Saturday, June 30, 2007

My New Place!!

So that is the link to my new apartment (fingers crossed!) I submitted an application and hopefully it is all good! We saw quite a few "interesting" places- even some where Michelle wouldn't let me go in (thanks Michelle!). The one I took is right at Avenue and Eglinton- very trendy and pretty and up the street from Yonge and Eglnton!

UPDATE- I got the place!! Yay!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

And the craziest parent award goes to...

Michael Jackson! Here is a pick of poor Blanket Jackson...I mean what can you say? It pretty much speaks for itself. Remember people- this is a boy! A boy! He is in the running with Rene Charles to be the most feminine hollywood child. So sad....


Are you there god? It's me Shauna

Logan (aka Jason Dohring) has been cast in the new CBS show Moonlight playing...A VAMMPIRE!! A vampire! I heart the vampires- they are all dark and complex. My love of Spike knew no bounds- and now this?! I may have to rethink my whole stance on god since how else can this be explained?! It's a miracle!

Spice Girls Reunion Confirmed

As we all knew well in advance the Spice Girls will be going on a 25 city World Tour after Christmas. And to this I say- thank god I'm moving to Toronto!! Who's coming with me?!

Although in this pic they look quite scary. I mean what the hell is Posh doing with her boobs?! They are ridiculously scary. And Geri all earth mothery- bring on the union jack bathing suit!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Boring News

It was announced today that Laurence Fishburne bought the rights to The Alchemist and is adapting it into a movie. Now people- this might quite possibly be the most boring book ever written. Not only is it boring- it is the type of book that people think they are smart by reading it. They feel it will enlighten them and that they are reading something deep and profound. It is neither. It is bloated and ridiculous. Note to everyone- skip it!

JT Sabotaging his Career?

What the hell is wrong with JT these days?! First- he has been insulting fans left and right. He has been swearing at them, spitting on them, just being horrible. When a young boy asked for his autograph he yelled back "Do you want me to juggle too?" I mean seriously- you are from a BOY BAND!! A damn good one mind you (I heart NSYNC) but I mean get over yourself!! To treat your fans like that- it will not work out for you in the long term. I mean karma is a bitch!!

Then he goes around insulting Jessica Biel in magazines but he then gets photographed all over Northern Europe macking it with her...and this is a guy who claims to covet "privacy".


New Wigmaker needed ASAP

Here is a pic of that hunky manbeast John Travolta...with the mesh of his wig showing...HAHAH!!! After having to sit through the crap that was Wild Hogs on the plane this weekend I am glad that this pic is released. It is like redemption. Please save yourselves and never watch this. All those who watched it agreed it was painfully bad. First off- William H you need money!? Is Felicity not making enough on Desperate Housewives?! Why would you sink to do this? And John- you can put on leather and try to act macho but you just look like the biker from the Village People!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why didn't anyone sterilize her?!

File this one under nasty. Nancy Grace- that bitch from court tv- is not only secretly married but pregnant with twins! And showing quite a bit! I can't believe someone like her will shape the minds of two innocent children...scary...


I think the dream is dead

So here is BritBrit leaving Joseph's last night- this is what she was wearing to go clubbing. And it was NOT a costume party. I mean I just don't see the comeback being successful- I think she will just be a tabloid darling due to her trashiness...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Scary Spice + Prince Akeem= Baby

So Eddie Murphy is definitely the baby daddy....not a big shock in any way. I mean they were dating...I wonder how long it took Scary's publicist to call up People magazine...I'm guessing not long. Homegirl wants her child support payments asap!!


Gay Male on the View?

So rumours are swirling that they are going to put a gay male on the view as one of the co-hosts- either Ross the intern (whom I adore) or Mario Cantone (Anthony from Sex and the City). While they say it is supposed to be a women's show with women voicing the opinions of women I say bring on the gays!! They are way more fabulous than the current panelists! Maybe it'll make me watch the show again...

Shouldn't He Be Wearing a Helmet?!

Alright I am by no means an expert when it comes to child safety laws but shouldn't he be wearing a helmet/! I don't care if Britney is following behind him in her own junebuggy- can a 21 month old really have the ability to handle that- shouldn't he be wearing a helmet?!?!

Felicity and child

So here are some pics of Keri Russell out and about in New York dragging around a laundry cart. She gave birth a week ago! A week ago!! God I can only pray that I would look this good...


Thursday, June 21, 2007

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Million Dollar Interview? Seriously?

So Paris Hilton is being offered a million dollars by the Today show for her first interview after she leaves jail. She has agreed to sit down with Meredith Vieira to discuss her "woes" and her newfound love of Jesus. YUCK!! Really!?! Is she REALLY worth that?! Nasty...


