Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canada's Next Top Model

Oh so excited!! I didn't realize this was starting so soon! Oh this is fantastic- I thought nothing was on tonight! let there be a northern Ontario girl!! Styled David Bowie?! Impressive...impressive indeed...

So far Jay is way more charismatic than Tricia Helfer- I mean I like her on Battlestar Galactica but she was a horrid host. Oh yay top 20- I love eliminations!

Stacey Mackenzie is sooo frightening...oh Nole- I love him! Him and his ridiculously small dog!

Meghan- why the hell did you go with braces?!?!/ They don't want a girl with braces!! Oh Kaarina elle is like you - she of the multicoloured eyes..and ginormous boobs

I like Jacqueline- she has my hair!

That girl has been pursuing modeling for a long time and those are her only 3 poses?

Good lord I"m a better dancer than the girl who ikes to dance- and that is not saying much.

I love photography- I just don't know any of their names...idiots...

Val Caron?!! Nice- there is a Northern girl!

Wow the oreal product placement in the canadian version is ridiculous! They really needed money to fund this show!

Gina looks really old...photographs old...

Jay you rock that snakeskin! Kari stand up straight- better posture- represent!

I need to make my hair redder- I want her hair...Oh Mika looks really old...I don't like it

I really don't like Sinead's shot- she is much prettier in real life

My guess is Steff is going home- that was a pretty horrendous shot. Oh I was wrong- but I don't really care. I'm glad Mika is going home- anyone who brags about her rich business man father needs to go.

Oh were doing so well..

So the sun is reporting that Britney was supposedly so drunk on Sunday night at the Sky Bar that she was found in the men's washroom with vomit all over herself and she had to be carried out. Again, I'm glad rehab works! Oh the denial this girl is in...

Girl or Boy?

Ok just saw this on Perez and had to post it...this people is a picture of Celine with her SON Rene Charles. That's right people- that is a boy. Now I though Ryder Russell was girly...but take a look at this! Thank god he has the money for bodyguards to keep bullies at bay! Also please note the chair- I mean for all of her faults that is a pretty nice chair...hehe!


Don't Cry for me Argentina

Yes don't cry little ones- unless something huge happens in the next few hours I will probably not be posting for a week- I'm off to Chicago of the John's. Oh I am so stalking you John Hughes and John Cusack. Off to sing Danke Shen down the stare at the Adventures in Babysitting Building...oh so exciting!! But I'll be back next week!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Miss Universe

Ok this post might have to be finished in the morning- I'm still sick and sleepy...I don't know if I can stay up for the whole show..but we'll see.

Seriously?! Canada dressed in a slutty hockey uniform for the costume parade...I mean they need to be big and flashy and ugly! God this part is so embarassing!

So I went to bed last night and didn't bother watching this- I just didn't feel very well...Plus this show is just horrid...Donald Trump should not be allowed to have control over a pageant. I mean what happened to the meet the press section where they were bombarded with questions- that was awesome! Then in Miss America thre was talent- talent rocked! And who the hell gets some sort of nameless Deal or No Deal Briefcase girl as a judge?! This is just do I pick a favorite if they don't speak!

What kind of interest is playing with your dog?! I mean doesn't everyone do that- that means you have nothing else to say! And Miss Korea's name is Honey Lee?! Isn't that a porn name?!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Miss Usa falling right on her ass was amazing! ! And she is not walking well at all- how the hell did she get such a high score?!?!

This entire show is practically filler...I mean I have always loved pageants...but they are just getting so lame...

What kind of question is that Dave Navarro?! This isn't the Dating game!

God these girls are idiots- none of them are actually answering the questions. I mean the question to USA was about an event in her past that she would go back and change- she just plugged that she worked for Oprah. And who cares that you danced as a kid- so did all of us!!

I love when they realize they lost- they get so confused and sad. I wonder if the winnr is all preplanned- that they want to hold the pageant there next year so she won!

All and all...crap

Lilo Part 3- Back to Rehab

So Lindsay followed in BritBrit's footsteps and checked herself into Promises in Malibu this afternoon. Now here is the big question- did she go for damage control aka publicity...or did she go because she is genuinely wanting to change?! I think it's all about the publicity...I mean this is a girl who has serious issues- I don't think she came around that easily. And you can bet my shoe collection that her mother will be milking the publicity on this like CRAZY!!

Lilo Drinking...Again

So if you had just been arrested the night before for a DUI what would you be doing? Crying in shame in your house, hiding from the public?! Not our girl Lilo- she went and got blitzed last night- so much so that she had to be carried to her car. Nice. This girl needs some help asap.


Lindsay's DUI

So Lilo went and drove drunk this weekend- went up on a curb and hit a tree with 2 passengers in her car. She fled the scene of the accident, sent her bodyguard back to take the car and was arrested at the hospital. She was then arrested for DUI and for having a "usable" amount of cocaine. What exactly is a "usable" amount as compared to "unusable"?~ Anyways- hopefully she goes to jail with Paris. Throw away the key!! Useless!

Mischa OD

According to Lainey Mischa Barton was rushed to the hospital after a night of partying for an “adverse reaction to medication”. Well I would think you're body would reject the amount of drugs these girls take- especially considering the lack of food they put into their bodies. Who the hell do they think they are kidding- they are trying to say she was sick with bronchitis in Cannes- but Lainey saw her and said she was fine. I mean I've had bronchitis- and I was sick as a dog. Didn't leave my bed for like a week. Nice role models. When I was a kid we had Tiffany and Debbie Gibson- saccharine yes. But not drug addicted anorexics.


Unacceptable PDA

Ok I hate PDA. I admit it. Never liked it- never will. There is just no need. People- no one wants to see it. You might think you are cute...but you aren't. It's nauseating...and I break up with friends because of it. So here is Adam Brody macking it on a lawn at a party...this is a guy who was so private when he was with Rachel Bilson for years- yet here he is going at it in front of people. Nasty. Seth would never have done this...neither would it wrong when you prefer their characters to them?


Friday, May 25, 2007

Time to Reset the Tivo

So Rosie has officially quit the View- and I am officially resetting the tivo. There is no way I'm watching that dumbass Elizabeth anymore...I do feel bad for Joy though because her ship is definitely sinking

Au revoir Rosie?

It seems like Rosie is off the View. If you read her blog you can see that she does not want to go back- I don't think she will return. She has said all she wants to and wants nothing to do with it. That retard Elizabeth is saying to the press that her and Rosie will get over because they are friends and it was only a political discussion. It is sad that someone is allowed to voice their opinion on tv who is so stupid and ignorant that she can't see that the fight was personal. Rosie said she has not spoken to Elizabeth. And the biggest shocker- Trump has given his opinion and he is siding with...Rosie! In a statement he said that "Elizabeth (Hasselbeck) is not a very smart of the dumber people in television. To see that she supports the war...only an imbecile could do that". Kudos Donald. And the funniest part- someone drew all over every picture of Elizabeth at ABC- HAHAHAH!

Well that is it for the View- it will totally die without can Barbara not see that?!

PS. It is sad to know that the world is full of such stupidity- I was reading Rosie's blog and all these people are telling her she should die- these are the same idiots probably who burned Dixie Chicks sad...I hate people...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Finale

I can't believe Apolo won. He was gross and repulsive to look like. But I guess it just once again proves to me that the majority of people are idiots...

TV Spoilers

So Isaiah Washington is pretty much off Grey's- he's been meeting with producers about new shows.

Also, both Peter and Nathan will be back on Heroes next season- I guess Nathan probably let him go and flew off- and Peter was able to regenerate.

Veronica Mars- Series Finale

I can't believe this is my last new Veronica Mars sad....god this show at the beginning was fantastic!!

Oh my god Piz video'd them?!?!? Go Logan- beat his ass!! Oh Logan good riddance- you don't need her! She is annoying..and obviously suicidal


It was instinct- I always forward porn- Dick...hehe

Yay Weevil! Bring him back onto the show!! Make him badass! Oh please be back in high school- that is when the show was fantastic!!

HAHA- Awesome singing! So far this show is rocking!

Wallace is a pledge?! I KNEW IT! I knew it was him!!

Ok this Wallace stuff is completely fucked up- he doesn't really seem like someone who would join a frat.

Why the hell is there a ginormous picture of Lily Kane?!? Oh I forgot- I heard Jake was going to be in this episode. I guess this is the new house.

Oh no- please don't tell me that Keith finds the sex tape and watches it!! Oh there we go- Veronica is going to lose her dad the election.

Oh no, oh no. That Gorya guy just pissed off Logan- he is going to go after him...and he will get killed...oh god don't kill my Logan!! Ach!! I bet Piz is associated with that Russian guy...they are both Russian...

