Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moving Day

So today was the big day- I am now officially a Torontonian! I was working pretty hard all night last night (be quiet all of you who I was chatting with on MSN!) and only had about 5 hours sleep. My completely neurotic ways had me up just after 5 going insane with worry. My dad got up around 7 and then we got going. He went to get the UHaul and I kept cleaning...and cleaning...I was completely paranoid about the cat hair and my window cleaning. As Mandy experienced yesterday I may just be the worst window washer ever- I was told I don't put enough elbow into it. So it took about 3 hours to be completely done but it went rather smoothly...the only issue was that it was about a billion degrees and I was sweating like I've never sweat before (sexy I know!). So we got on the road and again- all was well....I should have expected that it was the calm before the storm.

I got to Toronto before my dad because he had to drive slowly down the 401 due to the trailer so I went to PetSmart to buy Baxter some new toys and a new litter box- had to make his new environment enticing...he came REALLY close to getting a pink ballshaped litter box but I decided to keep it masculine for him and got him blue instead....anyways back to the move....

So we got to my apartment and started unloading...my dad voiced concern about the size of the stairway but I assured him that I had questioned my landlord and that everything should fit and that the front window popped out if we needed more space. So we kept going...all the boxes and small furniture got it...then came the big stuff. First the boxspring- we pushed and shoved and only succeeding in putting a hole in the ceiling...fabulous! Then came the couch. My beautiful, lovely couch that I so painstakingly picked after a MONTH of couch shopping....my big two purchases when I got my job- my couch and my bed. And the couch did NOT go in. The window turns out does NOT pop out. And after again pushing and shoving and SCRATCHING MY COUCH and TEARING MY COUCH and my hysterical crying about my couch we finally stopped. So these two items are right now on their way to Kirkland...and I will be sleeping on the floor....I'm sure you can guess how thrilled I am....

So after more crying to various family members- I know this may sound odd to some of you but my couch is VERY IMPORTANT to me and my whole design scheme- I realize that I will get it back in a year- and my dad is going to try to get it repaired...so I'm trying to be rational...this is going to be tough for me...

I did hook up my tv with my club chair and ottoman facing it- so far it's quite comfy. I think Baxter is the most distraught...last time I moved he hid under the bed for a week- now he can only go under the orange chair.

So no blogging til Monday- I'm off to PEI! Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Now this is upsetting...

I never have any sympathy with drunk drivers- can't stand them. Have no patience with them. I just saw this mugshot and am sooo upset. I can't believe that Matt Roloff was arrested for drunk driving....what was he thinking?! I watch his show every single week to see his life lessons- and he goes and does this!!?! Ach!!


Surprising News

So Nicole Richie has finally "confirmed" that the media frenzy that she created was true- she is in fact pregnant. But what I find most surprising is that this media whore was able to menstruate despite the years of anorexia...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pacey Whitter

So ever since I made fun of Chad bragging about his frosted tips I've been thinking about Joshua Jackson...here he is this past week looking damn good!! Katie Holmes what the hell were you thinking- he is a million times better than dumbass Tom Cruise!


So Excited!!

I cannot wait for this movie!! A musical starring Johnny Depp....I mean do we not all remember the genius that was Crybaby..cry baby cry baby cry cry cry!! And also I have developed this weird new love for Helena Bonham Carter since she was so fabulous as Bellatrix Lestranges....this magazine is going to be amazing!!

Somebody Get Her a Stylist Asap!!

This is what BritBrit is wearing in her next video....god it is just so sad....she is just a train wreck!!!

The Two Coreys

Oh god I am SOOO excited to watch this!! I watched an interview with them about this and it seems so ridiculous that it can be nothing but fabulous. I mean Corey Feldman said that it is all scenarios were scripted so they could have creative control but their reactions would be "genuine". So there would be good storylines. And the house that they are in is a rental in Vancouver- it's not their real house...HAHAH!! It is all pretentious- just like Corey Feldman. And Corey Haim is just so out of it at this point it is sad....especially since I used to LOVE him...LOVED HIM people!! I was never that big of a Corey Feldman girl- that was Julie. But I loved me the Corey Haim...it is all quite tragic!!

And I love that they have a son- but they are keeping him upstairs with the nanny- very "real".

I can't believe you've never been to this house- they admitted that it was a set in Vancouer...and already Corey Haim broke something! God did they ship all of their belongings to this house?! I love the poster of the Burbs!

The saddest thing of all is that Corey Haim seems to feel that he can have a comeback...that he is still relevant to actually have an acting career....I mean even I can see that it is not going to happen- and this comes from someone who used to love him!! I mean I've even watched Blown Away...where they were naked...so traumatic...

I am sure that they hired extras for the Lost Boys anniversary!! OH MY GOD IT"S THE OTHER FROG!! God he has not aged well...I would have NEVER recognized him

Like Joel Schumacher would do a sequel of the movie with these trainwrecks- time to realize that reality tv is the world for you!

What the hell is up with the shit with the collar cut out- nasty!! How on earth can Corey Haim afford a Tiffany vase?!?!


Big Brother 8

I really hope that Dustin nominates Zach- I just hate him!!

Dick you have to stop being so mean to everyone- it is going to backfire. Oh god Amber is crying again- this girl has to calm down!!

Send Zach home!! home!!

Daniele is quite immature- I mean I don't understand their situation but she has to learn how to talk and say she needs- this guy needs to be told- he can't guess.

I have to say that I am disappointed that the person that Eric is forming a bond with is Jessica- since she is a complete dumbass.

I would like to see him nominate Kail and Zach. Oh Kail and Jen- interesting...I would have rather seen Zach but I don't like these two either

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nicole Gets 4 Days

So you have 2 DUIs under your belt in 5 years, you drive down the wrong side of the highway essentially endangering the lives of all drivers....and you only get 4 days in jail! That's it. This dumb ho is trying to gather sympathy because she did not contest the sentence due to her "delicate condition". Bitch please. This dumbass should have been thrown away for months


Last Day at Work

So today is my last day at NCIC CTG and I have to say I am feeling quite odd....while I am excited to go to Toronto and I know it's the right career move for me I am getting quite emotional. I am really not looking forward to 3:30 when I start saying goodbye to people. I mean there are a lot of people who have become such a part of my daily life and that I may never see again. It's weird thinking that everyone will be here on Monday except for me....I'm not good with that! But I know Toronto will be amazing- I just have to keep telling myself that...

