Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol

Anoop- I'm not usually a fan of his but mainly because I don't enjoy R&B. Oh god put your collar down- I hate a high collar. Oh god the cocky thing does not become him...he doesn't pull it off well.

Megan- her voice just isn't my thing- it is a bit too vibrato and weird to me. I hate her outfit too- she can wear anything and this is what they put her in- yuck

Danny- I love his tone but he is going a bit off key with this song when he starts the chorus. It is going a bit too high for him and then he starts screaming- I mean love him but don't feel he always needs to resort to screaming

Alison- I thought they were supposed to sing current songs....I mean No Doubt is a good choice for her but not necessarily current. I don't know the point of the guitar since she plays about as well as I do- and anyone who knows me knows that I can play Black by Pearl Jam and Today by Smashing Pumpkins- that's it. She is going off key- ok I didn't really like that

Scott- this song is not current and not relevant. And his hair has been styled in a mullet of sorts. Not my thing

Matt- ok I don't know how I feel about singing The Fray since I love them and don't really like him. He started way too early- Ryan Seacrest was still talking. Oh god the keyboard with screaming girls around him- is he Jordan Knight?! He doesn't sound great- and he is making John Mayer faces...ew

Lil- That is NOT a flattering dress on her! The material is very thin and there is not enough spanx and there is bunching. Oh god this song is awful- she is completely flat and the song is too big for her. She is now just screaming and is completely off key- horrid. Time to go home

Adam- I heart him. I want him to dance around and be fun. Ok I don't love the slicked back hair- I like it all flat ironed and down. Oh god he's talented- none of these other people hold a cancle to him- even Simon has a grin watching him. The boy has rhythm- again, I want him to be my best friend. Any boy that shimmies on national tv has my heart.

Kris- in general I can't stand this song. And I can't handle the pubestache- someone give this boy a razor stat. Ok he's doing a good job with it- he is singing it well

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

I can tell this week won't be my thing...I HATE this kind of music. I never got the swing craze because I hated the music so much!!

David- he is very enthusiastic and definitely wants to win. Wow he did a cartwheel- I'm jealous of anyone who can do that. It was a silly cute routine but I think she did more

Lil Kim- of course it's hard to show emotion on your face- it's all plastic now! It was good- they were nice and dramatic

Chuck- ok this routine is pretty cute. I think they have to rely on her fanbase for votes since I don't know who the hell he is but it's cute...except for his lame lift/jump at the end

Lawrence- he's ok but he seems to let her do most of the work. It really is her doing most of the footwork. I mean he is lifting her but for the most part he is just still and not doing any movements.

Ty- he is just SOOO much better than he was when this started- he still seems a bit awkward but he is definitely trying. And he is kickin up a storm- and their lifts are good

Steve- I don't think there is any getting rid of him. I mean he's awful and can't really do worse with the judges but he has charisma and I'm sure has a lot of support from vote for the worst. Actually this dance isn't horrid for him- he's not as spastic and jerky as he is during the fast ones. And he is most definitely trying. Well his scores are better than last week

Melissa- I think she could win this if she gets the fanbase- wouldn't that be a big FU to Molly and Jason! She is definitely a good dancer but I do feel she had an unfair advantage being a professional cheerleader- she's like the new Paula Abdul

Holly- I really don't think that she has much hope in a double elimination week. Well she is better at the stiffer dance but still looks like a deer in the headlights. She has this weird frozen look on her face and just seems to be looking at her partner for cues. And when she does steps it is all very awkward. Her nervous laugh is bothering me

Steve-O- oh yuck a clown costume...I HATE CLOWNS! She has lost a lot of weight since last season- I'm sure she didn't like all the publicity. He seems to be moving in slow motion. She is definitely doing most of the work and he just seems to tag along

Gilles- oh god he looks like Antonio Banderas- EW!! He just does nothing for me- nothing at all! I wish he was still wet and in the Sex and the City movie. I guess they were good- I didn't watch much of their performance

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amazing Race

Again- I hate Cara and Jamie. She hates the sound of foreign languages?!?! Then what the hell is she doing on the amazing race?!

Oh I"m not going to like this- I hate zoos. Look at that poor elephant having to ride that machine...poor thing!!!

