Friday, November 30, 2007

Hollywood's Smartest

So Entertainment Weekly has come out with their list of the 50 Smartest People in Hollywood.

Some I agree with- Sacha Baron Cohen I love you! Judd Apatow is totally deserving- I love his comedy. I adore Cate Blanchette! And well Johnny Depp- he's just classic! I'm sooo excited to see both him and my Borat singing in Sweeney Todd- I love men who sing! And Ben Stiller- I will always love you for Zoolander and having David Bowie judge your walk-off- amazing! And David Heyman- totally genius for buying the movie rights to Harry Potter immediately.

I don't necessarily agree with Will Smith being number 5. Yes he has made some good choices in his career but there are studio heads and executives here that I'm sure are far more intelligent. Plus- this man has defended Tom Cruise and Scientology far too many times...,,20163012,00.html

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Jon Knight!!

Happy Birthday Jon! I'm glad to see you out in public...I would serenade you but no one sings Happy Birthday quite like you!!

What the Hell?!

Seriously- is this real? What the hell did she do to her nose?!?!? I mean I think I could do a better nose job on someone...this is horrid!

Bit of speculation- doesn't the bottom of your nose collapse after excessive coke use a la Yasmine Bleeth...just asking...


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Posh's New Boobs

All Hail Posh! She knew that everyone was making fun of the concrete tits and she went out and got them fixed. I did notice on Monday that her cleavage looked different but this side by side comparaison shows that she decided to get the natural looking fake boobs- such a vast improvement. This explains why she wasn't photographed for a few weeks!

America's Next Top Model

For the love of god let it be Bianca that goes home this week!! It's weird- at the beginning I wasn't a Heather fan but now she is the only one that i want to win- I'm not the biggest fan of the others. Well Chantal isn't horrid but she is just sooo dumb!

I love that they told Jenah that her walk was horrible- it was- she is way too harsh and tranny.

Every time I look at Salecia I am completely baffled that her hair looks like that- why on earth did they give her the same haircut as Suri Cruise- it is just not good!

Bianca you are such a retard- you just said it's a competition but then you call Salecia a bitch for not helping you- idiot!

I love how much Nigel can't stand Jenah- she is a stuckup bitch. She is such a tranny with huge ass horse teeth it's like her mouth can't close.

HAHA- Nigel- you tell those girls to shut up.

Well I think it'll be Jenah and Heather in the bottom two for sure...god I hope it's Jenah!

She needs a top model ass whoopin- HAHA!! She has such a horrible walk- pull back your shoulders!!

Oh they eliminated Heather- I am a bit shocked but it is hard to book someone who can't communicate...I do get it but she was the best of al of these girls

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Best News Ever

I just got home from seeing a super fun movie (Enchanted- sooo cute!) and I see this news. Paul Reubens is currently filming Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Movie! OMG!!! I can't even tell you how excited this makes me!!! I LOVE ME SOME PLAYHOUSE!! I wonder if they will be able to get Natasha Lyonne and Lawrence Fishburne. This is so exciting- I can't wait til 2009!!!

Veronica Left Logan for This?!

It is now rumoured that Kristen Bell is dating Dax Shepherd...ew. Come on Veronica you can do better than some Punk'd/Employee of the Month moron!!! Time to go break up Logan's scientology marriage and put him back on the right path!

Just Bring Back Janice!!

It was just announced that Twiggy will not be a judge on the next season of America's Next Top Model due to scheduling conflicts. They are bringing in Paulina Porizkova instead...and while she was a supermodel in the eighties and is beautiful I think she's another one of those boring nice people. For the love of god bring back Janice Dickinson- she was fantastic on that show! We need someone to bring down Tyra a little bit!


The Tudors

I thought "the most happy" was Anne's personal motto- not her family's. And if I've said it once I've said it a million times...why on earth does she never wear a hood?!

Charles Brandon is a sexy beast...although I hate his storyline. He was married to Mary, not Margaret. And she and the Duke of Suffolk had a bunch of kids- one of whom was the mother of Lady Jane Grey.

Also- Mary Tudor died of cancer- not consumption. And she was older- near Katherine's age. And she died after the marriage of Henry and Anne. I wish they were a bit more historically accurate with this show but JRM is such a sexy beast I usually forgive them.

There was no big goodbye like this between Henry and Wolsey- Wolsey was banished to the north. Then charged with treason and ordered back to London to stand trial- he died on the journey back.

Dancing with the Stars Finale

I just got home and missed the beginning- but THANK GOD I was here to see Marie's elimination! America you may frustrate the hell out of me but for once you have made me proud- thank god we are rid of that hag! Now on to the real dancing!

Ok they have shown all the spice girls talking about Mel- where is Posh?! Where the hell was Posh's commentary? I feel gipped...

Wait a minute- there is a Spice Girls special on December 17th? Fantastic!!

If they are doing their best dance Mel and Max should be doing the Free Your Mind routine- that one was fantastic. Why not do a perfect dance?!? This doesn't make sense!! Do the Paso!! I do like that they look like they are having fun- god I'm nervous for them....This dance is not as fun as their Paso! I think they are going to be blown away by Helio and Juliane- their mask routine was brilliant...this one just wasn't brilliant...

I really liked this dance the first time around- it was pretty spectacular. This one doesn't look as energetic as the first one- it is a big more stiff. But it was still pretty good.

I really hope Mel B wins- she was overall the better dancer. Her and Max deserve it. I also think it helped her loose the tranny- she was becoming a tranny for a little while but now she is back in Spice shape!

It was Helio? Really?! He wasn't as consistent as Mel B! I mean he was leaps and bounds above Marie but I do think that Mel should have won!!


Ok I need some feedback from people. I am debating whether or not to do a Christmas CD this year- and if I do if it should be a CD of carols or of music I love. I need feedback from people who have received them from me in the past- did you like them? Do you still listen to them?

More Marie Bashing

I LOVE Scary Spice's partner Maksim- he is smoldering. And I love him even more for speaking out against the hideousnous that is Marie Osmond:

"I think Jennie (Garth) was better than Marie. Frankly, I think there are a lot of other people better than Marie. I’m hoping that it is Mel and I (who win), but I’m not sure that is going to happen. History shows it’s either a cute man or somebody with a huge fan base and I think Marie has both Helio and Mel’s fan base combined times five.Yeah, I think (Marie) represents a lot of women out there with all their problems. I know first hand that there are a lot of other celebrities on the show who went through somewhat similar situations this season and they decided not to make it public… we decided not to burden people with our personal issues. I think that is why our fan base carries us through because they vote for our dancing not whatever happens in our life.”

Agreed- for the love of god let her be eliminated tonight- she didn't dance!! DIDN"T DANCE!!

So Scary

Lainey is reporting that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds spent two hours this weekend at the Church of Scientology...What now?! Who now?! Ryan is a good Canadian boy- what the hell was he doing with these crackpots!? I hope they just went to see for themselves how crazy it is and that they are WAAAYYY too good for that!! I really like these two...I don't want to see them turn into Thetan Robots!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Finale

I really hope Mel B wins this- she totally deserves it. I mean she isn't even the same category as Marie- who does NOT deserve to be there. God I hope America doesn't let her win!

I really need to take up ballroom- Mel B's body has become fierce again. She is almost in Wannabe condition. The dance is a bit boring but they are still great. POSH! POSH!! POSH!! The rest of the spice girls- and POSH!! So exciting!!! '

Marie- is this a Charo song? I feel that Charo should be singing this. When I watch this I most definitely don't think that this is the finale...since this is so goddamn simple...can we say out of her league boys and girls?! I'm really glad the judges didn't give her the votes- she doesn't deserve any higher than that. And they want to make sure she isn't in the final two!

I do think that Helio is at a disadvantage- I mean he is a race car driver- not a performer. But he is a million times better than Marie! I appreciate that the judges are being tough with the scoring- I felt that the past few weeks that they have been scoring too high. Even if his footwork wasn't great he is still better than Marie!!

I have to say that Max is a sexy beast. And I much prefer when he is fully clothed with the tie and collared beast! I don't need the skeezy bare chest. i am impressed that they are using this song and they were allowed to- it's still so new. And Posh still doesn't smile- I LOVE YOU POSH!! She even looks bitchy clapping- hehe!