JK's Final Word..

Alright I know not all of you have finished the Deathly Hallows yet- get on that!! Here is an interview with JK Rowling where she says what ended up happening to certain characters in HER MIND that was not in the book...ridiculously satisfying!!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big Brother 8

Oh god do we really have to see Dick farting?!? Is that necessary?!?

I love how hard that Eric is trying to get rid of Kail- he really takes his role as America's Player seriously!

Oh god I can't believe they are interviewing the boyfriend- he can't be too happy!! Wow he doesn't seem good looking enough for Daniele...but he still wants to marry her...interesting...oh this guy is a putz...they are so kissing...those were total slurping noises!!

Why the hell is Nick dressed like a guido?!?! I don't understand the look- he looks like a 70s porn star

Top 50 Celebrity Baby Names

We all know how much I love a good celeb baby name!! There are some fantastic ones on this list- I mean some that I have discussed already but some gems. Faves include Camera, Destry (Steven Spielberg!!), Sage Moonblood, and Lark Song

And of course Fifi Trixibell- it's classic.

Although I can't for the life of me understand why Diva Muffin isn't on this list!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Connie and Carla

So I just watched Connie and Carla and let me tell you I thought it was fabulous! Obviously there was stupidity- the entire David Duchovny falls in love with a drag queen because they are meant to be...ridiculous. However, it is all show tunes!! The whole thing- it is Nia Vardalos and Toni Colette singing and dancing and doing cabaret- FABULOUS!! Toni Colette is fantastic- I mean I've always liked her but she is fabulous doing this- she should be on broadway. Poor Nia is out of her element- while she can sing she has no rhythm- and I sympathise...I also was not blessed with the gift of the dance...but she is lucky that she wrote this and was able to cast herself!

Anyways, I highly recommend it to any Broadway lover- it's quite amusing and makes you sing outloud! I would kill to sing Don't Cry for Me Argentina and have a whole room of drag queens sing along!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Brother 8

Oh god give him the towel!! I don't want to see naked Zach!!

He has to vandalise her outfits?! I would have rather seen him butcher then with scissors but i guess he didn't have much time

I think evil has to stop always outing everything..he just creates chaos

Oh it's the tea party- god I love this movie!! Alice in Wonderland was always my favorite

Wow Kail was a big threat...she really fought hard...oh god their costumes are so horrid...haha i love the crickets with mike's lame attempt at laughing

Oh god Dick don't do it- don't nominate your daughter's best friend! You will alienate her even more!! Ach!! Such a stupid move

I love that Jen is trying to pretend that she is actually smart...so sad...

Oh I'm so glad that Dick did that- don't alienate your daughter anymore!!

Aurevoir Kail- no more dumbass "christians" for me!

BritBrit's Rock Bottom?

There is a lot of background to this and I recommend that you read these links if you want all the sordid details. Most gossip columns are citing Lainey's coverage.


Recently Brit has fired both her manager and her publicist so she represents herself. She also fired her cousin as her personal assistant and alienated all of her family. The girl is obviously having some serious problems.

Last week she had a photo shoot with OK magazine to accompany the interview that they would publish- this would be her first official interview since leaving rehab and all the headshaving drama. So she shows up at this interview completely out of it- she can hardly keep her head up. She insists on picking out her own clothes but they are all two sizes too small- to the horror of the onset stylist who has her own reputation to worry about. Her new puppy London is going to the bathroom everywhere- and she is cleaning his messes with the designer clothes onset. She goes to the bathroom in the middle of the soundstage and leaves the door open- so everyone can see her. She is rubbing and touching herself like a 5 year old would- completely unaware of her surroundings. She ends up just taking off before the shoot is done- and taking most of the clothes with her.

In the end OK magazine was left with some horrible shots and nothing that could be salvaged and photoshopped into a decent photospread. So they have made the most astonishing decision- they will publish the nasty shots. They will describe her onset behaviour. They will pretty much expose her for the trainwreck that she is. The editor released this statement: "OK! Magazine spent a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed first-hand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad. This week, on newsstands Friday, the truth will be told."

Now people this is HUGE- most magazines want to suck up to celebs for future exclusives so usually LIE about their behaviour. Not since the Vanity Fair Desperate Housewives expose has a magazine so brazenly outed a celeb. For one I say bravo! Maybe this will be the wakeup call that she needs.


McCartney Settlement

So Paul has finally settled with Heather...probably just threw money to get the dumb ho out of his life...100 million to be married for a few years...the bitch should just fade away now with her money

Lilo Arrested

This girl is a trainwreck- her mother must be so proud...

So she is running around LA with her stupid ankle monitoring bracelet trying to show off that she's sober- yet the rumours have been running rampant that she has been doing copious amounts of drugs.

So she goes and gets herself arrested AGAIN this morning at 2am in Santa Monica. She was charged with driving over the legal drinking limit, posession of cocaine and driving on a suspended license. She was released on 25000 bail- and this comes after having just been charged for her previous offense. I'm glad to see that she took rehab seriously...I"m not sure why I heard rumours that she was doing it just for publicity...I'll never believe that...

I hate these dumbass spoiled bitches- off to jail with you!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Very Important

Everyone vote for them to come to Toronto!! Come on- you know you want to!!



I totally think that she's pregnant....you?

Fingers crossed!

Come to Toronto!!



Why oh why do people keep insisting that Katie is a fashion icon now- the girl is pathetic. She has all the money in the world at her disposal with her marriage contract and that is what she puts together...to wear to a Posh event nonetheless?!! This is what Susan Sarandon would wear- and she would look fabulous....but she is 60!! Not 27!! And the black shoes with the red dress...hideous!!

UPDATE: Upon further inspection I realize the shoes are purple- but they still do nothing with that hideous dress

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Brother 8

I love how excited Daniele is that her Dad won- I love that they are getting closer.

I would love if Dick got rid of Zach- he is creepy and arrogant.

I love that Nick has a top five list- talking about hot they are...HAHA!! Oh god he really wants to do Brad Pitt...he is totally bi!