HAHA Bite size!! That was a funny line. Oh the poor tiger on a chain- that is so sad

Oh I have a bad feeling about Mel and Mike- that doesn't look good for them

Again- could these girls be ruder??!!? I Hate them so much- they don't have to scream at everyone

I really like Mel and Mike- I hope there is a way that they can catch up- and the girls mess up and are eliminated!

Wow that is a lot of penalties- I have never seen a team cheat like that!

At least Margie fainted at the pitstop and had already finished the leg

Oh poor Mike and Mel- they were so good- it sucks that they had such a bad cab driver who lost it for them

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amazing Race

Ok now I'm just going to be thinking about Chantale and what she's told me about her trip if they are going to Jaipur

I like how they notice that it is odd that these men have telephones yet they don't think to pick them up

Oh isn't Jamie lovely yelling at people because they don't speak English..charming

Oh god this hay challenge would be awful for me- my allergies would be nasty. I like to see that the 68 year old beat all the others!!

Ok the nose flute is pretty nasty

Jamie and Cara are horrible horrible people- I hope they get eliminated

I'm not surprised that Jodi and Christie were eliminated- they were pretty far behind

American Idol

Michael- I don't think this was a good song. He really didn't sing- he was busy just trying to keep up with the lyrics. And I think he was really trying to perform and run around across the stage- I definitely see why he was in the bottom two

Allison- I don't get the hype around her. Yes she's throaty and rocky but I don't see how she is that great.

Kris- too slow, too boring...next

Lil- She really does nothing for me. She's ok but that bored me to tears

Adam- I was bracing myself for this because people told me it was bad. But let me tell you- that was AWESOME!! Probably one of the best versions that I've ever heard of this song. Obviously that could be because I despise country music and never quite understood all of the Johnny Cash hype. But that was very Tea Party- I really liked it. He is just so different and sings so well

Scott- he is talented. But he bores me to tears...next

Alexis- I know she went home because of this so I'm curious because I heart Dolly Parton. I don't like the last time she sings Jolene of the 4- she is not desperate enough. Well I don't think that was horrid- so far I liked her better than most of the others- of course Adam excluded

Danny Goki- Jesus take the wheel?! Seriously- are you kidding me with this shit?!?! I liked him and he has to start singing about Jesus?! He may go off my radar after this. Put your collar down!! I hate when people put their collars up! I still really like his voice but despise the song and everything it represents

Anoop- he is still on this show? I don't mind the song but I am still not a fan of his. When he emotes he reminds me of Jessica Simpson- and that is not a good thing

Megan- I don't understand why such a pretty girl has all of those tattoos- it just ruins the glamour to me. They look like a high school mistake to me. I do like her rendition of this horrid song- but I don't think that her vocals are very strong

Matt- good singer. Doesn't do much for me- next

Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

I cannot believe Battlestar Galactica is ending- it is such an amazing show. By far one of the best on tv. It shocks me that so few people watch it- people just don't know quality. I mean we all know my love of bad television but I can appreciate when something is good. This is a show for those who like to be challenged by thought provoking material....and that's all I am going to say about that. If you haven't seen it go rent the DVD- it is worth it. It is a show though that you should see from the beginning since there is a mythology to it

First- Colonol Tigh is from Kirkland Lake!! How cool is that!!

Next- I think that Starbuck will turn out to be the 13th cylon.

I am watching the retrospective right now. Lee Adama is already a sexy beast- when he speaks in a British accent it just puts the sexayness over the top!! I heart him

I had no idea that Tom Zerick was the original Apollo- that is extremely cool

I can't believe the Battlestar Galactica studies is right in Vancouver- I might have seen it when I flew over Vancouver and I had no idea!!! I would have loved to have seen it!!

I didn't know that Hot Dog was Adama's son in real life- interesting

Ok I just finished the preview show and I am so emotional- god I love this show! I can't believe it's ending!

I wonder why they keep showing all the characters before the blast...it's interesting that it's all now instead of throughout.

Oh the beginning of Starbuck and Lee- god I hope they end up together!! Their boxing episode is still in my opinion one of the sexiest shows ever on tv.