JESUS CHRIST?!!? Rob Thomas- what the hell is wrong with you?!!? I mean you gave me this show that I fell in love with for 2 years...then this past year it was pretty bad....but we all knew the show was probably going to be cancelled. Instead of giving us a worthy series finale- he gave us this shit! He probably thought he'd leave us hanging and maybe convince the CW to renew the show to make sure we find out what happens...but in my world this was one of the worst finales ever. There really wasn't a big reveal or big huge story- like the previous 2 season finales. It was just depressing at the end- the first 45 minutes were fantastic but then it went to disappointing...

Daily Bitch Please

Ok I am just watching this crap now and let me tell you- it may be the drugs talking but really this show is pretty horrid. I mean starting with Stephany- those fake boobs and the tacky dress are pretty horrid. And Amber having to go on and on about how mature she is- though doth protest too much.

Then Bevin comes out with a pink cast on. Bitch Please!! Are you freakin kidding me!! The girl went hiking through a rainforest, she ran around on heels...but her ankle was broken?!!? And wasn't it like 4 MONTHS AGO!! Fuckin Bevin- aren't we just trying a little too hard for sympathy?!?

Oh god I forgot Tessa's muffin joke- that was sooo pathetic!!

What the hell happened to Sadie?!!? She was the girl next door and now she has ginormous breasts!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Finale

First off- GO JORDIN!

Next- Gwen Stefani is a horrible lipsyncher! Horrible!!

Kelly Clarkson- you're great! I love her! Screw Clive Davis- you're fabulous!

Carrie Underwood- fabulous song! LOVE THIS SONG! Hate the outfit...I mean seriously...really?! This is what you are wearing?!! On the finale with this many users?!? Jeans?! People come on- is this Friday?! Or Casual?! Stupid Jeans!!

Oh god they have crying girl back?! Seriously?! And a wind machin?! Joe Perry I'm not the biggest Aerosmith fan but common- this is quite pathetic!

GREEN DAY?!?! What the hell?! I thought you didn't want to be an American Idiot?! I guess the audience on this show is pretty great...and maybe they are trying to bring a message...but really let's be honest- I'm disappointed...I guess they are trying to teach these people what the word Darfur means...

Oh they let Taylor Hicks come America now realizing that he isn't an Idol?! I mean even Clive Davis was trying to make excuses for him!

Oh Jordin I love that dress! Fabulous! Took long enough to see the finalists- it's only been an hour and a half! Singing with Ruben...interesting...I can totally sense the sexual tension...well it's nice they dragged him out from under that rock he's been living under... Let me guess- Blake will sing with Fantasia.

BETTE MIDLER?!?! Oh my god!! IT"S WING BENEATH MY WINGS!!!!!! Where the hell is my karaoke machine?!?!? Jesus! Oh god beaches memories flooding in...might break down...I heart her. I have fastforwarded through every performance so far...I don't know if I can do that with this...although she is not belting it to my liking...oh god there goes Barbara Hershey...oh she's so camp I adore her...she's like 60 in a leather skirt- awesome...I think she realizes this is ridiculous- which is why I love her! I mean I had heard Britney was going to do this show...still waiting...she isn't even singing this song...disappointment all over...again I say- where is my karaoke machine?!? Even when she doesn't give a rat's ass I adore her

Sergeant Pepper- interesting...trying to put rock into this bubble gum show...interesting...I bet most of the dumbasses watching couldn't name 5 beatles songs...btw I do admit I'm a dumbass for watching this...Why are they letting Taylor sing this? Is Paul McCartney there?!?! Is that why they are doing this?! Carrie I LOVE the outfit! The dress is amazing!! Oh this is a painful version Carrie! Has she ever heard this song?! OH NO!! NO R&B Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?!?! Did Michael Jackson allow them to use these songs!?!? What the hell is happening??! Where's Fantasia?! I thought a Beatle was going to come out!

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?! I just watched the entire 2 hours- and there was no crowning of a winner!! I set it to tape- and noone was name the American Idol!! What the hell?!

UPDATE- I ended up taping the show after it later in the evening (yay time shifting package!) and I watched the results this morning. Go Jordin!! And now it's time for Blake to join Taylor under the rock...

Fine Men In Suits

I'll say it before and I'll say it again...There is nothing that I like better than a man in a well cut suit...and the Ocean's cast totally fulfills that! Oh Brad...looking good!

Lost Finale

Ok I do not like Jack with the beard- not a good look!

Look at Laura beating up Charlie....oh now Patch doesn't trust Ben...there is going to be a mutiny!!

Oh no they got captured...Jin was not a good shot- they should have used Sawyer

Oh god Laura now has the most horrid arms I've ever seen- she has gotten quite haggaard with age

Poor Bernard- he should not have been left behind...he's old and scared!

I hope they kill Kate- I cannot deal with her anymore. Yes Kate I'm sure you alone can save them...

Oh there is so going to be a mutiny- cyclops is totally going to get rid of the jammed signal! Oh and Ben- kill your daughter...god she is so freakin annoying

Stop being mean to Hurley about his size!! Poor Hurley! I hope he saves the day...with his Volkswagon

Locke's alive! I knew it! Time for the confrontatition with Jack! But he's paralyzed again...interesting twist! No! Don't kill yourself! What?! Now Walt is back!?

Jack is kissing Juliette but telling Kate he loves her?! Yuck.

I wonder if Ben is telling the truth...if there will be a third party that comes in that makes the castaways join forces with the others?

Now this is why I DESPISE Jack...he claims he's a leader but he maks all the wrong decisions...why do these people follow this idiot!?

I bet when they enter Good Vibrations it will flood the station.

Of course they are still alive! I mean they have to be! And of course Hurley saved the day! Awesome!! I knew it- I knew he'd get the van! Wow I did not expect Sawyer to just shoot him.

I didn't believe him- Sawyer. So macho

After all that Charlie dies! Why didn't he leave and close the door?! Oh no they killed Charlie- this is quite the bad death!!

I bet Desmond gets back to the beach in time to message them that Naomi is a traitor...maybe they will all band together

Again- note how Jack is trusting the wrong person! Jack never knews what he is doing! Go Locke! Kill him! Dudes- this is bad!

Jack and Kate knew each other from before?!!? What now?!!? He wanted it to crash!? So why is he trying to get off the plane!? Is this a scene from the future?!!? What the hell!? This makes no bloody sense to me...other than they are saying they should not be rescued...

American Idol- 2

To start off with- I think Jordin has this in the bag.

Blake- oh god not the beatboxing crap again?! Again I say- have you seen that guy since Police Academy!? That's right- you can't get a career doing that shit! Well I could be wrong...this is a world that allows Elizabeth Hasselbeck to speak on tv!

Jordin- ok I actually don't think I love her doing this song- but I do love her. She has this in the bag!!

Why is Randy dressed like a priest?! Why is Paula allowed to speak?!

Blake- why is he making this so whiny and moody?! He did it well the first time- it is too boody for me...can't stand it...and I love this song. The off key falsetto is also totally unnecessary!! not attractive!!

Jordin- hate the song still, but like her

Ok there is no use to keep repeating myself- it is all about Jordin

Heroes Finale

So is Nathan the bad one that Molly is scared of?

Oh so HRG's name is Noah- is that one of the big reveals?! I need to see a bomb dammit!

Oh go peter- get all badass! Seriously?! All it took was a sword to the chest to kill Sylar?! All those abiities and that's it?! Why are they all just sitting around while he is about to explode!? Oh so they make the cheerleader the hero- I guess it makes sense...I mean save the cheerleader save the world...If only she was not so freakin annoying...

Why not just shoot Peter?! He can regenerate!! Why is Nathan killing himself?! Overdramatic and unnecessary...pretty much like the rest of this show...

Why on earth did they bring ANOTHER child on this show- Molly is unbelievably annoying as well. So they killed off the Petrelli's...they didn't explain what the mother's power was in full. Annoying. Killing off Adrian Pasdar...the hot part of this show...

Oh look...sylar went down the sewer...shocking...dudes- you always chop off the head!! Always! Even I know that!

Ok that ending was retarded...why do I watch this show!?!?

The Bachelor Finale

So Monday night we went out after the conference in Montreal. First of all we went to a restaurant on St Denis called Academie which was GENIUS!! There was a liquor store next to the restaurant so we bought the cheapest bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (we are all class!) then we went to the restaurant- and there was no corking fee!! IT WAS GENIUS!! We ate dinner with the director and my boss- and of course I got drunk (again, classy!) Supposedly I was funny....but it was an odd night. Many stories have know come out of it

Leonardo DiCaprio is dreamy- Chad

Then we went out for dessert...but Patti and I cut the night short because we had to go watch the bachelor. We missed the first hour but got there for his date with Tessa. And she was working it- I mean she was definitely playing the game. Then they flew in the friend- I found it odd that the friend was helping him make a decision when he hadn't even met the girl.