Is Daniele always in bed!!? I think she's always there

Oh I am loving this moment with Daniele and Dick...I love that he is being so sweet with her...he's trying...I want them to get better...

I suck at that feeling bad thing...god Jen is such a twat

Oh god Kail is such a bitch...you forget that he's a sinner?! You are horrid

I am really not shocked about Kail and Jen...not shocking at all

Friday, July 20, 2007

Lilo Update

So Linz you were asking about Lilo and her upcoming project- well it was just scrapped. Turns out no insurance company will insure her- shocking! The producer released this statement:

"Apparently, Ms. Lohan's antics in Las Vegas over the weekend have scared the bond companies and all of the funding has been pulled . . . I look forward to working together in the future and trust our next project will not be as fraught with difficulty."

Dumb ho. Shirley Maclaine you should go kick her ass for making you wait around for her!!


HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh.my.god. I am so freakin excited about this I don't know what to do!! This is what JK Rowling posted on her website today about the Deathly Hallows:

“Within hours you will know what happens to Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest in their final adventure. All the secrets I have been carrying around for so long will be yours, too, and those who guessed correctly will be vindicated, and those who guessed wrongly will not, I hope, be too disappointed! As for me, I feel a heady mixture of excitement, nerves and relief. ‘Deathly Hallows’ remains my favourite of the series, even after several re-reads; I cannot wait to share it with the readers who have stuck with me through six previous books.”

All right people I am so antsy with excitement it's pretty sad. I am DYING to discuss predictions and thoughts with people tonight- anyone who wants to discuss please call! But I will not be answering my phone tomorrow...I will be reading and reading so as to finish it before everyone else...yes, yes I do have serious issues!

BritBrit's New Video

So this is what Britney decided to wear for the new video that she is filming...people is this really a contemporary outfit!? Anything to be admired!? It looks like a version of that motorcycle outfit she wore years ago at the mmVAs...just cheaper and trashier...and not that I"m one to talk but I would never walk around in that with cellulite! Not flattering...


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Big Brother 8

Let me start out by saying I would absolutely love if they did some sort of Pirate Master twist on this episode and they all did some sort of mutiny...that would be fantastic- I cannot stand Jen

I really want Joe to stay- but I do like Dick..he is amusing as well...I hate that the boring people always stay- who the hells cares about Tameka or Kail or Amber?!?

I love that Joe can see that he is screwed- the guy knows what's going on! Jessica is such a cow!! She would vote out her bedmate- I just can't stand her!

Oh I think Dick's arrogance is going to kill him- he is too arrogant and they will vote his ass out. Yay Daniele- I love that she is clueing into what Kail is doing. And now Dick is making things awkward again- I hope this means Joe stays!

Oh Daniele stuck with her father- that is nice to see! Yeah you really can't spell America without Eric...haha

Oh god it looks like Joe will go- this is getting scary!! God I hate Kail's hair- is she 5?! She looks like she needs a giant lollipop

Oh no!! Joe has 5 votes!! NOOOOO!!!! The alliance has split up!! They voted out Joe!! Oh Jessica you are a complete cow!! Well Kail has lost her boys...

Oh this season is now going to suck- he had the best soundbites- no one else is that sarcastic and funny! Boo...

Haha- her name is Jameka- that's how memorable she is!

God Zack is such a complete ass- why is he there?!?! He is ugly and brutish!!

I would love to see Evil win- he would just tell everyone off. Well I'm glad that Zach is gone- I HATE HIM!! Why on earth do so many of these questions revolve around Jen?!!/ She doesn't need the ego boost!

She has a blog!!

Posh has a blog...and sometimes David posts too...fantastic!!


Britney at the Beach

I know when I'm hot I like to run down to lake Ontario and strip down to my underwear to go swimming...in broad daylight...

Here is the dumbass out at the beach in her underwear...I guess she got hot so she pulled over, took her clothes off and went into the water...in front of the pappies in broad daylight! What is wrong with this girl!?


More Posh!!

At least NBC appreciates talent when they see it. They will air the Posh documentary again tonight...with UNSEEN footage!! So excited!!

Emmy Nomination Reaction

For the most part it was same old same old...but I do have a few reactions...

The key to getting a nomination- get yourself outed!! Neil Patrick Harris, TR Knight...both relatively mediocre yet have nominations!!

Bailey, Izzie and Christina all got best supporting actress....totally undeserved. What the hell did Bailey do this year- she was totally underused!! And Izzie- don't even get me started people! Cristina's was based solely on that final crying seen..but even then I don't think her work was as strong as previous years.

Best supporting actor in a comedy- GO DRAMA!! Drama makes Entourage- he is the shit!! yay for him! And props to Ducky- Two and a Half men is atrocious but I love me some Ducky. As for the Office- I prefer the subtlety of Jim and Tobey...but I guess it was the over the top antics that got Dwight nominated...his scenes for Angela though are priceless and totally deserving

Best writing- GO BATTLESTAR!! At least it is getting some props- best.show.on.tv.!

Best Supporting actress in a comedy- fantastic nominations! Jaime Pressly while a total cow in real life is amazing in that role. Vanessa Williams is fantastic as Wilhemina and I love Pam.

Scrubs again was shut out- showing that the academy are morons...at least it got a directing nomination...if only it were simpler...maybe the masses would understand it then...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poor Tammy Faye

I am watching Larry King and this might be the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen....this is just awful.

This poor woman has inoperable terminal lung cancer and she has never been a smoker...every smoker should see this...it is just devastating...I mean I have never necessarily been a fan of this woman but NO ONE should ever have to suffer with this..she doesn't even look like the same person- she is only recognizable by the makeup...she can hardly speak...oh god this is awful...not to be a downer or to be selfish but I'm so glad my grandad never got to this point...how could anyone smoke after watching this?!?! They have a choice to quit and avoid this...she had no choice...it's awful..

Canada's Next Top Model- Finale

Alright my prediction is that Rebecca is going to win- Tia is the wildcard though...she could be the dark horse that wins

I really don't think that Rebecca pulled off the cover girl add- she is NOT the girl next door

Oh I never- MY FAVOURITE GAME EVER!! Toronto beware- I play this game at any given opportunity!

