Jack....get rid of him again! Ok I haven't liked Kate for a while but I do like her with Sawyer.

Oh that was quite the look when Ethan's name was mentioned- I wonder if they were luhvahs....

Her sister's cancer is back? And they didn't tell her?

Let's stick our resident Iraqi on her- hehe. Exactly they should not trust Jack- he has not shown the best judgment.

I know what's wrong with Claire because I did it to her- awesome!!

Oh it's not Ethan that she was sleeping with- it's the other old guy. She's been there for 3 years- what happened to her sister?

Oh the guy she was sleeping with was the one killed- now I see the link.

Oh so that is the big importance of Claire and her story- she proved Juliet's research....and was the first to give birth...

Of course she's a plant- how can they not realize that?!?! Oh I like that they activated a chip- that's awesome!

America's Next Top Model

They are profiling Whitney too much- she is totally going home- that is my prediction!

My god a lot of these girls have children- how old are they?!!? Oh it's sister sister!! I so never watched that show- hehe! I love me my UPN....anyways, what a great actress to teach them- HAHA!!

Oh god Natasha doing an accent is just grating. Oh god Brittany is retarded...I despise people who are "silly"

I love how they make it seem like it's hard to memorize something in 2 hours- are these people retarded?! I mean how long did they take to memorize soliloquy's in high school? We are taught to do this at an early age!

Vote for Pedro! I don't think these people understand what melodramatic is...I love how Renee has no friends to choose from. That is some bad acting people- act like you are excited about the t shirts- i mean he probably can't afford any more than that!

Let me's their families....She is mad about her babies hair/! That is too funny! So she fixes her hair right away! I would imagine that is painful for a little girl!

God Renee put her head scarf back on- why the hell does she where those?! Is she going for a ride in a convertible?

Oh so they are bringing back people who aren't working so have the time to come back- HAHA! I still think that Shannon is the prettiest girl from ANTM- I mean she was dumb as a stump but pretty.

Why is Tyra dressed like a cheap tarot card reader?! I still don't understand why Nigel loved those damn twins so much- they were awful! God awful!

Like I said it is Whitney! I mean I despise Jael and would love for her to be gone- I don't want to hear her voice anymore. But Whitney is not a model- she is a fun girl but not a model. She does not have the look- even of a plus size model. Yup- very predictable. Even Baxter knew that was coming!

Pussycat Doll Show

So I'm a few weeks behind but I need to catch up on this. I don't know what to say that I haven't already said- but yet I continue to be obsessed with this show. It's like a slutty train wreck. The creator's plastic surgery frightens me beyond belief- I swear she looks like a brunette Donatella Versace. God these girls make every song so damn serious- all the damn emoting....yet dressed in the sluttiest getup ever! I love that the girl started crying- classic! That has amused me beyond belief- awesome!

Mariela- awesome! She is so tone deaf- this shit is awesome! She looks and sounds like she's slow- awesome! I mean their "harmonies" kill me!

Oh god unbreak my heart- this song ruins my life. It is so god awful!! Aurevoir Mariela- you sucked....

Ok next episode! I love that she gets yelled at for not wearing her boob pads- haha!! Anastacia is off in the line dance.

Well if these 2 aren't ready to be with Pussycat dolls why are they still around!? Just get rid of them!

I'm sorry what is the difference between this and what they do now? They look to maybe be a bit more clothed...oh I guess it involves stripping...Anastacia is very stiff...

oh god what is with that yeah yeah eah thing...nasty! I don't think all the girls sang...oh hear we go...oh god here comes Christine Kidd....hey big spender! Anastacia is looking like a huge tranny! Oh god Asia's blinking thing when she sings is really freaky!

I would like to see Anastacia go but I think it will be Melissa S.

Oh it was Anastasia- buh bye

Pussycat Doll Show

So I'm a few weeks behind but I need to catch up on this. I don't know what to say that I haven't already said- but yet I continue to be obsessed with this show. It's like a slutty train wreck. The creator's plastic surgery frightens me beyond belief- I swear she looks like a brunette Donatella Versace. God these girls make every song so damn serious- all the damn emoting....yet dressed in the sluttiest getup ever! I love that the girl started crying- classic! That has amused me beyond belief- awesome!