So Patti, Karen and I were watching it and talking during the commercials. In the past they always set it up that one looks like she'll win because she's the favourite...then he picks the one who it doesn't appear that he liked. So they were really setting up Tessa and talking about love. But I figured she would win because they really need to rejuvenate the city. They want a couple that people will root for. They want to show that the show really does work. They want to show us the entire love story of a couple so we will want to see them get married and keep watching them.

I loved watching him in deep thought trying to make his decision- running shirtless on the beach, sitting thinking shirtless...awesome!

So first came Bevin- and when it's the first girl out of the car you know she's the one who has been rejected! He actually did look pretty pained rejecting her- I mean the other guys never usually care enough. Then she did some pretty painful crying and left. There was no way he was going to pick a divorced Bahai- come on people! This is the all american christian boy!

Then came Tessa- in a god awful dress. So ugly! This girl can't dress to save her life- the back of the dress was just horrid!! And then he proposed...and out came Love Lift Us UP....and he lifted her up...hehe! Fantastic!


So I just discovered Rosie's blog and was reading it and it appears that she is pretty upset and just might not go back. She does not want any part in this show. That is just scary- that Elizabeth will be left alone to spew her ignorance. Once she leaves I will be done with the View forever. If they win, Elizabeth had better just send hers to Rosie since she will be the only reason they won.


I'm back!! I have not been neglecting you- I was in Montreal for the week. But now I'm back and watching Elizabeth being a moron towards Rosie. Rosie call her a coward! Bringing up Donald Trump- christ she's a bitch! GO ROSIE!! For the love of god people let's take a stand- we need to do something to banish that retard Elizabeth- no one that stupid should be allowed in public

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Happy Birthday to Ms. Julie Woolie....I can't believe we are turning disturbing...but of course I wish you the bestest day ever! You know if I was home I would be coming out of my retirement to high kick to 1-2-3-4 All the Ladies on the Floor at the Franklin!!

Ugly Betty

Dorkus Interruptus...hehe!

I absolutely love the comparaison between the two weddings- classic

Oh God I've never really been a Gina Gershon fan but she is fantastic in this role...too funny!

I read a spoiler that Betty's dad was going to be killed off- I wonder how they'll do it? I'm sure in some sort of soap opera way so he can come back in the future- god I love me the camp!!

The goodbye montage with Wilhemina and Mark was fantastic...I love these two! They are up there on my list of top tv duos...they are almost at JD and Turk levels!!

Ok the ending of this show was simply amazing. I mean all of the cliffhangers- to the music of WestSide Story...genius! And they killed Santos...Santos! I totally thought it would be the father! That was pretty sad- but genius how the combined Hilda finding out and Justin dying on the stage...loved it!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Jessie gets dumped by John Mayer...again

As per Perez John Mayer has dumped Jessica Simpson. I guess the novelty of urinating on something bright orange and plastic wore off

Somebody Feed Courtney

Ok I've never been the biggest Courtney Love fan but even I can see this woman needs help! Someone get her a sandwich...she is frightningly anorexic right now...


Say it Ain't So!!

Oh no!! Brad Pitt got a tattoo?!!? Why would he do that- he had such a perfect unblemished body...and then he added this?!?! Please someone tell me that he just let Maddox draw on his arm...

I mean I do like him and Angelina but I don't like the influence she's had on him if he's doing this!! It looks like a budget version of her in Tomb Raider...and that was NOT a good movie!


UPDATE- it's actually a pic of the iceman Oetzi who is the oldest mummy in Europe...and to that I say....why the hell would you get it tattoed on your body!? Plus Brad supposedly got another tattoo on his lower back last year- the same Buddhist prayer Angelina has...yuck!!


What's Worse?

I'm not sure which is worse people- BritBrit with her wigs or these tacky ass extensions she got put on- I mean look at those tracks! That's horrid!! Throw a tarp over that shit...



This is how much I love ya Reina- I'm putting up a very unflattering pic of me because you look good in it!

Head to toe...I know...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Office

Michael sold his condo on ebay?! For 80% what he paid- oh god this is funny!

I love Angela and Dwight's foreplay- it just so creepy and weird it's sexy!

HAHA!! Dwight is using one of those dirtbag forearm builders that I was talking about today! It's what Fred Savage used in that made for tv movie when he was the abusive boyfriend and slit DJ Tanner's throat....ok back to the Office

Swing low sweet chariots! haha!

I am sooo bringing my mini tape recorder the next time I make a big exit!

A Schrute buck- is that like a budget buck? Because I was the first person to ever get one of those- god I ROCK!

Did you hear that Jenna Fischer fell down a flight of stairs yesterday and fractured her back in 4 places? Poor Pam!

Oh god that ending was FANTASTIC!! It's a date! God they're cute!! Oh it wasn't the ending...are they going to change it? Ryan got the job!?!?! Ryan has an MBA? THAT WAS AWESOME! ! Poor Kelly!

Grey's Anatomy

So let's see at the end of this how many of my predictions actually come true.

Why would Burke be treating the pregnant woman and not Addison?

And here's the husband- she should be taking Jane Doe away so Alex can become a sexy beast again. Oh it's Griffin- or the other one..I don't know which is which.

You tell her Derek! Tell her she should be worried!

Of course Addison didn't get the job- she needs to move to California...although is it wrong that although she's a fictional character it makes me feel better when someone like her feels alone and lonely

That piece is 5 generations old? Sure it is...

Oh Izzie SHUT UP! Sanctimonious cow...I think that you have proved that you don't respect the sanctity of marriage!

Of course the axe did not go in by accident- they wouldn't have covered it up if it was an accident.

Oh Bailey didn't get chief resident...the chief doesn't want her to lose her family but I think it is too late for that!

Oh the baby was so the Chief's!

Wow Izzie way to respect his marriage- and for the love of god STOP calling yourself his best friend...just STOP!! I always tell married people that I am in love with them...that's how I respect their vows. God I can't believe how much I hate her! Last year I loved this character and now I just can't stand her!!

How the hell did they get these scores so quickly?!!? They just wrote the test the day before? This show is really missing any sort of reality these days.

Alex- let her go. She is annoying and I hate the storyline. Although I do like that she asked him if he sniffed too much glue as a child- I may have to use that line

God Meredith is a haggard looking thing...her skin is just horrid- it's time for Ellen Pompeo to get some serious derm treatments this summer

When McDreamy gets al emotional like that all I can see is Ronald standing outside Cindy's house begging her to forgive him...god I love that movie! I still break out the african anteater ritual whenever I can!

Alex how on earth could you pick Ava over Addison- that just makes no sense!! This stupid spinoff ruined a fantastic storyline!!

Oh so George was the one who failed- interesting...

I'm sorry but this is the ugliest wedding ever! The dresses are horrible, especially the wedding gown, the bridal bouquet is horrid...Although I did just like that Christina moment

Oh he's cancelling the wedding- I KNEW IT!! How on earth are there that many people at this wedding?! I mean she had no one at her bridal shower but this many people came their wedding? And there is Sandra Oh's Emmy reel

I love this breathing song...I KNEW IT!! I KNEW SHE WAS THE SISTER!! Oh Derek is chief- but he didn't tell Preston. Oh I like that the chief is going to keep his job- his role is needed on this show. Ok so where were the big "twists" in the episode- i hate the false advertising of this show!!

So time to count how many things I was right about. I was pretty much right about Adele and the Chief- it is implied they stick together. And I was right about both people who got Chief. I just didn't exactly get the scenario right. And it was pretty much implied that Meredith and Derek broke up when she said it's over and looked at him. Unfortunately the Callie/George thing wasn't summed up, and Bailey of course had no role. Addison didn't get chief- but everyone knew that. Burke left the wedding and there went Jane Doe...good I'm good!

So Disappointing...

Picture it...a 10 year old Shauna watching and dancing to Grease for the first time with Reina and Crissy Laframboise in Crissy's living room. Danny Zucko was totally the man- he was pure singing and dancing form.... And now I have just watched John Travolta on Oprah singing and dancing as Edna Turnblad...god it's upsetting.

I should preface this by saying I have always been absolutely obsessed with Hairspray- I've seen the movie a million times. I heart the movie. I also saw the musical and it was fantastic. But this version...I don't know how I feel about it. Danny Zucko would NEVER have done drag to make out with Christopher Walken...would this guy just let his gaygay out already?! No straight guy wiggles his hips like that..I couldn't admit that when I was 10 but I can now...There is no way the T-birds would follow him now..

Lost Spoiler

So I had heard this a few months ago but completely forgot about it amidst all of my emotions with Locke getting shot. Last night I was so frenzied wondering where he was. Then I remembered a spoiler I read. In the finale there will be a showdown between Locke and Jack. I'm guessing it'll be about sending a signal for rescue. But at this point Locke will be alive.