I don't really like Sinead- I don't think that she is a top model at all...I can't see her in the fashion world at all- the rest look more like what we see...well not really Tara...I don't see her either

I think it'll be Rebecca and Tia in the end...oops wrong about Tia...she is so odd looking...well I'm glad I don't have to see her again. Sinead!? Really!? She is too short...and fashion doesn't do cutesy...my Posh would NEVER be her friend- and isn't that what it is all about!

Oh of course it's Rebecca- that wasn't a shock at all!

It's a walk-off bitches...fabulous!! Now I really want Rebecca to win- just for that sound clip!

Victorian is the 19th century you moron- not 18th...IDIOT! hehe...again- just for that I'm totally cheering for Rebecca

Now this is more like it- this totally looks more like a fashion show to me- what they usually do on America's next top model is usualy quite crappy. Rebecca's shoulders are too far forward...Sinead is more of an actress...Rebecca looks nervous...I think that Sinead did better actually...

I'm pretty sure those fireworks are just random and from Canada day- I doubt they had the budget for those!

God I HATE Sinead's clothing...bad...what a horrible blouse! What is up with the lace on the sleeves?!

While Sinead did better in the show I think that Rebecca will win...I mean Sinead is also too short!

I KNEW IT!! Christ I'm good!!

After the Wedding

So I went with a group of girls from work to the movies last night. We went to the screening room and saw After the Wedding- a Danish film that was nominated for best Foreign Film. I am telling you people- it is one of the best movies that I have seen in a very long time. I really can't say anything about it because it is one of those movies that you should experience since it is full of twists and it is hard to predict where it is going. But it's amazing- highly recommended!

Incredibly Tough Blind Items...

This blind item was in pagesix today:

“Which hard-partying starlet has figured out a way to get high while wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet? She was asking where she could score some Ecstasy at a Vegas club the other night.”

Pretty tough guys...pretty tough...If you don't know who this is you are seriously behind on your gossip!!

My other favourite blind item of the day was:

"WHICH too-good-to-be-real Hollywood leading man and his hard-bodied wife deserve Oscars for their portrayal of a perfect marriage? They both have secret lives with members of the same sex."

This one may be a bit more tough for nonseasoned gossips- the most likely answer is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith...looks can be deceiving people! Rumours have been swirling for years about these two- I mean have you ever seen Jada with her heavy metal band?! Nough said.

Winona Forever

Here is Winona Ryder looking AMAZING on the cover of vogue....I can't believe that she is 35!! Jesus I'm getting old! I think she's fabulous- so what if she's a crackpot and doesn't feel guilty about shoplifting (something I do not support by the way and I've always thought was retarded. Is it really worth it?!) Anyways, I have lots of friends who have shoplifted- you know who you are. I still love them. I want her to come back with a vengeance! I mean how can you even compare such dumbasses as Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock to the genius that is Winona. Welcome home Roxy Carmichael anyone?! Beetlejuice, Lucas, Mermaids, the girl is FANTASTIC!!
I can't even tell you how many times I have seen Great Balls of Fire!

Winona Forever

Big Brother 8

So the past few nights I haven't been able to get internet reception so I haven't been able to blog as I've been watching my shows. Here are my thoughts on last nights big brother

Amber is getting downright annoying. The incessant crying is too much for me- time to get rid of her! I mean she should have just told Jen off when she was threatening her.

And Jen- who the hell does she think she is. I mean she is just the dumbest thing ever- the vacant look in her eyes is downright scary- this is a girl with absolutely no awareness. And the unitard- not cool.

As for Zach- I hate him. He is the quintessential dumbass high school jock who thinks he is the best. The way he treated Tameka was awful...and the way he talks- I can't handle him.

I loved when Eric was cosying up to Joe and Joe didn't make him stop...that was too funny.

NOOO JOE!! I love him- I think he's fantastic. He is so damn funny- I love his sarcastic comments- like when he overshot the curling and said he didn't know of his brute strength- I need people like him on the show because they amuse me

I do like Dick but he has to go in order to save my Joe- although who am I kidding. Joe is out of there

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Here are the two nasty ass pics of the day. The first is Madonna leaving a studio in London...I'm sorry but that arm is disgusting...I know she works out like a fiend but there comes a time in our life when we need a bit of fat on our bodies because the skin becomes thin and you start to look like a zombie!

Then there is Tara Reid...I thought she had had that fixed!? Wear a one piece!! Throw a tarp over that shit!!



Victoria Beckham!!

I am so excited right now that I truly don't know what to do!! It's time!! It's time!! It's Beckham tv time!! God I am excited!

People I adore Posh. Adore her! I truly think she is fabulous. I know that people don't like her and I just don't get it. She has been married to the hottest guy ever since 1999....that is quite the long term relationship...she was a Spice Girl..
girl power people! Yes she's skinny- but that is her job!! I watched the documentary that the Beckham's made when they moved to Madrid and let me tell you- it was amazing! She is funny and engaging. And the girl has style...and don't insult her with Katie Holmes comparaisons...Katie got the poor man's Pob and dresses like she's 50....yuck

Victoria has flare- and the girl works it. For someone who hasn't had a real job for years look at what she's been able to do..without having to resort to releasing a sex tape.

Oh it's starting!! GOD I"M EXCITED!!

She is an international icon of fashion and glamour!! He is the hottest man alive! God I wish I could pull off that hair- it is amazing I think I'm going to get my mom to do it.

A house and a manicurist- very important things! AH!!!! Look at her imitating a blow up doll!! She's fantastic! The girl is aware of her cheese- and that's what separates her...the other dumb hoes take themselves too seriously...and she doesn't

Come to Canada Victoria! I'll be your friend- I'll stop eating and everything!! Oh god he is hot shirtless!! God lord this is the sexiest photo shoot ever- I totally agree Lainey- it is like porn!! Better than porn!! That is what she is wearing to leave- HAHA

Look at the top of his ass in those pants- genius! That boy wears clothes like no one else....him and hot Harry...god those Brits can wear pants! Note to self- get your ass to Britain!

Look at her saunter and pout while walking through the paps- never loses her cool...never freaks out- fabulous!