Reese and Jake are over

So it is now being reported that Reese and Jake are over...that she has trust and commitment issues after the whole Ryan fiasco with his penchant for adultery...however something just doesn't smell right here...

First off, I have always believed that Jake is toothy tile. Toothy is a blind vice by Ted Casablanca that has been going around for years- and all clues have always pointed to Jakey. So I think the boy had serious need of a beard since it has been a while since his relationship with Kiki Dunst....then of course there is the need for Reese to get some publicity for being a hot young actress..someone who is wanted by one of the sexiest bachelors- not just a mother who's husband could not be faithful for more than 2 seconds...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Canada's Next Top Model

I agree Jeanie- Tia is freakin annoying. She is bothering me and I don't have to live with her!!

Oh I can't wait to see who the "celeb" is....haha it's a degrassi kid!! Oh god if I move to Toronto I HAVE to finally see a degrassi kid- everyone has seen one but me!!

Ok he must have been told to be an ass! I mean why would you go on tv and be so rude to dumb girls/! Other than to amuse me?! The biggest question of them all- why does Marco have a pube stache!!

Oh Sinead I LOVE YOUR DRESS!! That red dress with the balloon skirt is absolutely amazing!! Oh god I hate Rebecca's hair right now- it looks even worse than when it is straight- and I think that is pretty horrid. But she is the only one who looks like the girls who are modeling and doing catwalks these days.

Oh god I hate that Cori the Northern Ontario girl is such a loser and lame...represent!

I love that the hockey team goes to visit the night that they are all fighting. Why the hell is Tia in a bikini?!?

Ok I think that Cori and Gina will be in the bottom 2- and Cori will go home....I thought a Northern girl could represent but unfortunately she is too weak!!

OH I was wrong- I totally expected Cori to go- although I did get the bottom two right

Big Love Backstories!!

If you aren't watching Big Love then you are TOTALLY missing out. It's this fantastic show on HBO about a polygamist and his three wives and their family. It is really great! Anyways, HBO made these 3 backstory videos and just released them- enjoy!

TV Incest?!

So this is a pick of Hayden Panettiere and her dad from Heroes in an embrace- I mean it might just be the angles and it might be innocent...but that is quite the grip....I thought she was dating Steven from Laguna??! Oh the insanity!


Pageant Place

Alright Becca- time to make sure your MTV is working. Donald Trump and MTV are collaborating to start a new "reality" show called Pageant Place- where Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA live together. The best part- the "den mother" will be Tara Connor- the crackpot Miss USA who was sent to rehab by the Donald. I think it could be pretty funny- although Sara just reminded me that they do have to act a certain way so it may be a bit dull- although I will tune in!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Harry is the hotness!!

Oh Lainey I totally agree! Harry is the hotness! I am currently watching the Matt Lauer interview and the way that he is leaning and when he! Plus he is confident enough to wear pink- nice! See Sara- a redhead male can be hot!!

Sark's Back!!

Sark's back baby!! After that cruel tease on Addison's spinoff Private Practice where they just showed him in the background he has now been cast as a regular on Heroes. David Anders will play a character that doesn't age- he is 1000 years old. Maybe this will make Heroes more watchable for me- because i do love me some Sark!!


John Travolta Ban

I used to love John Travolta. Loved him! Was obsessed with Welcome Back Kotter and Grease! Thought he was just damn sexay

But as I've aged I've come to learn that he's a fraud. A fraud. He is a complete sham. He is gayer than gay- read the background. A former security guard of the "church" threatened to out him- 2 weeks later he married Kelly Preston. We ALL saw the pics of him kissing a guy. We have heard the WIDESPREAD talk of him being gay. Yet people refuse to believe it- why!? Because he goes on Oprah to dance with her and drink tea with her? Let's all think about that...

He has a son who is known to have autism but yet he refuses to get him help. He and his dumbass wife say that he had had "toxicities" to household cleaners when he was a child but he has been "detoxicified" with scientology procedures. Do you know what that is??!? They stuff you with vitamins, make you drink some shit then put you in a sauna. People have received liver damage with this "procedure". And that is all they've done for their son...

So now that jackass is saying that the shootings at Virginia Tech occured because of psychiatric drugs. "I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is [psychotropic] drugs at the bottom of it."

Asshole- it scares me that people might listen to him. That people who need help and need these drugs might listen to this retard because he's famous and therefore must be honest and righteous.

Holy Babies Batman!