I am now watching the Lost answers show with the producers and I have to say I am pretty excited about this! I mean I am an avid reader of both Kristin Veitch and Michael Ausiello who constantly rave about Damon Lindelof- he is like a celebrity to me! I'm so excited to watch these two talk- to come out of the JJ Abrams shadow.

Ok so far this show is fantastic- way better than a normal recap show. They are explaining all the stories and giving answers. They aren't talking around things- if you haven't watched Lost but are interested in it I highly recommend this show!

Oh they just confirmed that Ben killed Locke because he is a threat to his supremacy..I really hope Locke doesn't die. They also just confirmed that they are not in purgatory- they are alive and breathing.

I just clued into who the girl who points the gun at Charlie is- she's the psycho Laura from 90210 who was fighting with Brenda to be Maggie the cat and accused Steve of rape.

Just a little Sawyer for Sara- enjoy!

Grey's Spoiler

Ok this is big- the girl at the bar who flirted with Derek at the end of last weeks episode (Chyler Leigh) is thought to probably be....Meredith's half sister! The one who was away at med school! Oh that would be such a fantastic twist- dumped for your sister!!

It's Official- Veronica is Dead

Michael Ausiello- my favourite tv guy- has just announced live from the upfronts in New York that VERONICA IS CANCELLED. I repeat- it's official. It's cancelled. I think I may cry...

Kristen Bell is now going to narrate the new Josh Schwarts (The OC) show Gossip Girl. I'm so more Logan...

Side note- One Tree Hill is coming back midseason 4 years in the future and the lost years will be discussed in online diaries.

Back to the important part- Goodbye Veronica!! I'll miss you...cue the sad music..."I will remember you..."

Grey's Predictions

So here are my predictions for tonight:

1- Adele survives, the Chief promises they can make it work together and he announces that the new chief will be...Himself...that they will make it work. Either that or...
2- Derek is the new Chief- puts work before Meredith. Breaks up with Meredith. Regardless of which of the two gets chief I'm pretty sure that is how the love lives will both work out.
3- Addison leaves for LA because she doesn't get chief
4- Burke storms out of his wedding when he finds out he didn't get chief- paving the way for Grey's to get rid of Isaiah Washington
5- Callie confronts George- he can't deny it, she kicks him out and leaves the show. He runs to Izzie, they kiss.... I run to the bathroom, I puke.
6- Bailey's husband leaves her since she has no time for her family
7- Jane Doe's husband will come to claim her- Alex will be left alone...maybe he'll sleep with a spurned Christina or Callie....

I'm pretty sure I'm on the money here...thoughts...

Daily Bitch Please

Oh BritBrit...I just don't know what to do with you....who still wears low slung jeans?!?! And the nylon shirt with leopard painful!

Hope for Jim

So I just read that at the Shrek 3 premiere Jim was there with Karen...aka Rashida Jones. They dated a few years ago and it is said to be back on. She is MUCH better than that annoying Renee Zellweger!!

Sexiest Girl Alive? Seriously

So Lilo was voted the #1 sexiest girl alive...who exactly did Dina have to blow for that title?! I mean seriously- there's Alba, Scarlett, Biel? Really? Actually even scarier- Fergie was #10! Who the hell votes for this?!?!

Poor Farrah

Farrah Fawcett's cancer has returned...poor Farrah...she may be a bit of a crackpot but she was in one of my favorite TV movies ever...I freakin loved this movie!! Get well soon Farrah...I'm still waiting for the sequel when Karen gets her revenge


Happy Birthday to You
This is your day
On this day for you
Gonna Love you In everyway!

Oh Jordan- I miss talking to you on ICQ! Happy Birthday!

23 Days!?!?

WTF?!? Are you freakin kidding me?! Paris' sentence was reduced to 23 days for good behaviour?! What good behaviour- she hasn't even arrived at the jail yet! How can they make that assessment?! Was it because of the church pics- because if so it'll make me puke...and I'm already nauseous so that is not a good thing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol- Elimination

Oh god who let Eliot Yamin out of the dungeon- this guy is ridiculously annoying! I couldn't stand him!

Alright it's time to get rid of Melinda Doolittle- it'll be a better finale with the other two.

Jordin made it through- of course! They brought Melinda forward to send her home?! That was just mean...even for me. But I do think it'll be a better finale.


Ok I've heard there will be quite a few deaths before the end of the season- I say kill Jack!

Oh so this is a Charlie flashback- he'll probably die at the end of this episode. That is my prediction.

Oh it's Rose and Bernard- I thought they disappeared! We haven't seen them all year.

I like a storyline about a desperate society using someone for a suicide mission because they feel they have no other chance for survival...just makes you think...

Anyways, is that a new tattoo on Jack's inner arm? I don't remember it before.

Oh this Charlie stuff is making me upset- I'm going to freakin cry...that stuff with Hurley was sad. Wait a minute- what the hell happened to Locke?!! Is he alive/!? Will he come to help them?!?!

Ok now it's making me think of the 5 greatest moments of my life...that's hard...that might be a post later...

Oh I"m glad Desmond is doing it since I have no emotional attachment to him. Why the hell did Charlie just do that?! He wants to die that badly? Take off your clothes- clothes slow you down! Everyone knows that! Jesus that's a deep dive- I so would not make it. Oh there's air inside- that is so exciting...although I don't get how there is air inside...there will probably be some other that will kill him inside! Oh yup- there they are!

America's Next Top Model- Finale

Oh I love that ring on Natasha....I know she thinks that people will listen harder if she talks low but she has to speak up!

Oh that hair on Renee plus the matte lipstick makes her lok SOOO old! She has such deep lines on the sides of her mouth!

I still think that Jaslene still looks like a Tranny...big time!

GO NATASHA!! She is my pick! I so want her to win!

God- even though I think that Ms J is fabulous I hate that ruffled thing- it looks horrid!

Oh god I hate watching Jaslene's mouth when she talks- it is gross!

With the old comments I think that Renee will be the one going home...although Natasha was pretty horrid with ad libing...but let's be honest people- would they ever let models ad lib?! Probably not..

Oh there my mom will be happy- Renee is going home...and she's stunned! My mom just hated her because she's such a biatch! Kaarina just made a good point- they make her look old by not fixing those nasty ass brows and giving her that hair- she looked amazing with the long hair.

Why the hell is Natasha so excited to see Tyra- she sees her all the time!!

What the hell kind of show is this? Ok I like this thing Jaslene is wearing- although I'd probably wear pants! Oh I love that dress that Natasha is wearing- although she doesn't know what to do with her arms. The beginning of the show makes absolutely no sense with the end. I hate Jaslene with her hands on her hips- hun you are not Naomi!

Oh Tyra that dress is NOT flattering on you- don't you have stylists on this show?!! I do love Natasha's dress- although the hair is awful!

Go Natasha!! Oh no the deliberation is making me think it's Jaslene...but they have fooled me before...god this makes me so stressed!!

Oh yuck!! Ew ew ew! She is a tranny!! Yuck! She is so not going to model anything- she is the new Naima- just nasty!

God they did some serious photoshopping of Tyra for that picture at the end!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scary- Prepare Yourselves...

What the hell did Hunter Tylo do to her face/!? It's been a year or so and I've been ranting since I first saw it...this woman obviously has SERIOUS issues. I mean she was a super beautiful woman...look what she did! She doesn't even look human anymore- it is just so scary and sad!! She frightens me...


Dancing with the Stars- elimination

Let it be Apolo- I don't want to have to look at him anymore!!

NOOOO!! Not my Steve Sanders! No!! He was totally bringing sexy back for me- that sucks!

Veronica Mars

Oh god they don't even ease me into the Piz/Veronica relationship. I still have not come to terms with this!

As much as I love Veronica I still love that Keith beat her- that he is still the Jedi Master.

Yuck- I don't like Parker- and I don't like her with Parker! If this is the last season of Veronica Mars this isn't how I want it to end.

Is Veronica using the Buffy set? Or the 90210 set? This looks awfully familiar!

Oh Mac and her nerd are super cute!! They are now the best couple on the show!

Ok that Dick moment was so nice- I love that he admitted that he's upset about Beav...side note- I love the look of their hotel entry way!

American Idol- 3

Jordin- boring song...never heard of it. But again she's good- and totally going to win!

Blake- it's always scary when Paula gets to chose your song. Oh it's a classic..but he just isn' t as sexy as Sting- who are we kidding. I like him but he's always flat. He really isn't the greatest singer. But he can perform and some studio mixing can do wonders. I hope he's around next week.

Melinda- boring. Boring. I mean I do hope that she goes home- she bores me to death.