Her dog's name is Twiggy- so appropriate!! I am so busy..so I'm going to lie around and drink champagne by the pool...in a black bustier bathing suit...I love how she is acting like things aren't set up- HAHA!!

Look at her posing in front of the pool for no apparent reason- genius! LOOK AT THE SHOES!! She is wearing t straps while lounging by the pool...jesus christ I can't handle this! Lisa Kenny where are you!!?!!? She can't be too good looking- it's all
got to be about me- HAHA!! Yeah you can't have David running around with the help again!

Telling this girl that she should get heels...shit I can't wear my flats anymore...if posh would rather die I am going to go back into my heels

OH GOD DO NOT ASK ABOUT DAVID!! DO NOT IMPLY THAT YOU WANT HIM!! She will bitch slap you down the Hollywood Hills...I love that they are pretending that this was just filmed 3 weeks ago...and not months ago...

Oh this police thing is so staged...and she doesn't know what an intersection is?! HAHA!! Devastated because she was wearing flat shoes...oh god I am crying laughing!

I love that she has her makeup and hair stylists there for her dmv pic...she wants approval. She thinks he wants her autograph...haha! Oh god her wedding band is fierce- tell my future husband to get that ring for me!

I don't think this will ever be deleted from my tivo....so fabulous.. quick- somebody send her my blog! She can't be seen eating- genius! Perez just felt her up...haha!! Eddie Murphy bashing! Let me get myself miserable- this girl is amazing

I love that she seriously refers to her body as her temple...if I invite you over Posh will you come?! Lisa and I will do anything you want!! Oh my god her dress is fabulous!! The ribbon everything...so amazing!! They were plastic....

If she gets to do her dolphin call for Posh I want to do my moose call!! Of course shopping is therapeutic! I have to start saying major at any given opportunity.

I love that they are surprised when the simulator starts shaking...I personally would be shocked! Twirl Posh Twirl It's exhausting being fabulous- my new favourite quote

Look at her quoting songs- fabulous! She is dressing up a sex doll- people this is priceless...priceless...believable other than the part she's smiling...ths is so ridiculous...that blow up doll face is ridiculous

These little people- how far away are they....what an idiot!! priceless...what a mother!!

God Tommy Lasorda is still alive..I forgot about him...I really thought one of my silicones was going to fly up my armpit there did she just admit that she has implants?!?!! SHE HAS NEVER DONE THAT!!

She needs to be my best friend. Why on earth wasn't this a series!?!?!?

My god he is a sexy beast...look at that coat...jesus...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Wear a Bra!!

Why do these idiots insist on not wearing a bra?!? This is NOT a good look! Sara did point out that she is leaning a bit- but there is no excuse!! Kiki put on a bra!!


Sunday, July 15, 2007


So all weekend I've been looking forward to the Two Coreys this weekend....then tonight I see that it doesn't start for another TWO WEEKS!! Ach!! At least I have Posh's show tomorrow...yay for that!

Big Brother 8

Oh god Jen is so annoying I can't deal with her....oh god don't nominate Joe!! Don't do it!!

I love that he was so fabulous that he had to be with the women!! Oh god I would not be good at food challenges- I would really suck!! I hate strange foods.

I think that Jessica should be targeted just because I don't want to hear her voice anymore.

Go America's choice- I really like him!!

Why on earth did Jen just go in that room to wake them up and start talking about her hair?!?! Oh god dick don't yell at the head of household?! Don't tell her you are going to make her miserable before she has nominated someone!!

I think that she will nominate Joe and Dick...both of whom I don't mind...

Daniele is negative/!??! This girl is a crackpot- Nick will not like you even if she is evicted...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Big Brother 8

Yay Big Brother! Oh Joe is so voting out Amber to spite Dustin...although can't people see that Carole is a cow.

God Jessica cannot mask her hatred of this girl...I'd like to say that she's immature but I would probably be the same.

Oh god Joe stop being so catty!! I need you to stay!!

I'm really enjoying Eric- I think he has a fantastic personality and he is great at talking to the audience- he should be a host!! He is the Rob C of BB!!

My prediction is that Carole will be evicted..it is hard at the stage but I thought that Kail's alliance felt that Carole would hold a grudge and she would try to get back at Kail...was Joe the only one who voted apart from the group!?!? God I hope he didn't isolate himself!

Oh I love Joe's little mod outfit- very cute!!

I would like to see someone like Nick as the head of household....oh god let them want to rub butter off Danielle...please don't boost Jen's ego!!

Oh god Joe is going to freak out about the fact that everyone thinks he would cheat on his significant other. Oh god Jessica would not chear me up....she would drive me nuts!! I knew it- I guess 6 gallons!! I can't believe Jen won- they should all be ashamed!!


Since people aren't responding to my emails about going to concerts I figured I would post this on here to find friends to go with me!! Would anyone be interested in going to see Poison on August 28th or Damien Rice on September 10th?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

One word people- brilliant. F'in brilliant...I really enjoyed it!! The only bad thing about the whole experience was the pop I drank...the pop that came with my combo was GINORMOUS!! It was like 2 litres of fountain pop- after 2 hours I had to run out!!

One thing I appreciate is that we have the books- for the love of god people read the books! They are so much more fulfilling than the movies only because there is so much more amazing content. But I really enjoyed how they put this movie together- of course tons of stuff was omitted and changes were made...being as anal as I am I noticed. But they put together a fantastic movie- especially for non-readers. Luna was fantastic...I loved how they made the thestrals look....Neville rocks...but let's face it. Imelda Staunton stole that movie...she embodied Dolores Umbridge to a T. She was amazing...god I hated her!!

Canada's Next Top Model

I have never heard of this first Canadian Supermodel in my life- I thought it was Linda Evangelista!

I adore Nole with his telescope- too funny! I have to say Rebecca was the best. By far.

Ok Rebecca is supposed to be in fashion- and she is dating a guy who wears pleated pants....not good!! He is not attractive!!

What the hell is wrong with Kori?! Why would she put those pictures under the door? Yeah she's a nice person all right...she is a typical Northern Ontario bitch...once a popular girl always a popular girl....these types of girl were cool in high school because they were pretty, slutty, and dumb as stumps....Kori embodies this

I don't think that Kori is able to look intense with her eyes since there is nothing in there!!