Yesterday celebs were popping them out like crazy!! Apart from Julia Roberts Felicity and Tiger Woods also had babies.

Felicity had a boy named River Russell Deary. I know that Russell is her maiden name so it's nice to include it as a middle name- but isn't this a bit too close to Ryder Russell Robinson!? Hopefully she cuts his hair so we'll be able to distinguish between them. Also River? Thoughts? Don't get me wrong- I loved me some River Phoenix- cried when he died and have all the magazines still from the week he died. But it is a bit crunchy...I mean what's next- Leaf?

Then Tiger Woods and his Swedish nanny had a girl- Sam Alexis. I don't understand why they didn't name her Samantha- they can call her Sam but at least she would have options with her name.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Julia pops out another one

So Julia Roberts had her 3rd child today and shocker of all shockers she named it a normal, although ridiculously boring, name. Henry Daniel Moder was born today in LA. I almost prefer Phinnaeus and Hazel, well Phinnaeus anyways. Shows some creativity- the others are boring old people names that belong on great grandparents, not babies.

Also included this pic for my baby belly rant. I do NOT want to see is not attractive! It is big and stretched and makes me cringe with the idea that I may look like that one day.


So excited for this show!!

When I was 12 I loved Poison. You could find me doing the unskinny bop dance pretty much anywhere. And I hearted Brett Michaels. He was damn sexay. When my auntie Cathie went to see them in concert I was so jealous...i wanted to get near that dreamboat.

Well now the time has come where I'll be able to see more of Brett. His new show Rock of Love is coming and if it is anything like Flavor of Love I'm going to be all over that shit!!

Buffy kicks some ass in Ktown

So Kristy Swanson came to town with her man lover Lloyd Eisler (whom I always thought was gay due to his pirate attire) and kicked his ex-wife's ass. As background- Lloyd and Kristy met as partners on Skating with Celebrities and ended up hooking up. At the time his wife was pregnant with their second child and he dumped her ass for Buffy.

So I guess they were in town visiting the ex-wife and the Kingston PD had to intervene. She has been released on a 500 dollar bond but citizens of Kingston beware! There is a slayer on the loose! HAHA!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just say no

I'm sorry if this picture doesn't scream just say no I don't know what does. I mean Nicole Richie is only 26 years old and she looks like THIS!! This just screams to me EAT!! Don't do drugs!! She has access to all of the most expensive skin treatments in the world but this is the best she can do?! Sad....god I hope she's not pregnant! Poor kid...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dirrrty Pregnancy

So they are saying that Xtina is pregnant- not confirmed yet. She has been wearing baggy clothes...but she has been known to put on some beef when she's not touring...

Shortened Posh

So what was supposed to be a reality tv series starring Posh will now just be a 1 hour disappointing! I was looking forward to this...seriously! I mean what the hell else is there to watch these days- I watched Hidden Palms last week and it was horrid. I'm all over Canada's next top model and Pirate Master but I need more...more!!

She needed to bring David into the show...I mean she has to know that the Beckham brand is the two of them together...she needed him to make it work!


Ok I haven't put any puppy pics on here because they are all over my msn spaces page and my facebook...but really I think that the meeting of the minds that occured on Sunday needs to be featured...I mean is this or is this not the cutest pic EVER!

Precious people....precious

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Canada's Next Top Model

What I love about this show is that they put the skinniest girls ever in unitards and show that they have problem areas too- genius!

I am so upset that the Northern Ontario girl sucks soooo much- you would think that you would practice your walk before you went on the show!! Kori practice!!

I do NOT believe that this Steff girl has any acting experience- she is horrid!! Oh god Tara should be seen and not heard- what a horrid voice!! Horrible!

So here is my prediction- I think Kori will be in the bottom because of her walk. And Steph will be in the bottom. But I think Kori will go home.

Oh it's Steph...but makes sense- she is pretty horrid!!

Dance Kelly Dance

So Kelly Taylor has joined Dancing with the Stars...hopefully she will not take too many dexatrim...we all know she doesn't react well to those...


People released their list of the Hottest Bachelors and their number one was...wait for it...Mathhew McConaughey

All together now- EW!! He is rank- I mean he just looks like he smells. There are some people that you look at and know they reak- and he is one of them


The rest of the list is:
Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, Dancing with the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, rapper Ludacris, country sinter Kenny Chesney, American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis, Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, Dancing with the Stars champ Apolo Ohno and Justin Timberlake.

Who the hell is picking these guys?!?


Do NOT Call me on the night of July 15th...