I might vomit up all of my yummy supper with this god awful routine...GOD AWFUL!! Why on earth is this woman wearing pigtails and the dumbass doll makeup. I can't stand this woman- she talks back to the judges thinking she is funny when she is just a complete bitch. To go out and act like she can't dance- it just shows that she can't just highlighted that the never learned ballroom. She deserves to fail- she didn't dance!! DIDN'T DANCE!! I'm so glad they gave her sevens..she doesn't deserve it...and she just brags and brags...she is not humble at all. The rest are humble- but not this bitch.

I am liking Helio more now than I did in the past- maybe because I dislike Marie so much. This was a good routine- but i agree the dismounts were clumsy. I don't understand what happened with Mel and Max- they should have rocked that dance and they didn't.

Lainey Blind Item

All Ages & Jonesing
Free as a bird, fresh like a daisy, dating up a storm, but apparently not clean as a whistle having abstained for nearly two decades. Shame.

Currently dating a lucky young man, she can regularly be seen shoving her tongue down his throat in various public establishments. Curiously enough, she was also seen not too long ago shoving her tongue down the throat of another dude… a MUCH older one – perhaps even 20 years – draped around him at a party and there’s nothing wrong with that, more power to her for playing the field, except that she was at the same time asking for drugs repeatedly…alarming not only for the obvious but also because she had a dangerous relationship with them in the past and just because she’s an adult now doesn’t mean she’ll fare any better than she did before.

Can a former emancipated addict use recreationally without serious consequence? For her sake, I hope so.

ANSWER: 100% Drew Barrymore. I really have no doubt about this one. She is in her mid thirties- she was an addict in her early teens. The daisy reference- totally Drew. The reference to the lucky man- that guy she's dating who was in the Mac commercials I think. She has totally been playing the we know Lainey likes her. Finally one that I can figure out!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amazing Race

I can't believe I missed last week's episode- I meant to catch it this week and never did. I know the sisters were eliminated- I wasn't that big of a fan of theirs anyway.

God carrying a chicken in a bag for a whole leg- PETA is going to have a field day with this

Man that is a horribly annoying way to mine gold- that would take forever. I would totally do the dance- plus you would only have a ten minute penalty. I think the mining would take longer.

Oh the UTurn is a very cool idea- I like that. Oh I'm excited to see the Goths shake their body!!

Ok Christina bumping asses with your father is relatively disturbing...I don't think I would include that in my moves...

I love Kynt with his Ninja sword- these two rock! Look how much fun they are having.

I don't see everyone with their chicken. Or maybe they just shoved the poor chicken in their packs...

I don't blame the blonds for using the uturn- I mean if I thought I was at the back I would use it too.

Wow now they have the little goat- PETA will most definitely be protesting at CBS this week along with the writers guild!

I feel really bad for the little goats- this looks dangerous for some of them!

I strongly strongly dislike Jen- she is way too whinny- I can't believe that she expected the siblings to give it up to them. Idiot. The siblings deserve to get first.

They are really trying to play up that the blondes might be in trouble of getting eliminated- i think they are completely safe. Lorena and Jason are quite far behind

Kynt and Vyxsin are so nice- i really like them. I want them to win

Project Runway Canada

Will this finally be the week that Megan is eliminated? The girl is horrible- it should have been her last week and not Carlie

God Marie Genevieve is such a complete cow stealing Kendra's model- you just don't do that!

I do like that they aren't really profiling the models very much- I hate that with the American version they show all the model drama- I prefer the storylines involving the designers.

I hate that Marie Genevieve made a short dress- I like long evening wear- and the top was too rigid

I don't really like Kendras- it looks stiff and puckered and cheap- too tight

Shernett's is a bit too middleaged for me- not a fan- and the model can't move

I hate the rosettes on the hips of Stephen's dress- no woman wants something that poofs out thre.

I do like Luckan's dress but it makes the model look fat- and this girl is ridiculously skinny- most women can't wear that.

Megan I don't like floor length balloon dresses- it looks like a tent

I LOVE Biddell's- the colour is amazing and I love the detailing- and it fits amazingly

The worst was Kendra's in my opinion.

I can't believe that Kendra's isn't in the bottom- must be Megan and Marie Genevieve...maybe Shernett

I love how pissed off Lucian looks with Biddell getting complimented- I hope they both make it into the final two and then they will have an all out bitch fight.

Biddell will win for sure. Marie Genevieve's won the most money at the auction? That is crazy- I didn't think it was that great but obviously somebody did.

Well Megan finally goes home- it's about time...the winner should be able to sew!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hogan Divorce

Poor Hulk is having a really bad year. First his daughter turned into a tranny. Then his retard son severely injured his son in a street race. Now his wife is divorcing him- and he found out through a reporter! Linda- who is completely trashy and scary as anyone who watched their show knows- filed for divorce but didn't tell him! A reporter asking him for a comment regarding the divorce was actually the one to tell him. Nice.

I have to say though even if the family is completely trashy I did like their show..and I don't mind poor Hulk...


Friday, November 23, 2007

Bachelor Beatdown

Mary was arrested in Tampa on Wednesday for punching and beating up Byron. There goes another Bachelor couple- after they were paraded around on Tuesday night during the After the Rose episode as a success story...seems they spoke too soon...


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ugly Betty

Hehe- I love that Justin decorated his closet as a nightclub...maybe I'll do that with my lights after xmas...

I love Christina's hat- sooo sooo cute!! Never mind that- now I need Amanda's for the next funeral!

Why on earth would Betty stand up?

Hehe- I love Mark in the background with his beret.

Ew the kidney stone in the ornament- it's like my friend who's dad kept them on the tv by the traumatic...must remember to mention that to my future therapist...

I love Amanda trying to get Betty to go over to Slater for the plastic surgery coverage- haha!!

THIS IS SO WRONG. They cannot separate Mark and Amanda- I will put up with a lot but not this. This is unacceptable!!

I would listen to a What's Hot column by Amanda- have you seen her clothes?! Amazing!

Oh a pink tree- how I heart and covet you!!

Happy American Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

America's Next Top Model

God I cannot deal with Bianca- I pray that she is eliminated- she is such a freakin cow. Does she think that she looks good being such a bitch?

Oh god Salecia is a complete cow!! She sees that there is a double bed and takes it then won't share- when there are only 5 beds. Bitch- with bad bad hair. And there is retard Bianca laughing away.

I love that the Jay's admitted that China has no fashion industry- but maybe one day it's time to get back to basics and send the girls to Milan and Paris- true fashion capitals.

I'm glad that Heather picked Chantal- she is one of the nice ones. I would have puked if that cow Bianca (I actually want to type another c word) had benefited!!

I hope Bianca goes home for refusing to do the challenge....but I think that it'll be Lisa...she really messed up the commercial

I knew it- poor should have been Bianca!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

After the Rose

Now there had better be an explanation about what happened last night. Patti called right after the show and had a very interesting theory that I think makes sense. He probably was going to propose to Deanna- I mean he had a ring. But then he seemed to have a panic attack of sorts- he looked like he couldn't breathe. Then he said he had to get rid of her- and the producers said that he had changed his mind. He would have had to tell the producers his decision in advance- so he must have told them he would propose.

Somehow you got them all here tonight- it's called contractual obligations.

Oh look it's the famewhores- will Trista ever go away?! Now she will probably talk in a baby voice to the baby- yuck!

Haha- Chris totally cut her off! haha!

Oh Byron and Mary- I was wondering what happened to them. I feel that they are parading these people out to prove that the Bachelor works.

I can't believe those couples flew all the way there for like 10 second interviews- I feel everything this season is completely rushed.

Wow I can't believe that I am agreeing with Jennie- why couldn't he date someone?!

I think they just showed more of the Grandmother than they did of the hometown dates!!

Side note- I just found the Mole on the gameshow network- god this show was amazing!! Why isn't this on anymore?!

Back to the Bachelor- I am sleepy and better be staying up for some answers!

See he didn't have this big of a panic attack rejecting Jennie- there was more to this then just saying goodbye- I truly think he was going to propose but then he freaked out.

Brad you complete dolt- it takes longer than 6 weeks to fall in love.

Her poor father was flown there at his request and he didn't propose!?

Oh he is addressing the child thing. Saying it's a rumour.

He still hasn't really explained anything...why couldn't he just date?! Does he not understand that he didn't have to propose?

Wow Jennie is making sense- I never thought I'd say that...