Wait a minute- one of the big things that they highlighted at the beginning was this has all happened before and will happen again. All the scenes we see- is that supposed to be the future? Is that showing that it will happen again? Are they all cylons?

I think that Laura will have to die in this episode- I mean the terminal cancer has to mean something

I loved that goodbye to Coddle- so nice

Interesting that he put Gaeta's boyfriend in charge...

A new president and admiral- so weird...

I love that they are going into a huge battle right now and am completely intrigued yet I don't really care that they are going after Hera- never really cared about her storyline.

Well the cylon shit definitely looks ominous! My god the battlestar is just getting it's ass whopped!!

That battle scene looks amazing- I can't believe that it is a tv show- it looks like a movie!

To see them fighting alongside centurions against the cylons

I wonder if Starbuck will have a Luke Skywalker in the cave moment and if she will fight herself

I wonder who Laura will have to write an X on- it will be a big person. I am guessing it will be Adama

I am not guessing the significance of the opera house yet- I guess it just predicted the future...but why? My god the final 5 are at the top- but I still don't get it! It was just showing that stuff happens again

Seriously? This is then- they give them resurrection and it's over? I feel like there should be more...like this isn't the end...it seems too good to be true. Baltar gives a speech about god and it ends?

So all that was just to show that it has all happened before. I feel I need more...I need to know what the hell Starbuck is- I still don't get that

Ok I'm glad that just happened with the Chief- that made it more exciting!

There must be some way out of here? Those are the coordinates out? Seriously? Ok that is a cool way to tie that in. But what about her being dead?

I just thought- they never went back for Helo- I guess we are to assume he died.

So is this the real earth? Were they at the wrong one before? Oh is this like scientologists?!!? These are the aliens that come to populate the earth!? And they should be safe from cylons since they no longer have resurrection. Well in they end they did find a home- very fitting

This is getting a bit too religious for my liking. The entire fleet is going into the sun?!? That is so forboding! I can't believe they are ending with zero technology- who's that for scifi?

So how does Starbuck end the human race? I still don't get it...I guess it was just that it had all happened before- and that explains how she found her body...

Adama as the last person on Galactica is very fitting.

Gaelan is going to populate Scotland- cool!

Why are the Adama's saying goodbye? I'm crying and I don't understand what is happening. Why isn't he coming back? Is he going to kill himself with the president?

What the hell- where is starbuck going now?!!?! Why isn't she living happily ever after with Lee? They hooked up while she was with his brother? They were always meant to be!! And now they won't be?! What the hell! If he turns around and she's not there- WHAT?!?!!? Really!? I can't believe they won't end up together! So was she an angel? Ok I'm crying again

How was Hera the key? Was it just that she was the reason for the last battle?

Ok so he drives her around- but why isn't he going back? And she died! Go back to Lee Adama! You don't need to be alone! And I'm crying again....

Ok they went back and got Helo. I know on the preshow they said that people's favorite storyline was theirs- yeah that's not me. I'm not terribly attached to them.

And Gaius goes back to becoming a farmer.

I don't like that they all ended up alone- I mean Adama should be with Lee and Tigh- I am sad they aren't together.

And now Hera is the original...Oh it's Ron Moore holding the Magazine. Oh and it is happening again...and it all comes back to today...with new robots.

I"m not sure how I feel about that- I guess since it is Battlestar Galactica there wouldn't be a happy ending. I'm just sad that my couples didn't end up happy- at least the ones I like

Seamus O'Regan is a battlestar fan?!?! My god I love him!?!? Is he single? Is he straight? If yes- give him my number!! Call me

They just said that this was named the best series on TV by Time, Newsweek and Rolling Stone. Again people- go rent the DVDs!!

Oh I can't wait to watch Caprica!! I'm so glad this world isn't leaving us!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jon Minus Kate?

Oh god I am so worried about my Jon and Kate. If you didn't know this I am slightly obsessed with that show...which is shocking as in general I don't enjoy children. But yet I am fascinated by this show!!

A few weeks ago I read that Jon was spotted around his hometown partying and macking with women and let me tell you- I was traumatized!! I emailed Chantale and Katrina immediately because I was so upset!!