Because I'll be watching the Two Coreys...starring my main men Corey Haim and Corey Feldman....SOOO EXCITED!! Should be fantastic!!{5F8ED2B1-6FD2-4005-AA53-701545B8251E}

Not Good...Not Good at All!

So Katie went and cut her hair...and it looks AWFUL!! The thick bangs...the layers...HORRID!!! It looks more like Dorothy Hamill than Posh...horrid!!


Someone save this girl please- she is ruining all aspects of her life!!


So this is what the US Army is spending their money on...who needs universal health coverage when you can spend money on this jem:

Edward Hammond of the Sunshine Project said, "The Ohio Air Force lab proposed that a bomb be developed that contained a chemical that would cause enemy soldiers to become gay, and to have their units break down because all their soldiers became irresistibly attractive to one another. The notion was that a chemical that would probably be pleasant in the human body in low quantities could be identified, and by virtue of either breathing or having their skin exposed to this chemical, the notion was that soldiers would become gay."

They were trying to build a bomb to turn people gay. Seriously.


Paris Update

Her agency, Endeavor, dropped the bitch. HAHA!! Thank god there are finally some repercussions for this girl. She is apparently on suicide watch and has 3 guards watching her at all times...poor little rich girl...

Her father Rick is now trying to get a Vegas nightclub to put on a party for Paris when she gets released. He wants her to be paid 50000 dollars, get airfare for her and friends and get free accommodations. So far most clubs have passed but the Palms is still considering it. Come on Palms- blackball the bitch along with everyone else!!

Would someone please sterilize him already?!?!

So Star magazine is reporting that Shar Jackson is pregnant with KFed's 5th child- their 3rd together. While it hasn't been confirmed it is probably true- I mean her camp most likely planted the's not like the paparazzi are stalking her...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just watched the MTV movie awards and I kid you not Johnny Depp is the dreamboat to the 14 year old grunge girl that lives inside me....I don't usually like them scruffy but there is just something about him that I just love...I guess I can see beyond the scruff and grime and see Crybaby...

Crybaby Crybaby cry cry cry

Monday, June 11, 2007



It was announced that the Spice Girls are now in the studio recording a new single and they will release a Greatest Hits album around xmas. Then they will tour! A Spice Girls tour?! God lord I do not want to miss it this time!

Lilo Tell All

So Lilo's bodyguard is now writing a tell all about her because he cares so much about her...haha! He basically says that she loves having sex with women, slit her wrists in front of people, and is a huge cokehead. Here's the link to the article- it's pretty awesome

Just Come Out Already!!

Ok I love me some Ricky Martin...he can make me shake my bonbon anytime! I think he's fabulous. Here he is as the "king" of the NYC Puerto Rican Pride Parade....but yet he still insists that he's heterosexual...just come out already!!



So Dina Lohan has pitched a show to the E network and it looks like it'll be picked up. It will be her as the "momager" to her 2 youngest children Cody and Ally as she tries to get them careers and into the Hollywood scene- is it just me or does this seem like we will have yet another Little Girl Lost biography coming out of this train wreck?! Except with 2 siblings this time! I mean who the hell wants to watch this idiot ruin her children!?! I mean we all know that I love me the trash tv- but I prefer to watch adults making complete asses of themselves. When it involves ruining children's lives I'm not necessarily on board.

At first I could not fathom what E was thinking- but this is the network that is producing such hits as the Simple Life and Sunset's pretty much hit bottom of the barrel here

Friday, June 8, 2007

Back to Jail with You!!

So Paris is going back to jail! Aurevoir Paris! Sayonara!!

She was hauled back to court in a police car, handcuffed, to face the judge. She was then sent back to jail for the rest of her sentence. She then started screaming out her mom's name and had to be dragged out of the courtroom- FANTASTIC!!


First Pics of JJ

Ok I was away for a week and missed a lot of gossip so this might show that I'm incredibly out of the loop. Here is the first pic I've seen of Jayden James Federline- although not clear I guess it proves he exists!



I am just going to copy this straight from Lainey because it is too freakin classic!!

"Not lock tight, this is just what they’re buzzing about, a theory that has yet to be supported but is gaining momentum: that Paris had a severe, severe, severe herpes flare up brought on by stress, so bad it spread across her privates, burning to the point that she could not stand it, and went batshit crazy in her cell."


Morning News

So Paris has to go face the judge this morning at 9am because he had ordered that her sentence not be reduced. HAHA!! Send that bitch back to jail! Let her "fans" know that there are consequences to your actions.

Also, Isaiah was officially fired from Grey's Anatomy. The best part though is his statement: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more." HAHA! Fantastic! I mean we all knew this was was just a matter of waiting for the official press release. I mean I will miss Burke- he was one of my favorites on the show. But this idiot just needs to go away. Wave bye bye to your career Isaiah- it's over.

