Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jen the Nanny

You won't believe what I just read- Jen from Big Brother really is a nanny...and for a celebrity too! Jen is the nanny for Vanna White!! Oh god- poor Vanna! She definitely will have to fire her ass after seeing what a PSYCHO she is!''


Dancing with the Stars

So they just revealed the new cast of Dancing with the Stars and all I have to say is Kelly Taylor WTF?! Come on Jennie- is this really necessary?!

The rest of the cast includes Dr. Quinn, Marie Osmond, Scary Spice (this had better not affect the Spice Girls coming to Toronto!!), and literally NO ONE else of note. It's pretty sad...



Joss Whedon is working on a new series starring GILES for the BBC!! He will come out of retirement in Britain to solve mysteries. For the love of god let this happen!! I need me some Buffyverse!

Note to Self- Do not Let Mama Carter Watch Baxter!

So Nick Carter goes on tour and leaves his rescued pitbull Layla with his lovely mother Jane. You remember her- the one that Aaron sued back in the day for stealing his money. And if you watched House of Carters (loved that show) she had a bad relationship with her kids. Anyways, Nick PAID her to take care of his dog. So what does she do- she drops it off at an animal shelter. They activate the chip and Nick finds out that his dog is in a shelter. Can you even imagine/!? What type of parent would do that?!


Monday, August 27, 2007

The Hills

So I read today that Spencer is planning to break up with Heidi because surprise surprise- he's just been using her for publicity. Also- heard the budget ring is just a promise ring. These two are just media whores...plain and simple. But as long as I get to watch them embarass themselves on the Hills week after week I'm happy!

Brody is such a tool...first there's the wrist tattoo with his initial. Just in case he forgets his name he can look at his wrist. Then the fact that he called him and his friends the hommies- I love when he turns black.

Yay Lo! When is going to get in the credits/?!

Oh bit of info- I just found out today that Dan (host of aftershow) is the son of Eugene Levy!

What an angel- what a retard. Oh god Spencer you are such a tool- that is not how you act in front of parents.

Oh poor Audrina....she's so simple...she doesn't need Justin Bobby. Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach- hehe!!

Best Show!! God I love this show!

Scary Zombie Hands

These celebs can get as anorexic as they want and inject their faces so they look normal- but the hands don't lie. The hands reveal all- that they have starved themselves to the point that they have no cushioning left around their bones. Then they get the zombie hands. Exhibit A is Renee Zellweger here- SCARY!!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cutest Family Ever

Ok Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber with their son Alexander out walking is ridiculously cute. I love that sling thing- all the celebs seem to have them these days.


Owen Wilson Overdoses- OMG IT was a Suicide Attempt!!

Owen Wilson was rushed to the emergency room in Los Angeles’ St. John’s Hospital by ambulance on Sunday for a drug overdose. He was stabilized and moved to another hospital. I had no idea that he was that big of a druggie- it is a bit disappointing. Hopefully Kate Hudson rushes to his side and saves him!

UPDATE: OH MY GOD!! IT WAS A SUICIDE ATTEMPT!!!! He slit his wrists and took a bunch of pills before a family member found him and called the police. My god this is huge- you never hear this much detail about a troubled celeb- usually these things are kept quiet. So upsetting!

Not Nice News

Last year I developed a slight obsession with the reality show Hogan Knows Best- very entertaining! Anyways, last night Nick Hogan was in a very serious car accident and had to be helicoptered away...I don't know more than that but it is not nice. Here was the police statement:

At 7:31pm a Clearwater Police Sgt was near or on Court St. which is the primary East-West artery across Pinnelas County/Clearwater when he noticed (and may have been a witness to) a serious accident. A yellow vehicle (appears to be an SUV) hit a palm tree head-on at a high rate of speed. The car was completely destroyed on impact. Paramedics responded and had to use a Hurst tool (”Jaws of Life”) to remove two young male victims from the car. A medevac was called to the scene and the two were transported to Bayfront Medical Center, a trauma center. A mile stretch of Court St. was closed.