Jordin- odd song choice. But I do like her. She'll win

Blake- not my favourite Maroon5 song but a good song choice for him. Just sing- don't beatbox!! Dammit- stop doing that!!

Melinda- I don't understand this hair- it almost looks like a mullet. I can't believe this girl hasn't done Proud Mary- she really should do Tina. I have no idea what this song is though- maybe it is Tina. But again for me it is a boring old person performance. HAHA it was Tina! Who knew!?

Jordin- god I have never heard any of her songs tonight. But again- she will win

Blake- oh singing a song by someone with a KL ancestry- how to get inside my soul! I didn't know this was a Robin Thicke song...interesting...go Robin Thicke! I totally remember when he dated a KL girl and I was like 11- classic!

Melinda- yet again old. Old. Old. Old. Time for her to go home

Gilmore Girls Finale

Oh a finale- I always get emotional with these. I mean remember when Alex ran back in the kitchen to hug his mom, the picnic on the Seavers living room floor, and don't even get me started with Kevin Arnold's father. Makes me cry everytime. I'm not sure if I'll be emotional with this one- I mean I've watched every episode but it's definitely time for this show to end. Plus it doesn't really define an era of my life- hello 90210 finale.

Actually it's ironic- the day of the Friends finale I got bad news. Today I got the same bad news- ironic.

Anyways, back to the show. The Christine Amanpour thing was a bit awkward but I guess it makes sense with this show.

Ok the party is making me teary...I mean I am already ridiculously emotional right now. Oh that is such a nice moment with her dad...Oh I like that the Friday night dinners are continuing- I like that in my imaginary world Lorelai is spending time with her mom.

Oh that is an awkward kiss with Luke- I still think that she was supposed to end up with Christopher..

Ok I like that they just ended it in the diner- it is quite apropos. Goes back to the first episode ever- and we all know how much I like things that go full circle.

So goodbye Gilmore- I will miss Kirk, Babette and Miss Patti the most...after Emily of course

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Bachelor- 3

Andy is just such an odd guy- I don't know if I believe that everything he says is genuine. There is just something so wooden with him. And his All American guy cheese factor is overwhelming!

See he is so into Tessa- I think she will be in the final two for sure. But I just think that she is the obvious choice.

Oh here's Danielle- she is the underdog that might just pull it out. Ok one thing about getting to be with this can live in Hawaii! That would be amazing! Ok this date would be amazing- snorkeling and whales. That would be great. HAHA! I love that she is talking about going to see a psychic...I love me the psychics! He seems like a smitten kitten...she is so going to win this! Oh here comes the music!! I love when they start this! Kills me every time!

He brought a psychic?! That's awesome! She is having the best date EVER!! Wow she must be psychic...describing how a bachelor feels...this is just too funny!

And now Bevin- I think the divorce is going to come back to haunt her. Wow I'm so impressed with her magical healing powers- she is able to hike on her ankle already...impressive. Ok this kayaking trip would be pretty fun- I would like this. The sounds of your heart? gag!

Ok after watching all three dates I'm now thinking it might be Tessa going home- he seems way more into the other two. Wait a minute- Bevin loves him!? Holy jumping the gun batman!

They flew this guy in but he isn't meeting the girls? Shouldn't he meet them to give his opinion? Seriously- do guys really talk like this? I don't know if I even talk with my girls like this!

I mean yes this guy is a dumbass but I was just looking at his shoulders- and they are damn sexy!!

Oh there goes my wild card! I thought she was in!

Ok in the end it'll be Bevin...he likes how into him she is

Dancing with the Stars

Apolo- am I the only one with eyes- this guy is nasty! The chin hair, the grease, the bandanas. Ew...I mean of course he's fast- he's an Olympian! But next..

Ian- go Steve! I'm scared this will be his week- so remind everyone that you are the sexy beast in this competition! I mean of course he's not the best dancer but I'm going to be completely superficial with this- I mean it's dancing on tv! All about the prettiness!

Laila- I really like her- I'd like to see a woman in the final. Plus she is good! I mean that dance was a bit boring but I like her.

Joey- I do like him- even with the white tails. But these dances just bore me to death...time for the latin round! LANCE! It's time for him to break out the JT

Apolo- oh salt and pepa- a true KL classic! He is just too good times for my liking- but yes he can move...

Ian- oh this is painful- Elvis impersonation!? I hate Elvis- this is painful...this is not reminding people that you are a sexy beast...wait a might...the white pants totally emphasize a bulge...a very obvious and detailed one at that..hehe

Laila- I'm liking the hair this week. She just has really nice lines and is graceful- I think their great.

Joey- I man he's fun- better than Apolo! Carleton and Lance! Woohoo!! I can't believe Carleton hasn't done this yet!

I say send Apolo home- he's the worst. And for once it would be great if the world revolved around me and things went my way!

The Daily Bitch Please

So here are pics of Kathy, Paris and Nicky Hilton leaving church on Sunday...thank god the pappies were there to capture this saintly moment. Look at the clasped hands in prayer, the white dress...screw the get her out of prison petition. Let's start one to get her canonized- I mean isn't she saintly?


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Survivor- Finale

Go Yau!! I am scared after reading an interview with Jeff Probst that Dreamz will be in the finale- he said something about how important is a man's word.

Oh god Earl talks about cannibalism- so he won't save Yau probably. Earl and Yau are so good- I hope they don't turn on each other.

Man Earl is now backstabbing him- this is just sad.

This could be a good challenge for Yau- he is quite meticulous and patient. Go YAU!!
God who on earth would cheer for Dreamz- it makes me sick that he is even in this! GO YAU! God I got so stressed during this! YAY!!! THANK GOD!! GET RID OF DREAMZ!! Although they probably will get rid of Boo

For sure they should get rid of Dreamz- he's annoying as all hell. I kind of feel bad for Boo- I mean he might have annoyed them but he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He is far less annoying to me.

I mean why tell Dreamz they are voting him out- say give me the necklace and vote out Cassandra. I mean I appreciate that Yau was able to see that Dreamz would win- although he is so out there I wouldn't trust him. If you go back on your word you won't get the 1 million dollars.

OH MY GOD DREAMZ I HATE YOU!! He is such a little piece of trash- he gets a 60000 truck for nothing?! Yau take it back!! Vote out Cassandra!! Not my Yau!! If there is a viewer car tonight hopefully Yau will win it. What Earl?! What is wrong with you- why didn't you vote Cassandra?! You don't look trustworthy- you could have had this in the bag!

Dreamz do you seriously think you can win after that? Loser.

I think that Earl has the best shot- he was a nice guy- he strategized and he was a good player. Cassandra was just a hanger on and Dreamz was an ass

God Mookie is an idiot- Edgardo just asked the same question! I hate that he was the one I had to cheer for! Alex you are such a pompous asshole- I hate people like you. At least Dreamz is saying something true- this is a game. This isn't the real world.

Lisi is asking about shoes? Why is she against Earl? How is he a liar? These people make no sense! Greed? Lisi you would want to be there.

This should not be based on need- if it was based on need it would be all homeless people. It is based on how you played the game. Oh Yau I love you!!

This seems like it should be obvious- it should be Earl's. They didn't show any votes...I'm assuming that is because Earl got every single vote.

Happy Mother's Day!


Ugly Betty

"You're as dead on the outside as you are on the inside"- Mark to Wilhemina

"Looks like I'm yestergays news"- Mark

Every time I see the Mexican countryside it makes me think of Y Tu Mama Tambien...nuf said...

I have to say that Betty is becoming my most hated character on this show- she is annoying and won't let things go. This show really is all about Amanda and Mark. Mark hitting on Bradford- classic!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Project Catwalk

I love me my fashion- and I am just obsessed with this show!! I am just watching the finale right now and it is so exciting! God I wish that I had some artistic talent and could do this...although watching the show I thought of all the people I know who would look good in those haircuts and clothes!

I liked Wayne's collection the best. I mean he seems like such a nice sweet guy and he can use the break. He's out there but I liked the cut of his clothes. Monica's was boring and old. Luke was freaking weird. The lines of Wayne's were classic and very flattering to the female form.

YAY WAYNE!! Go Wayne!!

Quote of the Day

It is tough picking the best line from this show since it is so fantastic but here is the one I picked:

"I am totally going to fit into my wedding dress thanks to that awesome parasite I got from eating sushi"- Elliot

Friday, May 11, 2007

Crackpot of the Year

And the award goes to....Brooke from the Real World! Congratulations!

I don't know if you've been watching this season but this girl is a complete nutjob. She freaks out about everything but today was the absolute best!! She found out that her friend- the gay guy- said something bad about her. So what did she do- she started screaming at the top of lungs in quite a carnal way, then she want to his room and completely trashed it- all the while screaming and ranting. She left him a note saying she hoped he would burn in hell, she said she wanted to gouge out his eyes. Why you may ask? He said she had a double chin when she lowered her face- HAHAH!! Awesome!! I love me the crackpots!!