Tara and Kori will be the bottom two and Tara will go home...I think I'll be right here...oh it was Kori...close but no cigar....thank god she left...I thought I would keep cheering on the Northern girl but she embodies all the qualities of people I hate...she can go back to the North now and self tan, marry the hockey player who then works for the mine, and push a stroller while holding a ciggie...

Beckham Porn

So here are some pics from their photospread in W magazine...is it just me or does this not look like snapshots from a porn?! I mean cover his tatts and he is the hotness...but would you pose for public pics like this with your significant other?!



For those of you who don't know I love Flavor of Love- it is the best trainwreck television out there...it just kills me how stupid these girls are...who on earth would fight for Flavor Flav!??!? So at the end of the last season he picked Deelishis...and while I knew he had knocked up some girl before the end of the season I thought that he was still with Deelishis...I am so out of the loop. Here is a pic of Deelishis marrying some guy who is most obviously not Foofy Foofy.....but look at the bright side- this paves the way for a season 3!

Small Wonder

So here is a pic of Vickie from Small Wonder- remember her? Well she's all grown up and I would not have recognized her in a million years...I'm mainly posting it because I've been hearing for years that she's dead!! Oh the rumours that surround fallen child stars....I can't wait to get to Toronto and start helping Corey Haim with his healing...hehe

Big Brother's Maybe Gaybe Nick

So any of you who have read my bb8 posts know that I totally expect a queer as folk moment with Joe and Nick this summer. Nick is the ex football player with the big nasty tattoo on his arm. First off- he stared intensely at Joe the first night. Then last night not only did he say "or boy" when he was asked which girl he'd hook up with first, he was cuddling with Joe on the couch before the veto competition. Joe had his arm around him and his legs over Nick's- and Nick's arm and hand were on Joe's legs. I don't know what jocks you know but most aren't comfortable like that with other guys.

Now comes word that on one of the late night feeds- why oh why don't I get showtime?!- Nick was discussing his college days when he experimented with guys...I am so going to get my queer as folk moment!! The whole thing reminds me of Blaine and the jock in Cruel Intentions!!

Lilo's Girlfriend?!

I hadn't heard many rumours about lesbian inclinations with Lilo but who knows these days...this is what she posted on her MySpace regarding her bff Samantha Ronson- who is openly gay:

"Babe, if I don't have you in my life then I should just go die. ... I want to marry you and have children with you."

Apparently Lindsay isn't fussy about who changes her name.

"Go to bed babe," she wrote to her pal late one night.

"I love you. - [signed] Lindsay Ronson."

Who knows if this is legit and true or what she was on at the time....she is just a train wreck...

Who Talks Like This?!

I am posting this cover not because I like the couple- I do not- but because of the byline. Who actually says this shit?! They are nauseating...and not attractive...not my fairytale couple...bring on Posh and Becks and their cover- much hotter!!

Fantastic Grey's News!

So it looks like the George and Izzie relationship is going to die- thank god!! They recently did a focus group and 95% were against the relationship- let's just let that one die and hook her up with Alex again, and keep him with Callie.

The Simpsons Hometown

I didn't even know that they were planning on clarifying this but apparently it has been revealed that the Simpsons live in Springfield, Vermont and this is where the movie will debut. Personally, I liked that they never clarified it- it should be anytown USA

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Brother 8

I love how Dick wants to show that he is a good father by talking about taking his kid to a strip club to the Christian lady- haha!!

Wow Joe really does have the biggest nipples- I love how he loves Nick- even with the ugly tattoo. Amber I don't know if I would admit that I'm a nympho on television...that could be embarrassing. Wow Nick this could backfire on you- girls talk! Oh he said boy- I knew I smelled a maybe gaybe vibe- he was totally checking out Joe...I love how he just perked up when he said maybe boy...too funny!!

Oh Jen you are such a liar- you are NOT that hot!! Oh Joe causing the drama- I wish he'd back up a bit...he is going to go home and I want him to stay because he is so funny...she is jenuinely insane- HAHA!! She has the most vacant eyes. Oh my god I totally want shirts made with my name- I do think that is brilliant!!

Look at Joe with his leg over Nick and him with his hand on Joe's leg- he is totally gay!! Someone's an ex football player for a reason...he is going to hook up with a boy!!

Why on earth would you pick Jessica for the host- her voice is ATROCIOUS!! It sounds like she could have been hired by Walt Disney back in the 40s to play a cartoon character- horrid!!

God Kail is a cow- she is so disrespectful with all of the other people's things...she is a cow...i strongly dislike her

Look at Jessica laughing because Carol's was found- god she's awful!

HAHA- I LOVE ERIC!! Oh I love that they are now talking and saying Danielle has an eating disorder...she totally does!

Amber don't get me wrong- I like a thin brow over this horrid thick eyebrow trend but yours have pretty much disappeared- they are horrid

Funniest Sex Toy Ever!!

Celebrity Butt Plugs just came out with this plug in the shape of L. Ron Hubbard- better known as the head crackpot who invented Scientology and Xenu. I think both John Travolta and Tom Cruise will have a very Merry Xmas this year!!

Would You Swoon If Your Man Did This!?

So Keith Urban unveiled his new Nicole tatt at Live Earth this weekend...I don't know about you but I just don't think that these things end well...you should never put someone's name on your body. Winona forever anyone!? I mean while it may seem romantic when you are 15 for a guy to carve his name across your chest to prove his love I don't think it has the same impact anymore. Buy me a diamond- you don't to write my name on your arm....I mean the only thing worse is getting your OWN name tattooed on your body...do you really need a reminder just in case you forget what it is!?


Brandon Walsh is a Dad

So Jason Priestley had a baby girl- I know no more details yet but oh the life lessons this child will learn. Never ever drink and drive. Do not bet on that basketball game. Do not sleep with your teachers wife.

The "Sanctity" of the Ministry is forever tainted

So Tori Spelling went out and became an ordained minister- of course for publicity reasons. She married a gay couple at her B&B- and I'm sure it'll be on Tori and Dean Inn Love. I mean we all know I don't have a huge amount of respect for religion but even this is blasphemous to me.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Age of Love

Oh hun- I actually do think that you are as stupid as you look! Younguns just take a deep breath and realize you are morons.