Miss Teen USA

On Friday I went to Becca's to watch Miss Teen USA and oh man was it budget. I swear ever since Donald Trump took it over it has just been getting worse and worse. It was so budget- I've never heard of any of the designers, the prizes were lame by brands we had never heard of, and the Donald wasn't even there. Even the judges were executives from companies- very few minor celebrities. But the best thing EVER was the following speech. I swear Becca, Jason and I could not breath! It came from the genius that was Miss South Carolina. The question was:

a recent poll showed that some Americans can't find the USA on a world map and why do you think this is?

Her answer was: "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uhmmm, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and uh, I believe that our, I, education like such as uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uhhh, our education over here in the US should help the US, uh, should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Amazing!! The most shocking thing- she actually beat someone else with this answer!! She came in 4th!


For the Love of God Take the Dogs Away

So after the reports that this new little puppy wasn't trained at all on the OK magasine set, now comes word that Britney's little puppy has a broken leg. How much more evidence do people need that she is NOT a fit parent or animal owner- first her baby had a fractured skull now the dog has a broken leg. Let's get these animals and children away from her!

Big Brother 8

So Jessica is HOH- I hope to god she doesn't put up Dick and Daniele- but I'm pretty sure she will...

I really have to go to Vegas soon and befriend Amber. I mean she has this power with god that hasn't been seen in years...I must befriend her!! Then maybe I can finally get that Barbie dreamcar that I've always wanted!!

Oh no I think Daniele is sabotaging her game- I mean the poor girl obviously has issue as can be seen by her eating issues and her inability to deal with anything...but she has to learn how to communicate. I think she is going to get her dad evicted..and he is her biggest ally.

Oh my god I LOVE that Amber thinks that she could be a model- this is hysterical. She thinks she's hot enough...this is the funniest thing ever...I can hardly breathe. Kids- this is what meth does to you. It makes you completely 100% delusional.

Oh I'm so glad that it is Amber and Zach- good choices!! I mean Amber should go to start up her modelling career if nothing else

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Need a nice laid back rehab- Utah is for you!!

It is now being reported that Lindsay left rehab to go on a beer run...classy

She is obviously taking this VERY seriously!

Rico Suave?! Seriously?!

So here is a pic of 21 Jump Street Stallion Booker...oops I mean Richard Grieco...what the hell happened here?!?!? He clearly did not follow the advice of his costar Johnny Depp on aging- this is not good people...not good at all!!

Heartbreaking and Incredibly Disturbing

I am going to take a cue from most of the gossip sites and not post these pics- if you want to see them go to the link. Here are pics of Amy Winehouse and her druggie controlling asshole of a husband after a huge fight in a hotel room. As you can see this is no laughing matter- this is hardcore disturbing. He is a heroin dealer- she is someone who desperately wants a husband and to be in a relationship. This is so gross...I mean this girl is going to end up dead if someone doesn't put a stop to this. Look at the bandages on her arms and the blood all over her. And her claw marks all over him.

It makes me think about all the people I know who are in bad relationships with controlling guys...makes me scared for them...honestly...this just makes you think...

Man or Woman?

Does this back look like a man or a woman to you? This people is Jessica Simpson in all of her tranny glory!! I mean as much as I know I should work out more I would NEVER want to be this manly!! And I also have big wide shoulders so this frightens me!!


Well at Least One of These Bitches is Behind Bars

Well I guess 1 out of 3 ain't bad. Now if someone could lose the key that would be FANTASTIC!! I don't care what anyone says- this girl has no remorse. She is the most skilled of all of them at being a media whore. This girl has NO resume other than the Simple Life- Paris has more of a valid career than she does. This girl has tipped the tabloids and played up her celebrity for years...she has driven under the influence MORE THAN ONCE. No tolerance people. Throw away the key. Sayonara!

OH.MY.GOD. She got out!! She was there for 82 minutes total...she spent 35 minutes in her cell. Wow justice at it's finest!!