So Pete Doherty now has a new hobby-art. There will be a show at the Bankrobber art gallery in Notting Hill for the next 4 weeks with his art. His medium? He uses pens, pencils, and....wait for it...HIS OWN BLOOD!! Just when I thought this guy couldn't disgust me more he goes and does this!!


Jett Travolta

So here's a link I found regarding Jett Travolta. I mean people have been talking for years about how he's autistic but they won't acknowledge it. They don't ever bring him out in public- I've seen them out with the daughter but never him. And in interviews they only really discuss Ella Blue.

Bobby Sues Whitney

HAHAHA!! This is just too funny- Bobby Brown is seeking to change the custody agreement that was settled a few weeks ago. He claims he didn't have money for a lawyer back then and does not Whitney to have sole custudy. He is then suing her for spousal support and child support- HAHA! Wait a minute- wasn't that the angle KFed was going for? I'm telling you people- don't marry a dirtbag! This is what will happen! I haven't been able to save all of you from this fate but I will try hard from this point on! You marry a dirtbag- he will take all your money. And make you addicted to crack. End of story.


Couple of the Week

Now here is a couple I can get on board with. I like both of them- they aren't overly annoying...I mean she's a bit flighty and hippy and I'm sure they smoke up way too much for my liking but still. They're cute. They don't try to be more than they are. They don't seem pretentious- and he seems like he'd be fun. I mean he is the Butterscotch Stallion...


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

Come on good episode!! Come on!!

God Meredith what horrible shoes- who the hell wears chunky heels?

Oh Callie you are so cute! Sooo cute!! I love the dance- George keep her!

K Derek time to break up with Meredith.

Why the hell would they schedule their wedding for the day after "test day". This is just way too ridiculous.

Let me guess- Jane Doe totally knows who she is but doesn't want to leave.

Go Thatcher- tell her off! Someone needs to tell her off! Even if he is a bit unreasonable...

Let's get rid of Jane Doe- I could care less.

You'll get a high score- but not as high as mine- Christina

The chief decides to be nice to her and what does she do- she acts like a complete and total bitch. God I hate her!

Did they eat Lonnie?! Did they eat him!? Or did they kill him?

God everytime I see Joe I always think of my big fat obnoxious fiance. Anybody else? Oh poor Joe- she'll probably pick the other ones.

Feels just fine- hehe! yay Bailey!

Maybe the surprise finale will be the deaths of both Izzie and Meredith- they are both whinny mopey bitches.

The chief's wife is pregnant/! How the hell did that happen- I mean how old is she/!?! 52!?!

I am being stalked by pregnant women- you're an obstetrician...

Oh poor Izzie- I'm a slutty homewrecker who is losing her boyfriend....I am just full of sympathy...

God look at how nasty Ellen Pompeo- is. She is half the size of Katherine Heigl who is skinny too. This man just gave you a shot Meredith at rewriting the test and she says you are not my father? What a cow

And there is the girl that Derek will hook up with!

Oh my god there is an axe in his head?!! And he's alive! That is amazing! Wow this is a great ending of an episode! Best ending in a while!

The Office

Oh poor Toby alone with his little hat- not getting to see Pam in a two piece..

14 strangers who work together- hehe!

I love the randomness of this show- Creed going and catching a fish with his bare hands- hehe! classic

I would rather work for an upturned broom with a bucket for a head than work for somebody else in this office besides myself- game on!- Stanley

It's all about taking points away from the whitey- Stanley
I thought I might die, on beach day- Jim

I think I might try girls for a while- Angela thinks I can cross over, we'll see- Oscar

Andy floating across the lake in his sumo outfit- hehe!

Holy revealing Batman. This is an awkward moment- I called off my wedding because of you! Wow- in front of Karen!

Double Edged Sword

So I was all excited to hear that the Office might be expanded to an hour...but I just found out it would be at the expense of Scrubs!! Scrubs!! NBC would cancel it- are they complete idiots?!?


Why would you hide in a thicket if you are on an island that is supposed to be infested with venomous snakes?!

Come on Yau- win the truck!! He won!! God he's awesome! Although it is a curse- the person who wins the car never wins Survivor! He is bartering away a 40000 dollar truck?! What now?!? This is absolutely retarded!! THIS IS SO STUPID!! I am starting to not like him!! Give him your old vehicle!! He is sending HIMSELF to exile island?!!? What the hell!?! I mean I guess he is trying to be loved- but this is too much- he will go home!!

I know that he is explaining his strategy for giving away the truck and trying to justify going to exile island...but it still makes no sense!! No sense at all!!

Go Yau! You need that immunity!! Oh no!! Yau use the idol tonight! USE IT!! Go find the other one and use this one!!

Oh god how can Yau and Earl possibly think they are safe?!!? Oh god this is so sad! Please for the love of god use the idol tonight Yau!

Yau listen to what Stacey just said- USE THE IDOL!!! USE IT!! You guys have 2 of them- use 1!!

Dreamz you are a complete loser and asshole. The guy just gave you a car and you strategize to get him out?! Why not Earl?

Please play it!! PLAY IT!! YES!! THANK GOD!! THANK GOD!! I knew he was a smart guy!!

My Name is Earl

So I heard that there was going to be a big twist on tonight's season finale. I am trying to figure out what it is- it's supposed to be heartbreaking. The only thing I can think is that Darnell gets discovered in the witness protection program.

HAHA- Joy was caught by that ugly nasty Dog the Bounty Hunter! There are going to be race riots and me and the baby will be on opposite sides!!

Oh he goes to jail instead of Joy? 2 years in jail?! Poor Randy! Oh this is so depressing...HAHA!! Ralph is there! That's amazing!!

Jane Fonda Rocks

I just love Jane Fonda! I am just watching her interview with Larry King and she just rocks. I mean of course she's had plastic surgery- you can see that on the side of her face. And she has long bangs to cover the frozenness of her forehead. But all and all her work has been good- she still looks the same. And she's feisty! I love how she just acts sympathetic to Lindsay like she feels so sorry for her and that she is kind of pathetic. And she just digs it to Dina Lohan- brilliant!!

New Terminator Movies

So it was just announced that there will be 3 new Terminator films. They will start off with John Connor in his 30s during the war with the machines. It is not expected that Arnold will be back since he does have his second job as governor of Kaleeforneea. This may come as a shock to some but I love the Terminator movies- they were definitely huge during my childhood. And I loved Edward Furlong- wanted to marry him. I'm not sure how I'll feel about these movies without Ahnuld but we'll see. I'm sure they can get Eddie- I can't say why he wouldn't be available. I've attached some vintage Eddie just for fun- hehe!!

Jean bib- hot or not?

So I've seen some new jean overalls/skirt combination that are actually quite nice. Think in the style of Amanda from Ugly Betty whose wardrobe I covet. Now look at this. This is just a weird variation that is all around wrong!


Somebody has got to stage an intervention with Melanie Griffith. This is what your body looks like after 40 years of excessive tanning, smoking, drinking, drugs and plastic surgery. NASTY!! Thank god I avoid 4 of the 5- although who am I kidding. Botox here I come! But I think excessive amounts of liposuction cause your skin to lose elasticity or something- I'm not sure how to explain those legs!!


Quote of the day

"I don't read things, I just sign them." - Paris Hilton

"She's a complete dumbass, let's put her in jail and let her nasty ass rot in jail"- Shauna McGill

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

American Idol

Either Melinda or Lakisha can go home- doesn't matter.

Ok goodbye Lakisha- it was time!

America's Next Top Model

Oh god Natasha's phone call is excessively funny! Her husband sounded like Barry White!! I can't believe that 3 of the final 4 have children- am I the only one that thinks that is odd?

Christ stop calling yourself Nene!! That is ridiculous- it was only one challenge!! God did these girls have the worse childhoods ever? They were all abused?! I love how Jaslene has to say that's my story so they will clap. God Dionne is horrible- HORRIBLE! She is just negative and awful.. I love Natasha with the leaf pompoms! Obviously Renee is going to win- she's the only one who said something.

God Renee is a bitch- they are conspiring to get rid of her? I mean alliances don't help you on this show!

God Jaslene is so anorexic it's disturbing...the size of her legs are just gross. Ok Natasha doesn't matter if you are sick- you can beat Dionne if you just pull it together. Oh poor poor Natasha- she is just so stupid that she doesn't realize that she took bad pictures!

I hope it's Dion that goes home- she's just nasty and mean and manly. She isn't feminine at all- and not androgenous...she's all man. Oh god don't rely on the other girls- they are all catty bitches! Oh good! I was right! Oh Dion you are such a bitch- you won't hug Natasha? God you're a cow!