Mariela- awesome! She is so tone deaf- this shit is awesome! She looks and sounds like she's slow- awesome! I mean their "harmonies" kill me!

Oh god unbreak my heart- this song ruins my life. It is so god awful!! Aurevoir Mariela- you sucked....

Ok next episode! I love that she gets yelled at for not wearing her boob pads- haha!! Anastacia is off in the line dance.

Well if these 2 aren't ready to be with Pussycat dolls why are they still around!? Just get rid of them!

I'm sorry what is the difference between this and what they do now? They look to maybe be a bit more clothed...oh I guess it involves stripping...Anastacia is very stiff...

oh god what is with that yeah yeah eah thing...nasty! I don't think all the girls sang...oh hear we go...oh god here comes Christine Kidd....hey big spender! Anastacia is looking like a huge tranny! Oh god Asia's blinking thing when she sings is really freaky!

I would like to see Anastacia go but I think it will be Melissa S.

Oh it was Anastasia- buh bye

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Idol- 9

Jennifer Lopez as a singing coach?! Really?! Seriously?! I mean the girl doesn't tour or sing live because...wait for it...she can't sing!! I mean teaching people how to act slutty- of course. To pout annoyingly- no doubt. To stick out and overplay their ass- most definitely! But not singing! This is so bad...

Melinda- side note- I need bangles. Lots and lots of bangles. Yes Melinda, it is hard to be sexy with no neck- but try! She is like a 60 year old lounge singer! Seriously- yawn. Oh god what is up with Paula's lipstick- yuck. Stupid cotton candy pink.

Lakisha- ok I am still shocked that JLo has to do this show- I mean she goes to the freaking Oscars- as a presenter obviously but still. I mean it wasn't horrid- but it wasn't great. It was a bit fast for her

Chris- god I hate this hobbit- and fittingly he chose a song I absolutely despise. This song makes me angry- and this combination is just irritating me beyond belief. I hate this kind of much! I like my men a bit manlier than this without all the whining- and that is saying a lot since Linz thinks all the guys I like are gay

Haley- well she decided to stick with the short short- I guess she figures that's the only way she'll get votes since she can't sing a note and you can hardly hear her. If I didn't already know all the words I wouldn't understand a word she is saying. The background singers are singing more than she is. She's doing a lot of oos and ahs- but no words. And those "big" notes were totally off key.

Phil- this is just reminding me that I have to add Carlos Santana to my island- for the love of god send him away so I'm not subjected to this awful music anymore. Phil is just freaky looking and out of his element. I mean he's not Sanjaya but he's still not great. And the little pube stach is doing nothing for me. boring. next.

Jordin- she almost looks like she is taking this song too seriously- which is completely ridiculous since it is a retarded song! But I love her voice- I like her the best of all the girls

Blake- nice using Mark Anthony as a reference. Maybe she should have explained his passions. Oh he is wearing the ugly hat- I hate men in hats. Especially when they are straw. Hate this song- but I do like him. He should be singing my Ricki Martin- he looks like he wants to shake his bonbon. I can do without the sexxay glances at the camera- not hot.

Sanjaya- ok Mandy got my hopes up about this. It would be fantastic if he came out and sang She bangs- to acknowledge that he can't sing. Plus I need to hear me some Ricki Martin- people I really truly do love him. Oh Christ- he sang this?!!? This Rico Suave song?!? Seriously....oh comes my supper...I really didn't want to puke tonight. Oh god- pan the camera back- pan it back!! The little stack and goatee- oh god...If you could see my face right now- I'm trying to look anywhere but the screen- and I'm pushing my head back into the couch. Oh god...only thing- I'd like to know what gel he's using- it is holding his curl well (in an ultrafemme way) without any frizz. Bottom line- you should never be allowed to sing in another language if you can't sing in your own first!

For the love of god get rid of Sanjaya

Dancing with the Stars

Ok I'm watching it tonight before the elimination show- I didn't have a chance to watch it last night

Laila- god this is horrible music! She just looks stiff and awkward- and the shape of that dress just makes her look bulky- not a good thing!