On the flip side- TR Knight got a big raise

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pirate Master

So far I'm liking this show- I mean they are all taking this a bit too seriously and acting like it's reality...but I like this. It's a new concept yet it looks a lot like survivor. I just want the girl that I have in the office pool to stop bitching about the food. Alexis suck it up! I need the money!

Ok like any of those snakes are poisonous- not that I would want to go in there but they should be harmless. But as a sidenote- if I was going to go traipsing through the jungle I would totally wear a string bikini...I mean it only makes sense!!

Yay my girl wasn't chosen! She isn't going home! Excellent- hopefully she just shuts up and lies low. There is totally going to be a mutiny! Or not...I think it'll be Christian going home. Yup there he goes

Even I can't get behind this

Now I love Posh...and I normally like Karl Lagerfeld's designs...but this is pretty damn atrocious- worn to the UK glamour awards none the less!

She's Out Infecting Society Again

So Paris has been released from Jail after a whopping 3 days...idiot drives drunk and this is all that happens?!?! Love that American Justice system! Of course she was on good behaviour- she was in solitary so she had no one to be slutty with...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ode to Kathy Griffin

So I kid you not the best part of being in the states was watching Kathy Griffin on Bravo...the woman kills me! I love how ridiculously honest she is about everything and how she is very aware of her status- although in my world the woman is totally A list. I think that she is so witty and funny and sarcastic...I can't believe we don't get that show here! I watched it when I woke up and was getting ready and when I was going to bed...fantastic! When she is standing outside Carnegie Hall screaming hello new york it's what's her face! I almost died! And talking about how she will never be in Vanity Fair and that's why she has a deal with Star...cuz they are her peeps....kills me! I need to start some sort of campaign to get her show I want her to be my best friend!

My Future

So one night on the way home from the bar Carolyn, Andrea and I went to see the Psychic in the building across the street from our hotel. We had been joking about it but Andrea said she wanted to go and I jumped all over it. Now first off I have been to see many a psychic- and usually they put on a show. They make up stories with a lot of details- they totally sell their crap. Well this one just didn't give a rats ass.

So when we got there we were told the psychic was downstairs in a "meeting" and she would be up momentarily. Now I should note that downstairs was a bar. So we sat in their living room- which was huge for a downtown chicago apartment. She came in and obviously had just been woken up. So for 10 dollars we could ask her 2 questions. Andrea went first and was gone for like 5 minutes. Then it was me...

Now I am never good under pressure- I get really stressed out. Having to chose 2 good questions just started stress me out. She first asked me if I had ever been to a psychic (I lied and said no), she asked my name and date of birth. So my first question was will there be any major life changes in my life in the next year. She starred at my hand the whole time- but never touched it. She said that she did see them- that I would succeed in my career, that I would be financially stable by the end of the year- she obviously has never seen my bank statements!! Then she said you are in a relationship right- and this is where I pissed her off...I said am I? I mean if she's a psychic she should know that, shouldn't she? So she said are you- I said no. She asked if I had ever cared for anyone- nice and general. I said yes..and she told me within 6-8 months I would meet someone.

So my second question was would I get married....I really want to use the registry gun one she looked at my hand and said after a VERY long pause Yes, yes you will. To the guy I will meet in 6-8 months...but that I won't marry him this year....and that his first initial will be M. So if any of you have a friend who's first name starts with an M it is your civic duty to introduce him to me! HAHA!!

So I was in and out in a couple of minutes though...but the best is what she said to Andrea and Carolyn. She told Andrea that her soul was empty and that she should go back the next day and for 261 dollars they would light 3 candles and meditate to fill her soul....HAHA!! She also told Carolyn to go back to light 3 candles for 160 dollars- I"m the only one that she didn't invite back...I think I pissed her off. I mean it was a funny experience all and all

Canada's Next Top Model

Ok after 8 hours of traveling and losing my luggage I am a bit sleepy and crabby. But nothing will keep me away from this show! God that Steff looks horrid in her pics- why do they always put drag queen makeup on her? I mean she isn't ugly- but that huge amount of eye makeup looks horrid.

I think it'll be Steff going home- she just looks horrid. A crawfish hasn't grown up into a lobster- haha! And Sinead faints...this is what happens when girls are anorexic people!

They sent home Jacqueline?!?! Really!? What the hell!? She was the one with the good hair!! The other is a tranny- this makes no sense!!

Miss J is on next week- woohoo!! I love her/him!!