I have so many questions when I watch this show- I mean it answers some things- but most of the time new questions just come up.

First off- I thought that Ben was born on the island- maybe that means that he found himself on the island. There will be some sort of big revelation. Now I want to know who the hostiles are. I feel really bad for poor young bad- he is so sad and quiet. And his bitter nasty father tells him that he killed his mother- lovely.

K now on to Locke- has he not realized yet that he always gets it wrong!! Does he not realize that going to this Jacob guy and forcing Ben to go is going to lead to nothing but trouble.

As for the rest of them- Kate is useless. Stupid and useless. Her obsession with Jack is retarded. Same as Sun (who is just the worst actress ever- the constant shocked look is too much!!) So Juliette has now admitted her secret...interesting...time for the big war!

How is Richard on the island? Looking that young? He can't be older than Ben! It is so impressive how they found a young actor who looks so similar to Ben.

What the hell is going on with this guy in the chair?! Is Ben crazy? Is this some sort of Psycho moment?! Ok now the house is going crazy. So is Jacob the island monster?

Oh the VW van that Hurley found- interesting...Oh didn't they find a body that said Roger on it?! Does Ben kill his dad?

So everyone is dead but Ben? interesting...He was part of the group that killed the Dharma initiative. Why did he kill them all? Because he was mad at his dad?! Did he know they would kill everyone?! God I love Richard eyes- he looks like he is wearing eyeliner

They didn't cover the mass grave? They just left it exposed?

OH MY GOD! He just shot Locke!! Jesus Christ!! I was NOT expecting that!! What the fuck?!!! Will the island save him?!?! Who the hell will find him?!?! ACH!! I like Locke even though he can be a dumbass!

UPDATE- so the more I think about it the clearer it is- never trust the quiet ones! I've always lived by that motto and this just proves it!

THIS JUST IN- Kristin Veitch just posted that Terry O'Quinn sold his house in Hawaii- does not look good for Locke...

American Idol- 4

Beegees night? Oh god- yuck! I despise the Beegees- the only thing that is good about them is that they were my Grandad's favorite group...but he was deaf...

Melinda- boring...old...boring...what a horrible song! I mean again- sings well but boring! At least she is starting to learn how to dress with her lack of neck.

Blake- there is nothing I hate more than falsetto- NOTHING!! Unless you are Jordan Knight and I'm eleven there is no need! Oh god here comes the crapass beatboxing..who the hell would want to listen to this shit when they are driving? Oh god he got sculpted sideburns- groomed facial hair- nasty!

Lakisha- oh here she comes singing one of my most hated songs...ever! Christ this song sucks! And why would you want to make it slow- people only like it to dance to! Is it just me or does Barry Gibb not sound exactly like Sean Connery- it was kind of odd! God I hate this!

Jordin- ok the song sucked but I really liked her. She was really good- she is very talented! By far the best so far!

Melinda- she doesn't want to say loser? weird. boring. old. next

Blake- how the hell is beatboxing contemporary?! I don't feel that it accurately represents me! See I like when this guy just sings. Just straightforward singing- I wish he'd stop all the other crap. Oh I have hard this song before.

Lakisha- ok this song choice is a bit better- but again- boring. old. next.

Jordin- well she is obviously Barry's favorite. I mean the song is pretty sharp- but what can she really do with this- too screechy but better than the rest. And hopefully in her career she won't have to ever sing this again.

Hopefully Lakisha or Melinda go home

Ugly Betty

Oh my god Amanda's pink blouse ensemble is amazing!! I want her wardrobe!! These buttons don't pop open by themselves- hehe!

God Leo is on this too! And he's hot here too! I love that he got skinny- his face is awesome!

I'm not going stag hag- you'll have to buy your own beer queer! HAHA!

These are thighs of steel- HAHA!!

I swear on the abs of Mark Wahlberg...hehe!

The middle ages- god I have to get my ass to Medieval times!!

It's about to get nerd nasty!

Ah- that was such a cute I love you moment!

Bachelor Spoiler

So pagesix just posted an article that claims to spoil the ending. They say that the girl that Andy chose was bragging about it in a bar recently. Supposedly she brags about how he proposed to her, she turned him down but they are still together. I'm not sure if I believe it- I mean I saw him on quite a few shows and he said he was engaged. If there are requests I'll post the girls name but I don't want to spoil it for people who don't want to know...even though it's probably crap!


According to Lainey Rumer Willis was seen making out with James Franco?! What now?! Not that Marla Sokoloff was particularly attractive but Rumer Willis?! He is way too hot for that shit!

TV News

So they are coming back with a second season of the Pussycat Doll Show- this time though it won't be the search for the new pussycat doll- it will be to create a band inspired by the Pussycat Dolls. Ummm...isn't this just going to be the new Sugar Jones? Don't they know that in the end they didn't exactly have longevity...

The producers of Lost confirmed that the castaways are neither dead or clones. I'm going with government experiment or Truman Show.

Grey's Spoiler- they are bringing in a new character as a love interest for...wait for it...Derek! That's right- screw you Meredith! McDreamy is getting a new lady love! He will meet her in the bar- and she has a 13 episode contract for next season. She will be played by Chyler Leigh- who among other things was on Reunion last year and the star of Not Another Teen Movie

It is looking GOOD for Veronica Mars people...Rob Thomas pitched the idea to the network that next year will be 5 years in the future and Veronica will be in the FBI and supposedly they loved it. Me I'm apprehensive...but if it means no Piz I'm up for it. I just hope it's the same characters...aka there had better be some Logan! And Mac...and Dick...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dancing with the Stars- elimination

Alright time to get rid of Billy Ray. Scary Spice? Weren't you just in England?! Ian- never doubt the power of the 90210 fans! We are rabid!! Joey is in the bottom 2? Really? Where are the NSYNC fans?!

Oh thank god! Aurevoir!

Veronica Mars

How can Veronica be with someone who wears a flannel shirt/! I mean I used to do that back in the day...when grunge was in it was attractive on a guy!!

Josh!! Josh!! Seriously- why did Cher let you grow such nasty facial hair/! HEHE!! I heart Paul Rudd.

Did anyone ever tell you you look like a feisty young Barbara Eden- hehe!! Chase down the inventor of ultimate frisbee..Hehe!

I drink heavily and abuse drugs...hehe! Wow Leo is looking much better...I don't remember him being this attractive...

Dude you are my ido- who are you? Wow- that was a lame old school ripoff!

Let me guess- Desmond never brought his tapes because he doesn't want to perform anymore.

Vinnie! I've missed you!!

Oh Logan- how I love you leaning! You always look sexier when you are leaning

Dancing with the Stars

Ian- Go Steve Sanders!! Keep wearing those sleeveless shirts- I truly appreciate them..hehe! Come on- I'm looking for Brenda and Dylan tonight! Don't disappoint me with something like Cindy and Jim! This dance is slow and boring...I guess the end is cute- I prefer the latin dances. Ok I was wrong- Marilu Henner is much worse!

Joey- always good...but again these dances bore me. But it was classy and pretty. Oh it's Chris!! What happened to Fumanskito?!

Billy Ray- Please put this guy out of his misery- get rid of him!! Boring and simple- I can see this at pretty much any KL wedding. Calling a judge crap- classy!

Laila- oh she broke out the big guns! She brought Muhammed! There is no way that she is going anywhere with him there- I mean he is one of the most beloved icons of our time. Good move! I like her- she is just very graceful

Apolo- oh god he is so gross! So very gross! He wears more brill cream than the entire cast of Grease! Time to go home! Although I did like the fast music

Yeah I'm too lazy to blog about the next dances...essentially let's get rid of Billy Ray or Apolo!

Vote out Billy Ray- he's a sore loser and an asshole!


I cannot fathom how my Jim could possibly be attracted to THIS! I mean she is so anorexic it makes me cringe, the face is nast, and while I give her props trying to do the Posh Bob on her skeletal frame it looks horrid. That's right people- she is way more of a skeleton than Posh. Someone please help me save Jim Halpert before it's too late!!

What happened?

What happened to the space between her nose and mouth?! I thought she said that she was going to stop getting lip injections! This is nasty people- just nasty! Also- NOBODY with breasts should wear something like this- NO ONE! This is NOT attractive! The deep V is for us flat chested girls- if the girls who were genetically blessed try it they look like they are porno stars!!

Enough Already

Now Ty Pennington has been arrested for drunk driving- enough already. I mean I truly, truly really hate people. Why on earth do people drive drunk- there are always plenty of cabs around and it has been beaten into all of our heads that it's WRONG! I have NO sympathy for anyone who drives drunk and gets caught- and I want nothing to do with people who do it as it is a true sign of stupidity and selfishness!