Apolo- ew. He is just repulsive. Oh god what is up with the flower on my dress- did I miss something?! Is it still 2003? They are pretty good though- I mean you can tell he's an athlete

Leeza- well she is brave wearing that. She is incredibly stiff- but I mean she's old. That was very boring. next

Ian- whenever I see a Waltz all I picture is Mme Manseau screaming "1-2-3- Shauna look up!" Ah good times....Anyways- it is pretty but simple...boring...

John- ok I just love him. He will always be Cliff Claven too me. I think he was in over his head doing the Paso Doble. But he's old- I still love him

Clyde- ugh just get tid of this guy! He's horrid- he has absolutely no rhythm. It's true- god this is boring!

Billy Ray Cyrus- I like that they showed the clip of her crying- totally trying to get votes! What is up with his hair?! I used to wear mine like that when I was in junior high! I mean the dress did most of the dancing- all the attention was on it.

Heather- oh god is this cow still around?! Yet again it is proven how retarded Americans are- they like her now because she can dance?! That suddenly makes her a good person!? Man these people are idiots! Nice saying it'll be hard to act like you are in love- we all know that you've been having an affair- dumbass! Boring!

Joey- I mean the boy has rhythm...Lou Pearlman likes 'em young and nubile after all! By far the best of the night- no doubt! And there's Lance! Lance!! Kaarina- this is the reason you should watch this!! Random Lance sightings!

And the babydaddy is....

LARRY BIRKHEAD!! I can't believe I was in the bathroom when Sara found out!! I knew it!

Last Night

So I did watch tv last night but didn't have a chance to blog to the Bachelor because I went over to Mandy's to watch it- yes occasionally I leave the safety and security of my apartment to venture out into the scary world.

First off I watched the Sons of Hollywood...I admit it! It's like a freakin train wreck- I thought that Kim Stewart was the biggest waste of space but no it turns out it's her brother Sean! God he's an idiot! From admitting that he has no singing talent but yelling at his father for not supporting his music career, to asking if an appendectomy would kill him, to bragging that he is going to "take" stem cells for his brain to get smarter....I mean this shit is classic! And then the bloated nasty Randy Spelling running into "fans" is too damn funny!!

Then I watched Little People Big World. People I love this show- I am obsessed with the Roloffs! I find them fascinating! I knew there was going to be the trebuchet accident but I just sat there all tense the whole episode waiting for it to happen....I'm so glad this show's back!

Then the bachelor...oh the bachelor...First off...he really is a bobo. He laughs at all of their idiocies- and doesn't seem the least bit annoyed. That Tina is the most irritating thing ever- her mouth and teeth drive me up the wall! And my ass guys break up with you because of your "ambition"- they break up with you because you are a "moron"!!

Peyton- I do like you but for the love of god please get an eyebrow pencil!!

The barbie twins- yuck. Yuck. Yuck. How could he keep one of them!?! Half of her face didn't move- and her one eye was always closed!! And the long dress- ugh. They didn't want to get their hair wet- their hair needs more moisture than the Sahara desert.

I think Amanda is totally in the lead- even though they didn't really show her last night...I think she will sneak up on us...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Who's a winner?! That's right- this girl!

So I got an email a little while ago from loulou magazine telling me that I had one a prize- it took me a little while to figure out what it was (I am so techno savvy)- a ton of perfume!!

I mean I didn't even know what Kenzo perfume was but I was damn excited! I love winning things! Plus I figured it would satisfy birthday gift requirements for my relatives.

For those of you who don't know I am a bit obsessed with entering online contests- I have been doing it for a few years but had won nothing....I swear I thought my luck had changed since Becca wasn't around

And for those of you who don't know this for a while in undergrad Becca was by far my lucky charm...I mean the girl was by me for some spectacular wins!

It started with a shopping trip at Harmony in downtown Kingston in fourth year- we went there because Becca wanted a few things...I was bored and by the cash so I filled out a ballot for a shopping spree...and I won!! I got the phone call and went downtown immediately to spend my 100 dollars (I think I went with Sheila and Marni but Kath might have been there). Unfortunately Becca missed all this and got pissed at me since I went without her- but I didn't mean to be malicious! I was just excited and have no patience!