I agree with Deanna- Brad is totally not answering anything Why tell her your heart is broken and you've thought about her daily!? That is totally leading her on!!! I'm glad that at least Deanna was calling him out- but nothing was resolved

Dancing with the Stars

Seriously America- am I watching the same show as you?! Are you watching the dancing? Do you see the dancing? Are you voting based on talent?! How the hell can Marie Osmond be in the finals?!!? The woman can't dance!!! This is why I can't watch American Idol- because quite frankly the general viewing audience quite obviously have no taste.

God Marie is such a pompous bitch- she is the only one with wisdom?! Shut up!! She is such a raging idiot- I hate that she is going into the final!

Well at least there was some sense- Scary is in the final. For the love of god let us see Posh at the finals again!!

Even Len thinks that Marie should have left- it is craziness that she is staying!

Oh there goes my Kelly Taylor- seriously America- you picked freakin Marie Osmond over Kelly Taylor?! Seriously?!

The Tudors

This is going to pump me up for my bookclub on Sunday- there are few things that I enjoy discussing more than Tudor England!!

I think that Sam Neill is just fantastic in this role- the desperation of Wolsey is really well portrayed.

I still don't feel that they are truly portraying Anne Boleyn accurately- she just looks like a bitchy slut. And while that may have been true she was his top political and policy advisor by this point- she controled everything.

That isn't really how the courtcase went but the point was the same. She was not sitting in the court prior to her speech- they called for her and didn't expect her. Then she marched in and gave her speech to Henry- that part is true.

Most Disturbing Movie Ever

They really have no shame with movies is the description for the new movie Teeth:

The film tells the story of high school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) who works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group's most active participant. Her task is made even more difficult by her bad boy stepbrother Brad's (John Hensley) increasingly provocative behavior at home. A stranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she has a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence. As she struggles to comprehend her anatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of being a living example of the vagina dentata myth.

Ew. Ew. Ew. This is even more disturbing than the death in Sleepaway Camp one that involved the curling iron getting shoved into the girl......


Pushing Daisies

For the love of god producers meet with the writers guild and give in to their demands- I don't want my shows to end!! Especially Pushing Daisies- god I hope they sing tonight!!

Isn't a small pie a tart? Or is it just me?

The burn victim kind of looks like she turned into a tree...

PEEWEE!!! Don't do it Peewee! Stop the insanity!!

We aren't at that stage of our friendship yet- don't cry in front of me- HAHA!! That's how I feel around crying...even when I am close with the friend...

Jews for Cheeses- haha!!

SINGING!! Audrey is singing!! And in the leopard print dress she is totally Audrey. Although I have no idea what this song is from...

Haha- his new hobby is popup books! Sheila you should lend him yours!!

Cup-pie/?! Is that not a tart?!?

If Peewee might be able to expose Chuck with his nose does this mean he'll be back? I hope so!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Bachelor- Finale

I am soooo sleepy- 1 gravol later....but I am determined to see this thing through! I have put too much time into this!

Well the famiy seems to really like Deanna. God that was a damn quick visit- I remember the visits used to be longer...that seemed so short.

Well that visit with Jennie was incredibly short and pretty obvious that it is Deanna. Jennie did not come off well- i think they can tell she's a moron

Wow Deanna did open up- and I do not feel that she is not as fake as Jennie. Wow these are just the shortest dates ever. I don't think Brad is as into Jennie anymore.

God lord we are already at the end- they didn't even show the girls getting ready and all that suspense- this is like the bachelor= fast forward edition.

I knew he wouldn't pick Jennie- that has been obvious for the past few weeks. She really went overboard on the charcoal eyeshadow... Poor Brad- he is a nice guy and looks upset.

Wow there was no coming up on the Bachelor between the two girls- this is just odd...

Man Deanna is totally the Estella of the season...I never noticed that he had a weird mole on his eyebrow.

Wow he looks like he's going to pass out- where the hell is he going?!! Man he is not smooth! If I were her I'd be freaking seeing him running around like that. He can't even look at her. I KNEW IT!!!

I KNEW IT!! I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO PICK NO ONE!!! I knew when he said last week that he had followed his heart and he didn't mention a girl that he hadn't picked one! I like that Deanna is at least confronting him and not just being the nice girl like Jennie.

Why can't these people just date!? Why can't they leave here and just date? Why does it all have to be over because they don't want to get married after a few weeks- why don't they start dating?!

I have to say I do love Deanna's outfit. At least Deanna isn't being a tard saying I hope you meet someone that makes you happy- I would never say that to someone as I'm being dumped!

I'm also sick of being the one that makes the guy perfect for the next one- it's a pain in the ass

Why on earth did Brad even bother getting a ring!? I have to say if he wants to get rid of it he can throw it this way- it's gorgeous!!

Wow tomorrow night's After the Rose looks horribly awkward!!

Dancing with the Stars

I might not last long- i have taken a gravol and feel like ass! But I am at least watching the first round!

Marie- time to go home!! Of course she would pick this song- so annoying! So slow...go home already!! She is jut running in this weird way at the end- that was odd.

POSH!! POSH!!! She's back- and she looks so miserable- love her! The rest are smiling and joking- she looks annoyed- HAHA!! How on earth can America not vote for the spice girls?!!? I have to say I'm thinking that i need to take up ballroom dancing- scary spice has lost a ton of weight.

K I missed the rest of the episode- was on the phone. But it seemed like they were just throwing out the tens!

Lainey Blind Item

Cheap & Crafty
No shortage of classless behaviour in Hollywood and above the maybe gaybe speculation and the drug drama, it’s these stories that are the most shocking:

How can the privileged behave so poorly?

Especially someone who sounds so elegant? Whose record has been spotless and golden?

Then again, it’s always the ones you least expect.

In her case however it’s become an M.O., a trail of cheapness wherever she goes.

So you know when you stay at a hotel, if the soap and bath products happen to be on the higher end, it’s customary to ask for a few refills and take some home? This of course is standard behaviour for US…because we’re broke!

But how about a busy, working actress, married to a busy working man, both with several projects on the go – does it then become less acceptable? Almost shameful? I think so yes.

And still she does it wherever she goes – on junkets, on promotional tours, whenever she’s at a hotel, she orders up extras: extra shampoo, extra lotion, even extra bathrobes, taking EVERYTHING home… yes, even the bathrobes. The bathrobes that are washed then used again by every guest staying in that suite, she insists on bringing it all with her. Including the gifts too.

She is also not shy with special requests. Lighting fixtures, humidifiers, strollers – kinda major items you’d think would be on loan, right?


She packs those up with her too. The woman leaves NOTHING behind.

The question is: what does she do with it all?

Would you believe she gives it to her staff? She saves the little soaps and gels and crafts them into small baskets and presents them to the nannies and the housekeepers as bonuses!

Can you imagine? Can you imagine a Christmas gift basket full of hotel shampoos and conditioners?

I mean How.F&cking.Tacky.

Guesses: I am going with Patti on this one- either Cate Blanchette or Kate Winslet- although I don't know how busy Cate Blanchette's husband is. So I say Kate Winslet

UPDATE: Well Lainey has confirmed it is neither of these ladies- next guess..Julia Roberts?

NEW UPDATE: Now Lainey has confirmed that it is not Julia Roberts...I'm going with Gwyneth

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Man it is likek Lainey is reading my mind! She just confirmed that it is not Gwyneth- which truly pleases me since I heart her and want to be her. Anyways, new guess- Catherine Zeta Jones...i did think her from the beginning but isn't she know to be a bitch?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ugly Betty

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Betty is the worst part of this show. That scene where she is talking to herself was painfully bad.

Why is it always sadder when tragidy strikes hot people?

Lamanda- haha!! I love the name

If I ate lunch now would be the time to lose it- HAHA

I love Yoga as a fugitive- too funny! I have the travel documents- she has the puzzles.

I love the ringtone wedding march- fantastic!!!

Now this episode needs the milkshake song to really make it complete!!

Oh Bradford is so going to die with Betty in the room. Of course this is why she'll keep her job- a dying wish. He will be dead when she comes back in.

Ok and now i'm crying. So sad!!

Lainey Blind Item Update

So Lainey posted a few things today that answer blind items. One- she confirmed that Hayden Christensen is a cokehead. And two- she said that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are on the outs...but the telltale line came later when she said she was also on the outs with her gays...the rumour was that the best friend blind vice was about Jennifer Aniston and her gay hairdresser- this pretty much confirms it.