Northern Ontario Judge Hits LA

So Lindsay Lohan got off- she only has to do the classic 4 days. 2 DUIs, car crashes, cocaine possession- none of that matter. They felt that with her family history that she deserves a second chance since she's so troubled. They felt that she showed remorse by going to rehab twice- who cares if they were both blatant publicity stunts where she invited the media to come document the whole thing. They said they couldn't prove the cocaine was hers- even though IT WAS IN HER JEANS. Doesn't matter that she endangered the public by speeding and chasing another car. She deserves our pity. Give me a freakin break. Send this bitch away and throw away the key.


Big Brother 8

God I hope for Daniele and Dick's sake that Jen is evicted...I don't see how it won't be her since everyone hates her...

I think that Jen might be certifiably insane...she's such a crackpot.

Oh my god she is destroying his personal property- that can't be allowed!! That is complete least he didn't destroy her property like she did. I mean I don't endorse smoking in anyway but you can't destroy things that people paid for. Ok why isn't she getting punished for eating...

Ok Jen cannot be allowed to hit another player! That is ridiculous!! If she was a man hitting a woman like that her ass would be gone!

Ok Nick's hair is looking MUCH better! I am dying to know what her real "boyfriend" thinks of all of this! Amber- I know they're going to love me...what a tool!

Oh god I LOVE Daniele's shirt- it is fantastic!!!

Thank god Jen is the hell is she compelling?!?!?/ There is nothing compelling about her- she's a fucking idiot.. There is nothing moving in her brain...aurevoir...she is one character that I hope to never ever hear from again.
How the hell can you possibly teach people?!? The blind leading the blind..

I absolutely love these goodbye messages- everyone is trying to suck up because they want her vote!! Too funny!

Oh no Jessica!!! She will get rid of Daniele!! Dick what the hell- that was the easiest question of them all!!!

Damien Rice Concert

So I have decided to do something that I have NEVER done before in Canada- I'm going to a concert by myself. I love me some Damien Rice but unfortunately none of my friends here know who he is. So I thought- why miss yet another event because I have no one to go with- look at Europe. I almost didn't go to Europe because I didn't want to be alone- and that turned out to be the best thing I ever did. So I'm going to go to this concert and it's going to rock!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Exciting News!!

A few years ago when I heard that TV Tropolis was going to be airing 90210 I almost passed out from excitement!! So every night I would come home and watch an episode- and my tivo was set on to record them daily to ensure that I didn't miss any episodes. So the end of season 4 comes along and just as Brandon and Kelly are about to hook up boom- IT WENT BACK TO SEASON 1!!! This then happened AGAIN! I was incredibly angry!!

Now I just saw a commercial that starting September 10th it will be NEW EPISODES!! Aurevoir Brenda, hello Valerie!! And Ray Pruitt...where oh where have you been Ray Pruitt?!

Loving Toronto

Just a quick post about how fabulous things were today (except for the part when I flashed the whole subway after work). At lunch I just wandered down University street to find a bank and some lunch. I ended up at Thai Express- where I got Pad Thai which was cheaper than all the lunchs that I've had recently. And it was big and fantastic- amazing! It was the first time that I have EVER eaten alone in a restaurant- I'm a big girl now. Then I was wandering and found this cute little asian tea house where they had 2 dollar bubble tea! AMAZING!! I love how cheap everything is here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Justice at its Best...

I was just reading the Northern Daily News online (KL paper) and I am so sickened by the "justice" that I just read about. A few years ago a man was GUNNED down EXECUTION style at about 8pm in KL on a residential street- a street that I and pretty much everyone else I know have walked down a million times. Two men were arrested and it came out that they were part of the "Highway 66" gang. It was pretty much a gang of dirtbags around KL who were big into drugs with ties to gangs in Northern Quebec. The guy they murdered was a small time KL drug dealer- pretty much harmless. In the weeks leading to this guys murder a bunch of KL people were wearing tshirts saying that he was going to die- if that isn't premedidative I don't know what is!!!