Oh the tension...she got an ambulance for her ankle? At least he admits that he is not worth it...I love that 2 of the older ones beat the younger ones...fantastic! Man she cries when she's tired, angry, she just always cries...

Alright older ladies...if you are old you should not have long straight boring hair...I mean at that age everything is falling down and sagging...having long hair just emphasizes that

Oh god these youngins have the nastiest fake boobs...I truly don't understand why people get such fake nasty boobs...they are alien like...did we all not grow up with the scariness that was Donna Martins rack

Oh there she goes and she's crying again...oh and Mary cries again- for the love of god get rid of this girl...I can't deal with her!

Wow Jayanna is quite forward saying she should have been kissed- that felt horribly awkward and not romantic at all

Oh god that Kelly had to go- that 80s tank top with the heart neckline was too much!!

Andy and Tessa

Here is a pic of Andy and Tessa for Patti to show that they are still together...and to show that he is not that hot in a speedo...there doesn't appear to be much to brag about there...

Style Icon My Ass

So here is Sarah Jessica Parker in all her style icon glory....the girl cannot dress and is hideous. During the Sex and the City years it was Patricia Field who put together all of the overrated outfits- not her....this is what she does on her own...nasty!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Big Brother 8

Oh god I'm excited for this episode- 1 episode in and I'm already hooked. I've said it before and I"ll say it again- best reality show hands down!!

I am a bit disappointed that the Christian woman is HOH- I'd rather she went home. HAHA- he is still talking about his gonorrhea- Joe I love ya but for the love of god stop talking about your STD!! You are making things uncomfortable and you will get voted out!

HAHAH!! Fucking Jen- what a crackpot. Freaking out over her picture- this girl is such a moron...even the dumb blond girl realizes it.

Thank you Jessica for explaining why you cheered for blue- moron. Holy slow motion baywatch boob shots during the butter competition. Ok I'm hoping the gays have angry Queer as Folk sex...agreed...noone wants to be around fighting exes....it is just too awkward.

Ok Joe if you know that you are creating tension then just stop it!! I love you and don't want to see you go! I would love to see Jen nominated- I can't deal with her.

In the spirit of fairness!??! How are things fair- the girl has an alliance...it is obviously not random. Joe is safe!! YAY! Oh yuck Jen is safe...yuck yuck yuck. Ok it'll probably be Amber and Carol- and since I don't really care for either of them that's ok with me. Look at Jessica giggling at Carole getting nominated. Oh god who cares if you are mothers- blah blah blah.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Posh on Ugly Betty!!

Posh will be playing herself on two episodes of Ugly Betty this fall. I personally think that this casting is genius! The show is fantastic because it is so camp and over the top- and who is more camp and over the top than my Posh?! Fabulous


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Brother 8

Oh god I'm excited- I love this show!! I just saw the premise- getting locked up with your nemesis. God I would hate that- I would make Kara's life a living hell!!

Bitter exboyfriends- bitter queens- FANTASTIC!! Oh god this'll be good!

Yuck why is Julie Chen still the host?! I mean I know she's sleeping with Les Moonves but she is just horrid- and has the worst hair ever...although the dress is fabulous!

Yeah I would be shocked to get my key too....especially when a camera cew is nearby...Oh god the football layer is nas...what a horrid tattoo!! Is it just me or does the dad look just like Tommy Lee?! Oh god I feel like Joe will be my favorite for sure!! And I already hate Jen- god I hate girls who think they are hot...

And now I hate Kail with her whole gay lifestyle thing- how could you not love Joe...I wonder if this'll be the year that I see some Queer as Folk in the big brother house!! Zach's face frightens me..

DR WILL!! God I miss you!!

I love that the exboyfriends are wearing each others shirts...and have gigantic nipples! haha! That is very sad that the dad doesn't care at all...

It looks like a brownie patch...oh poor little Nick! Why wouldn't you pick the athlete?!?! Why would you pick the gay boy for an athletic competition?! It's like picking me- don't do it!!

I'm not incredibly flexible in my netherregions- HAHA!! God I love Joe!! I think I would be pissed if I was upstairs and not able to compete- I have too many control issues...

The dad-daughter pairing could be quite problematic- I mean we all saw what happened with Michael and Nakomis- it did not work out well!! They do not even communicate with each other!!

Oh god do not give the scary christian lady the head of household!! Oh my god this gonorrhea story is fantastic!! FANTASTIC! God this show is fantastic!

Ok Dustin has too much hair to wear that shirt! Man Danielle looks so upset! Oh Joe shake his hand! Ok I want to hear the story with Danielle and his father!

Oh I love that Mike is America's Player! I do like this guy! He is awesome! Oh I thought he was a cute nerdy boy- why the hell does he have nipple rings?!?!

Big Brother Tonight!

I am so excited!! I figured I'd give this friendly reminder to all of you about the BB starting tonight- I freakin love this show!! It is like my crack! I mean last year I even had the live feeds- I could not get enough Dr. Will....actually I may go do some cyber stalking on him right now....hehe

I don't get it

Why is Orlando Bloom considered sexy? There is absolutely nothing appealing about this guy


Ok this is just too funny. Kate Moss kicked Pete Doherty out because he cheated...so he has now moved into a trailer park!! HAHA! That is what happens when you spend all your money on drugs. Douche.


Avril Getting Sued

So within a week of being called out by Chantal Kreviazuk for stealing a song and pretty much having zero talent as a songwriter, Avril is now being sued for plagiarism. Some band called the Rubinoos from the 70s are suing her because they say that "Girlfriend" is ripped off from their song "I wanna be your boyfriend". Listen for yourselves- it is pretty funny...Under Pressure versus Ice Ice Baby part two!


Tori and Dean Inn Love

So I was flipping channels the other night and noticed that this was on. And being the reality tv whore that I am I admit it- I tivoed it. So I watched it last night and let me tell you- it was horrid. Cringe worthy. And this is coming from someone who watched so Notorious. This is a girl who is willing to pimp herself out for any reason- she wants fame so badly.