Monday, May 7, 2007

NYC Anyone?

So I'm always saying how I have to go to NYC and I never end up getting there. But I just heard that two original cast members of Rent are returning to the production on July 30th- Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!! Mark and Roger!! I NEED TO GO!!

Botox anyone?

Ok we all know that I am a big fan of the botox and totally plan on indulging one day. Why oh why doesn't Dylan McKay have the same attitude? This is sad people- just plain sad. Especially when you put his pic next to Steve Sanders. I mean seriously?! Steve is older!!

Lilo Caught Snorting!

HAHAHAH!! So a tape has surfaced showing Lindsay Lohan snorting coke with a friend and bragging about the guys she has had sex with. Her reps are trying to say it's a fake but dudes- this is a video! I'm glad to see how well rehab worked for her! I wonder how the mom will spin this...

Britney Murphy just needs love

So Britney Murphy went and got married- to some old large not attractive guy. I mean come on- Cher would never let Tai even speak to this guy let alone marry him!! How many times has this girl been engaged? I mean I have lots of friends who can't be alone and won't break up unless they have another relationship to jump into (you know who you are) but to be engaged 3 times in a few's just sad and little girl lost

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Bachelor- 4

Alright here is my prediction before I start watching the episode. Since I went to the Killers last night (WOOHOO Brandon I heart you!!) I missed it. Before I started watching this episode my prediction was that it was either Bevin or Danielle going home. He is the all american christian boy who wants a housewife to stay home with his children- and when finds out that she was married I think he will be totally turned off. And Danielle is hardly ever shown- but she could be the Estella from the Bachelor Bob season. I had no idea who she was and she ended up winning. Danielle could be the dark horse. But today Patti and Karen were talking in front of me- I think that it'll be Bevin being sent home based on their comments and reactions. They mentioned the other 3 and their situation with Andy- not Bevin. So we'll see....I totally can't see him getting rid of Amber when her family won't meet him- he loves the damsel in distress!

Oh he's going to Palo Alto to see Bevin- I wonder if they'll run into Felicity and Ben...I wonder if they're still together...hehe! Oh god he's a poet like Ryan- I'm in Heaven when I'm with Bevin...

At least he admits that he has an idealistic view of marriage. Seriously- who talks to their dad about their feelings about boys?! I can't imagine being- so Cliff there's this guy I have feelings for....holy awkward Batman!

What guy says that I want true love to prevail other than someone in a book like Tender Rebel?!

Wouldn't that be awkward watching some strange man play the drums? Then belly dancing with a stranger...that is a bit odd!

Have any of you ever watched Tete a claques? I swear to god as I watch Andy's mouth move that is what he looks like- very freaky!

I wanna fall in love with you....oh it's sooo Tessa!!

Oh I think this was so staged with Amber- to make this all big and dramatic. I think the sorority sisters thing might grate on Andy and get her sent home...

I now think it'll be Amber- she is just too young. But really the only one I would be surprised if she went home would be Tessa. Oh he just called her name enthusiastically. Ok I'm right in the end. I love her necklace and outfit! Hun- you just met him! Get over it!

It's so going to be Tessa- but the dark horse could be Danielle. Bevin- no way!

Amazing Race All Stars- Finale

Ok with the chachas gone I would like to see Dustin and Candace win- they are the lesser evil. And I mean it would be nice to see 2 women win- but I would be nauseous thinking that Mirna and Charla were the best of those teams- just disappointing since they are idiots.

Could they possibly put Mirna on mute during the run?! Oh and when she's paddling too?

The only good thing about the end of this race is that I won't have to see Danielle's boobs anymore- I mean those tank tops are so horrific...they are like those bathing suits we used to wear in 1990 that were neon with the zippers. Stylin!

This is a pretty cool final task!

Charla and Mirna have the best sense of humor!? Really!? Seriously?

Ok Candace hurry it up- just push numbers in as fast as you can!!

Oh there's my Rob and Amber! Seriously? Eric and Danielle? I guess they are better than Charla and Mirna! I thought the blondes had it in the bag!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


SHE GOT CONVICTED!! Happy days are here again! This is turning into such a great weekend! I can't believe that they did it- off to jail for 45 days with you Paris! teehee!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Days of our Lives

I'm not sure if all of you know this but I have a bit of a soap opera obsession. It started when I was a kid and my babysitters would watch Days. Like all young girls I hearted Frankie, wanted to be either Jen or Carrie, and watched Kayla and Patch's wedding. I still watch it whenever I have a day off just to catch up- and I may read updates online. And this summer Stefano Dimera is back! Stefano! So exciting! I will definitely be watching- hehe!

For Kaarina

Just a little sumthin sumthin to brighten your day. Enjoy!


Ok this melts even my cold bitter heart. Shiloh is now walking and she is with her Daddy....god he is hot! Even with a child- which usually totally turns me off. I heart him and she is the cutest. I get no such feelings when I see Suri because I am certain she is an alien- I have never believed in aliens before but she has made me a believer.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Ok now that Mookie is gone I can focus all of my attention on Yau-man. I heart him.

This meat challenge is nauseating- that is just so gross- I think i would puke getting all that meat all over my face.

Boo didn't choose Alex?! Is he a complete moron- don't alienate the leader of your alliance!

I love that Yau is upset that his daughter got her B in Algebra- he wants to raise nerds- I appreciate that!!

Boo won- so hopefully they send Alex home! I mean don't break up their strong alliance! Yau keep them together!

Oh my god I hope none of these idiots are dumb enough to vote out Yau....if they can't see that Alex is the biggest scammer. Oh no I'm frightened! Hopefully Earl warns him and he uses the idol!

Dreamz just revealed they've been swung- use the idol Yau!! USE IT!! OH THANK GOD!! I almost just passed out I was so nervous!! I can't say goodbye to my Yau yet!

Grey's Anatomy 2.0

Or as I'd like to call it- the filler before Addison ges her own show. God I want her hair colour- votes?! Could I pull off the bright orange? It just might be my fall colour- bring out the French Canadian in me!

It really is too bad that Isaiah Washington is such a prick because he really is a sexy beast.

Man Tim Daly is aging REALLY well! I mean on Wings he was ok- but he is pretty damn hot here- much better than the overrated McDreamy. Why the fuck was she just talking about being horny with a stranger?!?! What the hell!!

Oh yuck Piz- is this guy freakin haunting me?! He's like tapeworm just eating away at me. God he's an awful actor!! Oh Addison this is some bad acting!

So let me guess- Addison will hook up with her best friends ex husband...charming! Oh my god is this freakin Ally McBeal- it feels completely ridiculous. Seriously, Addison is leaving Seattle Grace for this shit!

Sark!! SARK!?!? Seriously!! Ok now this is getting more of him!!

Oh ironic- an ob/gyn is needed at the clinic.

Izzie- you are a cow. Moo with me.

I don't like this wimpy Christina- she is a strong woman. There is no way in hell a woman like her would wear a dress like that!

I can't believe that Sark has been so severely underused. This is a freakin travesty!

Izzie I hate you- it's not fair...blah blah! You suck! Selfish bitch! Oh god my eyes!! My eyes!! Callie is so much better than this whinny bitch!

Someone slapped Meredith! WOOHOO!! Derek do you see that she is a selfish cow smiling and drinking the night her stepmother died? Dump her ass!

Addison I love the outfit- the high waisted pants look amazing! But stop acting so crazy!

Pray with Me

The LA district attorney is threatening to send Paris away for 45 days...let's us all come together and pray that this does happen! Let's get that nasty ass slut off our streets!

Gilmore Girls Cancelled

The CW just announced that Gilmore Girls is over and done- it will not be coming back next season. There were rumours that there would be a 13 episode season next year- and supposedly all of the cast and crew thought they were going back. However, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were holding out for money. So now it's over. And personally I say- thank god. I mean I always watch this show- but it's time for it to die. I mean Rory is graduating- time to end it.

The Office

So they are debating making The Office into an hour long show next season- WOOHOO!! More Jim for me!

Celeb News

Well ladies Will Tippin is single again. Jennifer Espisoto filed for divorce from Bradley Cooper after a whooping 4 months of marriage. And they said it wouldn't last...

Also- Luka from ER adopted a boy and named it Tin. Not horrid, but not good either!

Also- it is time to pass the collection plate to send me to Vegas. Bette Midler is going to be replacing Celine Dion at Caesar's Palace- and for anyone who knows anything about me I heart Bette Midler. You put a mike in a Drunk Shauna's hand at a Karaoke bar and guaranteed I will belt out some Bette!

OMG- we also need to get me a ticket to NYC. Alan Cumming is reviving his role in Cabaret- and I adore him! I need to see him in that!! I've loved him ever since I saw him perform in this role on the Tonies.