So the two guys that were arrested have now had their trial and boy oh boy has justice prevailed. They each got a plea bargain because they gave evidence about gang activity probably- the info is sealed. They were found guilty of planning the murder- which once again people was execution style in the evening!! But because they have a plea one might get 6 years, the other 7. Good going Northern Ontario judges- good for you!! Yet another fine example of you judicious skills!!


Big Brother 8

Oh Jessica and Eric are totally going to get it on...Look at them wrestling on the bed...just get it on!

HAHA- I love Amber's visions...fantastic! Kids- this is what meth does to you!! Just say no!

God Amber is crying during the competition itself- she has serious issues!! I don't know why god let me lose- maybe because if he did exist he probably has more important things to deal with you bobo!

Daniele I really think it's important that you let the nominations stand- you aren't pissing anyone off with them being up. Don't put up Jen- you want her vote at the end

Wow Amber is pretty much selling her soul to the devil...she is giving everything up

Hopefully the plan works and they can get rid of Jen- if not there will be a lot of shit!


I am sooo excited for this song! Sebastian Bach is putting out a solo album and Axl Rose contributed on two songs- AMAZING!! The best part- the name of the song is "Love is a Bitch Slap"- hehe!

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Laguna!! Newport Beach!

Oh I'm so excited about this!! Last season of Laguna was lame- lame lame lame. I hated all the characters. I'm so glad that they moved it to another place in the OC!

Oh the music- I get so excited when I hear the Hilary Duff song- I admit it. This show rocks!!

I have to say that I'm impressed that Chrissy's parents are going on the trip- I always found it odd that these teenagers could travel everywhere on their own.

I love how the dumb bitches are blaiming the girl and not the guy as the reason that he doesn't like her- haha

Oh this girl is going to be doing some serious rebelling this season!

Clay- don't go for Allie- she is the ugly bleached blond...go for the nice new LC Chrissy

Grey's Spoilers

So I've started hearing a few things about the new season. Lexie- Meredith's little sister- will not be pairing with Derek. Instead she will be a new love interest for Alex...and this may develop into a love triangle because stupid Jane Doe is probably coming back.

Personally I think it would have been fantastic if she had hooked up with Derek- although I do think Alex needs to get some. Just not with boring ass Jane Doe.

It has also been confirmed that the nightmare that was Gizzie is now'll be dealt with in the season premiere than it will die

My other wish for the new season- I'd like to see McSteamy and Izzie hooking up- I need to stop hating her


Veronica's Back! Veronica's Back!

Kristen Bell has just signed on to do a multi episode arc on Heroes. As per Perez "She’ll play Elle, a character described as a sexy, mysterious young lady who has ties to the supposed death of Peter, H.R.G.’s past and the future of Claire. Elle will kick off her arc by committing a serious crime, though it’s unclear whether she’s good or bad."

Such an exciting fall season- both Logan and Veronica are back!


KFed- Master Thespian?

It was just announced that KFed will be guesting on One Tree Hill this year...ugh...I mean I do know that the show is low quality but it was never this low!

Happy Birthday Spike!

This is how I choose to remember him- as a twenty something looking immortal...not as a 45 year old man!!

UPDATE!: I have a new show that I will have to watch...James Marsters has just joined Without a Trace...the things I do for love...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updated Music List

Hey guys- now that I have internet regularly I will be updating my music list recommendations every Sunday. My first request- everyone listen to Damian Rice- download Cannonball! Mainly because I need someone to come to the concert with me on September 10th.

The Two Coreys

God this show just rocks my world. ROCKS.MY.WORLD.!!!!!!

The first episode tonight had Corey Haim wanting to propose to his girlfriend...and showed his fantastic math skills. I'm telling you- if you really want to sell the "Just Say No" message to your children just get them to watch this show. It will hit home.

