Friday, May 7, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

There was a lot of hype associated with this book- I have been hearing about it for a while and had quite a few recommendations to read it. This was a complete departure for me- I never usually read thrillers. But I have to say I did enjoy it- it was much more of a psychological puzzle kind of book- not a North American thriller full of gore. I have to admit I really only enjoyed one of the storylines- the whole financial journalist was completely boring to me- I only cared about the murder mystery. But on the whole a good book and a surprisingly quick read.

Time for the controversial statement- I hated Lisbeth Salander. I absolutely could not relate to the character. Everyone portrays her as a feminist hero and I just feel sorry for her. She is not someone I would want to be around. Maybe I'll read the second book and I'll get it but right now she is a very unappealing character to me.

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