Now if only I could figure out the mute stones one!!

Trading Spaces News

Once upon a time this show was must see tv for me. When I lived in Edmonton my housemates and I were addicted- then I moved in with my mom and the addiction continued. But then the show just became unwatchable. They got rid of the host, had all these weird gimmicks and it just didn't feel right. So I pretty much stopped watching. But TLC is admitting that it now sucks so they are revamping it and bringing back Paige the host. Hopefully it becomes must see tv again.

Note to TLC- I also love Moving Up- I need new episodes!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guess the Celeb

Believe it or not this is Ally Sheedy!! She has come a long way since the Breakfast Club!!

All Natural?

I love that the crackpot that is Paula Abdul denies that she had plastic surgery!! HAHA!! Look at this high school pic- look at it!! It hardly even looks like her!! I remember watching her E True Hollywood story and thinking who the hell is this girl. Is it just me?


America's Next Top Model

Well Lisa's the first person they profiled- based on the season she's the one going home.

Look at Benny Ninja's outfit- he kills me! I'm loving the kilt!

So basically the show has just turned into Project Runway. I love that when Lisa had to describe herself she said she liked to show her legs- haha!

How the hell does a ballerina outfit look like cleopatra?! Her boobs are hanging out of it. Bianca drives me nuts- I wish she would go home.

I do like Heather's outfit- but the girl cannot walk still...such bad posture!! And the girl just can't speak in public!!

Ambreal looks like a member of the lollipop guild- the cute thing is damn annoying.

Jenna still looks like a drag queen- and the dress was horrid

Lisa's outfit is different- and god she is a horrid speaker as well.

Chantale was ok as a speaker- but it really showed just how dumb she is.

Salecia didn't walk like like she was girly.

God Bianca is such a cow- does she have to grin and look so happy that Heather is being insulted- the girl was raised in a barn- in NYC.

Salecia won- she has been not shown in a long time...I think she is definitely a dark horse to win this.

There's a dark skinned blond guy coming towards you- who could it be!? Dumbasses

Yup I think it's Lisa going home. I think it'll be her and Heather in the bottom two.

Oh god what the hell is going on with this dragon- is this to show Tyra's acting skill or to say they are going to China. I think it's time to start back at the beginning- get these girls back to Paris and Milan- let's be honest- that is where fashion is!!

Oh I was wrong- Ambreal is in the bottom two. Makes sense- she definitely does not look like a model. Well let's be honest- few of these girls look like models...

Oh they broke the cycle of evicting the first girl they profile. Ambreal had to go- she should have left weeks ago.

Time to Get on Ebay

Poor Corey Haim- he has to sell off props from the Two Coreys to make a living. Maybe he's running out of money and will have to go back to living in Marni's building!!

Sexiest Man Alive

People magazine just named Matt Damon sexiest man alive- I kind of agree. I used to find him sexier than I do now...and the picture is not terribly flattering. But he is a good choice- at least it's not Tom Cruise!!

PS. People is also reporting that Ellen Pompeo eloped...does anyone care?


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dancing with the Stars- elimination

I can't believe Marie just got by- god the Minivan Majority must be stopped! The woman can't dance!! Max looked actualy angry when that was announced!

The only other person who should go is Cameron- but he's so pretty!

Chi McBride from Pushing Daisies- I love you! You rock!

Thank god Mel and Max got through- they completely deserve it. Well the prettiness has left the show. He makes me want to start watching All My Children again.

The Tudors

I am rereading the Other Boleyn Girl for my bookclub so my head is full of Tudor Monarchy was on Henry the eighth last night- I have been looking forward to this!!

Have I mentioned that they are currently filming a season two- SEASON TWO!! Best news ever- thank god it's over in England!

There is no way that Henry would have went towards sickness- he was infamous for running away. He completely feared the sweating sickness

There is no way in hell that Henry stayed in London for that long- he always ran away. Plus there is no way in hell a sick serving boy would have been allowed near him- he had HUNDREDS of servants around.

Well the Anne stuff is true- she did have it. They are making Anne's father out to be a much more caring father than he was- in fact he used his children for the family's gain- he was not a doting parent.

Pushing Daisies

Oh how I missed this show last week!! I'm so happy it's back- god it is witty!

Joel McHale!! Joel McHale!! He is the dead guy- and my favourite host of the Soup- I live for his show ever week!

Chi McBride rocks on this show- he is just fantastic! A polygamist who stabbed himself while slipping on coffee- haha! How do they come up with this stuff?! Writers strike please end soon- I don't want to miss any shows!

Hmmm....what broadway song will they sing!? Three little maids?

She bred labs- then she has to be a nice person- only nice lawabiding citizens have purebred labs!!

Hello I'm pimento- nice alias Olive! Mr Digby and Ned as aliases- this is fantastic!

A collardorrussellpoop- god bubblegum was ugly!! So they all gave him his morning coffee- interesting.

I think that it is all 4 wives working together- i mean they are sister wives. Either that or it's the first wife- pissed off that her husband became a polygamist.

First wife- i Knew it!!

James Blunt Concert!!

Does anyone have any interest in going to see James Blunt? I LOVE HIM!! I just got the email that he is coming to Toronto on Monday, February 25th and that the presale tickets go on sale tomorrow!!

Bachelor Gossip

Thanks to Lisa Kenny for the link

Survivor AllStars

So rumour has it the next season of Survivor will be an all star season. The rumoured cast list is:

Julie Berry, Eliza and Amy from Season 9: Vanuatu
Katie, Ian, Jen and Coby from Season 10: Palau
Lidia, Judd, Gary from Season 11: Guatamala
Terry, Cirie, and Shane from Season 12: Panama
Ozzy, Parvati, John from Season 13: Cooke Islands
Yeoman and Michelle from Season 14: Fiji
Courtney and James from Season 15: China

Now most of the men I agree with. The producers are usually pretty good with who they cast for men- they cast good characters. But the women?! Yuck. Most of these girls are just dumbasses. And I don't understand why some of these people are even on here. Michelle!? What the hell did she do? Parvati just acted slutty. Julie Berry?! HAHA!! I wonder how she got on there...side note- she dates Jeff Probst.

I can't even remember some of these people- Amy? John? Lidia? No idea

Yay Yeoman!! I LOVE HIM!!

Courtney- isn't she the anorexic one this season!? What the hell has she done?!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Bachelor- The Women Tell All

I'm not really sure why I am still up for this- you don't usually learn much- except the girls are crackpots! I might just watch the beginning- I mainly want to see the interview with Brad to see if he admits if he got engaged or if he is even still with the girl.

Please- let's not get crazy here. He is NOT hotter than David Beckham. Man Hillary was a huge ass bitch. Point taken you little skank- lovely. These girls are still hating each other.

Man McCarten has to get involved with every conversation. Poor Bettina looks so uncomfortable- she so doesn't want to be there.

I wonder if Hillary can admit when she sees this that she was a complete crackpot who misread the situation. I still don't see how this was the most dramatic exit compared to other seasons- nothing really happened. I would be crying too if I made such an ass of myself on National Television.

I love that they are showing Brad down in the corner while Bettina says she was upset with him for insulting her family.

God this is like the freakin Hillary show. When are they going to ask Sheena about her crazy mother?!

Ok he just said he has never been happier. What the hell does that mean?! He says he feels confident and followed his heart- he didn't say he was happy with a person. Or that he is still with them. I think he chose neither by following his heart.

Congrats Master Michelle!

And the Award for Worst Boobs Goes To...

Tori Spelling!! I do believe that she has been our champion since 1991- even though these are new people. NEW!!! Her husband asked her to get new ones and here they are. I never thought it was possible for her to have worse boobs- her cleavage traumatized my teen years. But then she goes and gets these!! LOOK AT THEM!! They have "natural" looking ones these days- see Christina Aguilera. She is trying to rival posh with these concrete tits- and she is NO posh. It's just horrid!


Dancing with the Stars

I missed the beginning of the show- I was on the phone with my mom. I was watching on mute and have a few comments. Cameron- boring. Jenny- love the shiny green- I need an xmas ornament made with those!! I saw some mistakes. Marie- yawn. Time to go home!! She just stays in one place all the time- I know her dad died but she is way out of her conversation here.

Personal Jesus!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Scary Spice is rocking this competition- she is by far the best- no one else even comes close. That tango was fantastic but after last week it's hard to top that.