The second episode is the one that I am currently watching and I am just jumping out of my seat right now I'm so excited. Corey Feldman will be performing with his "Truth Movement". Now people this is very important- he does not just go on stage with his band- he puts on a SHOW. He has people and it is a HUGE production- hehe. He has a manager that retired from working with Michael Jackson and will now ONLY work with Corey Feldman. He has his own light guy and a smoke machine guy. He also said he requires silly string for the performance. I think this is going to be genius...why oh why don't I live in Vancouver?!? I might have been able to go see this!!

Oh my god this looks like the concert ever. He comes onstage while the smoke machine is going off...and he's dressed like Michael Jackson with this weird large black hat. He starts doing MJ dance moves in a very budget way and is completely tone deaf. Then he plays the harmonica and again- no rhythm. Then come the bikini clad women to "help him get changed". Oh god so classic!! What a musician!

Big Brother 8

I feel that I have to be master of the obvious here- Amber is a complete and total tool. I mean her vocabulary skills are just pathetic- I worry for her child. It always scares me when a dumbass like her is raising a child...she just doesn't stand a chance...

I think she should definitely nominate Jameka and Amber- they are the only two that she has no control over at this point. Don't worry about the others just yet.

Good job! They are the best choices- if one of them wins the veto then put Jen up.

Well I take that back about Amber- I'm quite concerned now...I didn't realize that she was so powerful. God speaks directly to her- I mean first Moses, then Jesus, then Mohammed- now this. Amber is the new prophet. God told her that she will win the power of veto. That is powerful.

Worst Screen Couples of All Time

A recent poll determined the worst movie couples of all time. While I agree with most- I really would like the two hours back that I spent watching Eyes Wide Shut. However, I take issue with number 10- Kate and Leo ROCKED in Titanic! Good lord I loved them in that movie!

1. Natalie Portman & Hayden Christensen - Stars Wars: Episode II
2. Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck - Gigli
3. Keira Knightley & Orlando Bloom - Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Madonna & Adriano Giannini - Swept Away
5. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Sean Connery - Entrapment
6. Andie MacDowell & Hugh Grant - Four Weddings and a Funeral
7. Kate Bekinsale & Ben Affleck - Pearl Harbor
8. Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise - Eyes Wide Shut
9. Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger - Brokeback Mountain
10. Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic


Cirque du Soleil

I went to see Cirque du Soleil last night with Becca, Jason (Happy Birthday!) and Simmie. I had a lot of reservations about going because all things associated with the circus frighten me. Clowns- men dressing up to lure children...scary. Acrobats- nobody should be able to bend their body in that way. It just freaks me out. I never ever ever had any desire whatsoever to ever see Cirque but I can always be lured with free tickets...I'm a sucker for anything free...

First off- it was in this absolutely massive tent. It starts off with Clowns going all over the tent- I was not a big fan. The clowns kept coming out through the whole performance- and I have to say it was my least favourite part. Clown humor just doesn't do it for makes me embarassed and I feel awkward for them. Then the show started....there were way more individual acts then I thought there would be and not as many jumping and leaping section. There was one section with these very little bendy girls that gave me the creeps- I swear they are about to join Freddy Krueger in haunting my dreams. It was like they were spineless- so scary!! There were also all these highwire and spinning salt and pepper giant thing acts where people had to balance and do tricks on things that were high in the air and moving- and they had no harnesses. Becca and I were both having heart attacks- they just kept doing these tricks and acting like they were going to fall...Jason swears that was part of the act but I was still frightned. I mean their balancing skills were unbelievable.

I have to say the thing that made the whole show very real was during the finale. They did this big acrobatics section where these men were being thrown in the air and landing on each other. One guy is literally catapulted in the air and he is to land on another guy's shoulders- who is already standing on another guy's shoulder. He actually flew over them and missed- luckily he was caught by spotters. We then saw them on stage talk to make sure everyone was ok- it just made it much more human and realistic that sometimes they can fail.

Anyways, in the end it wasn't that bad- I actually had a really good time!