Then I saw them on Oprah and it was definitely tense and awkward. Usually Jon looks like he doesn't give a crap- this time he just looked nervous and tense. He looked worried that he would be asked something private and Kate just seemed angry. And they never once looked at each other.

Now I just saw a commercial for next weeks show and it looks like they are talking about how they are in a bad place and Jon specifically said he was having problems. Are they divorcing?!!? After moving into the HUGE house?!? I mean their whole source of income comes from being a family- this could get ugly!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

So now Steve-O is gone too? They are dropping like flies!

Holly- she is still awkward and quite eager. She kind of looks like what I would look like if I were on there- just stiff and weird. But she's not horrid- she's trying. It just looks like there is a lot of running! Is that lift at the end allowed?

David Alan Grier- I think he is actually good at this for having never done it. He's another one who's trying. The music reminds me of Cuba- I want to go back!

Denise- well I am still jealous that she gets to be around my Max. I've said it once and I'll say it again- he is a sexy beast! A sexy beast who can't seem to do up his shirt! She has to stop counting outloud. I understand the short pance are part of the costume- but they are disturbing me. Actually the dance was good- of course all the credit goes to the sexy beast.

Belinda- hopefully her face relaxes during the show!! She seems much more relaxed this week. But the resemblance to Priscilla Presley is still freaking me out. I feel like she is slowing down a bit too much near the end and seems to need her partner for all the cues.

Ty- the poor guy is just so useless with dancing. Ok he is doing much better this time! VAST improvement!! He is smiling and less stiff and he is moving around the ballroom. Ok that was like a different dancer!! I think he can get the country vote and stay in this

Shawn- I wonder if he is still with the Cheetah Girl...because this girl is also short and round and totally his type! She is definitely more stiff than him but his hips are just flying! I wish he'd wear a shirt but they just don't seem to like to do that. They are definitely throwing in some gymnastic moves.

Steve- well he is definitely trying! Actually I don't think he's doing so badly- he is incredibly enthusiastic. Spastic yes but enthusiastic. Oh and there's Kathy Griffin- I so want her to be my best friend. Am I the only one who feels awkward watching him?

Chuck- what the hell is she wearing?!?!!? Thos pants are incredibly disturbing!! I think she may lose her pants- that could be awkward!

Lawrence- he is just another one of those big guys dancing- a bit slow but again he's trying

Steve-O- what exactly did he do to injure himself? Did I miss something? was it his back or something else. There really isn't much salsa to this dance. He is much too stiff for latin. And he's walking through it. Oh ok he landed on his back- I get it.

Lil Kim- I read today that she owes almost a million dollars in back taxes- I guess she hopes this show makes her rich. Her face is so terrifying! But she is a good dancer- she's still my pick! Maybe because I used to love to dance to how many licks...

Melissa- I also think that she is really good- I think she has a chance to keep going. Ok she is far superior to the other dancers- you can tell she has performed in front of large crowds doing this kind of thing.

Gilles- I"m not enjoying his hair. Really- so far I most like this guy when he is in a shower or towelling his hair. I mean we did get to see him shirtless with his shoulder..oh and we got a bit of a tease strip there...

Pic of the Day

For the love of god please tell me this was photoshopped! This neck will haunt my dreams tonight!!


Linz- Current #1 Friend

So I go to laineygossip.com today (like always) and start to skim the shout-outs when my eyes are drawn to this:

To Shauna from Linz for sticking with your blog – she doesn’t love the reality tv, as you know, but that doesn’t mean she’s not your biggest fan!

I LOVE SHOUT-OUTS!!! This is my 3rd one and let me tell you- it does NOT get old!!! I have been neglecting this poor little blog since most of my spare time is taken up by stamping and building my business but let me tell you this was a wake up call! I will definitely try to post more on here!!

First thought- Twilight is overrated and retarded. Discuss.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing Race

Is it just me or does Siberia look exactly like Canada? There really is no difference

Russian bride!! HAHA!! mail order brides!! I would do the bride i think

Siberia would be hard- it doesn't look like anything is translated in English. I mean most places these days even if they have a different alphabet you can find signs in English- I don't really see any here

Ok I guess the other was faster- I just thought it would be hard to drive- especially since I don't drive standard


I would die during this challenge. It is one thing for me to strip down and jump in a pool when there are no cameras- it is another to run down the street. Especially with my luck since I probably would be wearing ugly practical travel underwear.