Then the next year we went down to the sidewalk sale. In order to get all the free samples at the Shoppers display you had to sign up for an Optimum card. So we all signed up, got our free stuff and went home. A few weeks later Shoppers started calling me- and being paranoid I was convinced that my credit card had bounced or something. But no- it turns out that they were running a big promotion for students with the Optimum card and I WON! I won a thousand dollar travel voucher for anywhere in the world! How awesome is that?!? And Shoppers threw me a party in the parking lot at Shoppers with a big blow up bear and the Optimum hummer....good times.

Then it all got topped off at the end of fourth year. Becca, Marni and I went to the brass and they were having this big Miller Genuine Draft promotion. As soon as you got there they put your name in a hat and they were drawing names all night for crappy prizes. At first I was winning nothing- both of them got called and won tshirts or hats or something. But then they drew 10 names for the grand prize...and wouldn't you know it but my name was called! Then they put all the names in the hat and drew one name at a time- the last one in the hat would win. And weirdest thing- I just knew I'd win...because Becca was so pissed! She was in the audience freaking out that I would win again instead of her...and I did!! I won me a party lamp!! HAHA! It was like a disco ball rotating lamp was classy!

But I haven't won anything since- and low and behold here I go winning again! Maybe I don't need Becca after all....or if I get her involved again I can get some big ass prizes! HEHE!!

So my perfume expert Lisa Kenny told me that she loved Kenzo- I looked it up and it looks pretty cool! Now I'm excited- it it for the soft, sensual, feminine woman- who is obviously me!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Amazing Race All Stars

Not that I like Eric and Danielle- but I do enjoy when they make fun of Charla and Mirna.

Ok I just saw the remaining teams- of these I really only like Oswald and Danny- and I feel I need to emphasize this...I do love them. But I really don't care for the other teams. As long as Charla and Mirna get kicked off first- how the hell did they get a better flight?!? What is wrong with these teams?!

Oh god I'm going to have nightmares of Mirna saying the word cookie tonight- why the fuck does she talk in weird voices?!!? I HATE voices!!

Why the hell are they all biting the cookies?!!? Just break them with your hands! Or throw the box on the ground then jump on them- find the black!

Oh god that is scary- future Charla and Mirna's?! Frightening!!

Oh I'm glad Uchenna and Joyce are gone- I find them to be such an overrated team!!

Bad Movies..

So I have a ridiculous obsession with bad movies- I really don't know why....I think it stems back to my childhood and teenage years (PIN anyone?!). If given the option of an Oscar nominated movie and a Razzie winner on my movie channels- I usually will chose the Razzie winner. I still haven't seen Cold Mountain or Shawshank Redemption- but I was all over Glitter and Crossroads

So this weekend I have watched a ridiculous amount of movies. And last night was the worst- and I knew it would be bad but I'm always intrigued about just how bad things really are. I mean in general I think the movies that most people like are absolutely retarded so I need to gauge things for myself. So I watched Poseidon.....SO BAD! Oh god it was horrid- it was more melodramatic than Titanic....I mean within 10 minutes the boat was turned over- there was no time to get involved with any characters. And what the hell was Richard Dreyfuss thinking- he had like 10 lines! Kurt Russell is my favourite type of actor- he acts the exact same way in every movie- I love the bad machismo. But this was way too much. And the Emmy Rossum- I mean I didn't have that many feelings towards her before but after this I am totally with Lainey- she is absolutely nauseating. And the child who looked like he was from Whoville...I HATE CHILD ACTORS!! Why don't they let them die?! I mean I think the whole movie can be summed up by the fact that the "sexy" singer was Fergie....nasty...

Saturday, April 7, 2007

For all you church goers...

Say a little prayer for Borat tomorrow- he has been "swimming" on his side for 2 days now...I'm pretty shure he's ill.....he's still alive though because when I tap on the bowl he moves around....but he is quite lethargic

And I swear it's because I cleaned his bowl- he lived in his self created environment perfectly content for months- I clean it and he gets ill....

Beautiful Girls- the tale of KL?

So I Just watched beautiful girls and it gave me the strangest sense of deja vu. A 29 year old falling in love and hitting on a 13 year old....Group of guys who were cool in high school and now work crap local jobs so they can live in the past only thinking about the glory days....people who are 29 yet still have drama with their high school boyfriends....who spend their spare time drinking in a fishing shack....if only I could figure out why this seems so familiar...