And the Award for Nastiest Skinny Body Goes To...

Kimberley Stewart! While there is no doubt she is thin she has this frightening lumpy skinny body with HORRID lumps all over. She is walking proof that even skinny girls can benefit from a good pair of Spanx!! Also, it is not a good look to go out in public with a bikini top and a pair of panties


Cracking my Heart of Stone

Ok I have to admit- Shiloh Jolie Pitt might just be the cutest child that I have ever seen. She is ridiculously adorable!


Does This Look Like a Healthy 25 Year Old to You?!

Here is a pic of BritBrit out and about with no makeup or extensions. She looks so awful- the people around her should be ashamed of themselves for letting someone spiral down out of control like this!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lost Boys 2 Update

For those of you who are wathing the Two Coreys you probably saw the episode where Corey Haim in his manic glory was convinced that he, Corey Feldman and the other Frogg brother (can't be bothered to learn his name) were going to write and star in the sequel to the Lost Boys...HAHA! Feldman broke the news to him that Warner Brothers was doing a sequel that was going to be straight to video and that they wouldn't be in it- shocking. This then led to heartbreak but unfortunately not the realization that they are both has-beens.

Now comes news that they will now star in it- I guess they got a boost from the genius that is the Two Coreys (I love this show!). There will be a movie with the three of them and a Sutherland. Not Kiefer though- his half brother Angus will be there instead- hehe I love how budget this will be! The female lead is yet another big name- the girl who played Taylor on the OC

Here's a little vintage shot of the Coreys...back when they were still relevant to people other than me


Guess The Celeb

Any ideas?! It's not Britney...and it's recent....

It's Mena Suvari- isn't that hideous!! What the hell was she thinking?! I mean I know her career is dead but that is pretty horrid


Plastic Surgery Watch

Jessica Simpson supposedly broke her nose on the set of her new movie while running around with a gun...she released a statement saying “I was running with a gun over my head and fell over and broke my nose, it really hurt!”

Here comes the nose job! Broken nose my ass- she's just been waiting for her appointment with Ashlee's surgeon!


Kathy Griffin's New Man

As most of you know I love Kathy Griffin- her reality show is must see tv for me every kills me! Anyways, she went and got herself a boyfriend- and he is a HUGE catch. He is Steve Wozniak and he is the co-founder of Apple (aka he's LOADED!) Good for her! I mean he's not attractive physically but let's be honest always makes a person prettier


Marni and Sheila this one is for you...

They are making a movie based on that "self help" book "He's just not that into you" and it will star Jennifer Aniston.

I understand that some people liked this book and felt it was insightful. I on the other hand thought it was a tad ridiculous- but I've never been one for the self help book. The movie will be a romantic comedy about a woman who can't find love...yuck


I think it's official- Kate Hudson has the worst taste ever. We've all known girls like her- the pretty happy girl who all the girls want to hang out, but who dates the nastiest guys on the planet. The relationships that you never understand.

First there was Chris Robinson- freakishly ugly. And while I appreciated the Owen Wilson relationship he isn't exactly known for his stunning good looks. And now this- this Dax Shepherd guy. Whos claim to fame has been punked and that god awful Jessica Simpson movie about Costco. What the hell is she thinking?!?!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This Just Looks Painful

Here is Salma Hayek walking around at 9 months- she is so huge and swollen it just looks sore to me. She must be praying that this thing comes out of her soon!

Big Brother 8

YAY I"M BACK TO BLOGGING!! YAY!! Ok here is my hope and thought about the episode tonight- I really really hope that America votes for Eric to vote out Dustin (go Mandy May!!). I really really want Dick to stay- Dustin does not amuse me at all.

Jessica is so stupid it amuses me. I really hope all of her faith in Eric is shattered when he votes out Dustin. I have never liked Zach but I like that he is campaigning for him. Ok never mind- why is he voting out Dick now?!!? He makes no sense?!?! Dammit- now Dustin will probably say.