HAHA!! They are going to the mat in their underwear!? Haha!

I think that Margie and Luke will go far.

Ok Victor is making me like him at the mat- I am very hot and cold with them

Oh my god she has to run in her thong- that would truly suck!!

She had to run in her thong and she might be eliminated- ok no she was saved.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol

I think tonight is Michael Jackson night- ew. I hate MJ- I really only ever liked Man in the Mirror! Most of his hits I didn't listen to- I always prefered the Weird Al versions!

Paula-feathers? Really!? Yuck!

Lil Rounds- she is definitely a good singer. I can't imagine listening to any of her music but she is definitely talented

Love Kara's blouse!

Scott MacIntyre- I have never heard this song. He is definitely talented but I'm not sure if he's great enough to win...I need to hear more from him because I can't remember him. I really didn't like his falsetto

Danny- my god I have never heard any of these songs- what the hell is this? I do like this guy- he is definitely one of my favorites. He is such a dynamic performer- I think he'll go far

Michael- ok I really like this guy. I hope he does well! It just hit me- this guy really looks like Nick Carter. Ok I liked it but I don't know if I loved it

Jasmine- She is good but I'm not sure how far she will go but she is a talented girl

Kris Allen- ok I do like this version of this song- it is somewhat Justin Timberlakeish.

Alison- I have no memory of this girl. Ok she's a rock chick- she doesn't really do much for me- I don't think she'll be around long. She's only 16? Ok that makes it a bit more impressive- she has a very soulful voice for her age

Anoop- so far this guy has been overrrated to me...maybe he will impress me this time. That was good- I prefer eat it but he was good

Jorge- ok I cannot handle the eyebrows! Ok he's way too good times with the sway- not my thing. I feel bad for the guy being ripped apart since he seems like a nice guy but it was pretty bad

Megan- rockin robin is a Michael Jackson song!? This is such a weird song choice- it is almost surreal. I agree with Simon- it was a stupid song choice

Adam Lambert- I really want him to do well! I mean he was in Wicked- I hope he kicks ass! Actually this is another Michael Jackson that I actually like. He has the same haircut as my mom- hehe! He is another good performer- I really like him! I hope he does Freddie Mercury this season! Ok I heart him!

Matt Giraud- this is definitely not my thing. He is good but after Adam I'm underwhelmed

Alexis- ok I love her outfit. This was a very good song choice for her.

Going home- Jorge and Matt

Dancing With The Stars

Oh god I'm excited for this show! It is such a guilty pleasure!

As much as Samantha Harris is annoying and rather pointless I'm jealous- I wish I could wear evening wear to my job!

Yay Lil Kim is first- she is so my pick! I think she is totally going to be bringing skanky back- she will be competing with Edyta and Holly Madison to see who can wear the least amount of clothing!! HAHA black barbie- she is probably just as plastic as Barbie at this point. There is no way her ass is real- I'm pretty sure those are butt implants to meet her breast implants. I also love that she is freely discussing her time in prison- way to win over the minivan majority. Appropriate song- nasty. What is their first dance? I don't think her belly button is in the center anymore- another example of plastic surgery gone wrong

Belinda Carlisle!!! I still can do my baton routine for Heaven on Earth!! Belinda is a bit waxy now- she is a bit too Priscilla Presley for my liking. She is a bit stiff but I'm sure she's nervous

Lawrence Taylor- Oh god Edyta- she probably can't wait to get naked again. He actually has quite a bit of rhythm for a first timer- he isn't terribly stiff.

Steve-O- of course they paired him up with Lacey. He is going to annoy me- I am not a fan of his style of humor- people injuring themselves is just not funny to me. When he is dancing the little twirls with the arms out are a bit much for me

Gilles- to be known from this guy as naked guy. That is all I can think of- the naked guy from the Sex and the City movie. He is good- I wish he'd do up his shirt but oh well. I could also do without the necklace.