They talk about their sex life- often. She is so hideously disfigured at this point it is scary to look at. I swear that the amount of tanning that she has done has melted and reshapen all of the shit that she has had injected into her face- she is so scary looking. I mean Donna Martin was always scary looking but never at this level. They talk in baby voices to each other- he proudly shows off all of his Tori tattoos. I mean this guy is a gold digger extraordinaire. He wears a shirt saying "I Knocked up Donna Martin"- disturbing.

So she goes on and on about being disinherited and broke and how bad her relationship with her mother is and how she doesn't want the pain anymore...poor little rich girl. So they decide to have a garage sale to make money. She takes him to this warehouse full of her stuff- I'm talking warehouse. It's huge. Really makes me have sympathy for her...

We are then subjected to such vomit inducing elements as the dress that she lost her virginity in that still has a blood stain, her underwear and various whips. Traumatic people.. The only funny thing about the whole episode is Perez Hilton went to the sale and tried her clothes on- quite funny!! But as a whole- sooo bad!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Canada's Next Top Model

So my prediction at this point is Rebecca- I mean I don't necessarily like her look but she looks like what the fashion industry likes right now.

God Kori is a complete moron- I would kill her in about 2 seconds flat. Tara is a bit too manly- too tall.

Oh Nigel...I heart you! He's so fantastic! I don't know about you but that is exactly what I where when I walk my dog.

Oh Tara is so going home- they are not impressed with her since she is acting like a frigid bitch. Ok I would kill Kori- I would pray fo her to leave!! Tia looks so odd- she is one of the weirdest looking girl ever. Oh she is so Northern Ontario- scared of the weird food.

I really like Jay's lipstick- it looks like the Stila one that I tried on at Sephora.

Seriously- is Rebecca wearing a kerchief for a top!? Did I miss something- is it 2000?

Wow Kori isn't in the bottom 2- god this girl is just too dumb for words. I would like to see Tia go- she is horrid. But Tara does look like a tranny- it'll probably be her. Well that was surprising- I thought they were going to get rid of them both!


It is now confirmed that Xtina is preggers- as we all suspected for a while. Hopefully she takes out the clit ring so as not to hurt the baby during the delivery!

Would you let a 13 year old wear this?!

So here is a pic of Ali Lohan at 13...wearing a teensy weensy black polka dot bikini....am I the only one who feels this is just a bit inappropriate? Especially since paparazzi were around to take pics... Well done again Dina- well done!


Just Say No JD!!

So the rumour mill is rampant with the news that Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore are together. And to that I say NOO!! I love Zach Braff! I think that he is quirky and smart and I heart him on Scrubs and loved Garden State- especially the soundtrack. I love his taste in music. Drew Barrymore on the other hand is an idiot- she is way too hippy dippy and flower child and airhead for my liking. Little Girl Lost she is no longer. I hope it is just a fling!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Random Gossip of the Day

So they have a video of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnello going at it hardcore in a hottub in Mexico- they say it makes a Night and Paris look like a children's video. So far their lawyers have a ban on the video's release...but it'll be out soon enough.

Even TMZ is getting on the Nicole Richie is pregnant bandwagon...and of course being the famewhore that she is she is totally playing this up. She is walking around covering her stomach and wearing her baggy clothes. Seriously people- can someone that anorexic have the ability to ovulate!? It astounds me

And the most shocking news of all- Pete Doherty cheated on Kate Moss....who the hell would cheat with him!? Am I the only one who sees what I see!?! I would rather hook up with Chief Rubberboots....

A little Big Gay Al to Brighten your Day!

I cannot fathom why people think that he is gay!

WTF are you doing ScarJo?!?

Oh my god what the hell is she thinking. She got not only a bullring in her nose- which I guess she's had in the past but she decided to put it back in. Not only that but it appears as though she has a tattoo on her forearm. What the hell is she thinking?! Why oh why do attractive people make themselves ugly and nast?! I just don't get it!


Monday, July 2, 2007

Age of Love

I can't believe that I missed this last week- I need to catch up! I love how campy this is!

Man that Amanda is a bitch- she did not react well! Oh poor Kelli- he is quite obviously not interested in anything that she is saying! So sad! I mean he obviously likes the vacuous dancer- she is the one that he wanted to kiss. Oh god now he just walked away from the girl who was talking to her- he is ridiculously rude!

God this is painful to watch- this guy is just socially awkward- I see no chemistry between him and any of these girls! Why are they still here?! Why am I watching this?! Why will I watch this next week?!

Concert for Diana

I am just watching this right now- I taped it yesterday- and I have some random comments

First off, I love Elton John. And I love Your Song. However, I did want to hear Candle in the Wind- that was always one of my favorite songs when I was growing up. Then I remember when he played it at the funeral- and of course I cried. Then my mom went out and got us all the single- and I was obsessed with it. So I did want to hear it.

I loved Nelly Furtado's outfit- usually it's sketch but I loved it. And I loved the hair- it's like Madonna back when she wore the fake pony. I need to try it!! And I LOVED William dancing to maneater and Harry shaking his finger "no" to him to get him to stop- fantastic! He is such a white boy dancer- fantastic!

Fergie's song- meh. But I did love the bracelets.

Ok Take That- where the hell is Robbie Williams- he is the best part of this band!! Side note- they just showed Harry again. Christ he is sexy- he wears clothes so well and just has this amazing stance. Fabulous!

THE FEELING!! THE FEELING!! I LOVE THE FEELING!!!!! FANTASTIC!!! God I love this song!! Look at the little mod boys- fantastic!! Cue Shauna dancing and singing while sitting on her couch.

Rod Stewart- well I never really had anything against him until I was exposed to both Kim and Sean Stewart...and well they are unacceptable. I don't think any parent of theirs should be proud.

Josh Grobin and Sara Brightman- fantastic! I mean she is the original Christine! I also love her dress...although I wish she would project a bit more- she is being overpowered by him.

Lily Allen- I really enjoy her. I had heard the Smile song a while ago and Linz introduced me to her other stuff this weekend. Definitely will be downloading her stuff. However- I hate the hair. I hate the cut of the dress. Once her style comes together she'll be fabulous.

Natasha Bedingfield- love this song! Also love the Hills- come on we all think of that when we hear it! And I love the shift dress.