I wonder if Eric and Jessica will hook up? That would be hysterical

JOE!! Oh how I miss you- this show would have been so much better if he was still there.

Please oh please let it be Dustin that goes home! Dick keeps it interesting!!

Side note- Eric is very odd looking- when he talks his one eyebrow always goes up!

Please oh please let Jen and Zach vote out Dustin!! YES!!! Go Zach (never thought I'd say that!) DUSTIN IS LEAVING!! DUSTIN IS LEAVING!! THAT IS AMAZING

Oh my god his reaction is going to be PRICELESS!! Where is the hissy fit?! Oh he didn't say anything?! Nothing?! This is why he had to leave- he had nothing fun to say!

Ok go Dick and Daniele! Time to win HOH! Why are they not paying closer attention- write these things down!

Yay Daniele! Aurevoir Jameka- no more of your scary religious zealot behaviour!

The Beyonce Experience

So I went with Simmie last night to the Beyonce experience- haha! It was quite the birthday night! We got to sit in the Air Canada lounge so we had an unobstructed view of the stage. Robin Thicke came on and was SOOO bad. First off, he was wearing white sneakers with an all black outfit. I thought that look had went away with Jerry Seinfeld. Then, he sang like Jordan Knight circa 1988- and I am no longer a 10 year old girl thinking that it is sexxay....he is just awful. Then to top it off he did say that his dad was Canadian and that he had been coming up here twice a year his whole life- but there was no reference to Kirkland Lake- what is that all about??! The only reason I paid attention to his set was to hear the KL shout out!!

Then came Beyonce. I have to say- when she first came out she had a stunning silhouette. And the first section was fun- she broke down her whole show into sections with similar sounding music- it started with the more "rock" music like Crazy in Love, then it was the belly dancing music section with Baby boy and the Shakira song, then the Jazz section with a bunch of horrid songs that I don't know and never want to hear again, then the Destiny's Child section- which was by far the best part of the show.

Other noteable points- Beyonce desperately needs a new stylist. Her outfits were horrid and so unflattering on her- they made her look huge! And she had these odd male dancers who were pretty much was odd.

After the Destiny's child section we left...I mean I don't know the rest of her stuff very well and really don't need to hear "to the left to the left"

All and all- very fun times

Stop the Insanity

I am watching Access Hollywood and am so disturbed. First, as a society we must stand up and take a stand. No more duets between singers and their dead parents. Make it stop! I just saw a duet with Lisa Marie and Elvis- so odd!!

And then I see Adrian Grenier with Paris Hilton...YUCK!!

However, my mood then did a complete turnaround with the ads for Ugly Betty to Big Girls are Beautiful which is my FAVORITE song right now- GO MIKA!

New Couple Alert

So people are now saying the John Mayer and Cameron Diaz are now dating. I think it's a good match for the two of them. She is usually so high she won't notice when he starts peeing on her

Rehab- No No No

So here is a pic of Amy Winehouse- she scares me. A lot. That hair of hers just gives me the shivers...god knows what is living in it. However, I do like her music.

It was reported that she checked into rehab but it turns out like other dumbass celebrities she checked out immediately. Her and her husband decided to leave to get back to their "normal" life- aka doing a ton of heroin.

This girl is a ticking time bomb- I don't predict she'll be around for very long...

UPDATE- She's back in Rehab YES YES YES

Welcome to Rock Bottom Brit

So here is a pic of Brit with that nasty ass retard "magician" Criss Angel. They were spotted in a Beverly Hills hotel holding hands and then going into a room together- supposedly to "work on her MTV VMA performance". Urg. She isn't coming back...I"m slowly coming to accept that...


My Ears!! My Ears!!