Jenni- oh god I hate this song. She looks again like she is anticipating the next move- she doesn't just relax and feel the music.

Cameron- well I appreciate the pants Cameron. I have to say that! There is quite the bulge in those things...I actually am feeling a bit obscene right now...He is a bit slow with his footwork.

Poor Marie is way out of her league- she has absolutely no speed. Everything is just simple...time to go home. God Marie is annoying- she doesn't shut up. And she's horrid- time to get rid of her. Did you notice that the rest of the cast looked annoyed with her in the background.

Helio- oh god is he doing the Mask. Actually this is a pretty good dance- finally some speed. I have to say I liked him in this one.

I'm noticing that all the dancers are sitting backstage except Marie- I wonder if the wholesome Mormon is a raging bitch?

Mel and Max are the best. End of story.

New Celeb Baby Name

While I try to avoid posting about the crackpot that is Elisabeth Hasselbeck this name just made me giggle. She gave birth to a baby boy in Arizona on Saturday and called into the View this morning to announce the name. Taylor Thomas! Taylor Thomas!! I didn't know that Home Improvement had made such lasting impressions on people. I will kill myself laughing if she names her next son Jonathan

Plastic Surgery is Scary

Kanye West's mother Donda passed away after having a reaction to the medication during a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. She was only 58. How bloody scary is that- I mean we all tend to think of these plastic surgeries as routine but things can go so wrong- is it really worth it?!

Lainey Blind Item

Nude Windows & Mute Stones

She’s kept a low profile, with few new projects in recent years preferring to focus on marriage and on her head. Clearly not enough focus on the head. Because while she’s cleaned up the slovenly habits of riddles past, she’s still as loopy as ever. And still a colossal bitch. Who likes to parade around stark naked in front of her window with the blinds wide open.

In a rented house on a well populated street shooting an upcoming movie on location, she can apparently be seen regularly walking around in front of the windows at the front of the house breasts flouncing around freely, oblivious to whoever might be outside.

It’s too bad she’s not as chill about her attitude than she is about her body.

Yet another star who stalks the set like a tyrant, yet another star who won’t deign to speak to the regular folk. Seems she considers conversation with her a privilege but the honour is granted sparingly and only through “Mute Stones”.


She carries around what people on set have taken to calling Mute Stones and when she isn’t in the mood to converse with someone, she will silently hand over the Mute Stone – those in possession of a Mute Stone are not permitted to speak to her until she takes it back.

Perhaps it’s a trick she can pass on to The Unfunny Douche who fired a dude recently for simply looking at him.

It’s hard to believe, I get it. You can’t believe people are capable of acting so appallingly. But there are two crews over a hundred strong that can vouch for it, word for word.

MY GUESS: This one is super tough. The only person that comes to mind is Sarah Michelle Gellar- she really isn't around very much and she's married. Plus she's rumoured to be a bitch. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Lainey has confirmed that it is not Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron- she implied that this actress has not won many awards BUT that both her husband and her family have...I don't think that means SMG since Freddie isn't that decorated and she doesn't have a famous family.

Ach- who has a famous family!? This one has me stumped

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Amazing Race

The race is a shock to the system because I haven't had a facial or a manicure- man the blonds have tough lives.

I would smack Ronald and tell him off- who the hell does he think he is yelling at another team for bad behaviour- it has nothing to do with him.

Is it wrong when I thought of common activities around Amsterdam I thought about smoking pot and live sex shows...granted i don't think that they would put that on tv.

I love that vixen felt safe hoisting and tying the knots because she used to macrame. I really like the goths- they have fun little interviews.

The blonds kicked ass at that challenge- the other two couples suck. I don't understand why TK and Rachel just don't switch if he can't do it!
Ok they finally switched.

Ditch Vaulting- oh god I would really hurt myself!! And there go Nate and Jen screaming at each other. Although they are annoying I pray it's the father daughter that get eliminated- they are way too annoying. I have to say the blonds are proving they are good- they are doing really well on the challenges.

Oh god I cannot deal with Jen and Nate they are just so loud and horrible

I would murder him if he were my father- he's a retard. He just doesn't shut up- shut up with the optimism- he is a pompous idiot. I love seeing families that are worse than mine

I can't believe the grandfather is jumping

Oh my god slap your father upside the head- he is an idiot. He is holding them up by not shutting up!

Do we really need to see the grandfather in his underwear.

HAHA- they just biked right by Phil- that was hysterical!!

I love that the idiot father keeps blaming his daughter for slowing them down- then he makes her stop constantly because he won't shut up.

Oh the poor lesbian ministers- they are out of this

Project Runway Canada

This episode is going to be so much fun- mainly because I'm eating chocolate chex mix from target- mmmm chocolate chex mix!!

The Carlu is a pretty cool location- a girl I work with wants to get married there and I understand why.

I'm curious how they are going to design this dress- it is so important that she can BREATHE in it- she has to be able to expand her diaghragm- yet have it camouflaged. Every opera singer I know loves the black- with sequins...something nice and shiny

Why on earth is Megan still there?! The girl is useless- she doesn't know how to design. Every single episode she freaks out because she doesn't know how to design or sew- then the other designers save her ass and she gets by!

Oh I don't really like Marie Genevieve- she doesn't seem to want to be there. I really loved her the first week and now I can't stand her. She is making an opera singer a dress in her style?! What opera singer wants to dress like a hobo?!!? Boho chic does not work on the stage!!

MG why on earth would you make a dress that is short when the client specifically asks for her feet to be covered. I can't stand her attitude. Plus the fabric and cut of the dress is for a skinny woman- and the singer is curvy- it will not be flattering.

While I like Carlie's dress it is a dress designed for a skinny model and not an opera singer. I feel like all of these dresses are for skinny people- none of these people were listening.

I do like Biddell's- it is appropriate for the client. Actually so is Carlie's from the front- I take back what I said before. Oh I love Lucien's- that is fav=bulous. I think Megan's is too clingy- she wouldn't be able to move well enough. Stephen's is good to- a bit simple but nice. Oh god MG's is so short and not appropriate for the challenge. I really like Kendra's but her model isn't exactly selling it- I love how the skirt moves. Shernett's is again too clingy at the front- she has to be able to move- she is not a geisha.

I think the bottom two will be Megan and MG- and MG will go home for having a bad attitude and not listening.

Even though none of them seem to like Kendra's I think it is quite pretty. God this opera singer is killing me- she is such a diva. I love it- she is like all the other ones I know! Tell MG off- she has a bad attitude. Oh they like Megan's- she will be in.

Wow I can't believe that Megan won a challenge- I am shocked! I still liked Lucian's better.

Pushing Daisies

My new favorite show is falling victim to the writing strike. They are now filming episode #9 and they are treating it as a Season Finale. I can't believe there will only be 9 episodes of this show this year!

Prince Harry is Single

Someone get me a ticket to London ASAP! The News of the World is reporting that Chelsy Davy dumped Prince Harry this week after 3 years together. Word is she had had enough of his philandering- hun, he's the spare...that's when you try to suck it up!


Friday, November 9, 2007

I Heart David Bowie

The smoking gun just dug up this mugshot of David Bowie from an arrest for marijuana possession back in 1976 in Rochester NY. God he is fabulous!! Look at the mugshot- fantastic!! I love him...

Lawyers Dump Heather Mills

I haven't really blogged about all the Heather Mills stuff lately because quite frankly I can't stand her. She is a liar- which has been proven COUNTLESS times. She is a golddigger. She is a media whore...the bad kind. Do not bash a Beatle and his powerful designer daughter unless you have the goods to back it up. She did her big media tour last week trying to garner the minivan majorities vote- and it backfired on her big time. And her lawyers have now dumped her because of it- HAHA

Payback's a bitch

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can't Handle All This Shocking News

JLo told a crowd in Miami last night that she is pregnant...I just didn't see this one coming at all...I am usually more on top of my smut!

Toy Recall

This is complete craziness- there was a recall on this toy called AquaDots- they are beads that you spray with water to make them into shapes. Well turns out if they are injested by children they are extremely dangerous- they were sprayed with GHB..aka the date rape drug!! Children in China and Australia have been hospitalized because of it...and soon dirtbags all over Northern Ontario will be rushing to the Giant Tiger hoping to find them!