Friday, April 6, 2007

Tristan and Isolde

Ok I've liked James Franco ever since Freaks and Geeks (god I miss that show!) But I haven't really been all that attracted to him....until now

So I just watched Tristan and Isolde and my lord- this guy is a sexy beast...Christ he's hot!! I don't even want to delete it from my tivo since he's so hot- it might have to go next to Y Tu Mama Tambien....and that's all I have to say about that...


Thursday TV

First off- I missed some of my shows because I was out eating German food and beer. I had forgotten just how much I loved those two things- I mean schnitzel and blond beer....amazing! I had such a goodnight!

So now I'm catching up. Scrubs made me cry- I just love that show

As for the Office- this is a fantastic episode! Angela getting all turned on by Dwight's bravery- priceless! And Toby calling Michael a genius for putting Ryan and Kelly together- hysterical! God I love this show! Then topping it off with the woman's suit- god I love this show!

Usher Jennifer Hudson Kippur- CLASSIC!! That is the best baby name ever!!

Oh god the Dwight/Angela kiss and Jim's reaction was amazing!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

LC Sex Tape?!

So Jason- that nasty ass piece of scum from Laguna who is incredibly unattractive- is now trying to sell a tape of him and Lauren having sex. I mean no one wants to see that! She is supposed to be the girl next the thought of seeing him naked makes me puke in mouth!

Couples News

So all the magasines are pimping out Jake and Reese as a new couple and I don't know if I buy it a publicity stunt?! Yes they went for dinner but they are working on a movie together- maybe they are just friends...I still think that he's toothy tile and is gay!

Jessica Alba has been spotted looking all depressed without the no-name boyfriend who usually is attached to her hip- and I say....who cares!? This girl is totally!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

American Idol Elimination

Let me guess- they are doing what they did in season 3 and it's the top three girls who are out! Or not- they are safe!

Oh god Sanjaya is safe....again!?!? Good lord! This was bottom three makes sense- none of them are very good- they'll be gone soon enough.

God please let it be Haley- she is horrid! I do like Gina's eye makeup- I need to try it. After my television viewing tonight I am very motivated to get a good pair of fake eyelashes!

Gina was not the worst- it should be Sanjaya or Haley, or Chris or Phil. She was better than all of them.


Woohoo!! I'm done with my french class! It is actually bittersweet. I enjoyed this class more than almost any other from my university days. My prof was amazing- he was so charasmatic and idealistic- he totally was Robin Williams from Dead Poet Society! He was so encouraging and he was so smart- he knew the etiology of pretty much every single french word. It was a nice break during my day to go there- and I feel so much more confident with my french. It's like I'm back in high school! I just will not miss the homework- it'll be nice to have my evenings again! I mean I like being able to do whatever I want- not that I do very many exciting things but I like having the option- hehe!

I mean I must have liked this class- I actually studied and worked. I turned down MSN conversations to study- I never used to do this!

Lost- Left Behind

Go Juliette! That was awesome! Kate is way too overrated!!

Oh gas masks- that is intriguing! Are they poisoning Kate?! With what/!

Kate has been banished with Juliette/!? Interesting!

Let me guess- it's the other girl in a wig....oh that was predictable

They are handcuffed together? Now that is interesting! Is this some sort of psychological experiment? Oh god wet cat fight- really!? Is this for the male geek viewer?

What the hell just happened? Are they ever going to explain this shit?!

I bet there is no vote- but Hurley is just playing with Sawyer. That is pretty amusing!

Oh she had the key- interesting! Very very interesting! So she was part of this experiment too!

I love how Sawyer is stepping up to the plate- he is so sexy in a gruff way!

I so don't understand this Kate storyline- why are Jack and Sayid still there?! And how did Juliette know- why doesn't she admit that she is part of it!?

So Cassidy was ripped off by Sawyer?! And she is the mother of his child?! Isn't this ironic!!

America's Next Top Model

Beat them skinny bitches- hehe! THat is my motto every single time I spin! Now she is excited to be in front of Twiggy?! They have all seen her in judging- moron!

Oh yuck Melrose- ew! Christ I hate her! She is so ugly! I didn't realize she was that tall- she looks huge beside Twiggy! What a stupid challenge- changing their names!?!? This is retarded! I know that Eva changed her name- why didn't they get her?!!? Why would Renee say that outloud?! God she is odd!!