Yet another sign that there is no god. Heidi from the Hills debuted her new song on the Ryan Seacrest radio show this morning and as can be expected it is horrid. But what brings it to a whole new level of atrocious is the rapping done by her douche boyfriend Spencer on it- eek.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Guess the Plastic Surgery

Alright now boys and girls- it's time to play guess just how much work the Gay Midget Dwarf has gotten done. I'm pretty sure he's been getting tips from Nicole because he does NOT look like the same person from a few months back. He has obviously lost (sucked it out) a lot of weight. And the floppy "I'm an 80's skateboarder" hair is all new. But I mean the face has even lost some of the tiredness from around the eyes and he looks rejuvenated. My guess is he's had a lot of duck sperm injected in there!!



Happy Birthday to me
This is my day-ay
On this day for me
Gonna love me in everyway
This is my day
My day-ay-ay
Happy Birthday
To me, to me, to me, to me, to MEEEE!!

Yay it's my birthday! I am trying to remain positive because I am on the brink of going into the depths of despair since it is the last year of my 20s! ACH!! Simmie is making it better though because she is taking me to the Beyonce and Robin Thicke concert...HAHA!! Don't worry people- I haven't went over to the dark side and started listening to their music- it's a free ticket though and something different to do for my bday. Plus I am bootilicious so it's appropriate.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hills

Alright people until I suck it up and pay for internet I will make little posts here and there- and I could not help but stay late after work and post about the Hills premiere last night.

First a quick backstory- the day that MTV first came to Canada was one of the greatest days ever. There television programming has brought me endless hours of entertainment. My first favourite though was Laguna- god I loved Laguna. The show was genius...and I was ALWAYS on team LC. Never team Kristin- she was an overrated manly biatch.

So when my LC got her new show The Hills I was ridiculously excited. I had to get used to the new name and all but I still loved Lauren. I especially loved when she dumped that douche Jason finally....although missing her summer in Paris is still a disappointment for me...would have been great tv.

Anyways, the best thing about MTV programming is the soundtrack- they play the BEST music on their shows. And last night was no exception. From The Feeling to Amy Winehouse to my fave Lily Allen (I might have been unpacking and dancing while watching) it is just fantastic. And Lauren has grown into quite the fashionista. The show is quickly becoming my most favorite show for fashion- they are all sooo well dressed!

So first comment- I LOVED how the season started AFTER Heidi got her implants and nose job. The nose kind of freaked me out- I thought she was a really pretty girl before and I don't know why she had to go get it thinned.

Spencer is such a douche- him and Brody Jenner need to be on your boat Linz!! He is just so awful- and Heidi is just such a stupid thing that she lets him control everything...he's her weird Svengali even though he's completely least Sonny Bono made Cher an icon as her Svengali- I don't think that Spencer will do the same. I would have MURDERED him if I came home and there was graffiti all over my house...he's such a douche. And that ring- I heard on the aftershow mention of a Claire's special and I whole heartedly agree. Where the hell was the box!? WHat kind of weird pon shop was that place!?!?

And Audrina- so stupid and simple- but I love that she sticks by my girl LC. Her boygfriend is ridiculously skeezy and slimmy and gross and looks like he smells but at least she's happy.

And Whitney- do NOT hook up with Brody Jenner. While again you fit perfectly into the dumbass girl mold on this show you deserve better than that douche!

And were looking fab! Loved the clothes- they were fabulous!! I'm just very worried about all those scenes with you and Jason...stay AWAY from Jason!! He is King of the douches!! Go and steal back Stephen from that ridiculous Hayden Panettiere- I hate her and would love to see Stephen on this show so it's a total win win for me!! hehe

I'm so excited that LO is back! LO and LC forever!!

PS. I was missing you Mandy May- I knew you would be just as excited as me!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am alive

But I don't have internet at home- I may have to start paying for it...dammit! I'll keep you posted!! But so far so good here in Toronto- Hot Child in the City!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another Horrid Baby Name from a Horrid Celeb

So the freak that is Jenna Elfman had a boy and named him Story Elias...Story!? Horrid. I mean my feelings could be biased- I hate this woman. I could not deal with Dharma and Greg- it was never funny- she was just super annoying. Plus all the Scientology ramblings....can't deal!