Ugly Betty

This is MAYJAH!! Posh on Ugly Betty! Posh on Ugly Betty!

I agree with Wilhemina- if there was baby's breath at my wedding I would file off someone's nipples too!

The Beckhams have taken over America and then are our leaders- I do accept this! It's Beckmmmm...

I really am feeling like Betty is the worst part of the show- I couldn't care less about her storyline- it's all about everyone else

Sheila Wilhemina's dress looks similar to yours in the bodice!! Perfect Spice- I love me some Posh!!

Oh no- Christina's husband is going to run away with the money she will sacrifice herself to get.

Transfatty- more than meets the eye...who knew there were hardwood floors under that shag rug! Beauty is pain Mark- I completely agree!

Alright people focus on the joy- haha they looked Posh away...this really is mayjah!!

A short veil Wilhemina?! Really?! I HATE SHORT VEILS!! Go long or go home!

OMG..can't breathe...can't breathe...can't focus...Amanda singing the Milkshake song at Wilhemina's wedding just might be the funnisest thing I've ever seen!! The dance, everything...that was the best routine ever...I am still laughing even though Bradford just died

Oh I so knew Bradford was going to die- just didn't know it was going to be at the altar. Ausiello has been hinting that a character would die- made sense it would be him.

God I miss my tivo- I need to rewind that Milkshake part- best moment on television all year...I don't even know what to do with myself right now...god that was good

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

America's Next Top Model

Well the first person they are focusing on is Sarah- therefore I think she is the one that is going home.

I wish they didn't focus so much on Bianca- I can't deal with her accent- I just cringe when she talks. She sounds like Macy Gray.

Oh I love the episodes where Tyra gets to show off and show how fabulous she is...and now they are learning the real way to get ahead in showbiz- they got their kneepads

I appreciate the Tim Burtonesque description of Heather- it's true

I was just reminded how much I hate Salecia's hair- it might look cute on Suri Cruise but that is because she is a toddler!!

They are so going to pick Heather if they are looking for the goth look- Bianca is going to have a heart attack

Haha I was right!! God I'm good..could be the countless hours I have spent watching this show!!

Lisa looks really awkward in this video- and she has the hair of a cougar from Northern Quebec- she is just missing her cigarette.

Now Bianca is using this to show she shouldn't be a model- poor Bianca...such a trashy girl...jealous of everyone around her...

Oh now that I hear Chantal saying she's not nervous I totally think she'll be eliminated- they love setting people up to fail on this show!

And Jenna still looks like a man to me- with HORRIBLE bleached hair

Oh god Chantal is boring in that video- I don't think she understood the critique.

Bottom two- Sarah and Chantal. I say they both go!

Oh Nigel you are a sexy beast- I will travel and visit your English ghetto anytime!!

Oh she is going to call a name- I say Sarah goes since she is no longer a plus size- although at this point she's my goal weight!

Answer to my Prayers

Rumour has it that CBS is thinking of putting Big Brother back on the air in January to fill the void if the Writers Guild strike continues and there is no new programming....come on Big Brother!!! And get this- it might have "celebrities" on it- bring on Kathy Griffin and Danny Bonaduce!!


Be Careful Next Time You Watch Cinemax

Because douchebag extraordinaire Spencer Pratt is now peddling a sex tape he made in Brazil 3 years ago pre-Heidi. He claims he has nothing to do with it getting out but please- we all know a famewhore when we see one! Ew- unfortunately I just got a mental image and now have to go figure out how I will wash my brain with feels so dirty...

Lost Update

More effects of the WGA strike. As of right now Lost has filmed 8 of the 16 episodes for this season. However, they want to air all of them with no breaks between them. If the strike goes after Christmas the producers will be left with two options- either they all air in the Fall of 2008 or they wait until February 2009- therefore leaving Lost off the schedule for one whole season!!! Madness!!


Effects of Writers Guild Strike

Thanks to the LATimes for putting this table together- it says how many episodes have been filmed and basically says how much new tv we will be getting for the next little while....there is not much after xmas if the strike doesn't end soon. The big issue- they want 8 cents per DVD instead of the current 4 cents....give the writers their money- do not jeopardize my tv schedule!!,0,7606966.htmlstory?coll=la-home-center

Fabio vs. Clooney

This just might be the funniest celebrity fight I've heard of in a while just because it is completely ridiculous.

A list George Clooney was at a restaurant having dinner with his girlfriend Sarah Larson. D List Fabio was also at the restaurant eating with a group of women. Said women started taking pictures at the table...I mean come on they should document a night out with such a "hunk". Anyways, George thought they were taking pics of him (let's face it- they probably were). Fabio said they weren't and to "stop being a diva". George took offense and got up to confront him- and soon they were pushing and shoving each other. HAHAHA!!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Save the Pagoda!!!

SAVE THE PAGODA!! Congrats go out to Robert Hong- who at 52 has won a SHITLOAD of money in the past year. That's right- shitload. He split 340000 with a friend back in April- and he just won 15 MILLION!! This is a guy who was already living VERY comfortably.

Here is the concerning news- he said in his interview with the local paper that he was planning on cannot happen!! The Pagoda is a landmark in KL. It has the exact same decor that was there when my mom was in high school. The jello has been sitting in the glass cooler since I was a child. On a cold winters afternoon there is NOTHING like going to the Pagoda for a hot chocolate, fry and egg mom used to take us there all the's the LAST chinese restaurant in KL- 10 years ago there were 4!!!

SAVE THE PAGODA!!! I don't like change!

UPDATE: I was watching Canada AM this morning and they had Robert Hong on there accepting his check- he is becoming quite the minor Canadian celebrity. He said in his interview that he would retire eventually from his restaurant...which means the Pagoda might be saved!!

Deeply Disturbing Commercials

Am I the only person who is completely traumatized by these new WSIB commercials. First there was the woman who is standing there talking about not being able to brush her daughters hair- then they zoom out and she is standing there holding her arm stump and her hand is missing. Just now they had a commercial for a girl talking about how she was supposed to get married that weekend but it wouldn't happen because she was going to get in an accident- she then slips on something and a ginormous pot of hot oil is spilled all over her- then they show her entire upper body being burned off- so traumatic. I kid you not I am shaking right now it was so disturbing- I do not do well with these things. I understand safety in the workplace is important- but I do NOT want to see these images....there is a reason I don't watch any violence if I can help it...I am a wimp

The Tudors

Oh here comes the homosexual subplot- they have outed the lyre player and a friend of Henry's- where is George Boleyn?!

What the hell is up with that stupid feathered hat on Anne's head- where the hell is her french hood?! That is what she is famous for- the hood!!!

I do not like this George- he is not pretty and flamboyant- the way he is in my head! He should be more like a young Rupert Everett!!

I really don't think at this stage of the game that Anne was washing Katherine's feet...I don't think she would have agreed to that...

Anne is the older sister- not Mary

Oh they put him in another sleeveless shirt- I love it when they do that!

Again- what the hell is on Anne's head?! At least they are now showing her with some power.

Goodbye Antonia Marchette

I am watching the episode where Dylan marries Toni and I have to say I am bracing myself- I am going to be crying any second now...when she dies I will become a hysterical mess- at least I will be if I react the way I did 10 years ago the last time I saw this episode!!

Few comments- times have changed in Hollywood. I am noticing that all the girls have hairy arms in closeups- that would be unacceptable these days! Also- I love Toni's hair at her wedding...if it's good enough for Dylan McKay to marry then it is good enough for me to wear on my wedding day!!

Oh this is so sad- dancing to candlelight- with all white candles- just before she is going to sad...

GOod lord I think she may have more hair than anyone else on the planet- and this is before the age of extensions.

I forgot why she was in the car instead of Dylan- it was because of the cat- I am getting old and forgetting all these plots.

Ok I'm not crying...but I am upset...but then they focus on Claire's bleeding lipstick and I get sidetracked- good lord she wore horrible lipstick

Ok now I'm crying- seeing Dylan holding a cat and crying- too much for me!! Oh here I go again- the goodbye to Brandon...

Quote of the Day

“It will be nice to step into Samantha’s skin again but I’m only doing the film for the money. Samantha is very dear to me and I have such a wonderful time playing her, but I can’t say more for the experience than wanting financial security.”