Smart water! Hehe! What the dumbasses will buy! Oh god it's sister sister! Ok I love Jael now! Telling Jason from Laguna that he is lame! That's fantastic! Nicki Haskell frightnens me beyond belief! Look at Jael is trying to pick up 50 cent- that is too funny!

I love how 50 cent is so annoyed by Jael- that is too funny! Then he pushed her in the pool...while it's funny it's just lovely how violent he is....what a catch...

Natasha is so simple- that is too funny! Why the hell does Renee have that thing on her head?! I like that he is telling them off for going in the pool?! I impressed them?!?! That is too funny! How the hell did Natasha get in the pool?!

I love that Renee told Nicole that she hated Jael- why did Nicole say something?! This seems a bit staged to me

I love Renee's hair during this photo shoot- it looks fantastic! I wish they would cut off the back!

God Tyra those are quite the eyelashes! Wow I love that they all told Tyra that they hate Renee!!

I have GOT to get me a black fabric band! I have an old one from when I was 12 but it is ridiculously faded!

God get rid of that weave on Britney- it is driving me nuts!!

Hehe- call me Nene (if you don't know why then I can't help you...)

Ok bottom two- Jael and Whitney

Going home- Whitney

Oh I was wrong- god usually I am on the ball with this! Maybe Renee and Whitney?

God I am just sinking!

I really wouldn't mind if Sara goes home- she is annoying to me...but I don't see a model in Whitney

Well I didn't initially pick her but buhbye Sara- she was annoying

Pussycat Doll Show

Ok this is for last week's- I didn't have a chance to watch it before.

Why on earth do they have all those jars of candy??!?! They want them to stay skinny but they put all that in front of them?!?

Carmit?! What the hell kind of name is that?!? How the hell is being a pussycat doll going to show your individuality?!! No one knows their name!!

Once they have to lead the bitchiness really comes out! I love how they are all upset that they weren't the sluttiest ones with the boys

God Lil' Kim's face doesn't really move anymore! I love how they include pole dancing in their routine- I can't believe people would mistake them for strippers! hehe

Thank god it was Cicely- i hated her!

American Idol- 9

First off- Christ I HATE crooning!! HATE IT!! Tony Bennett- blech!! People he is tone deaf- tone deaf!! Anyways- I guess I have to listen to this shit....

Blake- I mean it was ok- he was trying to be all suave....oh god I didn't need the scatting at the end- I hate that shit!! HATE IT! But I mean he wasn't horrid- he does have pitch problems though...nothing a mixer can't fix...

Phil-oh god he should not let his grow in! It is better completely shaven! Oh god I'm just cringing- this music is just painful!! Painful!! Actually- he is singing this pretty well- I mean I think he sings this better than his other stuff....

Melinda- Again- I really need to know who is styling this girl- it is freaking atrocious!! but i mean she is talented- no one on earth can deny that! I mean I think this is her best performance....but god I hate her constant surprise!

Chris- god the hat just emphasizes the triangular head- he looks like a hobbit!! A hobbit I tell you!! I mean he is just singing and not doing too many runs- better than usual! At lease he seems enthusiastic...

Jordin- well again she is doing well- she has a great voice- and I think she is actually much more young and sellable then Melinda and Lakisha. I like her a lot

Gina- oh god this is one of my alltime most hated songs! Well she is singing it well! I think she did a really nice job- best she's sounded.

Sanjaya- I love that he knows that no one thinks he can sing....I just hate all the Micheal Jackson in him....oh god look at that pube stach!! Eek!! Oh god looks like Clive as Neil Diamond- and that was not a good look! Well at least the facial hair makes him look less like Nas! Oh god this guy can't sing- I mean they always have 1 who is pretty atrocious...put this guy out of his misery! So bad!! I do feel bad because this guy is a nice guy....

Haley- like Sanjaya this girl is too weak for this competition! That is quite the hoochy dress- is she going to rip it off to do a strip tease for some votes?! Next....boring...

Lakisha- boring....this music is just horrid! Ok the end was good- still hate the music

For the love of god let Sanjaya or Haley go home!! And have better music next week!