Chuck Wicks- Ok he's hot. But the cheesy stuff has to stop or I'll hate him. I think he's stiff and probably doesn't have much of a fan base- I've never heard of him but that doesn't really mean anything since I don't know country music. I think they are going to have to rely on her fanbase

Does Nancy O'Dell ever change her hair/!? She's had that hair for like 20 years!

It's not exactly a shock that it is Holly that is replacing her- that was leaked right away. I have to admit I love Holly's hair- I wish I could pull it off. She isn't very elegant- she is slightly gangly and awkward. I am getting Shannon Elizabeth vibes from her. Oh at the end she is trying to count and got flustered. I don't know if she deserved 6s- I thought the football guy was better

Is Melissa really a star? I think she will get votes for sure- people will not want her to get upset again so soon

Ty Murray- oh the poor guy looks like a deer in the headlights. He's trying but he is just not in his element- he will be the first one going home. He is even more stiff than I am- and that is saying a lot!

Shawn Johnson- Ok this kid has to lay off the tanning- her skin is not going to be happy in 10 years! She is a good dancer and has good extension but of course I would expect that in a gymnast. I have to say she is much more curvaceous than the average gymnast- she is not built like an 8 year old boy

Steve Wozniak is becoming such a reality tv whore. I mean first the Kathy Griffin show and now this. HAHA! Love the shorts with the black socks...rrrrrrrrr sexy! Holy eccentric batman! Well at least he is having fun- he's awkward but fun. I don't know if he has the fan base for this- I think it will be him or Ty Murray going home.

David Alan Grier- haha! Sexual favors- ok that is funny. He was ok- nothing remarkable but not bad

Yuck Denise Richards- she is so nasty! I hate her eyebrows. But god Max is such a sexy beast! Even when he has visible panty lines he is a sexy sexy beast! And she's already neurotic! Max does need a hair cut- he's a bit scruffy. She actually isn't bad- and she can do the splits. Must be all the practice she got spreading her legs as a Heidi Fleiss girl...allegedly...Of course she is a fan of max- I am guessing there will be a catfight between her and Karina anyday

Melissa- they didn't even have a video for the girl. She actually isn't bad. This girl has totally taken ballet- she can extend and point- I mean it's slow but not horrid. Did they put a glitter tramp stamp on her lower back!? Oh Tom Bergeron's commentary about her has been pretty funny

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amazing Race

I really need to live blog more but I'm usually stamping as I watch tv

Siberia- well it doesn't look that cold right now.

They seem to really be adding lots of locals in this season- lots of drunk locals at that

I don't see how this is a tough task stacking wood- I mean I used to help my dad and grandad do that- people in Northern Ontario do that all the time

Ok the bobsled would probably freak me out. Well at least the playwright is pretty famous

I love that Kisha had never heard of Chekhov but knew how Russian names were spelled- well it's lucky for her

They won a motorcycle?! Ew- I'd rather have a trip

Ok Luke is useless- just put letters together- do something. Just standing there helps nothing

Oh god if I was Amanda and Kris I would be SOOOO pissed. Getting eliminated do to a uturn is soooo frustrating

They definitely could have won- I guess Margie and Luke did a good thing but they definitely aren't coming out as the nice guys anymore

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

America's Next Top Model

I didn't realize this was starting tonight! I'm so excited- god I love this show!!

Ok so it will be in Vegas this year- I hope they pose with some tigers!!

Oh god Tyra as "the Goddess of Fear" with a horrid accent- this is just good shit

I can't handle London's eyebrows- I hate thick eyebrows!!

Angelea- those nails are frightening. Why on earth do people think those are ok!?

Ok I like the burn girl- good for her!!!

Ok Monique has some issues- this girl has serious issues.

Alison is incredibly socially awkward

I officially hate London. First the eyebrows then the thank you Jesus crap- not a fan

I love the black and white decor of the house- it is really pretty

Sondra is a cow= the girl has issues...she is horrid...and the hair is god awful

Oh god are we going to have to have a little narration about the fabulousness that is Tyra before each judging?!?! This woman is just too much!

Nigel I have missed you- you are such a sexy beast

I hope it's Sondra that goes home- she's awful. Oh god she's staying...it isn't surprising though about Isabella going home- she was awkward