-Kim Cattrall

I have to admire her honesty

Dancing with the Stars Couple

Sabrina the Cheetah Girl (I have no idea what her last name is) and her partner Mark (again- I don't really care about his last name) have now admitted that they are a couple. I knew it!! My gossip eye is finally tuned- first Jane's implants and now this. You can't keep anything from me!

Conjoined Twin

I love this stuff- I am constantly watching TLC and all of their documentaries. This is a little girl in England who was born with a headless conjoined twin that stopped developing in utero. Therefore she was born with 4 arms and 4 legs- her name is Lakshmi and the people in her village believe that she is a goddess reincarnated. She is undergoing surgery right now to remove the extra limbs- poor thing...hopefully they do a documentary on her!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Quote of the Day

“I wear sunscreen and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. I’m proud to say that. To be honest, I am completely natural.”

Funniest Separated at Birth

Perez posted this separated at birth on his site and I almost peed myself laughing. One is Rachel Zoe and the other is King Tut...guess which one is is hard since they look so much alike.

PS- she is only 36!! This is what meth does to you kids!!

The Bachelor- 3

Man I really want to swim with dolphins one day- and I would love it even more if it was in a pool- no scary sharks around there!

Is this the shortest Bachelor episode ever- 45 minutes?! Usually they are at least an hour. And they really aren't promoting this at all. I feel like they are just trying to get rid of this show.

Jenni and Brad are so going to be the final couple- they might as well just end it now.

I love that he needs to hear that Bettina will drop everything and move to Austin for him...maybe she is the dark horse.

While he said he was looking forward to this date with Deanna I totally think she is going home. It is SOOO weird how short this episode is and how short these dates are. God he must be the most boring bachelor with no good footage.

The budget was pretty low on this episode- usually they spring for 3 different locations for the dates. This one is all happening at the same resort!! Wow that actually was a pretty good date- maybe it's Bettina that's going home.

Usually I can predict but that date with Deanna just threw me. I am going to go with Jenni and Deanna.

I was right- and he went out of his way to complement Deanna...maybe she's the one and we've been thrown with Jenni. She's the Estella. As a side note I had never noticed how skinny Bettina is...she needs to eat stat.

Pakistan- So Freakin Scary

This is bad people- but it can hardly come as a surprise. Musharraf has ALWAYS been sketchy- people, he was always very bad. Why do you think the Taliban is still going strong- they went to Pakistan!! Al Qaeda- Pakistan!! He claims he had to declare marshall law to defeat extremists. People- he is the extremist!! He ALWAYS has been- just look at the laws in Pakistan. Have you seen who he has been arresting- lawyers, men in suits, journalists, human rights members. Stupid Americans- look at what you've been supporting!! When are people going to realize that our idea of Democracy is NOT going to happen in the middle east- it is not what they want!! Stop sending our people over- it is not helping!! God it is scary right now.

New Celebrity Baby Name

Milla Jovovich gave birth to a girl on Saturday November 3rd in LA. She and her fiance director Paul Anderson named her Ever Gabo Anderson. Thoughts on Ever? I mean there is Ever Carradine so it isn't completely original

Writhing with Jealousy

There are few people on this planet that I want to actually be- most people are morons or sheep or both. But I would MURDER to be Lainey. MURDER. Why oh why didn't I start blogging earlier?! When I could have been a pioneer?! She started off just sending emails to her friends with celeb gossip- and now she is in Britain interviewing the Harry Potter cast on the SET!! The idea of getting to actually see the Harry Potter set and meet the cast is almost too much...I would die!! So jealous!!

Dancing with the Stars

It is time for Helio to go- boring. Yawn. I mean he is lucky he has a fantastic partner because she is totally carrying him.

Marie- lay off the botox!! It is NOT making you look younger!! So scary!! I SOOO knew they were going to dance to the boogie woogie bugle boy once I saw the costumes- way to get the patriotic vote! NOte the famewhore Donny Osmond trying to steal the spotlight!!

Oh Mel B I am SOOO Excited to come see you in February!! Please show the Spice Girls!!! I have to say as this competition goes on she is losing some of her tranny. This dance is boring though...

Jane Seymour- I know she's classy but she is a bit boring. Next

Oh Kelly Taylor- obviously I am still cheering for you- this still isn't natural for you and you can see you thinking about each move- but you are still good

Cameron- you are so pretty! The footowrk doesn't look coordinated- this seems to be a bit awkward

I was cleaning and what not during the latin dances but have a few comments. Helio- your time is up. Marie- better dance then you normally do but your face still frightens me. Mel B- that was fantastic! Such an amazing dance. Jane Seymour- she just can't do latin. She is too ballet- too stiff- she just can't loosen up. Kelly- stop making it look like you are counting the steps and just start enjoying it. Cameron- you are hot. I enjoyed the sleeveless shirt.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shocking News!

Christina Aguilera just admitted in the new Glamour Magazine that she is pregnant and will be having her baby around New Years. This doesn't bother me as much as JLo- while she never confirmed it before she never tried to lie about it.


I Knew It!!

Jane Seymour just admitted in an interview with People that she had implants right before she was in Wedding Crashers...I said that on Monday when I was watching Dancing with the Stars that they looked fake- i can spot them a mile away!!

Hey Paula

This girl is a complete crackpot

She is draping her dogs in millions of dollars worth of jewellery- and the poor jeweller was having a heart attack since Paula was so clearly out of it.

She is about to go on the air at QVC to sell "her" jewelry and is upset that it doesn't look like her vision!? She probably doesn't remember what she drew...

Indy Jr. Arrested

Shia LaBeouf was arrested this morning for refusing to leave a Walgreen's- I guess he was really drunk. George Lucas is not going to be happy about this- he is supposed to be all apple-pie American to promote the next Indiana Jones....although it is a pretty funny crime!

Congrats Katie

Katie Holmes finished the NYC marathon today after 5:29:58 hours and she finished in 34,195th place. All the power to you- that is definitely something that I could NOT do!! I do have a question though- don't most people wear sports bras when running for that long?! I know some tanks have built in bras but would that be enough?

Side note- two of the doctors I work with were running this this weekend- I've had VERY minimal contact with them yet I want to ask if they saw Katie!!


Amazing Race

YAY it's back!! I love this show!!

Kynt?! What the hell kind of name is Kynt?

You need to spend all the time you can with your father because he's almost sixty? I think this girl has absolutely no concept of modern lifespans

Shana is the one who used to "date" Ryan Seacrest- obviously her bearding skills helped her get here!

Karma's a bitch but I'm a bigger bitch!!!

The playboy mansion- haha!! American landmark!

I didn't realize that goths wore bright pink..I am very uneducated about them obviously...

Where the hell was Hef?!

My prediction right now is the father/daughter team gets eliminated first.

Any predictions as to when the Goths stop doing their makeup- I was just discussing it with Sheila and come on- when you are travelling in this situation your makeup is not the priority.

It is weird that the daughter is doing this to get to know her father- it's actually quite sad.

If you knew you were starting in a city wouldn't you learn where the airport is?!

These teams have to start using some patented Rob and Amber moves- ask the shuttle drivers to not pick up other teams!!

I love when the second flight gets in first- always makes for an interesting turn of events!!

I would NOT be good with that Roadblock- that is terrifying!! THe dream is that they will allow Canadians on someday- so I'm trying to prep myself

I hate how mean they are being to the poor donkeys- stop yelling at them!! Stop pulling!! Just try to talk to them and be nice to the animals. Ari is driving me nuts- he's so mean.

I hate all the teams that are rude to the donkeyes- Ari and then Brad and Jennifer- so mean.

Wow the blonds were fantastic at that.

I love that the Goths came in second. Kick all of their asses!! I love that the grandfather team came in 5th.

Why don't Brad and Jennifer just pet and be nice to the donkey!!

Ari and Staella should be eliminated- being so mean to the donkey.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Writers Strike Effects

I'm not sure if all of you know this but as of right now talks with the Writers Guild are at a standstill- which means they might go on strike. If this happens production will stop on ALL shows. ALL shows people. This is disastrous!! The first effects are starting to trickle out. As of right now the Dec 11 Heroes has been written as an ending to the Generations storyline. However, they are now writing and filming a SEASON finale for that episode in case the strike ends- meaning they will end the season then!! And this is just the beginning people

Somebody- hold me...


Who Does She Think She is Kidding?!

So the new trend with celebrities is to not confirm their pregnancies. I mean if they just chose to neither confirm or deny that is their business- everyone knows anyway (a la Christina Aguilera). What I don't understand is why some people choose to lie about it (a la Jennifer Lopez). JLo and Marc Anthony both chose to lie and deny the pregnancy- which is pretty hard to hide at this point. It is understandable if they wanted to wait until the end of the 1st trimester to admit to it just in case- but after that it is just ridiculous denying the obvious.


Project Runway Canada

I love Winners on Bloor- that is where I got my outfit for Sheila's wedding!!

The group challenges are always fantastic because this is when they start fighting!

Poor Megan just has no respect from anyone- I'm pretty sure she is going home!

Of the outfits from Shernett, Megan and Lucien's group I only liked Lucien's dress- the rest just didn't seem to be well tailored and just seemed baggy and frumpy.

I hate the colours that MG used- plus the knit thing that she threw on top was hideous. As for Biddells the shirt ontop just lookied like a rag. Yeah I don't like any of these outfits- grey and pastels- yuck. I hate the yellow overcoat- so frumpy.

The pink shirt of Micheal's looks bit odd- the shoulders make her look like a refridgerator. I don't mind Stephens jacket but I don't understand the leggings. The black jacket was cute- I think Kendra did the best.

Of all the outfits I like Lucian's the best. And it is much more simple than his previous work.

I agree with Iman- none of these pieces are wearable. This was supposed to be a Winners challenge- it has to be wearable.

For Micheals team they each only did one piece which isn't good- everyone else did more. I agree- I hate the sleeves on the pink tunic.

For sure Megan's team will win. I think Michael and Stephen will be in the bottom two and Michael will go home.

Yup- aurevoir Michael. I actually thought she would go way further

World's Unsexiest Men

AOL's The Cooler has now released their list of the World's Unsexiest Men. For the most part I agree but there are some that I disagree with and one that just makes me sad

1- Pete Doherty. makes me want to throw up in my mouth...he is just the rankest human...

2- Brandon Davis- agreed. He is repulsive and greasy.

3- Wilmer Valderama- agreed. He is so disgusting- I mean come on people- he's Fez. Nuf said.

4- Simon Cowell- disagree. I mean I don't necessarily find him attractive, and he does wear his shirts a bit too tight- but I like his personality. And there are WAY nastier men out there.

5- Howard Stern- agree slightly. The man is not attractive but he is smart and funny...and there is something sexy about that- I don't see it but some women do

6- Kevin Connolly- agree. There is nothing sexy about E..cute yes, but not sexy.

7- James Blunt- disagree. While he does look like a weasel there is something very attractive about him when he sings...but that could be because I heart his music.

8- Pete Wentz- agree. He is like a little he is dripping with the Simpson stench.

9- Tie between Ryan Philippe and Josh Hartnett- disagree. This one pains me people. Oh how the mighty have fallen Ryan....I used to love you so much- the amount of times that I have watched Cruel Intentions...the times Kaarina and I have fastforwarded through scenes that you weren't in...and now this. Time to get rid of the carb face and realize you are not an actor. Just look pretty. As for Josh Hartnett- while I find him unattractive that is mainly due to the unibrow. But he is not so unsexy that he should be on this list

10- Eric Dane- disagree. Grey's has completely underused him- but let us never forget what he looked like coming out of the shower last season...HOT.

11- Ben Stiller- disagree. This one doesn't make sense. Why on earth is he on this list!? I mean I wouldn't necessarily call him sexy but I wouldn't call him nasty.

Where is Michael Jackson!? Barry Manilow?! Antonio Banderas? Adam Levine? Cisco Adler? Spencer? There are way nastier guys

UPDATE: Cruel Intentions is on tv right now and I swear there is NOTHING sexier on this planet than Ryan Philippe in this movie- god I heart him

Friday, November 2, 2007

Spice Girls New Video

Here is the new video for Headlines (Friendship Never Ends). First of all, I have to say that I'm disappointed that this is their first song. I would have thought there comeback would have been something fun and dancy and catchy- not this. Next- why is Geri writhing against the door in her bra? Is she trying to show how cut she is after Bluebell Madonna? I understand why Scary is on the floor- your stomach always looks flatter when you are lying down. And then there is Posh- who isn't even trying to lipsynch. She just sits in her chair in her dominatrix costume looking fabulous. The best part of the song is when Mel C does her thing- she tries to make it into a power ballad which I appreciate.

Superman Returns Game

Here is a little Friday game for all of you- warning- it's hard!! My score was a whooping 32- that's right- I kick ass! I will be trying this again! A girl at work got 88- and since I'm ridiculously competitive I must get a better score!!

KL Dirtbags at it Again!!!

Last night while watching Ugly Betty I saw the Amber Alert for Sudbury- a baby was taken from a hospital. Right away thought oh god Northern Dirtbags- why do they do these things?! Then this morning while getting ready I had Canada AM in the background and heard the baby was found and that it was a 29 year old Batisse that had kidnapped the baby. When I heard the name Batisse I immediately thought of KL- as would any former KLer. And now Yvonne has sent me this article:

The baby was found in KL!!! For the record it is not a 5 hour drive unless you are Kaarina's dad. It is not that far. But still- poor little baby...I am DYING to hear more about this- I will be making my calls tonight!!

Also- here is the Northern News' story about the whole thing:

UPDATE: Her boyfriend Trevor Schram helped her- help me out people...did Trevor Schram have a brown mullet in high school and wore glasses? I can't picture him but I know that I should know him!!

UPDATE #2: Gina was at the hairdressers today and got more gossip- supposedly she had just lost a baby at 8 months and was out of it- not sure why the boyfriend helped yet...

UPDATE #3: Talked to Julie and got the latest- yes She you are right- he was cleared. He was in the bush hunting all week and came out to hear that she was in Sudbury having the baby. She called and said she had a boy - then showed up with a girl. Rumour is she thought he was only with her for the baby and freaked. So he had nothing to do with it

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Office

I love the finer things club- I love that they wear berets and read memoirs of a geisha- haha! Well I do want to buy a beret for winter and I've read that book a few times...maybe I could be a member of the club!!

I love that Michael is trying to get rid of Tobey instead of Stanley.

I love that his job offer to the guy in Utica involves him becoming his best friend- haha

Oh god watching Dwight peeing in the car is disturbing...and there was no need for Dwight to talk about his reason...

Stanley is such a cutie- of course he's not leaving. He needs to stay for pretzel day.

HAHA!! Dressing up and speaking with Irish accents and drinking with Guinness for Angela's Ashes- too funny!!

Ugly Betty

I have not watched enough of this show this season- which is unacceptable. Because it kills me!!

Bradford wants something called a Shania Twain..HAHA


You know that fashion world- very homophobic- hehe

I think that Mark is a freakin genius he plays well off of everyone- him and Amanda, him and Wilhemina- genius!!

I've never been the biggest fan of Betty and Henry but I have to say they look pretty cute when they are dressed up for the theater.

I have hundreds of backstabbing superficial friends...haha!! Don't we all!

I have to say- they should have begged Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith to come for wicked- these songs are a bit nasally right now...oh I do like it as a solo! The one is a great singer....I prefer the green witch.

Faith and Joss Together Again!!!

Ok this might be the best new show to come to Fox in YEARS!!! YEARS!! Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon are doing a knew show together!! There is also another Buffy producer on board- Tim Minear. And while Buffy producers haven't been making the greatest choices recently (Marti Noxon on Grey's) I have very high hopes for this. This is a bit of the description about the show from


Eliza Dushku courtesy Fox, Joss Whedon courtesy FoxShort of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion movie, this is just about the best news you could ask for: Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon are reteaming for a new series! (Told ya it would be worth tearing yourself away from the candy corn to drop by The Ausiello Report.) Here are the five things you have to know about the show, and I mean now:

1. It's a one-hour drama produced by Twentieth Century Fox to air on Fox. The first of the seven episodes to which the network has committed could premiere as early as spring.

2. It's called Dollhouse because that's the nickname of the high-tech lab where a group of human chalkboards are kept between assignments.

3. Human chalkboards?! Yes! What else would you call characters like Dushku's Echo who can be given new memories, skills and even personalities, then stripped of them just as quickly, leaving them virtual children?

4. Whedon is the creator, head writer and executive producer, and perhaps in part because Dushku convinced him to do the show, she's getting a producer credit. (Fellow Buffyverse alum Tim Minear is also on board.)